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Astra Militarum Parade of Honour


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The Parade of Honour thread is for the members of the Astra Militarum forum to show off the (AM/IG/MT) models they completed for various official B&C events (ETL, Regiments of the B&C, etc.). A photographic archive, if you will.

Please do not:
  • post WIP images.
  • post non-B&C or non-Imperial Guard event images.
  • post images of models from events which have not yet finished.
  • go off-topic.
Such posts will be granted the Emperor's Benediction by the moderators.

Please do:
  • State what event your models were in.
  • Post no more than one or two images of each unit (an additional close up on something special at a stretch). If necessary please composite photos into one image.
  • Post a link to your army thread (or Hall of Honour) thread.
  • Make a different post for each event's entries.
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To kick off the parade, my own miniatures completed for ETL3.

Full army thread: Shrineworld IG Garrison

Lord Solar Macharius, vox and quad flamer command squad.


Mortar heavy weapon squad.


Plasma command squad.


Infantry squad one.


Infantry squad two.


Melta command squad and officer with autoreliquary.



Standard bearer.





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Colonal-Commissar Ibram Gaunt

completed for L.P.C. '13





Trooper Vernan "Old Man" Seeams

of the Baulkney 71st, The Desert Rats

completed for Regiments of the B&C 1: One for All






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Regiments of the B&C: Treads & Thrusters




711th Cadian Combined Arms Brigade


The 711th CCAB is a mixed arms unit comprising of  the 897th Infantry Battalion and their support vehicles, the 975th Armoured Battalion, the 201st Artillery Regiment (a mixed platform force), remnants of the 661st Squadron Air Support unit and a small force of Elysians.


The 711th was recently dispatched to Eridanus Tertiary, also known to the local population as "Rivers End" as, due to it's close orbit to it's sun, it is mainly covered by rolling dunes and scrappy vegetation. A significant force of Orks under Warboss Sturtuk had attacked smaller settlements and the Astra Militarum had been called to help the Planetary Governor whose only forces where a ceremonial bodyguard and they where fully unprepared to fight off the green horde.



Eridanus Tertiary


On arrival, they discovered that due to a warp transit accident and extremely poor planning by the Departmento Munitorum, their full entitlement of desert adapted equipment had not arrived and they where only able to be outfitted in the distinctive camouflage clothing but not the equipment. 


Sgt Major Nesh was heard to joke that the clothing reminded him of his mothers biscuits and so the Brigade unofficially adopted the name "Chocochip Rats".


The vehicles have adopted a mixed green/sand camouflage scheme which blends in well with the surrounding terrain although the constant abrasive effect of the wind blown sand does not take long to make a freshly painted vehicle look like it has been there for years. 


The Brigade is currently shaking out prior to full deployment on a seek and destroy mission.






#812 "Aces High"

Tail number 812 is officially known by the name "Justus Extremis" but has been given the unofficial nick-name of "Aces High" by Crew Chief Donald.


Donald has always considered himself a good gambler, he would say that he gambles every time he takes to the skies of  Eridanus Tertiary. What with the blowing dust clogging the turbines and the suicidal ork planes which are just as likely to ram you as to shoot at you you have to be lucky to stay alive.


'812 has never, in her long history, let her crew down. Even in the worst days of the battle of Cepheus Harbour where she had limped back to base with gaping holes in the wings but had refused to fail, safely bringing her crew home. This has earned her the affection of all, not just her crew but other members of the squadron too. The Squadron Commander turned a blind eye to Donalds nose art and even Commissar Blenheim has said nothing knowing that  morale is worth more than a small amount of unofficial graffiti. 

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I've got this:


Verrückt Pattern Valkyrie. Part of the Golgothan 1st CAS Wing.


Completed during ETL III (as a counts as Stormtalon as I was vowing for the BT faction.)





Link to the the Golgothan 7th's thread, including pictures of the rest of the army: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/288831-the-golgothan-7th-legion-verrückt-pattern-valkyrie-update-i/?p=3637967

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B71-G-007 "Lucky Number 7"

of the Baulkney 71st "The Desert Rats"

completed for Regiments of the B&C 2: Treads and Thrusters







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(Kraal is from "regiments," the rest are from "ETL")

Sergeant Kraal:


Avenger Strike Fighter:


Shadowsword...with 75 point 4+ invulnerable save upgrade (not to mention an evelavted firing position, ensuring line of sight)


Griffons...far more sensible than Wyverns:


And....I love the smell of napalm in the morning:


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B71-L-422 "The Hot Box"

of the Baulkney 71st "The Desert Rats"

completed for Regiments of the B&C 3: Big Guns Never Tire












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