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Tenets of Hate - Word Bearers

Slave to Darkness

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Lightning flashed across the sky as blood and ash rained down onto the defenders, in the distance the sky was aflame, the city burning as the heretical Word Bearers put it to the torch, as they put the whole world to the torch.  The ruined shells of Hab blocks rose into the air, throwing long shadows across the empty streets in the flickering light, the corpses of Astarte's , Army and Civilian alike laying about,  broken and forgotten by the warriors of the XVII Legion as they march beneath the banners of the Chaos pantheon.  Dark shapes moving unnaturally in the shadows, twisting and writhing about, the Daemnonic legions trying to force their way through the thin membrane separating the warp from reality. 



In the darkened sky the bloated stormclouds parted as gargantuan shapes lowered themselves down to the planets surface, the dropships of the Dark Mechanicus made planetfall to unleash the corrupt warmachines of the Traitor Titan Legio's.

The giant machines of war marched off into the ruined city to bring death and destruction to the defenders, followed by thousands of screaming cultists and mutants herded into battle by the Dark Apostles and Astarte's of the Word Bearers Legion. 



This picture kinda inspired the little bit of badly written text I just bored you with :D


My Word Bearers I started before forgeworld was releasing the 'not pre-heresy' armour marks, so I've just carried on converting and kit bashing stuff instead of throwing resin kits into my force. 


Fluff wise, I've based it round about the same time as the attack at Calth and the Legions romp across the Ultramarines homeworlds,  this means they are sporting the Crimson place associated with modern 'Bearers' so I've tried keeping everything very '30k' looking, minimal horned helms, mk3 style visors etc, more like the 'transition' period between 30k and 40k. I've also tried building the army so I can use it in either setting, tho one or two units are mainly 40k only. 

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Chaos Marines



More Chaos Marines



Even More Chaos Marines






Half of my Possessed squad


The other half



Top - Dark Apostles. Bottom - Chaos Lord



Rhinos and Dread



Wip Contemptor



The left mini is how im gonna paint everything, the right is the old colour,I think the shoulder pads look better dark

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And I'm back, not dead, just buy with real life stuffs and not had much time for painting etc. Was pleasantly surprised with the Crimson Slaughter dex, so decided (with the many other Word Bearer players on the interwebs) to use this list for my Word Bearers instead. Looking through my bits box has given me some more reinforcements for the cause (thank you unloved templar's, fists and grey knights), I managed to scrape together a Lord in Terminator armour, Lord in Power armour, Sorceror, Possessed Lord, another squad of Chaos Marines with Rhino, squad of Terminators and a Dreadnought. 


And managed to build ten of the twenty Cultists as well. Ill post pictures soon. 

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@Castellan Its a Dark Vengeance cultist head (the one with the tick with the spikes on) trim the 'filter' off the gasmask and use a resperator from the cadian command squad with the 'flters' cut off. i know one of the eye pieces is bigger than the over but the guys hood on the heresy artwork covers one eye piece slightly so i can hide the smaller one a bit. 


@helterskelter, your gonna love the landraider when i finish it

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Nice - If you're looking for constructive criticism, I'd suggest maybe a wee light wash of either sepia or ogryn flesh to your marines, it'd add some shading to your red/grey base colours and give some definition to what you've already blocked out. Same with cultists.

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ya i could do with giving them another wash, atm im just trynna get red on everything as i am a slow painter (and the fact i loose interest after about five mins) 

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I'm not dead!!! Just had other things to do before my Word Bearers... Now I have my Nurgle and Slaanesh warbands virtually done I can crack on with these guys again.


Managed to squeeze some into the ETL, (ignoring the Nurgle Sorc) here we have a Count as Abaddon, Possessed Lord, normal Lord and some Chosen from the Crimson Slaughter dex...



As it stands, my Bearers have changed a lot since I last posted, all the tanks have moved into my Deathguard army, now my bearers has turned into a foot slogging army, mainly consisting of Possessed, Cultists, More Possessed and even more Cultists, with a few squads of CSM's, Termies and Raptors. Hopefully for the Call to Chaos this year I should have a Knight to support them, ATM I am pulling apart old minis and revamping the quads I have to make them look a bit more Bearer'y and not red generic CSM's, so hopefully this army log should be updated more often in the next few months. 

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and lookin meaner lol. finally settled on a colour scheme i actually like and is easy and quick to do. just been raiding every bits box i have scraping together anything useable for cultist fodder, thought id get the annoying things out the way first so i can forget about them lol. then i can crack on with repainting everything -.-
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As all my CSM squads are bolter boys I thought I'd do some H2H chaps instead.


Started some Possessed.


Finally the start of a New Sorc and a counts as Huron. 


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