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HooY's project log(NMM)- Venomcrawler


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Hi, I've painted Blood Angels Rhino. This is my first vehicle :smile.: Enjoy.

I've also painted Space Marines Vanguard Veteran

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Impressive work, brother. All you're missing is a word/name on the shield's scrollwork and some squiggly word lines on the purity seal. :wink:

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Im not good with freehands. This is my first mini with freehands which I have recently painted :smile.:

Whilst I think the mini is absolutely superb, I would agree that the checkerboard does need a touch more attention to reach the same level as the rest of the model.


As self-conscious as I feel posting any criticism of such a lovely figure, I hope that you will permit me to make a couple of observations:


1) The checks don't match up sharply at the corners, and I suspect that you've painted a grid in black over a white background and then filled in the black checks. Personally (and you're a better painter than I am, so take this for what you will!) I found that I get better corners if you start with a light grey background, mark the checks very lightly with a soft pencil, and then paint the alternate checks in rows, switching between the black and white. It's a bit more effort, but it's easier to get the checks to meet at the corners. The light grey background helps the white checks to sit better and look sharper, even if the white edges are not quite true.


2) Over the whole model, you've applied a universal light. That means that all the highlights are coordinated to the same light source. Except, with the checks, you highlighted each square, and not the pad as a whole.


I feel that these two things combined are what make the checks look a bit "off" compared to the rest of the model - it's almost as if you painted the model, and then someone different came along and did the checks in a slightly different style.


Anyway, as I said, don't take my comments to mean that I'm not suitably impressed with your model! :P

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I think the word I'd choose is sublime. The glowing eyes on the melta gunner are flawless, as are the blue to white blends on the armour - very distinctive style you have there.


The Rhino does look 'empty' without symbols.... If you don't want to do them freehand why not use transfers? With setting solution it's possible to make them look painted on.

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Thanks for comments! :smile.:


Thanks for the tips :wink: And yeah you're right, I screwed light source on shoulderpad :smile.:

Painted Ultramarines Dreadnought TT/TT+ for ebay. This dread was in poor condition so I could only paint him weathered. No oils and pigments were used on it :smile.: only acrylics


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Someone needs to see a Techmarine, fast! Shocking to think that Macragge's finest would allow that to happen to a Dreadnought! Look at that rust! :eek:


Oh, yeah, the paint job... very nice...


anyway, back to the appalling way they have treated that poor Dreadnought. The embarrassment that the veteran marine inside the sarcophagus must be feeling at having to go to the shops dressed like that is just... well frankly it makes me blush!





I like the weathering a lot... it's beautifully done... mind sharing? :smile.:

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