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Chaos Space Marinas


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Did you use primer? It's hard to tell if you painted the model grey, if it's grey primer or if just straight up grey plastic.

Since you're asking for our opinion, I'll give you an honest answer.

I'm not crazy about 2 things. The color choices and the amount of color.

If you used grey as the armor, it just looks like an unpainted model, I would do a darker grey instead or wash the entire model and highlight with the original color in the high areas.

There's not enough color/paint on the model. If I saw the picture without any captions, I would think it was a WIP and that you were asking which green looked better.


I would suggest using 1 green, the dark one, for the armor and doing the armor accents in grey. Essentially flipping the current scheme. I would also paint the grenades either metal with a black wash or the light green with a green wash, doing them in brown makes them look like leather pouches.


Your painting technique is not bad, you have great control of your brush. The only spot that I see that needs a minor touch up is the left knee pad, other than that, you have a solid paint job. I would just reconsider the paint scheme.


Good luck.

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I think its great you're starting an army using these great models, interesting colour pallette but I probably would have began with a black undercoat and then layered up from there as the colours you've chosen would look much bolder and using washes and inks adds more depth to the detail.


But good luck with it though man, and remember that even though at time some of the advice given even by me may seem critical, I mean no offense it is all meant in kindness and to help you bring out the best in your painting.  

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Here's a pic of a model before and after washing.







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