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  1. After a few years hiatus and in the process of helping my folks move iv recovered my old minis many of which I never finished. Thinking out of all the factions that my iron warriors are the most likely to be finishable (just doing army nor caring much about codexs or such as I don't game anymore more doing a few cool minis and such. Anyway as my old photobucket is locked down apparently will attempt to add a few pics of what was my counts as deamon Prince dreadnought which was likely the last thing I got for these guys... https://i.imgur.com/hgMGgb2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/abGeWQo.jpg apologies fr edits, figuring out linking pictures. now im looking at the dreadknight im hating the blue on it even if originally it was to explain the mark of tzench. anything to get that inv save boost lol. is definitely on my list of things i want to revisit
  2. This is thread I am going to show what I am doing in the hobby, and what I have done. It will be all Chaos related, mostly Iron Warriors which is my main army, but also some Death guard, in an Iron warrior scheme, some depraved daemons, and the odd knight or two. More to come in the future. Cpt.Danjou
  3. First post here, hope I've done it right and this is the correct board... Took advantage of good lighting conditions this evening to get some shots of my traitor guard army, the Sylvanic Rifles, in progress. I'll document it here as it grows. First up, a platoon command squad. CNC welcome :)
  4. So months ago this image was released by GW and it resembles the symbol for Chaos Undivided While a certain title isn't here... It is here under a different name the Encroaching Ruin The other ones are Malevolent Artifice Ravenous Dissolution Formless Distortion As to why these New Four have not yet become Chaos Gods yet well... As to why the Old Four want this
  5. +++Unit of the week+++ Cultists How do you use Cultists? Marks Attached Character Equipment Role This is a discussion about Cultists in the 10th edition index. Tell us your tactics, fun facts, your experience with them, and other things that are interesting with Cultists. Cpt. Danjou
  6. Original thread start from here. First posts are copy-pasted as regard 40k content, the rest will be running updates. Welcome! This is the log where I'll post anything which I've converted and/or painted for others. Most of my hobby work is not done for my own armies, but rather for my brother's and our friends' collections. It's a great way to experience modelling and painting all miniatures in Warhammer without buying them. Background might be added later on as my friends work that out. This update is however not about something as lethal as cats. It's about something pathetic in comparison, namely a Maulerfiend conversion I've been working on-and-off with for a Skaven-collecting friend of mine. It's based on a sketch he drew. My buddy magnetized a rectangular base so that it could be used as a K'daai Destroyer. He was so eager about the conversion that he managed to sneak it past other projects in my queue... Still, the sculpting was surprisingly quick work and was over before you knew it. Couldn't have done it so fast three years ago: And here's the painted version, alongside his brother. Not painted by me (though the Squats in the foreground are): The CSM-collecting friend, let's call him J.A.B, inspected the newer starter kit Chaos Space Marine lord and Khârn, as well as the new Primaris Marines and probably a few older Space Marine character sculpts. He concluded that hip armour looks good and solves the silly look achieved by the thin thighs of plastic Space Marine legs. Some weeks ago, he visited his parents, brought a gaggle of heretical Marines and asked me to make hip armour on them. Quicksculpted, without time-consuming rivets, difficult spikes or suchlike. He was content, and after returning home to his study town he sent down Berzerkers to receive like treatment, and a FW Necron centipede which needed replacement antennae. I've tinkered with them since they arrived yesterday. Below are the results. Note "KIL KIL KIL" on the knife Berzerker's segmented plates. Also see his painted Lord of Change. http://i.imgur.com/6BKPi38.jpg WIP for my brother's little power armoured collection. Grey Knight legs and helmets and Sanguinary Guard shoulder pads and torsos. Hip plates added to remedy thin thighs syndrome. Cloaks from Anvil Industry to be added later: A Dark Eldar turned into an Eldar Fire Dragon converted for my brother. He thoroughly checked the Dark Eldar sprues back when they were new, and meticulously came up with ways to turn all manner of DE weaponry into Eldar Aspect Warriors with a little converting. More to come: Converted Slaaneshi Daemonprince for a friend: My friend told me to axe the @$$ and instead go for a lean Daemon Prince of Arrogance look, not Lust. As per his instructions, there is now also shin armour plates with images of Elf torture: What else? I also added two lone flowing pteruges dangling from its belt. I'll show you the painted end result whenever he finish this creation: Kill Team A mate of ours has moved back home after years of studying abroad, while a friend of my brother have returned to the hobby after a long break. Combine this with the recently released Kill Team, and we've got a hobby frenzy cooking with making characters, goons and terrain for a mash-up campaign between Kill Team and RPGs. Here is the first harvest of quick-sculpting and conversions, soon back to commercial sculpts. Kastellan Ironstrider, a mate's cyborg: Badoom! Broadbeard, a loudmouth one-Dwarf illegal radio station sending live from his heists and battles. My character: Gnorke Radfizzle, a Gnome sharpshooter with rad weapons, for my brother's friend: The gang so far: Gnorke Radfizzle's car: The friend who has written all the rules and organizes the whole effort has had me convert a gaggle of goons. Here's psyker Spikeskull: And Badoom! Broadbeard's hateful rival, Adman: And finally Gnorke Radfizzle painted by said friend (I had nothing to do with painting). My brother's mate is in for a treat! I've painted nothing of the Kill Team stuff, only converted it. All painted by Johan von Elak, for your display here. Badoom! Broadbeard: During most of our Kill Team-RPG games we've actually had music playing to represent both the immediate sonic barrage emitted by Broadbeard's loudspekers, and the music he transmits across hacked radio channels (with comments of media moguls jumping from windows as their enterprises gets destroyed by Broadbeard's escapades). He obviously also report live from the field, and is the lousiest sneak, at skulking up on enemies, you've ever encountered. Clearly, the audio-disturbed mister Broadbeard has ruined many lives through his noisome adventures. Which leads us to...
  7. Here will be posted some heavy chaos conversions/kitbashes/scratch builds that I have been working on for as long as a couple years now. I am looking for thoughts, suggestions, and opinions on how to make some really monstrous models. NOTE: Picture quality and size increase drastically later in this plog, so feel free to skip ahead Most recent completed project: current wip:
  8. EDIT: The full list of Thousand Sons datasheets can be found on warcom here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/06/13/free-chaos-index-cards-let-the-galaxy-burn-with-rules-for-six-factions/ ------------------------------------------------------------- Faction Focus Discussion The Thousand Sons Faction Focus is up, with a preview of some of our rules - Finally! Use this topic for discussion the Datasheets that we've seen so far - Ahriman, Rubes and part of the Mutalith. What do you reckon? Faction Focus Thousand Sons Faction Rules Discussion
  9. Hey gang, I understand things are hectic for many of us currently, and Plunder EP III will be kicking off on 2 April, but I thought I would start this discussion to see if anyone would be interested in a spot of Black Crusade? I have a few campaign ideas I'm trying to sort out currently from my (extremely disorganized) collection of notes and character ideas, and I would be happy to accommodate either an all-human, all-Astartes or mixed group of 4-5 (maybe even up to 6?) players. The campaign would be set in the Screaming Vortex (the base Black Crusade setting), and would be set pre-Great Rift/WH40K End Times (for those who care). My plan currently is to mostly follow the BC ruleset, perhaps with a few tweaks here or there, and my intent would be for this to be pretty grimy and gritty a la WHFRP or Zweihander. The campaign itself should be a hopefully enjoyable romp across the Vortex, with a good mix of combat, RP, dungeon delving and all manner of HERESY. Please drop a reply here if you think you might be interested, and what your campaign preference would be with regard to character or party make-up. Recruitment will be a first-come-first-served affair, but I will open a separate thread for such matters with instructions at a later time once we have an idea of the general interest level, and once I figure out exactly what sort of meat-grinder I want to throw you scoundrels into. For the Dark Gods! Cheers, Necronaut
  10. I thought I'd share my Chaos army and various WIP things, hopefully to motivate myself to get some more painting done! I have a decent sized Iron Warriors army, as well as a goodly number of Thousand Sons, which I'll get pictures of later. My current projects are a start up Emperor's Children Warband, and a force of The Cleaved. The Cleaved: I made this Plague Marine years and years ago when I had a spare blob of Green Stuff. The armour was a test piece for the new foundations, its straight Dheneb with a heavy devlan wash. He got some nice armour scores, and some weeping joints I abandoned them for a very long time, until the release of the new codex, whereupon I made a couple of plasma gunners to come later. I also have 5 of these guys that will be geting the cleaved treatment. My very first tank, well over 10 years old with an awful splotchy (but thin) nurgle paint job, back when the mark of Nurgle gave your vehicle +1AV all round. Rather than give it to the Iron Warriors, I've honoured it's heritage and dedicated it to the cleaved. The marine on the back was originally an ultramarine, but the blue wouldnt look good with the colour scheme. Green, however would, and seeing as there will probably be a few new DA players soon...and also to annoy Skink a little. The Nurglings on top need some detailing, as well as a few other bits and bobs, but I consider it table worthy after a weekend's work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the new codex, I jumped at the chance to finally get some Slaaneshi marines under my belt. Noise marines with an 80's hair metal vibe. I wanted a full Sonic blaster squad, buy only had one and the blastmaster, so time to make up some stuff: Dude doing a squealy blaster solo, and regular blaster dude. You cant quite see the detail, ut they have hides/skin GS'd onto their leg armour, and regular dude has GW barbed wire wrapped around his thigh. Blastmaster and DeathKorg. You cannot have a band without a synth, so this guy got made up. The idea is that the bolter fires, gets some funky rhythm attached to it as it goes along the barrel, then hits the opponent with some music that they've probably never heard of. Noise Champion: Since squad leaders cannot currently have blasters, and in the hope that they can someday, I made something in between a combi bolter and blaster, the backpack (from the classic NM) and belt amp can also double as a Doom Siren. Smile:
  11. Here follows a record of Heresy, treachery and misfortune.... A VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER Episode I: Manifest Decimation You all felt it. First it gnawed at your mind, then your bones, and then your flesh. The great hollowing that no sustenance could satiate, no libation could quench. Then you heard the wailing, the terrible wailing. It drew you in like a moth to the flame, hounding you across the stars, giving you no respite in your dreams. Corruption. Your fall was inevitable, perhaps. Dragged into Heresy by your brethren, your commanders, your fallibility as humans, or a thousand other reasons. Or none at all. Some of you were born to it, came to it as naturally as breathing. Perhaps, in your delusion, you even still believe yourself to be a loyal servant to the Golden Throne and Undying Emperor on distant Terra. But no matter your circumstances, you have all strayed from the Emperor's Light to tread the road of Damnation, whether by choice or by circumstances of birth, turning your backs on the rotting husk of your Imperial birthrights forever. In the Hell-realm of the Screaming Vortex, time has a tenuous consistency, a fleeting connection to reality at the best of times. Years may pass like grains of sand falling through an hourglass, while days may span veritable eons. And yet time marches on; the grist-mill of inevitability continues to grind down all in its path and feed the only constant in the universe. The Screaming Vortex is a benighted, hateful canker-sore upon reality, upon whose desolate rocks the dregs of the galaxy may wash upon and cling to like so much flotsam. It is here that many servants of Chaos congregate, building new homes for themselves amongst the detritus, eking out a cruel existence before they are devoured either by their gods or their fellows, and the cruel wheel of fate turns on and on, uncaring, perpetually in motion. You each have your own reasons for coming to the Vortex: some maybe for glory, others for the promise of war and bloodshed, and for some the Vortex may have sung to you in your dreams, its maddening cries of anguish a siren song calling to you from across the cosmos. By one contrivance or another you have all arrived at Desolace, a way-station for pirates, raiders, mercenaries and merchants of all stripes. The hollowed out asteroid base is one of the largest in the Ragged Helix, a massive asteroid belt within the Vortex, and serves as a sort of neutral ground for the various warbands and corsair fleets which call the region home. It is a cruel and miserable place, but as ever humanity has found a way to thrive and eke out a living in such a grim and wretched demesne, alongside xenos and worse besides. It hangs in space like a great, rocky tumor, its myriad docking spires jutting out from its surface at odd and horrible angles relative to one another, servicing a number of corrupted ships of Imperial make and xenos alike. Further out, other larger vessels of various provenance lie at anchor, warily eyeing one another like great predators in a treacherous ocean. You have each made a short low-gravity transit down one of these spires from whichever ramshackle transport dumped you here, and ended up in one of the dingy and dimly lit halls of the hollowed-out asteroid. Grime seems to encrust every surface, a pervasive miasma of competing, noxious scents pollutes the air, and there is an ever-present dripping sound coming from somewhere indistinct but nearby. The air recycling system wheezes, gasps and rattles like a man with advanced consumption as it toils unceasingly, but with great futility, to purify the almost toxic atmosphere of the place. The huddled masses of mutant and human descendants of the original mining crews sent to this great rock shy away from you into their shanties, terrified by the newest, heavily-armed arrivals to their cold and dank home, their forebears dead and forgotten for many dark centuries. Elsewhere, motley pirate crews and xenos mercenaries travel the halls like swaggering hive gangers, shabby merchants hawk their corroded wares, and other sights and sounds, each more tantalizing and disgusting than the last emerge from the foetid gloom. Despite its outward appearance of squalor and degeneracy, Desolace is a veritable hive of activity. Welcome to Hell. GM: Welcome to the Screaming Vortex, lads! Your new port-of-call awaits you! Desolace is a large asteroid base within the Ragged Helix, and a natural jumping off point for adventure within the greater Vortex. Numerous pirates, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, merchants and artisans call Desolace their home, whether permanently or temporarily. The asteroid itself is a heavily pock-marked and meteorite-blasted spheroid approximately 10 km in diameter, riddled with an uncountable number of halls, passageway, chambers and nooks courtesy of the original press-ganged miners who toiled to hollow out the great rock. It has been ruled most recently by a cruel and cunning warlord named Vaarsaal for the past two decades, or at least as near as one can reckon in the hellish realm of the Screaming Vortex, where time and the physical laws of our universe are but playthings to the Ruinous Powers. Each of your characters has received, fairly recently, a summons of sorts, to travel to Desolace. Strange dreams have haunted you for many long nights prior to and during your voyages to this way-station for all manner of detritus and scum: dreams of blood and iron ships sailing upon dark tides and a decrepit fortress floating amongst the stars. Your first post should introduce us to your character, offering a glimpse into their background, what drew them to the Vortex and their most recent voyage upon the warp-tides to Desolace. You may end your post detailing what manner of delights your character might seek out in Vaarsaal's realm, for there are many, and they are as varied as they are terrible and blasphemous.
  12. General Warhammer question. Is it possible to build a legal mixed Chaos Power Daemon army for AoS, 40K and possibly HH? Okay, looks like that’s a no-no for AoS. I would either have to play just one faction at a time, or convert things to be similar enough in 40K to be Plaguebearers, while being…er…something else…in AoS. Without it being confusing. I’m not aiming for a competitive force, but I would want it to at least work on the table, if you see what I mean. Thank you.
  13. I - An Introduction and an Invitation Greetings! I am Ezra. I have been lurking in the background of this website for a while now, though you may have seen a post or two of mine in the distant past. I’d like to return to blogging a little bit, and especially, to sharing fun and interesting conversion ideas with like-minded souls. I’ve tinkered on various projects over the years, but there’s one that’s been rather close to my heart, and that I’d like to share with you all here in this topic. But first, to set the scene… ++ Brigannion Four – The Well of Hunger ++ It is the 40th millennium. Brigannion Four, known amongst Navigators as the Well of Hunger, has stood inviolate for centuries. The Iron Warriors, siege masters beyond compare, hold the Warp-tainted world in an iron grip, repelling all invaders, both from within as from without, with cruel and merciless efficiency. However, they are not alone on this world. Others have managed to establish a foothold upon its surface, from where they strive to dislodge the Iron Warriors from their position of power and claim the planet for themselves. Amongst the warring factions stand the heirs of two other Legions of old. The Death Guard, the implacable servants of Nurgle, were the first to lay claim to the world after its initial capture by the Night Lords. They fought a short but brutal war against the sons of Curze, successfully driving them into the fortress’ underworld before falling prey themselves to the ambitions of the Iron Warriors. The survivors are still licking their festering wounds, biding their time until they can strike against their hated foe once again. The world’s strategic location near the Cadian Gate has also made it a prime target for Abaddon the Despoiler, the Warmaster of Chaos. The Black Legion has launched countless assaults upon the planet, but not even the full might of a Black Crusade could bring the defenders to heel. Though beaten and bloodied, the Warmaster’s own will not relent until their prize is firmly in their grasp. Over the millennia, numerous other Traitor Legions and Chapters have descended upon the Well of Hunger, seeking glory, plunder, or simply another chance to spill blood. Most of them perish, victims of their own greed and the Iron Warriors’ guns, but some of them survive, thriving in the darkest corners of the war-torn fortress-world. Most notable among these survivors are the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood. The two Renegade Chapters arrived on the planet roughly at the same time following their exile from the Imperium. The two former Chapters have been locked in bitter conflict with one another and with the Traitor Legions ever since, making up for their lack in experience through malign ambition and insatiable bloodlust. The Brotherhood of Blood has recently subjugated a large portion of the mutant throngs trawling the wastes, bolstering their ranks considerably, whilst the Sons of Hate have been mercilessly raiding the supply lines of the Iron Warriors, slowly bleeding the strength from many of their strongholds. The fortress’ vast underworld is home to the shattered remnants of the defeated, who feed off whatever measly scraps they can find. To these scattered Astartes, the conquest of the massive fortress is but a half-remembered dream, lost in the endless quest for survival in a bottomless pit of darkness. The remnants of the Night Lords haunt these shadowed places, tormenting the lost souls that dwell there, forever seeking ways to regain the power they once had. It is the 40th millennium. On Brigannion Four, a shadow war rages without end, the promise of final victory leading thousands to their grisly death. These are the stories of those who fought and died on that accursed world, and of those who against all odds lived to tell the tale. ++ ++ Brigannion Four. Veterans may remember the world from that ancient and malign tome, the 4th edition Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Ever since I read its description, I’ve been strangely enamoured with it. To me, it is an interesting microcosm, a fun little sandbox to poke around in. I mean, what’s not to love about it? A daemonic fortress world, conquered and desecrated by the Night Lords, fought over by Legions, Renegades and daemons, fortified to a ludicrous degree by the Iron Warriors - in short, a true hellscape where Chaos rages against its own kind for no other reason or purpose than pure, undistilled spite and hatred. There’s a lot of potential here, and I intend to tap it as much as I can. Tap it how, I hear you wonder? Well, at first, I tried to do so by writing my own fluff for the conflict, with the idea of one day turning it into an expansion for Shadow War: Armageddon. While I never did get quite far with those writings, they did inspire me to convert a couple of Not-quite-True-Scale Black Legionnaires, and in the more recent past, to expand on those Legionnaires with other models, such as a Hellbrute, a Daemon Prince, etcetera. I’ve got a couple more conversions lined up, which I’m very eager to share with you all. The Black Legion marches on Brigannion Four, and all shall tremble before the Warmaster’s might! But I’d like to do more. Specifically, I’d like to invite you, dear readers, to join me in this hellpit of darkness and despa– I mean, lovely little sandbox. There are a lot of factions and ideas to explore on Brigannion Four, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I hope that my own works, and the accompanying fluff, will inspire your own hobby projects – and if they do, that you share them with all of us! ++ ++ So what’s next? In the posts below this one, I’ll be posting my own finished and work-in-progress Black Legion models, as well as some of the fluff for the other warbands and Legions present on Brigannion Four. At the moment, I have some text ready for the Night Lords and the Death Guard, as well as a short blurb on the Obliterator cult that the Iron Warriors have an agreement with. I also have a few loose ideas regarding the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood, which I’ll be posting later down the line as well. That’s it for now – let me know what you think!
  14. Doing a thought experiment and I'd like people to join in for this. A forum like this shouldn't just be a place to show off our work or to get feedback on army lists, but a place where we can bounce ideas around and gain differing perspectives. That can only serve us well in this hobby. Now, to be clear, is it not the kind of topic where the answer should be "It's your hobby, just do what you want". This is about a place to bounce ideas around. So the parameters: - Let's just say, we have access to an Age of Darkness box and the Legiones Astartes battleforce (so that's 2 Praetors, 40 Mk6 Beakies, a Contemptor Dreadnought, a Spartan and 10 Cataphractii, as well as a Deredeo, a Land Raider Proteus and 30 Mk3 Marines). - Another necessary bits, such as heavy/special weapons or conversion bits (be they official or 3d printed) are easily on hand. - This army can be dedicated to Chaos Undivided or to a single Chaos God. - You cannot add other Chaos kits, only the units listed above. - There's no need to post an army list. The thought experiment: How do you, the reader, bring this force together as a Chaos Space Marine army for 40k? What lore do you give this force? What turned them to Chaos? How far will they fall? Have fun.
  15. While I do dabble with loyal forces and the Inquisition, my true love lies with Chaos. My first 40k army, 12 years ago, was the Death Guard- back in the day one had to make one's own mutations and conversions and spilling guts using green stuff. I have recently fallen in love with the new Chaos Marine models. I think they are amazing and so much better than what we had back in the day. And the Start Collecting box was just too good to ignore- I just love the models for the Greater Possessed and the Master of Possession! So I decided to again pledge my soul to the Dark Gods. And since the Nightlord Trilogy my ADB is my favorite collection of Black Library books, I decided to go for Nightlords. At least a warband that is heavily corrupted by their long time hiding in the Warp. And maybe leaning towards the Khornate side of things. So, to start things off, I got the following: - The Start Collecting Chaos Space Marine box - Haarken Worldclaimer, the Herald of the Apocalypse - a box of Raptors - a box of Servants of the Abyss, because I wanted some Traitor Guardsmen - a box of Necromunda Corpsegrinder Cult- because they make great stand-ins for Khorne Berserkers, even with the fitting Nightlord-ly heads. One has to start somewhere. And I just got all the miniatures that had caught my eye and that I thought look amazing. No use buying miniatures which might be good in the game, but one has no motivation painting. And I just needed to get my creative muscles back into gear! So I start this thread in the hope it keeps me motivated to see this through. The last week I spent assembling and priming these guys. And the Servants of the Abyss- I think the Corpse Grinder Cult make great stand-ins for Khorne Berserkers. Because, and I am brutally honest now, even back in the day, the old plastic Berserkers were feeling their age. And these guys come even with nice Nightlord-ish helmets! Just look at these awesome helmets! I could not resist to do a little head swap: With my last purchase, I also got a free Primaris figure. Why someone who just bought a bunch of Chaos stuff gets a free LOYALIST Primaris figure, is beyond me, but I will not let this go to waste. Meet Mephistopheles the Grim, Slayer of the Bloody Peaks, Reaper of the Bone Fields. He defeated a loyalist weakling in combat and made the new fancy armor his own. Of course after defacing the Imperial Eagle a bit. Simple and effective. Still, I cannot get over how awesome these new Chaos Marines look. And how big they are! Here is a simple size comparison between the new Primaris (converted), the new Chaos Champion, and my very old metal miniature of the towering, mighty Khârn the Betrayer (one of the few survivors of my long sold Chaos army back in the day). Poor Khârn. No wonder he is so angry.
  16. “Carnax-7, a world that will soon be forgotten by the ignoble followers of the False Emperor. Lines of feculent trenches fill this muddy world, reinforced by several Astra Militarum regiments. Impressive siege-works and engines speak edicts of fire and flame into the sky and down upon our forces. But we are patient, for we know that all things will end eventually. This is the painful lesson being taught to the false worshippers here now. Their siege-works, their lives; all will decay before us. Brought to ruin upon the tolling of the bells. And I can hear them ringing now.” - Princeps Belzaii of House Khlorys, She Who Tolls For The Dead, the Mayfly Queen of Ner’gahl, the Swarming Sin of Salvir, the Pallbearer of Carnax-7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howdy y'all! This is gunna be the start of WIP thread for my Chaos Knights that I've started working on to help me focus in on the project. Long time lurker here and witness to many of the classic knight threads here over the years that inspired me to not just collect Knights, but push my skills to make them the best I can! So far, I'm closing out on finishing up a Wardog that is serving as a rough test scheme for the House, and so far, feeling really good about it! I'm gunna look into updating this thread whenever I have something to add with posts regarding kitbashing, modeling, painting, or even basing if people are interested in the trench basing I'm trying to convey. Any comments, critiques, and advice is definitely welcome! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those curious about the quote at the beginning, the thought process behind the force is a Chaos Knight House aligned to Nurgle assisting in the siege of Carnax-7; a fortress world of my own creation within Imperium Nihilus. I have some ideas for perhaps a small accompanying force of Death Guard and maybe even an Astra Militarum regiment for them to face off against, but I've told myself I am going to hold off on that until I have a fully finished and playable list of models (2k points). Thankfully don't need too many when collecting Knights! Up next is a Cerastus Knight Lancer that I'm converting to become a Fly-Prince of House Khlorys, or the Court of Flies as they are known amongst the followers of the Plague Lord. Perhaps the Lancer will even be the Princeps Belzaii herself!
  17. Hey folks, I figured I would put up a thread here for my (mostly) completed works. Occasionally I will probably post ones that haven't been based or varnished, but otherwise they will be complete. (if I waited to do that, I probably wouldn't ever have anything finished). Better pictures will be used to replace these ones eventually, as will pictures of varnished and based models.
  18. +++Unit of the week+++ Obliterators How do you use Obliterators? Mark Role This is a discussion about Helbrutes in the 10th edition index. Tell us your tactics, fun facts, your experience with them, and other things that are interesting with Obliterators. Cpt. Danjou
  19. +++Unit of the week+++ Predator (Annihilator and Destructor) How do you use Fiends? Marks Armament Equipment Role This is a discussion about Predators, both Annihilator and Destructor in the 10th edition index. Tell us your tactics, fun facts, your experience with them, and other things that are interesting with Predators. I combined the both Predators together, even though they have different roles and tactics, as they come in the same box, plus if we are going to manage to get through all the units before the codex drops some units must be combined. Cpt. Danjou
  20. THE CRIMSON GRASP “War gives the right to the conquerors to impose any condition they please upon the vanquished.” -attributed to Shakespire, Terran dramaturge, M2 I The assault boat floated through the light debris field, ancient and seemingly forgotten, as the strike cruiser approached. Not a single light or control rune blinked to life across its surface, and its engines and weapons sat cold as the grave. It was a truly old vessel - a Trireme-class Assault Boat. Once a mainstay of the Saturnine fleets in the days before full Imperial unification of the Sol System, a handful of Trireme were used by the Legiones Astartes in a handful of their earliest battles, and yet even by the time that the last true rebellions and uprisings died away on Terra they had been almost entirely replaced; the Space Marines had quickly come to favour Dreadclaw and Caestus, whilst the early regiments of the Imperial Army were already beginning to move towards the easier to produce Shark and Condor pattern Assault Boats. The Trireme was quickly forgotten, and now it was rare for a ship in the Imperium’s fleets to even have a way to recognise the obsolete craft in its vast cogitator banks. And that was exactly what Saggar was counting on. Saggar stood in the cramped troop bay of the Trireme, his gaze seemingly locked on his squad’s helms. The light of their emerald lenses were amongst the only sources of light in the mostly powered-down assault craft, and that thin and sickly light caught the edges of the helmet crests of their kin, rendering the Sarum-forged shapes even more monstrous than normal. However, his attention was firmly within his own helm, focused utterly on the runes flickering over his display, showing the approach of the strike cruiser. The plan had seemed so very simple back in the launch bays of the Axeman’s Mercy. The strike cruiser that was approaching belonged to one of the thin-blood ‘Successor Chapters’ of the Imperium, and was unlikely to be able to tell the Trireme apart from the endless debris and flotsam of the void. Built for war in the densely populated Sol System, the Trireme was built to be far more resilient than the later generations of Imperial assault boats - in the battles over Saturn, there was a chance if you missed your target that a ship might actually be able to pick you up, and so the Trireme was able to maintain life support for incredible lengths of time. Especially when most of its occupants had the legendary constitutions of Space Marine Legionnaires. Now though, with the Butcher’s Nails biting hard into the back of his brain, and the vast form of a strike cruiser bearing down on him with no way of defending himself, Saggar was beginning to see all the ways this plan could go wrong. The runes displaying the status of the strike cruiser blinked bright, and Saggar held his breath. Even now, the hundreds of servitors linked to the strike cruiser’s defence turrets would be scanning the Trireme, trying to identify any threats. One long second passed. Then two. Three. Saggar was used to the lightning-grind of melee and the ground war, and each second sat in the dark, simply waiting, felt like a lifetime of agony. Eventually, after five more agonising seconds, a pinging green rune appeared imposed over the strike cruiser rune on his display. Saggar grinned, his tongue clicking off his iron teeth as he opened a vox-link to the hereteks and engine-cultists in the Trireme’s cockpit, Nails at once seeming to calm and tense further as the chance for violence approached. “Bring us in.” Slowly, achingly slowly, the Trireme began to move. It couldn’t ignite its main engines, not without becoming a blazing beacon on every sensor aboard the strike cruiser, and so it had to sputter and limp towards its prey on emergency micro-thrusters - drifting into the cruiser’s path more than actively closing the gap. In the troop bay, Saggar’s squad had begun to notice the movement. To an Astartes, well used to the feeling of an assault craft plying its trade, even these tiny movements spoke volumes. The Berzerkers began to twitch and fidget. The most controlled amongst them ran practised hands over their pistols and axes, performing weapons checks as a small ritual to try and appease and calm the pain engines singing in their skulls. The least controlled began to murmur and convulse, barely holding back their contempt and fury at not yet being in soothing battle. So began Saggar’s main task as a squad leader - trying to keep the World Eaters under his command dancing on the knife edge between mindless, frothing madmen barely useful as even the bluntest of weapons, and the long and painful failure that came from trying to deny the Nails. He laid a hand on the pauldron of one of the nearest struggling Berzerker, Kayst, the sudden and deliberate movement drawing the rest of the squad’s attention. That, at least, was a good sign; before some battles such small social queues had been completely beneath their notice. “Hold steady, brother. Soon, we will be ankle-deep in the blood of Imperials. The Blood God and the Nails will both have their fill and more, and our brothers will praise us as the heralds of yet another glorious victory. Is this not why we are the favoured of the Fell? Trusted above all others to be his preferred companions? We strike smart first, and it does not dull our fury. Blood for the Blood God!” “Blood for the Blood God!” The squad’s response shout was crisp and eager, and Saggar smiled again. Playing to their egos, and reminding them that the eye of one of Khorne’s favoured was on them in part because they could still be trusted to show at least a little restraint, had done its job, and Saggar felt some of his earlier confidence return. A different vox-link chimed, filling Saggar’s ear with the adrenaline-buzz of the Trireme’s heretek pilot-devotee, “Boarding proximity achieved, Lord Saggar. Bringing mag-clamps online.” The assault boat shuddered and hummed as, beyond the thick walls of the troop bay, it gently connected with the hull of the strike cruiser before locking itself into place with an array of esoteric mag-locks and proto-ursus harpoons, sharp as lamprey teeth. “Sealed and airtight, Lord Saggar. Melta-rams are now back online. We fire at your command.” Saggar slammed a fist into the release rune beside him, rising with the unlocked harness and forcing his way through his Berzerkers and the small knot of cultist and subhuman support they had brought with them until he stood at their fore, eyes almost boring a hole through the assault boat’s ramp. “Do it.” Saggar’s squad ran through the sparse outer corridors of the strike cruiser at a speed far beyond a jog. There was little restraint or control here, and even less attempt to move with any true silence or stealth. However, it had not yet devolved into a full and unrestrained charge, and even Kayst was still pausing and changing direction almost immediately after Saggar gave the order, and given how loud and insistent his own Nails were growing, that gave him no small amount of satisfaction. Besides, true stealth would barely have served them here. If the Astartes on this ship had not immediately noticed the assault boat breaching their hull, they would notice soon. Saggar simply had to complete his mission before the Imperials managed to stop him. They had yet to encounter any meaningful resistance. There had been a few knots of mortals here and there, most likely Chapter Serfs trying to eke out a handful of personal, human moments here, far enough from their duties, masters, and the ship’s key systems that the small sins of human inefficiency - love, tabac, and the other tiny excesses of dutiful slaves - were tolerated or ignored. None had survived contact with Saggar’s Berzerkers. He had let Kayst lead the way. The Berzerker had flung himself at each and every small mob of mortals, scattering them like a felinid coming down amidst song birds; with rent lines of blood and shrill cries of weakling panic cast all about him as his chainsword swung. The rest of the squad was barely a breath behind him, chainaxes and eviscerators lashing out at the mortals that tried to move away from Kayst’s frantic swordstrokes. In the wake of each cull (Saggar refused to insult Khorne or his own squad by calling the events ‘battles’, or even ‘skirmishes’) Rell had paused for a half moment to stoop amongst the corpses, the strange tools of his twin disciplines rattling at his waist as he bent to coat his fingers in the rapidly cooling blood of their victims, using it to daub crude runes on the walls and on his own armour even as he rose and moved to catch up with his fellow World Eaters. After the fourth such small ritual, Saggar spared Rell a nod, trusting the old Berzerker to read the implicit question in the gesture. Rell did, but his answer was full of his usual vagaries. “Too soon to tell, Saggar. It’ll all depend on how many thinbloods are on this ship once we are through proper.” Saggar grunted, annoyed but not surprised, before turning back to run with Kayst at the head of the squad. They were coming up on the objective, and there was precious little time to waste. There would be time enough to wrench answers out of Rell later. A few corridors more, and another mob of serfs, and something in the air changed. The keening pitch of the Nails sang higher in Saggar’s skull, and the faint scent of sanctified Mechanicus oils and the burnt residue of gun lubricant began to filter through his helmet. “Kayst, blade up and faster - I taste Imperial corpse-machines on the wind.” Kayst snarled, and Saggar braced himself for a backhand from the Berzerker’s sword, worried for a moment that the bite of the Nails would cause him to lash out at the implicit chains of authority in Saggar’s words. Then the snarl continued, morphing into something akin to a laugh, and Kayst broke into a full-tilt charge, bringing his chainsword up from the lazy and vaguely ready position it had lived in since they had deployed to a proper guard, from where it could be deployed against an actual opponent. Saggar lengthened his own stride, rushing to keep up with Kayst, and as the pair rounded a sharp bend in the corridor, they were met by a hail of solid slugs. A trio of heavy servitors - semi-living and lobotomised human bodies, filled up with simple aggressor machines, targeting matrices, and massive slabs of armour, and literally armed with some form of primitive rotary cannons - had locked their feet against the deck, choking the air down the long corridor with blazing hot ammunition. It was a kill-zone that few forces in the galaxy would be able to push through with ease. The World Eaters had never been a typical force. A veteran of the Long War in the truest sense, Kayst had served in the XII Legion’s Destroyer cadres, even earning the Blood Hand and fighting in the elite Red Hand Squads when Horus’ doomed rebellion had reached Terra. His place had always been in the teeth of the enemy, screaming back in the face of firepower that should have been overwhelming. He had survived the heavy weapons of Dorn’s precious Imperial Fists, the massed fire of entire Aeldari corsair bands, his own lethal and sickening wargear, and even, at the height of the Legion Wars, a full salvo of lascannon beams from the Sun Killer elite of the III Legion. These servitors were nothing in the face of such a legacy. The Destroyer lowered his shoulders, turning as he ran so that most of the howling slugs struck the already scarred Legion badge on his heavy pauldron. The weight of fire seemed to barely slow Kayst, and he howled as he continued to put one foot in front of the other, closing the gap between the squad and the servitors with the unnerving speed of a true Astartes. The bullets could do little against the ceramite of power armour, and where they found the soft armour of joints and armour seals, the sting of pain simply caused Kayst to howl louder and run faster, fury burning his blood as he sought to avenge himself upon the machine-men. As Kayst reached the servitors, he laid into them with his chainsword, crashing into the Imperial cyborgs with a series of heavy, two-handed swings. The first few blows struck at the weapon limbs of the servitors, although Saggar was unwilling to assign that to a desire to help cover the advance of the rest of the squad, or to any sense of strategy or tactics, rather than the blind and mad luck of a warrior lost to the Butcher’s Nails. Regardless of why he had done it, Kayst’s first flurry of blows had nonetheless knocked their heavy guns out of their pre-sighted alignments, and the rest of the Berzerkers were left unopposed as they ran the last stretch of the corridor, their own howls joining Kayst as they joined the fray. There was more of a fight here than there had been with the Chapter serfs. The blade-limbs of the servitors were just fast enough to parry one or two of the World Eaters’ swings, and a desperate close-range salvo from one of their cannons brought Badis crashing to a knee, a string of impact craters running down his breastplate. However, they were just three simple machines, and in the face of ten of the most powerful assault specialists the Imperium and the Eye had ever produced, they had never stood a chance, and by the time Badis had heaved himself back up with his eviscerator, the fight was over. It took Saggar long seconds to silence his own Nails enough to look to his squad after the last of the servitors fell, and even more valuable moments were lost as Saggar and his Brothers pulled the worst of their members back from the abyss. Even once calmed, Kayst paced like a caged predator as he waited for the squad to advance again, and Badis had been lost for a while, furiously tearing into the collapsed servitor that had shot him. However, eventually Saggar was able to drag his squad back from the fog of the Butcher’s Nails enough that he could stand and take stock, grinning as he saw what the servitors had been guarding: an interior bulkhead door, marked with an eyeless skull emblem - the same heraldry that had been emblazoned across the side of the strike cruiser. Another iron-toothed smile broke behind his helmet. Saggar turned, barking at Rell to get to the door. He paused, his eye lenses rising up to meet Saggar’s. He had taken advantage of the squad’s brief halt, daubing a dozen crude runes in the thick blood of the squad and the vital almost-oil of the servitors, and all but covering both of his vambraces in the strange half-script. The lifeblood was stark and bright against the death-grey of his armour, and as he moved past Saggar to investigate the door, it seemed to move slower than the rest of him, lingering like the afterthought of ritual in his wake. “Can you get it open, Rell?” Rell’s first response was little more than a grunt; a distracted half-snarl of Nail-bite and focus that made it very clear he would answer when he was good and ready, and not when Saggar asked. Saggar felt his anger rise in response to the implied disrespect, and forced his ire back down as Rell set to work, pulling a series of dataspikes and grav-drivers from his belt in order to assault the command console next to the bulkhead door. Long ago, Rell had been an initiate of the XII Legion’s Forge. Having shown a natural aptitude for machinery and mechanisms, he had been pulled from the line and named a Techmarine Initiate. However, Rell had never been sent to Sacred Mars to learn the great mysteries of the Machine Cult; just as his aptitude had been discovered, Angron and his sons had been called to Istvann by the Warmaster Horus, and would soon be embroiled in the all-consuming chaos of Horus’ Rebellion. With the World Eaters dispatched to Ultramar for Lorgar’s Shadow Crusade, and Mars besieged by those still loyal to the Throne, Rell had been taught his trade not in the Forge-Shrine, but in the crucible of war. As a result, Rell had never learned the higher mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus, but he had learned a brutal practicality that appealed to Angron’s Legion. No deep studies of the ancient Cybernetica or the lore-matrices of the great cogitators for Rell, instead he learned to repair a tank whilst under attack by Guilliman’s precious Locutarus Squads. No chance to ever learn the nuances of voltike production or how to set a voxgheist upon an entire world, instead Rell had learned the art of forging weapons from the broken machines of the XIII Legion. Rell might never have been considered a ‘true’ Techmarine, and even now boasted little of the true heretek mastery of the Warpsmiths of other warbands, and yet his ability to function as a rough mechanist under fire and through the howling of his Nails was an asset Saggar had long-since come to rely on. It had left its mark on Rell, though. There was a petty spitefulness that ran through the very core of Rell’s psyche; the old wound of never being allowed to study and master the great war-arts of the Mechanicum had never healed. Saggar had once heard that during the Shadow Crusade, Rell had made it his personal mission to kill as many of the Ultramarines’ Techmarines as he could, robbing the enemy of the knowledge and expertise he would never have the chance to obtain. Those same rumours had claimed that each of the tools of the Techpriest that Rell carried had been taken from those same murdered foes - each dataspike and wrench and plasma-cutter a trophy of a foe slain and a blow delivered to the accumulated wisdom of the enemy. Saggar had no idea if such tales were true, but having seen Rell’s fury in the face of Imperial Techmarines in the long years since Skalathrax, he could well believe it. “Saggar, it’s as we feared,” there was a rumble beneath Rell’s voice, an anger borne of having to admit defeat - admit weakness - for even a moment, “Whoever these thinbloods are, they actually put some thought into defending themselves. The inner bulkheads have a kinlock on them. I could force this one open, but all the others would stay locked shut. My dataspikes and petty scrapcode will never convince the door we are supposed to be here.” Saggar nodded, slapping a hand against Rell’s power pack, hoping that the gesture of camaraderie would reach through the Nails and the Berzerker’s wounded pride. They had always known there was a chance Rell would be unable to breach these sorts of defences - the soft work of corrupting and deceiving augury and identification systems had never been his great strength - and so they had come prepared. Saggar shouted an order back down the corridor, to where a small knot of cultists and mutants were slowly making their way through the strike cruiser in the Berzerkers’ wake. Several bestial mutants lumbered forwards, braying and bellowing in something between brash posturing challenges and pious prayers to their Astartes masters. Two were pure brutes, towering over the mortal cultists and blessed with spiralling crowns of horns atop their elongated heads, and swung their heavy chainswords with the righteous arrogance of bodyguards, but it was the third beastman that Saggar had called forward. Smaller than its kin, the third beast was hooded in the ragged approximation of robes, and carried a long stave - a cobbled-together badge of office made from broken icons, glyph-stained bones, and a twisted skull. The beastherds that dwelt in the depths of the Axeman’s Mercy called creatures such as these “shamans” - petty witches and pseudo-psykers whose extensive mutations had given it some deeper connection to the Warp. As the shaman approached, Saggar felt the edges of a Nails headache press at his mind. It was nothing compared to a purer human psyker or true Astartes Librarian, though - Saggar had often wondered if the beastmen’s sheer Warp pollution registered differently to the pain engines in some way, although whenever he had attempted to discuss it with his brothers they had laughed at his interest. However, the ‘softer’ impact of the mutant witches made it easier for the Berzerkers to stomach their presence, which is why they had been picked for this mission. “Burn their pathetic machines awake, witchblood. Open this ship to the Crimson Grasp.” The shaman brayed a response and lumbered forward, beginning to gesture and murmur in a language uncomfortably close to High Gothic for something with such bovine features. Where Saggar and his kin worshipped Khorne above the other gods, and as a grand warrior and pillar of fury and sacred rage, the beastherds worshipped Chaos as a single, primordial whole - an antithesis to order and civilisation. Whatever magic the shaman had taught itself to call upon was clearly borne from this idea of a Primordial Annihilator; it was the magic of disorder, the sorcery of lies and deception, the song of the twisting of bonds and proper function and loyalty. And it was exactly what the squad needed. The Nails buzzed louder in Saggar’s skull as writhing shadows began to dance between the shaman’s staff and the console, and he bit down hard on the urge to cut the beastman down, casting an eye over his squad to make sure that they were doing the same. The shaman’s dark magic poured through the bulkhead door’s sensor-arrays and gene-protocols, myriad illusions confounding it and overwhelming the simple machine spirit. The sensors scanned and scanned again, and a donut emerged in its protocols. There were Astartes in front of it, and surely they were its masters? What other Astartes could be on the ship? It served the Astartes. It served these Astartes? “Rell, now.” Saggar’s command cut through Rell’s battle with his own Nails, and he pushed his way back towards the console, grunting in disgust as the tendrils of the shaman’s magic caressed his armour. A dataspike slammed roughly into the console, and with that the machine spirit’s defences were finally completely overwhelmed. Rell grinned, feral delight overwhelming him despite the proximity of the mutant’s foul sorcery as he punched in a command. Emergency Protocol Exile Extremis Initiated. Unsealing all inner bulkhead chambers. Ave Imperator. The bulkhead door began to scream and screech as it slowly unlocked and rolled open, revealing the dimly lit corridor beyond. For a second, nothing beyond the bulkhead changed. Then, as the rest of the strike cruiser began to realise what was befalling it, the corridor beyond was lit by the flashing strobe of warning crimson, and the screaming of the door was joined by the wailing of klaxons. Saggar began to laugh, and punched through a vox command to the waiting Trireme. “Pilot, relay the following back to Axeman’s Mercy: Mission accomplished, Lord. We have our way in.”
  21. Like many, I have a pretty substantial backlog of models I need to get to, whether it's something new and unpainted or something older I'm hoping to do better than I did when I was 13 (fingers crossed). I have a bunch up in the apartment with me, and I don't even want to think about how many I have in boxes in the basement... Anywho, I've finally started to get back into painting again after a long hiatus, and thought I'd share some of the results here as I go, partly to keep me motivated to keep going! Inspired by the recent World Eaters codex, I've been returning to one of my first 40k loves, the XIIth. I did some kitbashing recently with Terminators, Raptors, AoS Blood Warriors, Wrathmongers and the new Berzerker models, which was great fun. The Berzerkers and converted World Eater jump troops are still on the way, but I'm pretty pleased with the entirely melee-focused Red Butcher Termies (still disappointed the codex didn't make those official) and accompanying Forgefiend: I particularly like how the giant Berzerker chainaxe looks with these guys: And this lad models himself after a Bloodthirster, complete with a double-headed Blood Warrior axe and a Wrathmonger flail: I'm no painting master and never have been, but I'm still pretty pleased with how they came out Next up I think I'll turn to that Deff Dread I've got sitting unpainted, done up Deathskull style...
  22. +++Unit of the week+++ Fiends How do you use Fiends? Marks Armament Equipment Role This is a discussion about Fiends, both Forgefiends and Maulerfiends in the 10th edition index. Tell us your tactics, fun facts, your experience with them, and other things that are interesting with Fiends. I combined the both fiends together, even though they have different roles and tactics, as they come in the same box, plus if we are going to manage to get through all the units before the codex drops some units must be combined. Cpt. Danjou
  23. Hello everyone, I'm a long time reader and follower of the forum, but not a regular poster. With the new CSM codex on the horizon, my motivation to paint and to partake in the hobby is pretty high. So I decided to share my finished Iron Warriors models here. Comments, suggestions and critique are very welcome. Dark Apostle & Dark Disciples Lord Discordant Master of Possession & Greater Possessed Venom Crawler
  24. Hi all, Having embarked on the 12 Months Hobby Challenge for 2022 by GrotSmasha, I thought I would track my progress here for general pointers and thoughts. As an FYI, this will be my first time using enamels, and anything outside of GW, and I dont own an airbrush. This is also my foray back into painting after about 5-6 years. I am seeking to play also, which has been a bit longer since I last did. First up, I posted a Leviathan in the 2022 hobby; Because I am on leave, and probably as I was too keen to get the model done this month, I am done already! However I am going to take a day to see if I want to go further; Couple of points, the black base has very much come out a Grey/Brown. Next model I will be using a better drybrush method on the black, and the AK Brown Wash, might be switched out for streaking grime, with less focus the higher up the model. The base does need more life, however I'm going to see how it sits with me over the coming weeks. It was just some All purpose filler with stones, and some spare plastic bits. However the legs do blend in well with the surrounding. Thoughts?
  25. 'Why do we kill the way we do? Why do we skin and torture? Why do we hurt those we would save?' 'To strike fear. Fear is the greatest of all weapons. Fear will cow a world when guns will not. We spill blood to save blood.' Konrad Curze and Ashmenkai Vor on the values of the VIIIth Legion As for human beings, their days are numbered, and whatever they keep trying to achieve is but wind! Now you are afraid of death - what has become of your bold strength! Tablet II, The Epic of Gilgamesh So crawl on my belly 'til the sun goes down I'll never wear your broken crown I took the road and I walked it all away Now in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace? Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hail and Welcome all! After a significant (for me at least) break from hobbying since the start of the year, I worked on building up some drive to get started again over december, leading to this most recent restart of my Night Lords, the same jackals that first brought me into the hobby proper and who, in my shame, the army I've never managed to properly finish or do justice. So, once more into the breach ay? This log will be primarily focused around the Night Lords of the 95th company, as yet untitled, between both 30k and 40k with some models pulling double duty (notably much of the armour assets), though there will be some that are exclusive to a particular era. In addition some other legion assets or small other army projects will also be posted here, and potentially be switched over to another thread if they expand into anything approaching their own force. Old Planned lore - going to be altered/revamped, though elements of the previous approach will probably be the same Alright, now I've bored you senseless with a quick rundown of the situation (with more detail to come, don't fret ), I'll show you some models! Starting out with some armour assets - A Sabre Strike Tank, Contemptor Dreadnought, and Leviathan Dreadnought. Alongside these is a World Eater Lord who I've been making for a mate, and figured would be a good model to try a good mid heresy white/red scheme on. Hope you enjoy! As always and ever, CnC is very welcome, both in the modelling side and painting side. This is my first time utilising model chain, so do accept I've gone, uh, a bit overboard maybe :tongue.: Still deciding on a basing theme in general for the NL, though am leaning heavily towards sort of sacred ruins/urban concepts
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