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Pre-Heresy ECs and Missing XI Legion

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Stormbird is kind of in limbo atm until I can find some 3mm styrene rod or tube. Unfortunately I'm one of these people that when I hit a snag I can't/won't do anything else with the project until I fix that problem XD


As far as other Babylonian gods, there will be Ea, Sin, Nanna, Enlil and the whole crew as part of the command staff. Goddess names like Erishkigal and Inanna will be used on various aircraft and whatnot. I did a HUGE amount of research on Babylon when I was playing Scion RPG once.

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My reaction to this thread:





First off, the simple fact that you're attempting Bulldog's conversion is awesome in itself, but now you're taking on the XIth? I'm intrigued to see how this turns out. I'm a little concerned about the premise for their disappearance and subsequent reappearance, but I guess it's all down to the interpretation.


Looking forward to seeing some progress.

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I started on the actual miniatures.



Mk IV going with doghouse pattern gothic armor. I don't know if I'll do the whole legion thus or just elites and command.



Artscale marine that will eventually become Marduk. Don't mind the grainy picture, there's not a lot to see yet. I'm kind of going with the USS Makesh*tup as I go along. I figure he will have huge pauldrons, a cloak made from some kind of almost-a-lion and an impressive beard.


On the note of beards, I figure the RAFs will be clean shaven or have light beards while the officers and elites will have the full Babylonian/Persian beards with beads (assuming I can sculpt them).

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Ok the idea to use styrene tubing to replace the broken hinges was genius.. I wouldn't have thought of it. I glued styrene tubing in, used greenstuff to fill gaps then sealed it all with epoxy. It should hold as long as the doors aren't opened and closed repeatedly. I'm going to add some small magnets to hold the doors shut since two are loose from the sides not lining up perfectly.




Progress with Maruk too, although I think the torso might be too tall.



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More update! I think I'm going to leave the troop bays simple. I added some grating on the ramps to give it some detail. For the interior I'm thinking of a pale greenish-khaki color with some german grey for the worn areas. The floor and ramps will be gunmetal. Once the upper canopy is attached, the upper deck is mostly concealed from view unless you get your nose right up to the door (which I know people will do).



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I always loved that Aurora class drop ship Toy, super jealous you were able to find one. I think it's going to make one crazy awesome Stormbird. 


Additionally, I'm really excited to see how Maruk will turn out. Do you think you could make a quick sketch of the Primarch so that we could see what direction your planning to take him?

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I always loved that Aurora class drop ship Toy, super jealous you were able to find one. I think it's going to make one crazy awesome Stormbird. 


Additionally, I'm really excited to see how Maruk will turn out. Do you think you could make a quick sketch of the Primarch so that we could see what direction your planning to take him?

I made a typo before, his name is Marduk not Maruk. I would try to sketch him out but my drawings look like poop. I wish I had money to commission a real artist for one.


** Command Staff

Marduk - counts as Fulgrim (altho I can easily see these guys count as Word Bearers, SOH or Ultras)

Gilgamesh - lord commander of the 1st grand company

Enkidu - consul (company champion)

Mummu - consul (forgelord)

Nergal - consul (moritat)

Enki - consul (primaris medicae)

Nanna - consul (librarian)

Anu - consul (chaplain)

Enlil - consul (vigilator)

Utu - consul (master of signal)

Adad - consul (siege breaker)

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Since the interior will be almost impossible to paint once it is assembled, I'm painting it first. Its mostly done except for a couple washes and all the fiddly bits on the sides. The flash really separates the blending so much T_T



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Got my first 5 ECs ready. Somehow I feel they need something else but at the same time I think if I do any more on them I will ruin it. There will be little to no battle damage on them because I'm setting them at the opening days of the scourging of the Laer. Thus, their armor is freshly painted and their weapons polished so they can march into battle in all their arrogant glory. When I add siege breakers and despoilers? (the ones with rad grenades) I will have their armor appropriately worn.




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First test mini for the XI Legion. Gold armor, black pauldron insets and blue lenses.




I got some lion pauldrons from Kabuki miniatures. They were stated to be for 28mm miniatures, but dang these things are as big as their torso!



Again forgive my shoddy photography skills. T_T

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Now the real work begins!!!!!




Already this weighs about 7-8 lb so I'm trying to figure out a flight stand option. Will a 1/2" acrylic rod be enough?


Also (hopefully) better pics of the XI test mini.



Now of course comes to the part I always find hardest.... trying to come up with a Legion name and badge. I know I want to use a lion head of some sort, but that's as far as I got.


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Couple of thoughts, first that scheme looks great. My two favorite Legion Crests are the black one in the square and the blue one. The blue one for some reason just looks perfect with your scheme. What color were you thinking of making the transfers, because I think a blue  would look striking.


As for the name, this is the rout I went for the II Legion:


1.)Was your legion Renamed when they found the Primarch?

   a.) If not, use imperial sounding names (named from Terra or crusading) so Maybe "Imperial Pride"

   b.) If they were, then what was the event that gave them their name?

2.)Why was the your Legion Crest chosen? Was it chosen by the Legionaries? By the Emperor? By the Primarch? (all of these things play into picking a name.)

3.) There is also president set that a Legion's name does not have to relate to their Crest at all. 


Those things being said, I think some cool lion/imperial Legion names could be:


The Pride 

Golden Pride

Lion Warriors

Imperial Lions

Void Lions

Golden Fangs

Pride Guard

(For some reason, I really like the indirect reference to lions by using the word 'Pride')



You do realize that at some point our lost legions are going to have to get together for a playdate. 

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Well the Lion Warriors are an existing chapter, which I was originally toying with them being a fragment of the original legion that slipped through the cracks.



I was intending them to be renamed after being reunited with their primarch, so yeah no terran name (altho having one for their history might be nice). The elite guard was going to be somethingorother with pride in the name, most likely Lion's Pride or something.

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