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Great to see the Inquisition now has its own subforum!

I did a thread similar to this in the Grey Knights forum, but figured a new one would be in order to get some traffic going in our new home and provide a source of ideas and inspiration, as well as a chance to show off your hard work.

So show us your Inquisitor and his warbands by posting picture, your inquisitor's name, how you field him/her on the table, what model(s) you used, and a bit of fluff/backstory.

To get the ball rolling, here is my contribution:




In Game: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, Psyker Level 1 (Hammerhand), Power Armour, 2 Servo Skulls

The Model: Body - Forgeworld Inquisitor Solomon Lok, head from Blood Angel Sanquinary Guard sprue, hat and sword from Grey Knights Inquistior with Inferno Pistol and Power Sword, equipment on back from the WFB Empire Witch Hunter, grenades from BA Sanguinary Guard sprue, belt pouch from Catachan sprue, right shoulder pad from an IG tank sprue (can't remember which -- maybe Basilisk), purity seal on right shoulder from Forgeworld, purity seal on holster from BA Death Company sprue.

Fluff: Lord Inquisitor Soulis is a venerable member of the Ordo Hereticus, known for his open, bold movements in his persecution of the witch, the mutant, and the heretic. He is reputed as a hard man, but a just man. He does not hesitate to burn the guilty, but nor does is he willing to paint with an overbroad brush and waste valuable assets or chastise the innocent. He has incurred the wrath of the Grey Knights and has been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by some of his colleagues in the Ordo Malleus because he succesfully thwarted an attempt at exterminatus on Sorgrece V going so far as to bear open arms against the Grey Knights.

He is best known as "the Saviour of Sorgrece" for his roll in the war to liberate Sorgrece V from its occupation by Khorne-worshippers (for more information on Sorgrece V see this thread). Though he is estimated to be several hundred years old, juvenat treatments keep him visibly at the age about 35. He is not without his battle scars, however -- one of the defining moments of his life came in the waning years of the liberation of Sorgrece when he personally led a group of Sisters of Battle in the purging of Catachans fighting in the Xenthali Jungle who had gone mad from their exposure to chaos. A Catachan demo pack detonated at his feet, destroying the ancient suit of Terminator Armour that he'd worn into battle for more than a century. This cost him his left eye, his right leg, and awakened latent psychic powers. Previously one of the more extreme puritans in his view and treatment of psykers, he now struggles to come to grips with what he has become and re-evaluate his views and actions.



Lord Inquisitor Soulis is accompanied into battle by two Crimson Guardsmen from the Cardinal of Valka's bodyguard (a third is planned as I transition this squad to using a chimera transport rather than Land Raider); two Death Kommandos (DCA); Brother Marcellus a young novice interrogator who is also the adopted son of Soulis and carries his sword/scabbard into battle (also later in life writes "The Life of Lord Inquisitor Soulis"); another more generic acolyte; an arco-flagellant; and Redeemer Karlist (Ministorum Priest).



This squad hasn't actually been used in a battle yet, but my planned use for them is they will ride in a Valkyrie, drop near the enemy, and infict as much pain as they can with Soul Scream (psyker in the back row) and 3x plasmaguns before (probably) dying. Although they will be landing in conjunction with 15-20 odd Scions so the enemy will have lots of targets to deal with and have to pick who they spend their shots on. They have a Crusader with them to tank wounds. I've had huge success with the Crusaders in Soulis' warband sucking up a lot of enemy fire so decided to use them more liberally.

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LORD INQUISITOR WALKIER (Ordo Malleus, Ordo Astartes) ~Rogue Trader~




In Game: Frag grenades, krak grenades, psyk-out grenades, Terminator armour, Storm bolter, Nemesis Daemon hammer, 2x servo-skulls, The Grimoire of True Names, Empyrean brain mines.
Psyker Divination (Mastery Level 1).


The Model: Body - Terminator Inquisitor.  Arms and Sword form Grey Knight Terminator.


Fluff: Coming soon!






=][= Odro Hereticus








Psyker Wyrd Pyro
















Transport:  =][= Landraider Prometheus.





INQUISITORIAL WARBAND "the Thin Blue Line" Arbites and Astropath



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Man this thread is so ...




Loving these inquisitors and warbands, thanks for sharing brothers! Keep them coming! Lots of great ideas here too.


@Eisenhorn -- awesome inquisitor and warband! Too bad to actually field that Sister costs more than an actual Sister of Battle but worse stats as an Acolye with power armour and bolter. I really hope they fix some of those acolyte wargear costs.


@Pathatrick -- great look, they look like a real battle hardened warband who do the tough jobs and git 'er done. Do they have an Inquisitor to serve?


@Walkier -- I love the old school Rogue Trader-era look and paint scheme. It all looks very John Blanche to me, from the old days (I actually didn't play back then, I picked up the game in 3rd edition but I've seen old stuff and used to have a copy of 2nd Ed Sisters of Battle Codex).  I'm looking forward to your fluff!


Lord Inquisitor Soulis used to wear that same suit of Terminator armour (albeit black) until he got blown up by a Demo pack, I sold the model, and 10 years later built the iteration you see above. I am considering building a new terminator armour version of him because the power armour just doesn't get the job done (even though I am very happy with how he turned out). I will probably kit-bash some Sanguinary guard bitz with GK.

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I am too ashamed of the ancient paint jobs to post anything here, but you should include personal transports too. Maybe I'll be able to find the Land Raider I did which looks much better tongue.png

Bah, don't be a wimp put him up! wink.png

There is no place for the weakwilled or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will mankind survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small.

Liber Doctrina Ordo Hereticus, Chapter XXVIII "Exterminatus"


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Evening everyone - here's my own humble offering for the Ordo's - more of a civilian investigation team than a crazy battlefield group.



Players of the Game


“It took our counter-intelligence agents months to find even the smallest trace of bio-data on Sholesh and his associates. Even then, we got barely more than a name for some of them. Cost us a lot to get that as well. You don’t go poking around the Inquisition and expect not to get burned.”
Danel Traygar, Imperial Intelligence and Records, attached to the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry during the Aren Prime Reclamation.

***Begin Image Record




[Transcribers note – the information contained here is speculative at best, culled from eye-witness observations and the smallest of data-trails. As ever, knowledge of the many facets of the Inquisition is a dangerous thing to possess and is never entirely accurate]




One of the few Ordo officials to be positively identified, Sholesh dan Raf appeared to take control of the espionage-war quietly fought on the streets and data-streams of the rebellious Northern Hives. It was the information gathered by dan Raf and his associates that eventually turned the tide of the war, though some whisper that he may have been responsible for more than just the resolution of the Aren Prime Reclamation. Now in the early years of his second century, dan Raf has a reputation as a cold-blooded manipulator and schemer with little compassion for those who become pieces in his games. Nevertheless, his results are well-regarded within the Ordos and he has so far escaped censure by his peers. Seen here clad in typically understated civilian dress, dan Raf’s sole concession to the import and grandeur of his vocation seems to be the advanced bionic limb replacing his right arm. Forged by artisans of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the bionic contains an implanted hellpistol in the palm of the hand as well as several other arcane devices suited to his work in the Ordo Hereticus.




Inquisitor dan Raf was often accompanied by these companions, who he referred to as his ‘wards’ – whether literally or in jest is not known. The stormtrooper identified himself as Eli Mortlock and the markings on his carapace armour would suggest that he is attached to the Hereticus Stormtroop Regiments. While this is not unusual in itself, it is most unusual that Mortlock has retained his personality and memories – Inquisitorial Stormtroopers are routinely mind-wiped to prevent accidental corruption. We can only speculate that some aspect of Mortlock’s personality is important enough to ensure that his mind remains intact while in dan Raf’s service.
Introduced simply as Maljinn, little else is known about the feral swordswoman. Indeed, she was seen to be increasingly hostile towards any Imperial individuals who attempted to engage her in conversation, though several witnesses attest that her capacity for violence and skill with a blade was second to none. It is assumed that she was found on some backwater feral or deathworld and has been retained by dan Raf out of pity or amusement. 




Identified during the unfortunate accusations and tribunals that followed the Namas Highway Incident, Interrogator Corlo Hyrant has served under dan Raf for the last 7 years. Afflicted with brittle bones due to exposure to high levels of radiation during the Lockhart Affair, Hyrant is now reliant on the steel support brace encasing his legs and lower back for mobility and displays the characteristic hair-loss common to radiation exposure. The ocular device worn by Interrogator Hyrant is a Psyocculum, an arcane seeing device used to identify and track psykers.
The Interrogator is accompanied by the imposing figure of Cal Morrow, an individual all-too-pleased to broadcast his heritage as a member of the Sam-Crow criminal gang of Newpest. Still clad in his gang leathers, Morrow is a particularly abrasive and unpleasant fellow by all accounts but seems strangely protective of Interrogator Hyrant and, in his own way, is possessed of a certain code of honour.




The individuals shown above are the most secretive of dan Raf’s agents, with little information other than their names recovered via facial recognition machine-spirits and the smallest of traces in the data-streams of the Northern Hives. The lack of neither any readily available bio-data of these subjects, nor any data held in storage across the Imperium would point to the use of high level data-obfuscation technology or the infiltration and amendment of Imperial records by an individual.
The female has been identified as Jessamy Quinn, native of New Crobuzon in the Scarus sector. Her exact role in dan Raf’s employment is unknown, however Cal Morrow was overheard as referring to her as, quote, ‘that data-rat bitch’, end quote. Quinn appears to be accompanied by a canine replicant animal, identified as a Re-Engineered Dog Variant XIII by Mechanicus sources.
The final individual’s identity is a troubling one. Facial recognition provided a 67% probability match to an Ethan Frayne, native of Harlans World, as well as matches to Elim Reynard, Takeshi Kyusa, Jackson Daw and several other identities. Several of these matches flagged outstanding warrants for acts of narcotic and arms dealing, as other more serious crimes such as terrorism, links to planetary uprisings and secessionist activity and multiple counts of murder. Worryingly, approximately 4 hours after this information was recovered, Imperial Intelligence data-stacks suffered a complete shutdown and reboot which appeared to wipe all record of Ethan Frayne from their records as well as now updating several other profiles to show the subject as deceased.




It should be noted that several of the Imperial Intelligence agents involved in obtaining this data were later found to have died in suspicious circumstances or have simply disappeared. Inquisitor Sholesh dan Raf has not provided any comment on this matter and the whereabouts of the individuals Jessamy Quinn and Ethan Frayne are currently unknown.

***End Image Record

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It's going to be hard to live up to all of that Jack!  Very interesting sourcing on your miniatures.  I particularly like the repurposed metal Catachan.  


Here's a Preacher Zealot I recently put together, and will be priming and painting up soon.  He's mostly a Fantasy zombie, with a little chansword and space wolf pelt added, with an Empire Wizard head.



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Yey, inkuisitorsssss!!


I started inkuisitorial warbands when the first edition of Inquisitor came out...we played it for a bit in 28mm...it was fairly popular as inq28 in the net.


Now...after having sold most of those models (a pity actually, I'd have had a use for them today!) I'm back with a simple unit of 12 henchmen and 2 inquisitors.


fluff is that a radical hereticus inquisitor roams the fringe near tau space helped by his trusty rogue trader friend.


So far I have painted Inquisitor Zekru:



and rogue trader Rawnent:



and a mystic, drone and jokaero:




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det, i love the drone. Dose it counts as a Servitor with a Heavy B? Nice Rt and good paint jobs all around.

thanks! He counts as an acolyte with stormbolter actually...tau AI are too smart to need babysitting! cool.png

The ork I'm going to use as HB servitor instead is a bit simple-minded let's say...msn-wink.gif

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I have a report from the front lines.  One of my Henchmen has been really over preforming.  My Psyker Wyrd Pyro has been causing havoc on the table top.  



I have him in the unit mostly for his extra die in the psychic phase but he has been a real surprise for me and my enemy's.  To day i managed to get off a Sunburst pyro power  and it was a game changer.  1 warp charge ..... 2d6, 9' nova... Sooo broke.  It went off mid game and 3 enemy units were crushed.  This happened with out me planing on it.   I think if i made it part of my starting battle plan, it could exploited.  In another game a bit ago i got off a Inferno with him and nuked a unit i was not counting on destroying.   I have just changed my =][= Malleus Lord into a Pyro to try out spamming.  Sunburst might be more broke then Invisibility.

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