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Annihilate the filthy Xenos - Ultramarines 3rd company


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Hey guys (and girls)

This thread will be my army log about my first 40k army the 3rd company of the Ultramarines. I know that the sons of Guillaume are not the most loved Marines out there, but I think that their color scheme is quite easy for the beginning. Also the fluff of the 3rd company is very appealing to me. After all, they are the Scourge of the Xenos. (Die you filth... DIEEEEE) " censored.gif furious.gif

I started this army already some years ago, so you will notice some difference in the painting quality. Due to the fact that this is my first army log, I hope that you are going to give me some tips about improving this army-log blush.png

Now let's start with the real purpose of this thread... showing (off) of my army

My Captain *insert name here*

IMG 4665

4th Squad Hako (my first space marines)

IMG 4658

IMG 4659

1st Squad Cypox

IMG 4662

IMG 4664

Lord Admiral Lazlo Tiberius (i just love the model^^)

Lord Admiral Lazlo Tiberius

IMG 4670

For the next post I try to fix the setup of my cam to get better pictures. I also noticed that during their long training period (in my closet) some markings got damaged, so I'm thinking about adding some battle damage, although they never saw any action until now.

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Nice start. I always liked the 3rd Company's colour scheme.


On a side note, who cares if some idiot doesn't like Ultramarines? They're actually far more rare than you'd expect (in the many years I've played, I've seen only 3 - including my own).


This childish dislike was one of the reasons I started my UMs over a decade ago - I'm perverse like that. I find it amusing that morons could get so upset over the colour you paint a toy.


Besides, doesn't that make the Ultras the coolest, bad boys out there? Cool by definition of being unpopular?


Stand up to the unpleasant racial discrimination against the colour blue, I say...


Paint an Ultramarine to show your support today...

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A small update: the support elements for my tactical troops…

Librarian Codicier *insert name here*

IMG 4682

Veteran Squad *insert name here*

IMG 4678

IMG 4679

Assault Squad Parus

IMG 4683

Devastor Squad Krixor

IMG 4686

I hope I will get some ideas regarding the missing troop names for the next update pinch.gif

i plan to have my first game in 2-3 weeks (not sure due to my other life), after that i will add some battle damage... mainly to hide some painting mistakes msn-wink.gif

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Happy Saint Nicholas Day

I have a little present for you… some more pics.

This time I am going to show you some elite choices. Elite.gif

Terminator Squad Eposos (a good name?)

IMG 4695

To be or not to be???

IMG 4696

Sternguard Squad *insert name here* and Cybot Prior

IMG 4699

And the weapon choices for Prior

IMG 4708

Like I mentioned in my last post I am going to play (hopefully) soon. As any other hobbyist I planned a lot of army configurations… but what
would be the best for my first game? Here the one of my lists:

Captain 135

- Bolter, Powersword, Digitalweapons, Artificer amour

Command Squad 160

- Standardbearer, Champion, Apothecarius, Plasmagun

Tactical Squad 175 (10 Marines)

- Veteransrgt., Flamer, Missile Launcher, Melterbomb

Tactical Squad 165 (10 Marines)

- Flamer, Missile Launcher, Melterbomb

Tactical Squad 95 (5 Marines)

- Veteransrgt., Melter, Melterbomb

Rhino 35

Razorback 85

- Stormbolter, Sync. Lasercannon

Drop Pod 35

Sternguard 202 (6 Marines)

- Combimelter, Combiplasma, Heavy Flamer, Power Fist, Melterbomb

Cybot 120

- Assault Cannon

Assault Squad 140 (5 Marines)

- Plasmapistol, Veteransrgt., Powerfist, Melterbomb

Devastor Squad 130 (5 Marines)

- Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, Plasmacannon, Lasercannon

What are your thoughts, critics and comments? confused.gif

Edit: forgot that normal troops can't get an auspex pinch.gif, any suggestions for the (now) free points?

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Good evening everyone

I know it was quite silent around the 3rd company, but I was occupied with my Iron Warriors and some other stuff. There are some models in the middle of painting and as soon as I have time I am going to post some pics of them.
This weekend I had finally my first match (although I hoped to have on moths ago) at my “local” Hobby Center – if you call a shop 150 km away from your home local. It was a spontaneous match so I had neither a planned army list nor a strategy. Fortunately I met some nice guys at the shop, and they invited me to play with them a 2v2 with 1000 pt/player.

My partner had an army of Tau and both of our opponents had Necrons. The line up was “hammer blow” – at least it is called like that in german, it was the 2nd line up in the rulebook. Our Mission was “big guns never rest” with 4 objectives. The result was a draw after 4 Rounds due to a time restriction. Still it was a fast game in my opinion and I had some troubles to follow the game flow.

Because it was my first game, I had some troubles to memorize everything, so sorry for some flaws in my short report.
First my army list:

Captain 105
- Power Sword

10 men Tactical Squad 160
- Plasmacanon, Flamer

10 men Tactical Squad 160
- Rocket Launcher, Flamer

5 men Tactical Squald 90
- Melter, Vet. Srgt.

1 Rhino 35

1 Drop Pod 45

- Locater beacon

5 men Sternguard 150
- Heavy Flamer, Combimelter, Combiplasma, Melterbombs

5 men Assault Squad 130
- Power Fist, Plasmapistol, Melterbomb

5 men Devastor Squad 120
- 2x Rocket Launcher, 2x Heavy Bolter

My teammate had something like:
1 Commander with a Suit
2 Riptides
1 Squad Firewarriors
2 Squads Pathfinders
1 (big) Squad of Kroots

Our opponents:
1 Overlord
1 Lord
1-2 Crypteks
1 Monolith
2 Night Scythe’s
2 Annhilation Barges
1 Squad of Wraiths
2-3 Squads Warriors
1-2 Squad Immortals (not sure if one squad was immortals or warriors after two day)
… I hope I didn’t forget anything blush.png

IMG 4825

In this picture you can see the majority of our forces… there was little movement in the first round, because there was no night fight and so a lot of shooting. I had not enough time to take a picture of the line up So I’m going to describe it out of my (:cussty) memory: In the left Building, a Administratum (1 objektive) I think, where my Rhino with the Rocket-Tac Squad and 1 Squad Pathfinders. In the small building in the middle stood the Firewarriors, the commander and the 2 Riptides. In the Manufactorum (1 objective – AA Fire) were my Devastor Squad, the Melter-Tac Squad, Pathfinders and on the right side my Plasmacannon Tac Squad (some Marines took cover in the Manufactorum).

1 Squad Necron Warrior with 1 Cryptek was in the opposite Administratum (1 objective), together with 1 Barge and the Wraiths. 1 Squad Immortals started between the Administratum and another Manufactorum (1 objective – grav generator) in which 1 Squad of Immortals/ Warriors took cover. Behind the Manufactorum were the Monolith and the Overlord.

In Reserve were my Assault Squad, the Sternguad in the Drop Pod together with my Captain, 2 Night Scythes and 2 Warrior Squads, one with the other Lord.

The glorious 3rd company and our allies had the first turn. During the whole game my teammate had a lucky hand with his Nova Reactor throws, so in the first turn he could overcharge his Ion cannon and eliminated one Barge. My Sternguard landed behind the enemy lines and the Combimelter took out the monolith with his first and only shot woot.gif . Fortunately the explosion was only a small one… otherwise my Sternguard would have died for sure. My Devastor Squad took wounded 5 Warriors in the Manufactorum, but 3 of them passed their armor save. The Pathfindes marked the Necrons in the Administratum. The kroot, which infiltrated into the forest in the middle of the table, fired at the Immortals and killed one. The Plasma-Tac Squad also killed 2 Warriors in the Manufactorum. After a good start my luck failed me and Rhino failed to break through the walls of the Manufactorum and got stuck there for the rest of the game.

IMG 4829

Our opponents also moved just a little bit: Only the Wraiths moved to reach the Kroots and the Overlord turned around to charge my Captain. Although it was my first game the Necron players shoot more or less only at my Marines. But they freaked out after I passed around 14 armor saves and 4 “Attention Sir”, only 1 Tac Marine and 2 Sternguards died. My partner was not so lucky, and he had to remove 2 Firewarriors, 3 Pathfinders and 1 hull point from one of his Riptides. After the shooting challenged the Overlord my Captain. Naturally he answered the Xenos with a very “nice” description of its origins. Unfortunately the Overlord had these mind controlling scarabs and I wasn’t able to hit him because my Captain was too occupied with hitting himself. But he was able to survive every attack of his own and the following attacks of the Overlord’s Scythe (thank the Emperor for the Iron Halo!!!).

In the 2nd round arrived my Assault Troop. But unfortunately I forgot that I had a Locator beacon and so they tried to land somewhere else…. And right into a hostile unit. Due to my roll on the misfortune table my opponents where able to place the assault troop in the right corner of my line-up, behind the manufactorum. I refused to move (except for my small tac-squad, that tried to reach the kroot) and so did my partner. We fired everything we got onto the Necrons, but only a hand full of them died. This time it was my captain that challenged the Overlord… and both of them lost one live.

The Necrons turned the table, as their Night Scythes arrived and the damn Tessla weapons of the Barges killed in this round 3 Marines and the Gauss weapons of the troop in the Manufactorum reduced my Sternguard to the sergeant. Also the Kroots lost some of their kind. The only fight in this turn was again my captain against the Overlord.

IMG 4830

During our 3rd round the Devastor Squad destroyed the weapons of the unpainted Night Scythes. I was kinda slow regarding my target choice so my partner killed nearly everyone that was in the range of my weapons (it is hard to communicate with Xenos). I announced to use the Tactical Doctrine of the Ultramarines… but only my Rocket Launcher was in range to hit anything. I also tried to move my Assault Squad in range for an assault. This time my captain died unfortunately in his fight with the Overlord. cry.gif

IMG 4827

The unarmed Night Scythe dropped the Necron Squad with the Lord right in front of my Tac-Squad with the Plasmacannon. The Necrons relied on their Tessla weapons and killed some more of my marines and some Pathfinders. This time one of the Riptides lost one hull point. I noticed that these Tessla weapons are a real pain in the a** if there are too many units in one place. down.gif

IMG 4826

In our last round I was also to slow with my target choice and so I could only fire at the Necrons in the Administratum. My Sergant tried to attack the Overlord for revenge, but failed to wound him. The combination of shooting from the Riptides and the Kroots killed the Wraiths.

IMG 4835

IMG 4833

I have no clue why, but the normal Necron Warriors refused to aim right and only the Tessla weapons hit their target. They charged at my Marines, but I won the first melee because only 2 marines died, while I killed 4 of them.

With that the game ended due to a time restriction. It was a draw – Both teams held 2 objectives and had 1 secondary goal (We had “First blood” and the Necrons “Slay the Warlord”).
So what are your thoughts about my first match? I know the description lacks some fines… but hey, it is my first report. And I promise to provide you with a little story about this match. wink.png

IMG 4834

PS: is it only me or does it looks like the Riptide jumps there through a wall to take cover? happy.png

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Hello brothers

Herby I want to apologize for the silence in this thread. cry.gif

Due to a long lasting warp storm (exams, moving and job hunting) I had no time to update my smurfs. wallbash.gif

Right now I’m working on a Landspeeder and a Predator and hope they will be finished before december.

I try to modify the Predator so that I can switch the weapon systems, but that’s quite some work.

I hope I can upload you some pics soon.

Some weeks ago I had my third game… and lost again!!! It was against a Dark Eldar army and until the 5th turn I was leading but couldn’t hold it throughout the 6th.

Now my record is 0-2-1

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Good evening folks

Like I promised: a little update of my actual work on my 3rd company.The units still miss some details and the squad markings.

First is going to be the command squad and a Rhino. I won’t paint the banner until they win a great battle against the Xenos filth… so it will take some time till it will be finished.

IMG 5327

IMG 5332

IMG 5335

I think i improved my "writting" a little bit happy.png

Next is a second Assault squad. I’m still not sure if I should paint the heraldic of the sarge or use some of the “stickers” (not sure how to describe them in English).

IMG 5352

IMG 5355

Another mobile unit is this Landspeeder. I’m still trying to converse the weapon systems so that I can exchange them.

A Sternguard squad to have more WYSIWYG for my Veterans.

IMG 5348

IMG 5350

For some Heavy support I built this Predator. With the help of some magnets, is the main weapon exchangeable. Next will be the sponsons… but that’s quite some work and at the moment I don’t have a clue how to do that. unsure.png

IMG 5356

And last but not least, a small upgrade for my Predator:

My scratch build Chronos! biggrin.png

(I couldn’t find the left arm of the upgrade version at the time the picture was taken)

IMG 5366

IMG 5372

What do you think of his servo arm?

I love to build the models, while I see the painting as a necessity, so there will be more updates of unfinished models in the future. The next units will be the Space Wolfes from the Stormclaw box… but neither as Space Wolfes (okay rulewise they will me SW) nor Ultramarines! msn-wink.gif

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Hey there, I need your help!

I’m going to play my fourth game tomorrow and it will be against Tau or Eldar/Dar Eldar. The limit will be either 1850pt or 2000pt. I know that these are really few information, but I don’t have more. So do you have some tips for a rookie like me? Especially regarding the psychic phase and which squad will get which transport (thinking of blood claws in drop pod???)sweat.gif

I would probably field this list (1848pt):

Primary Detachment: HQ

Captain (Warlord) 150

- power sword, auspex, wrath o. Primarch, mastercrafted armor

Scriptor 70

- auspex


10 men Tac Squad 160

- plasmacannon, flamethrower

5 men Tac Squad 95

- missile launcher with AA


Rhino 40

- dozer blade

Drop Pod 45

- locator


Sternguard 150

- 2 combimelter, 1 combigravgun


Assault Squad 110

- power sword, combat shield, Flamethrower

Stormtalon 125

- Skyhammer


7 men Devastor Squad 148

- 2 heavy bolter, 2 missile launcher

Predator 155

- heavy bolter, dozer blade, stormbolter, Chronus

Allies (Dragongaze pack)

Krom Dragongaze 135

Dragongaze Wolf Guard 230

- 2 power fists, 1 frost sword, 1 chain fist, 1 heavy flamethrower, 1 power hammer with storm shield

Ironaxes Grey Hunters 125

- 1 Power axe, 1 plasma gun, 1 plasma pistol with CCW

Redfists Blood Claws 110

- CCW, 1 power fist, 1 plasma pistol

To get it up to 2000pt I would add a Whirlwind with Stormbolter and add 5 man to the 5 man tac squad including a melter.

I think I will have some trouble if my opponent is going to play a Riptide. But beside that, I think it’s a good list against Eldar/Dark Eldar or Tau…. Or am I completely wrong?unsure.png

What are your thoughts? I know it’s not a pure competitive list, but it suits my fluff (Ultramarines 3rd company and Deathwatch/Stormclaw allies). Personally I don’t like lists with 2 squads of centurions and so on (but I know how good they are) tongue.png

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