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Day 0, assembly of the skeleton

Day 1, skeleton has been painted in steel and washed in black oil

Day 1, skeleton has been dry brushed in silver

Day 2, hazard stripes on the rear of the canopy are done

Day 2, the red livery is added to the canopy.

Day 2, face and shoulder mounted heavy stunner are done

Day 2, the Paladin rank helmet is mounted on

Day 2, the lower red chest and torso plates are mounted, canopy dry fitted to show overall livery layout so far

Day 2, flash shot to show the colored eyes within the helmet

Day 3, leg and gun plates are painted primary livery color

Day 3, armor plates are test fitted to check livery pattern

Day 3, cream colored panel for personal heraldry added to shoulder

Day 3, another dry fit test with the cream panels added

Day 4, gold trim on canopy and shoulders done, front view


Day 4, gold trim on canopy and shoulders done, rear view


Day 4, leg plate trim finished


Day 4, gold on the body complete.


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its something i've been debating myself.  the aquila would be a nice simple touch, but i also like the idea of the skull and laurels since he'll be my senechal in case i decide to make more. which i do, once FW releases the other arm options they're working on.  either choice, i'd porbably follow suit with how GW did theirs and keep the symbol black regardless of trim color.  the only ones with a colored sigil up there are a couple of the freeblades, who painted the laurels green with a steel skull and parchment stuff.

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couple points some might notice; the parchment banners arent painted, and the leg banner is missing.  this is on purpose, as these and the heraldry in the cream panels will be done as the model is used and earns itself glory in the battlefield. 


the photos also dont really show, but the grille slots in the canopy have been cut out, and you may note the 'window' on the hatch was left unpainted. i wont say why, but in a couple weeks you may see photos showing why....;)

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painting part is all done, but it'll have little tweaks done to it over time; my big models are never really done since i alter them a little after campaigns i participate in. battle scars, honour badges, etc.

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This is exteremely impressive work all around. And while the main focus is always the House Colours, I always pay attention to how people paint the metal skeleton...


Well done sir!

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