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champions of fenris details


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Hi all


Just wondering if anyone has any details on the champions of fenris book.   What are the new rules,  options for wolfguard troops?  new wargear etc?   I read the blurd on GW website and so far it just looks like new traits and formations however I am hoping there is more to it than that?



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So I spoke about 4 minutes too soon ...


from faeit


Champions of Fenris:

Hardback supplemental codex
80 pp
Covers Logan Grimnar's Great Company
Full 600 year history of Logan from chapter induction to the current time.
3 of Logan's greatest sagas covered in detail

7 new Formations
Warlord Traits
6 missions


So no more wolfguard troops,   this is a big shame I think especially with the points drops for wolfguard jetpacks and bikes you could of had quite a varied army with just wolfguard.

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That doesn't rule out wolf guard troops as far as I can tell..?


My guess though, is that we'll probably see at least one of those formations making some kind of Logan wing (I heard whisperings to the effect that it may be 2-6 units of WG and granting some special boon to WG packs, instead of ObjSec, on 4chan, but it sounded like wishlisting as it was so vague. That said it's likely, I think). I am just hoping it is sufficiently flexible and served up as a small enough (repeatable) chunk that it is useable... e.g a formation with Logan and 1-3 packs of WG (tad/power), and some nice command benefits, would be a nice tack-on to a SWU or CAD detachment at the 2000 points level.


I think it extremely likely that at least SOME of the 1-click collections on the GW website will be formations in the codex. So, Rose Princes, I personally am hoping we'll see a Logan + 3 units TWC + 20 fenrisian wolves formation in the supplement (and am hoping it can be adapted to other great companies, i.e. by allowing Harald or a generic wolf lord instead).

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Picking up my Pre Ordered Wolf Guard Edition this morning in 2 hrs from this post, will let you know soon as I get it. I got # 473 of # 500, The box set is fantastic, 3 Books, the set of artwork and the Objective coins and I must say, it's worth every sent I paid. This set is so much better quality than the Ork Collectors set.

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Sorry for my lateness, my Thunderhawk Gunship needed to refuel before returning to the Fang!



Champions of  Fenris........



Sagaborn: Characters part of a Detachment or Formation from Champions of Fenris Must always issue and accept challenges.


First Among Equals: All WGBL, WGPL, WGTL and TWCL have Preferred Enemy in Challenges.


Relics of the Great Wolf:


Armour of Asvald Stormwrack 50 2+ 4++ Gives Bulky, Deep Strike, IWND, Relentless but cannot make Sweeping Advance. ( Terminator Armour )


Frostfury 15  Rng 24 S 4 AP 5 Assualt 4, Helfrost.


Krakenborne Sword 35 S +1 AP 2 Melee, Mastercrafted.


Morkai's Claws 45 S +1 AP 3 Melee, Maul, Rending, Shred, Specialist Wpn    Maul: gains D3 attacks instead of 1.


The Pelt of Balewolf 10 Beared has Fear. Beasts, Cavalry or MC unit types in base contact auto fail any Fear tests. Unless Fearless or ATSKNF.


Fellclaw's Teeth 15 Bearer rerolls all failed to hit rolls in close combat.



Warlord Traits:


Fire in the Blood: reroll single failed saving throw  every turn.


Thread-Cutter: reroll all failed to wound rolls.


Gatekeeper: Nominate one weapon carried by warlord, becomes Mastercraftered cannot be used on relics.


Blessing of the Wolf: Warlord and any unit he joins during deployment have Outflank.


Thane to the King: Warlord is Fearless.


Deeds Beyond Counting: Warlord has Preferred Enemy.

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only real limitation it has is if you take it for WS5 Twc you have to take some elites. But that could be Iron Priests on TWM if you wanted. Though they would lack the extra WS.

they sound exciting. You going to type them all out? Sounds like a lot of work. Well, if you do, I can guarantee you an audience of at least 1;)))

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well we can assume the makeup of some of those formations - e.g. Arjac's shieldbrothers has him, TDAWG, in a crusader. Which would be potentially a very useable little chunk of a formation to plug and play into an army.

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Kingsguard Stormforce:


Logan Grimnar must be equipped with Stormrider.


1 Wolf Guard Terminator Pack pf 5 models


1 Landraider ( Any type)


1 Stormfang Gunship


Special Rules First Among Equals, Kingsguard, Sagaborn


First into the Fray: On any turn that they disembark from the Formations landraider, WGT pack has Furious Charge and can reroll failed charges.


Wrath of the Stormfang: As long as Logan is alive, the controlling player can choose to pass or fail any Reserve Rolls for the Formations Stormfang Gunship

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Brethren of the Fell-Handed:


Bjorn the Fell-Handed and 2 Dreadnoughts which must be upgraded to Ven Dreads.


Special Rules: Adamantium Will, Sagaborn


Blessing of Russ: Within 6 inches of Bjorn they gain 5++


Warriors of Legend: Whilst Bjorn is alive, the formation rerolls all failed to hit rolls in close combat.

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Wolf Guard Void Claws:


1 Unit of 5+ Wolf guard Terminators with Wolf Claws


Special Rules: First Among Equals, Kingsguard, Sagaborn


Coordinated Assault: As long as atleast one model from this Formation is still alive and on the table, you can reroll any Reserve rolls.


If Needs Must: When this unit arrives from Deep strike, you can reroll the scatter if you wish.


Spearhead Strikes: All units from this Formation, begin in Reserves, must arrive by Deep Strike in your first turn.

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nice. I wonder how that interacts with joined ICs? When turn 1 comes round, the IC would already be joined to the pack so part of the 'unit'...


a bit of a shame they don't get some sort of battle focus to overcome tele-cluster and consequential plasma cannon death en masse, but hey, cant be too greedy.

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Grimnar's Wolf Council:


Ulrick the Slayer, Njal Stormcaller, 1 Rune Priest and 1 Iron Priest


Before Deployment, field as a number of IC's or a single unit.


Special Rules: Fearless, First Among Equals, Sagaborn


Conclave of War: if deployed as a single unit, the formation loses IC, no IC can join the unit with the exception of Logan Grimnar on foot and Arjac Rockfist, However, the Formations Fearless is replaced with Zealot for as long as Grimnar remains with the unit.


Wise Council: an army with this formation, can reroll the dice for determining who deploys first and adds +2 to the dice roll for Seize the Initiative.

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Arjac's Shieldbrothers:


Arjac Rockfist


1 Unit of Wolf Guard Terminators must take Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields


1 Land Raider Crusader must be taken as WGT dedicated Transport.


Special Rules: First Among Equals, Kingsguard, Sagaborn, Hammer of Wrath.


Protect the King!: As long as Grimnar is allive the Formation has Fearless, if he's slain, its replaced with Zealot.


Shieldwall: Any model in this Formation in base contact with atleast one model from this Formation has +1 Toughness

Each time a model from this Formation passes a save against a close combat attack, on a roll of a 6, the attacking unit suffers an immediated hit at str 8 ap2 concussive using random allocation.

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