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+ + + ][ - - Sealed Record - Blood Wolves - - ][ + + +

+ + +  ][ - -  RECORD OPEN – VILKYA FENRYKA- - ][ + + + 

+ + +  ][ - -  EYE OF TERROR – CRUSADE OF REINN BLOODHOWL - - ][ + + +



+ + +  ][ - - TAKEN FROM SAGA OF BALDUR SALSSYGJR- - ][ + + +

The traitor marine struggled as Songr pierced both his hearts. The power field of the lightning claw crackled and spat as blood splattered over the blades, its twin Bol imbedded in the throat of the traitor so it could not make vox communication to its vile brothers. Baldur was poised where he landed, in a hunting crouch atop the traitor. The 20ft he had fallen had been in almost absolute silence, his life as a Grey Hunter had taught him well the skills of ambush and as a Wolf Guard he used those skills with devastating efficiency. The vox buzzed into life as his Hunters  radioed in their success, each tasked with silencing the traitor marines patrolling the area. Amongst them was Agnar, his tracker, and blademaster. It was he who found the lair of the traitorkin, yet tracking was not his only virtue. He was a master swordsman and thought like a leader and these skills would see him as Vaerengi if they survived this crusade. Reinn would surely accept the hunter into his fold; Baldur’s word held great sway with his lord, one of the advantages of being a Wolf Lord’s champion.


He spoke into the vox as his pack closed in around him, each of them moving quietly as they had been instructed. He could see the blood on the armor of his hunters from their brief encounter with the enemy.

Good, he thought, it would have been an ill omen to enter the lair unblooded. He knew if he could see their eyes they would be wild with battle lust, though this in itself caused concern for Baldur. The Eye of terror caused their battle lust to deepen and the Wolf Priests who had joined Bloodhowl had watched the deepening rage and reported an instability that had cursed the line of Russ since the beginning.

Baldur had detailed a strategy for entering the caves and they listened intently as their Wolf Guard detailed the nest stages. There were deep growls of discontentment from Geir and Eirik as they were given the duty of rear guard. They would wait in the crags above the lair and keep watch for the enemy. He knew they were not happy but also that they understood if their brothers were trapped from behind in a lair without knowing the numbers in front of them, the raid could easily become a rout.

With a gesture the pack moved out, Agnar took point. He held his sword dauðadagr tightly in his left hand and his bolt pistol in his right. Quietly they moved for they knew the enemy laid within, though not how many, and any advantage the pack could get would make the difference to this task. They descended not more than 50ft into the caves when they encountered the first of the enemy taking refuge. The assortment of chaos cultists and mutants were taken completely unawares by the furious assault by the Fenrisians.

Agnar was first into the fray, the blade of dauðadagr as the power field ignited to life, the rune blade burned as it ripped through flesh and bone. A four armed mutant with crude blades held in each hand threw itself at the Space Wolf, the blades swirling in glittering arcs. Agnar caught the first blade with his hand that had held his now holstered bolt pistol, the runeblade chopped down through the shoulder of the held arm and severed it cleanly whilst the creatures other blades harmlessly clattered off the  power armor, not even scratching the painted surface of the ceramite plating. He pushed the creature back and toyed with the monstrosity, the speed of the blademaster was terrifying to behold, blocking every strike from all 3 blades perfectly. It did not take long for the him to grow bored and with a hurricane of lightning fast blows the creature was felled and left twitching on the ground. Even though 5 more foes fell to the swordsman his prowess was over shadowed by the sheer fury of his Vaerengi.

Songr and Bol sang with the blood of heretics, the ancient lightning claws doing terrible damage to the lightly armored cultists. Baldur’s fury was not matched amongst his brothers, of the fifty cultists that gathered together, the ancient gauntlets claimed the lives of over half of their number. Many of the pack stood still in admiration of their leader’s visceral display. The leader of the cultists, full of confidence in its gifts, stepped to meet the Wolf Guard. A single black blade held in its hands in a zweihander grip. The blade dripped acid as the leader stepped forwards and swung the blade with surprising strength and speed - but the demon weapon was not a match for the master forged ancient claws that were Songr and Bol nor the prowess with which their master wielded them. With a swiftness that was beyond most, even the gene altered Astartes, Songr ripped through the air and shattered the daemon blade into shards of pure blackness, Bol was already moving past the shattered sword and punched deep into the chest of the cultist. The force of the blow picked the warped human off his feet and into the air. Baldur held him there for a moment leaving him to struggle on the crackling blades, then threw the twitching corpse to the floor with contempt.

With the battle over and sporting the blood of their enemies as decoration, Baldur lead his pack deeper into the network of caves. The chronometer blinked into life as Baldur engaged the time keeping device on his vambrace. The concept of time in the Eye of Terror was not as it was in the Imperium, it slowed and sped up without warning, however this small device gave the Wolf Guard an idea of how long they had searched in the cave network, twelve hours had passed since they entered the underground pathways and apart from the small band of cultists no further enemies had been found. Baldur signaled for the pack to gather round and wait for his command.

He opened the vox channel to the two hunters he had left above ground. Geir and Eirik would be happy to hear they had not missed any real fighting. Perhaps they had found some fighting of their own. Baldur tried the vox channel to tell them the pack’s findings.

“Geir, Eirik, respond.” The vox was silent in return.

“Geir, Eirik, respond.” Once more the vox was silent; it was strange they were both reliable warriors and would respond instantly when summoned.

“Geir, Eirik, you had best not be sleeping. By Russ’ beard if you are I will have you on sentry duty for 10 cycles!” Silence once more. The threat was made jokingly to rouse the warriors but once more they did not respond. Baldur frowned and engaged the vox once more.

The vox burst into life with high pitched screams. It was noise that only the darkest evil could summon yet in the background a shout could be heard, deep voiced and full of pain.

Vaerengi, fá ór! Vándr komas!  Myrkr komas!” the voice was Eirik’s. Amongst the words, Baldur could hear fluid making his voice crackle. He heard the sounds metal being torn and the gleeful squeals and cackles. The words spoken by his battle-brother were Fenrisian, it was rare for anyone to speak in the language of their birth yet the warning was clear.


“Vaerengi, get out! Evil comes! Darkness comes!”


+ + +  ][ - - TAKEN FROM SAGA OF BALDUR SALSSYGJR- - ][ + + +


+ +  ][ - -  EYE OF TERROR – CRUSADE OF REINN BLOODHOWL - - ][ + + +


 + + +  ][ - -  RECORD CLOSED – VILKYA FENRYKA- - ][ + + + 


+ + + ][ - - Sealed Record - Blood Wolves - - ][ + + +

The final part of the saga of Baldur Salssygjr will follow on in the next few days and this evening I shall out some more WIP photos up of stuff I have finished so far included Baldur. Happy New Year everyone and thank you for all the great comments so far.



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