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Bannockburn's hobby projects - 5th Company, DW, and more

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Hello everyone!
It's been a long time, and most of it I've not spent in the hobby. 
Since I've got some painting done recently (and my old thread here got archived), I decided to update you.
I've more or less totally skipped 6E and I'm not an active player anymore, so I just buy what catches my eye and paint it in chapter colours.


Edit: 9th has me excited for playing again!
For now I'll just link to my dA gallery containing my finished miniatures.
It should be viewable for everyone since it has no mature content, but if there are technical issues, let me know and I'll upload the pictures here, too.
Comments, criticism and praise are, as usual, very welcome.
A good number of green marines, various Deathwing character models, 3 dreadnoughts with FW parts (finally finished the rifleman!), and a freaking Thunderhawk.
There's also some non-power armour stuff, like a Skyshield, a recently finished Imperial Knight in DA colours and some Battlefleet Gothic models.
Disclaimer: I am a terrible photographer. Today I've put an improvised lightbox together and borrowed a digital camera of decent quality, but I'm still not entirely satisfied with how the pictures turned out. They look way sloppier than they do on the tabletop and the macro setting is unforgiving (-en?).
Stuff on my project list:

  • A magnetized Dark Talon / Nephilim (painting almost done, but for some reason I never finished it)
  • Lion El'Jonson
  • 5 Deathwing Knights
  • 4 individual Deathwing Terminators
  • 1 Deathwing Ancient (including repaint of the current version to a normal model)
  • 1 Deathwing Apothecary (including repaint of the current version to a normal model)
  • 1 Ravenwing Company Champion
  • 1 Ravenwing Ancient
  • 6 Ravenwing bikers
  • I have 5 tanks to do, a second LRC, one Whirlwind (not yet built), one command Rhino one fully magnetized Predator / Razorback / Rhino and one Vindicator
  • Storm Talon (not yet built)
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Now that I've had time to play around with Photoshop a bit, here are a few previews of my recently finished models:


Imperial Knight in Unforgiven colours (5th Company)




This one is a pretty basic model, just added some Dark Angels FW and vehicle bits and brass etch I had lying around.

Not very fluffy, but I paint everything the way I like it.

Needs some transfers and protective coating, otherwise finished. Magnetized for the Errant weapon option.



Deathwing Land Raider Crusader




Old model with metal parts, some added DA vehicle bits.



Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armour and Belial with Sword of Silence




Basic Terminator chaplain; Belial is built from Commander Culln + FW DA brass etch and Deathwing shoulder pads (I also tend to use him as a sergeant, or used to when I still played)



Deathwing Terminator Librarian




Basic conversion with brass etch and filed off BA icons, base magnetized. Not too happy with the paintjob, overall, but meh.



Venerable Dreadnought Gabriel




Magnetized arms, he's also got a swappable assault cannon.



And finally, a Skyshield Landing Platform.



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  • 2 weeks later...

A little teaser of what I'm currently working on:






Test miniatures for getting back into the green, and Storm Raven cockpit and turret covers. Still need to be sealed, but other than that they're finished. 

Crappy photos, because it's raining outside and I'm too lazy to take proper ones. Will be done when the squad is finished.


Next batch are going to be a few veterans, heavy weapons, a FW Mk IV marine with plasma gun, Seraphicus from the DV box, and 3 more assault marines, followed by the Storm Raven and a drop pod. Maybe I'll finish the tower and remaining bunker of my Fortress of Redemption in between.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still raining outside, so only preview pictures.


I finished up the knight with decals and Purity Seal. Not touching him anymore.


Base Detail, poor dude ran into stubber fire after his rhino was sawed apart:




And a few shots of him stomping across my carpet:







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Here's a new batch of finished stuff. Mostly terrain, but also a Deathwing squad and my third version of Belial, this time with Thunderhammer and Stormshield. Oh, and the finished Knight on neutral background. Honestly, I can't get enough of that model :smile.:


Deathwing Squad:



Imperial Knight Rakiel, Front view:



Top view: 



And now the contents of the Honoured Imperium box:










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The knight looks really good. I know some people don't like the knights too be too chapter specific in their paint design but I think this really works. I also think you have a talent for scenery painting the rusting statue is excellent as is the Aquila.
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I do understand where those people are coming from, but at the end of the day I'm painting for my display cabinet and not for a fluffy army. I want an overall theme to be present and that means chapter colours, even for things that aren't in the codex, like a Storm Raven gunship. :)


The terrain is actually my kind of break of the routine, when I'm in a minor slump. They are quick and easy to paint for their size, and in this case I wanted to try out the new Technical paint line from Citadel. The effects are certainly reproducible with other paints, but they are quick and easy from a single pot in this way.

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So, I changed the title, to account for the fact that I'm posting WiP pictures anyways.


Here's a few previews


Fortress of Redemption, only one section left to do. Unfortunately, my Space Wolves Grey ran out and I have to drybrush with one of the newer colours. Fenrisian Grey, I guess. Here's hoping that the difference won't be too noticable in the final product.







And a Storm Raven I'm working on when I feel like it. Cockpit is almost done, as is the servitor turret (not visible here, because I forgot to put it on). Base colours are almost done, apart from a few details, like the bolter housings. My first test model with Caliban Green, since my DA Green is as good as empty, too :sad.:

The flying brick will be fully magnetized to allow for all wargear options.





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  • 8 months later...

I've started a new job, so it's been difficult finding time for painting, but here's an update.


Librarian Turmiel, from the DV boxed set:




The Storm Raven is almost finished, just needs highlights, a few details and protective coating now:


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I probably don't have to tell you this - but if you're going to spray varnish onto the Storm Raven, be sure to mask off the transparent parts.  Matte varnish in particular has a tendency to turn clear plastic into frosted plastic.  It's like trying to see through a shower door.

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I've got an Imperial Strongpoint as a birthday present earlier this year and decided to paint part of the Aegis defense line up for a color test.


It's a very easy scheme: Castellan Green, drybrushed with Ushabti Bone, shaded with Agrax Earthshade.

However, I've tried out two different ways of achieving the end result and I'm torn as to which one looks better.


The first one is darker. The shade was applied after drybrushing, and only in the recesses and nuts and bolts.




The second one was first painted green, then shaded, then drybrushed, and as a result, looks brighter.





Here's a comparison pic:





I'm not sure which looks better, but I'm tending towards the more subdued tones of the dark piece.

Opinions on this?

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Personally I like right. I feel with such a small scale tiny details need to pop out more - just my own opinion and something I'm working on with my own painting. I don't tend to highlight enough. Edited by Space Truckin
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  • 2 months later...

I've finished some stuff!




The Bastion, close up:






The Storm Raven is finished (yes, I know we still can't take one. I don't care, I like the ugly duckling for some weird reason)









And the DV librarian, who has been finished for a while now, but apparently I forgot to take pictures:




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  • 1 year later...

So, I've done things.


Lately, I've started painting again, every evening for at least a few minutes. I finished the Fortress of Redemption, which turns out to be a neverending project.

Now it needs a base, of course, but here's a teaser for now:




I also finally got done with a few heavy weapons marines and an assault squad, which I don't have pictures of yet, but they'll come. Soon-ish.

Furthermore, to divert myself from painting green too much, I finished the Deathwing squad from DV:




I'm currently in the process of finishing a drop pod. Pictures as soon as it's done.


I've also

caught Cypher.


I'll take a picture of a haul tomorrow, but here's a long awaited (by me, at least) mystery project:



Doing this one will be a doozy. I've never used a jigsaw to clean up a model before. I'll also need an airbrush and practice with it, before I tackle the monster.

Don't take too much notice of the file name.
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Okay, I promised pictures.


Keep in mind, that these are only built and will probably not be painted in the near future, but I've got a few birthday presents and here's what came into my possession.


First of all, the DA Stuff:


A Deathwing Knights squad. I've replaced the stupid (IMO, of course) maces and flail with something more fitting, and also used the GK heads. Since I didn't have a DW plasma cannon yet, I also built one of those. There will be another DW Knights box soon-ish, so the Knights will be 6 dudes when they're done. This is to make them fit into a LRC with Belial and an interrogator chaplain attached.

The other terminators will form a command squad.

Also, finally an opportunity to use those FW terminator shoulder pads I still have lying around




Then we have a Ravenwing command squad, pretty run of the mill, and also needs expansion to 6 models before it's complete.

But they look nice, so that's something. Bases still need to be designed, but I'll probably go with a simple street theme.




And then there's something more of the mystery project:

So far, nothing much to look at. I've started cleanup with power tools and breath mask. Most valuable player: the belt grinder. It eats through those thick gates like nobody's business, so it took around an hour yesterday evening to roughly clean up the larger parts.

I have been lusting after this one for a good ten years now, and after being financially responsible for a long while, I've fulfilled my wish.




I've also made a small impulse buy last week, but since it's not DA related (or is it?!), it's gonna be in spoiler tags.


First of all, there're gorgeous prints included. Also, a special one since I've pre-ordered. I'm not sure if I can post them here, so if it's a problem, please remove them, dear mods.




Then we have them constructed. A filthy xenos has also infiltrated the Imperium, but that seems to be acceptable nowadays and who am I to question a primarch. (I like the Visarch model, for some reason)

I'm currently debating with myself if I should paint Guilliman up as himself or as a bronze statue. Thoughts and feedback on this question are welcome!




Who is that, hidden behind Guilliman? Could it be? Is it ...?!




It is. You cheeky little traitor.


Oh hey. You've probably noticed. I've upgraded the camera skills. Well, not really, but we've got a lightbox and great camera at work, and I can use it.

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Crappy photos are back!


Well, sort of owing to the fact that 1) it's getting dark outside, 2) I'm not at work (obviously, or I couldn't spend my time like this), and 3) I wanted to take a few photos from the beginning.


And it begins!

This is the very first, very rough dry fit. Most parts are cleaned up roughly with a powered jigsaw, a dremel with cutoff disc and the belt grinder.

Let it be said, should you attempt such a project:

  • Invest in at least a dremel, the model with adjustable speed.
  • I've got a cheap, standing belt grinder with a 1" belt. It's already worth its considerable weight in gold, but carefulness is a must. It eats through the resin at considerable speed.
  • DO NOT FORGET A DUST MASK! Seriously, save yourself the lung cancer by spending the few quid.
Not everything fits, there's a few bad warps (some of which you can see), but luckily only two easily fixed broken pieces.

The next step will be removing the mold lines and flash, and filing the rougher grinder cuts away so they're flush.

After that, in the water it goes. First for cleanup, then to remove warping. I'll keep you posted, but this project is monstrous and will occupy me a long while.

Time so far: 3h just for removing the gates.





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The worst of the warpage was removed via (very) hot water. Smaller spots will be done as necessary with either hot water or a blowdryer.

Another hour for washing the parts. This is what a Thunderhawk looks like in (most of its) pieces:



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I think you are the only DA player I've seen besides Stobz to tackle a Thunderhawk project.  I look forward to following your progress (and hopefully you'll get it done faster than he did). :p


*(says the man who still hasn't ever completed a single army in the 30 years I've played 40k)

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Thank you for the encouragement!


It is a long-term project, and I'll need to train a few new skill sets before it'll be finished, but I plan to do it as fast as I can.

Beforehand, I'll buy an airbrush and compressor and test it on a few smaller tanks, before I tackle painting the Thunderhawk.

Building it is pretty straightforward, though. I'll make the top and wings removable and larger sub-assemblies will be glued with epoxy for durability.


In the meantime, I've finished a drop pod.

It needs a weathering pass and matte varnish before it's truly finished, but the main painting is done.

Here are preliminary pictures:





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Today, I've removed some flash from the larger parts of the 'hawk. It starts fitting better and better, but there are some pretty severe gaps to be filled during construction, especially where the wings meet the fuselage.

I'm currently debating putting red LEDs into the crew compartment and forward hold, for a kind of battle lighting. There's enough space in the back, where I'd construct an engine bay containing the battery pack.

The top will be removable, not sure yet about the wings.

Weapon options will be magnetized, of course.


I've used a DA Rhino front plate and DA Land Raider doors for detailing, some of which you can make out on the picture.

Oh, and that there in the front is one of the five guys I'm currently painting. In the background, you can just about make out a few bits of the other four.



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Welcome back to the Rock Captain. I just finished browsing through all your pics. That's quite the force you've got there, and you've even got the battle barges and cruisers! It all looks great


I'm really looking forward to your progress on the hawk over the next few weeks... Or months... Or years(?)

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