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  1. After I have been lurking on this forum for too long and admiring everybody's projects, I decided it was about time I did something about all these unpainted/ half-painted figures sitting on my shelves collecting dust. So I joined up and start this thread to hopefully encourage me to get going and keep going. I have been in the hobby for more than 20 years now and collected, painted and played on and off quite a few times. Hoping to get back into it. Here I want to collect all my painting projects concerning loyal Imperial servants. I got the Burning of Prospero box when it first came out and started working on it, and over the years I have also added some other miniatures to it so I could use the growing Thousand Sons army also in modern games of 40k. For use as generic red painted Space Marines. I also have some forces of the Inquisition still waiting in the wings, half assembled, or half-painted. It is about time some of it actually gets done! So here we go. This is how far I got: Some Tactical Squads Terminators: Contemptor: A Librarian from Scibor Miniatures: These guys because I really adore the miniatures:
  2. Hello Everyone! Been out the hobby for about 7 years and decided recently the Deathwatch are the army to get me back into it. Decided to record my progress as i go. I'll be adding some inquisition as well when I've got them time. But first i decided to make up some Primaris Deathwatch to get me started. I really wanted to see what the new primaris models were like and thought i might as well make them Deathwatch. Probably won't get any more though, just normal size after this. Here are some pics! Did a fair bit of conversion work on the basic intercessors to get them to be deathwatch. Added the shoulder pads and the elbow detail on the left arms, sculpted shot selectors into the boltguns, filed of the chest eagles and replaced them with pouches, grenades and bullets and sliced up the right arms to incorporate the wrist scanner. Here's a close up of the Sergeant Prior to this i painted up some random servitors i had unpainted from years and years ago as Inquisition for practice. I'll post more when I've painted the primaris squad. Let me know what you all think!
  3. Hello everyone! I've been working on this army for a long while and thought i should post it here to see what you all think. I always like to get comments and constructive criticism on my work so please let me know what you think of them all! I've taken some photos of the whole set plus i've added the photos from my entry to Armies on Parade last year. If you want to see any of the models in more detail let me know and i can add photos of them, OR you can check out my other topic in the deathwatch forum here. I'll be updating this as build and paint more models, the first update is already below! I've arranged the army in a rough outline of the watch fortress structure, they all have the correct squad designations on their kneepads and i've got an excel sheet to record who is in which squad! Almost all of them are from different chapters as well (another reason for the excel spreadsheet) I like to make them all a bit unique with the names and chapter background, i endeavor to add some elements of their home chapter to the model but after the 50 most well known ones it gets difficult! So i come up with a feel for their chapter from the name, colour scheme or what i decided to make up for them. I like to add little details like that, as you can see from the photos i am very fond of converting. All of them have the deathwatch wrist scanner, shoulder pad and elbow pad, where possible i also give them the ammo pouches and more! My goal is to build a deathwatch version of every unit currently available to them! So if you can't see something in these photos i will build one eventually! Please let me know what you think of all these!!!
  4. Another I have taken from my pages on the 40k Homebrew Wiki Review of Inquisitor Adahm Klerixus Languages Spoken: High Gothic, Low Gothic, Lingua-technis, Cant Mechanicus, Basic Aeldari Lexicon Skin Colour: Dark Tan Hair Colour: Dirty Blond Height: 5'10" Weight: 200lbs Adahm Klerixus was a Lunar Venatorii Vox Adept turned Cybernetics enhanced Magos Bodyguard and now serves as an Inquisitor of the Ordo Machinum. He is a member of the Heimdall Conclave. A Radical of the Xeno Hybris faction of Inquisition in alliance with Xenarites of Incendius Lux and Mjorn that has migrated to the Heimdall Sector and beyond. Primarily focuses on Forge Worlds and their fleets. History Personality Relations Adam had a good relation with his former Regiment, but after his revival by the Magos of the Cult Mechanicus, the [[Lunar Venatorii Cavalry Regiments]] think him dead. A quiet man who keeps his opinions to himself, Adam has a quirk of reporting only the logical facts as his training has taken most of the colorful commentary out of his reports. His efficiency at accomplishing his missions has led to the greater Inquisition to put trust in his instincts. His retinue respect him but do not love working for him. Being coldly logical can make people feel that if needs be he will spend your life to get the job done. They have over time found that he is unlikely to let go of resources if he could help it, including them. Base of Operations Officially, Adam Clarke works out of the Inquisitorial Fortress of the Hiemdall Conclave but that is just the central place of the Conclave. Lead by the the Inquisitor who is Grandmaster of the conclave has given Adam access to Inquisitorial Fortress on the Ocean World of Kimoa as well as access to a secret network of Bases, Estates, Libraries, Armories, and Safe Houses built by the enclave in addition to his own personal network built through alliances and political maneuvering. The native Storm Troopers of the Conclave, are the Death Troopers, special elite Geno Troopers bred by the Kimoan Gene-Wrights and trained within local Schola Facilities that are ruthless and utterly dedicated and loyal to the mission of the Inquisition. Adam himself commandeered a Excubition-class Cruiser, ''The Gears of Retribution'' that he then used his influence with the Mechanicus to modify to his specifications to where it is hardly anything like Naval classes. It is this ship that he uses as his true base of operations as he flies from one investigation to the next. Wargear Retinue Erxandros, Bloodmoon Hunters Artificer Frank Draken, Mercenary Fio'Vre O'Shera, Tau Engineer Malaskia Vileblade, Drukhari Pirate Alpha Alternative Operative Number Seven, Skitarii Tribune Forces
  5. Hello all. I'm starting up a project for next year, and figured that posting here might keep me on track and get all my painting done. The basic premise for the army is a pair of semi-cooperative Inquisitors piling their resources together and crushing the enemies of the Imperium. Inquisitor Livona is an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor; psychically gifted and accompanied by a retinue of deadly professional killers, sanctioned psykers, and seconded Imperial military officers. Inquisitor Davian, on the other hand, is a Hereiticus member of the Puritan Monodominant faction- a Witchhunter whose holy cause is the destruction of all witches and mutants. He leads a tri-fold warband; one section of skilled infiltrators and spies, one of terrifying Executioners, and the last is a motely rabble of cannon-fodder he recruits from local Emperor-worshiping cults, like the Church of the Red Redemption. The tabletop army will be fairly simple- I'll be running a mainly Scions force with a couple of attached Inquisitors for some fun backup. My Scions will be made using the Solar Auxilia models from Forge World, as I really like how they look and feel that they are both different enough from normal IG but also heavily armored to work as Scions. The really fun of the army will be the acolytes and hangers-on I'm going to have for the Inquisitors (due to the weird Inquisition rules they aren't a viable army, so they won't be on the table top). As I get further along, I will be posting story-clips/backgrounds/fun stuff for the various characters I'll have. I hope you enjoy my little corner of the Imperial war machine! Here is what I have so far, as WIP. From left- Inquisitor Livona, a former pit slave (currently not really sure what band he'll be with), former Imperial Navy officer, Redemptionist preacher, Primaris Psyker, former Commissar, Astropath Up next I have a Cawdor gang to use as Davian's fodder, Kal Jericho as Davian himself, a set of Solar Auxilia (lasrifles and command) plus a Taurox Prime, and some more hired guns for Livona. All should be arriving within the next month...
  6. Hello pals, I wanted to share with you my first short story written in English, which I created as part of our Inquisitor campaign and the PnP that goes with it. It tells the story of Idomenea Casryn, an inquisitor and pursuer of the Horusian ideal, and the price one must be willing to pay to save the Emperor's soul. A scene only, a brief moment born of the melancholy and loss that the holy Ordos of the Inquisition impose on their most faithful servants. Have mercy on me that english is not my mother tongue. I hope you enjoy the words as much as I enjoy the writing process. Best regards from Germany The Dream of Trinity "The final nights, in the dreamers barony In fair Caracalla, where we lay our scene, From ancient hopes break to new heresy, Where honest thoughts make honest souls unclean." - Elegies of the Double Sun, About the Esoterica Trinitae +…Before the swollen gaze of the Dark Eye, do I stand. I hold for He who long ago sacrificed for man. I will yield no ground, I shall take no step back. In His name and for His will, I will never surrender…+ The otherworldly hiss of the shapelessness lurked like a snare of thorns over the cramped chamber of the Teleportarium. The center of the arcane facility was animated by approximately forty men and women, all clad in exquisite armor and rifles, invocations of the Golden Throne silent on their lips - a contrast to the cacophonous shrieks and labors of the Machine God's adepts performing the ritual procedure of the Run-ups performed like the Mass of St. Drusus on the core worlds of Lycandos. If the pious warriors were ready to carry out their cruel orders at the behest of their mistress, the scratching of the presence could be heard, felt, felt at the edges of their perception. They were soldiers of the XVI. Iodura Charbytei, an elite cohort of the Tempestus Scions and officially declared "perdidit in inundationes", lost in the tides with their vessel, the "Lion of the Last Kingdom", a Sword-class frigate. As much as this may often be true, it is not always the case: instead of the tides of the Empyrean, She took into her service according to her power as the Emperor's representative. The proud soldiers of Tempestus erased their colors as did their coats of arms, only to swap them for the black and crimson of the Inquisition. The noble symbols of Charybtei victories on their cuirasses have been replaced with esoteric hypersigils and pentagram sketches painted with blessed-cursed dust from the shrine world of Sebastea. Since then, they have served the Veiled Lady as loyal warriors to fulfill her dream of the Trinity. And yet they could only defend themselves exhausted, panting and silently wailing against the snare of thorns. +…Pierce my flesh, break my bones, take my life. These matter not in my sacrifice, ye of the Despair shall know defeat. For even in Death shall we be triumphant in His name…+ Each of the soldiers had gone through the hells of depravity as well as of their own conscience for the veiled lady. Some died, others committed atrocities for the fulfillment of the Trinity. The cases of those who showed the taint of the Otherworld on body and soul were ended with holy earnest within the warriors. But no one gave way, no one despaired. And yet the noose of thorns tightened around their souls, leaving scratches and bleeding. Tempestor Salim averted his gaze from the crimson shape that undulated gently across the floor of the sacred teleportarium like the sea breeze of sunrise on Kardesh Secundus. Her blades, each blessed by devoted preachers of Sebasteia to the glory of Terra, floated in tight, intricate patterns around her body, forming in their slowness a complex yet hypnotic pattern that seemed like the indecisive invocation of a figure half holy and half ugly. The teleporatium's arcs of energy were still charging, the frantic screeching of the Machine God's Adept muffled in the background. But Salim had eyes only for his neighbor's cuirass, knowing full well that the same spectacle was taking place on his armor: the hypersigils, occult symbols of protection against the corruption of the Otherworld, blistered and peeled off like old paint on the walls of a manufactory. And the voice in his head grew louder, the rasping of the loop of thorns in his mind more oppressive. +…Angelus! I have fallen in battle for He and his flock. Prepare my place, O Lord! I shall stand by thee side until the End Times. Until Thy will be done…+ They were verses of pious prayer, catechisms of holiness, recited in the distant, weary, yet unbroken voice of a Pious Servant of the Golden Throne. Little more than the icing of the frost, which turns the presence of the floating entity into a moment in every life that one tries desperately to shake off and yet is unable to. The purple glow in the empty eyes of the veiled skull gave an idea of ​​the powers that the veiled lady subjugated to create her personal Erinys. And yet it's the details that let Tempestor Salim recognize suffering in the thick brew of fear. Weathered adherents to the cult of the double-faced sun, rusting prayer brooches of solid gold, crests like long-smeared gleams of the man they had been. The declaration of eternal friendship. Pious praises of the Golden Throne´s benediction. The insignia of an interrogator. The melted wards on the Tempestus Scion's cuirass ran in contrasting clarity down the midnight-black breastplates like a distant mother's tears succumbing to madness. The first groans could be heard from the pious warriors, as the thorns pressed themselves unintentionally and unprotected into the tender flesh of their hardened souls and mutilated the fine fiber of their salvation with their barbs of corruption. But they did not falter, none of Salim's soldiers. He was proud, ignoring the taste of brass on his tongue. +…Take heed, ye who have surrendered to the Darkness. I shall be unbowed and unbroken. For where there is darkness, His light shall shine and the darkness shall retreat… IDOMENEA?+ The dissonant ending of the litany roused each of the warriors in the teleportarium from their stoically endured agony. The Psalms of Endurance floated like distant echoes through time and space, echoing through the eternity of the souls of the Tempestus Scions. Relieved for a moment, the swollen eyes of the soldiers, hidden under their helmets and visors, glided to the entrance of the teleportarium, now seeing what the Erinys already saw coming, felt, prophesied: Realizing the paradox of elegant power armor, a woman entered, clad like the soldiers in midnight black and inlaid with pure gold, her crimson cloak billowing behind her like the faithful retinue of its lord. A dead blade at her side, it was her face that caught the attention of her soldiers: suggested contours of a beautiful, yes, innocent face, hidden as if beneath a veil whose fibers seemed so unreal as to be tearful. It was no salute, not even a hinted nod of her veiled head, that was meant for her followers, her souls that would in a few moments lead themselves into the hellfire of pandemonium, in order not to let the dream of the trinity die. It just wasn't necessary. Not a word, not a declaration of appreciation for their loyalty to the Inquisitor. Tempestor Salim and each of his subordinates knew it. And yet she spoke. The voice of Idomenea Casryn, commonly known as the Veiled Lady, found its way into the teleportarium. Sounding far away, echoing like the last, sighing note in an orchestra hall on Esseles, who combined beauty and melancholy with too few syllables: “Prosperina?” The word, more question than utterance, found its way through the veil, and for a moment it seemed as if even the shrieking Techadepts were brought together by the word of the Inquisitor - as a follower of the Horusian ideal reviled by many of her peers and hunted by some - to one moment of dignified silence. "...Idomenea..." The swords, circling in intricate patterns around the Erinys, paused in the air. Hidden beneath the veil, the skull of the crimson-tinted monster bent toward the Inquisitor. Her otherworldly voice, uttering the litany of endurance in a tortured, pained manner, driving the Tempestus Scions like rusty nails into their souls the moment the hypersigils failed, seemed changed. She sounded younger, female, yes, human. And exhausted and distant in a way that no listener could have imagined. "Not for long, Proserpina. The dream of the Trinity is about to be fulfilled. We're almost there." The Inquisitor's words took the stage with measured strides, where only she and her Erinys reigned supreme, the elite soldiers relegated to supporting roles and the screeching tech-adepts to a silenced orchestra. They were neither beseeching nor benevolent, but their intention was evident even to the bleeding souls of the Tempestus Scions waiting in agony deep in their hearts. She was neither an order nor a flattery. Rather a pleading. "...I can hardly do any more. It hurts so bad. He wants me, my beloved... he just wants me for himself..." As if in reply, the sounds of a gusting death wind came alive around Proserpina, the Veiled Lady's triple-bound Demonhost. The rusty chains around the ankles of the hovering monster lashed the floor of the teleportarium, as if angry entities wanted to replace the silent orchestra and want to end the scene, the conversation between two sisters who were in love and who were both wounded in their own way. A tiny sparkle only, nothing else was visible under the veil of Idomenea Casryn. "Hold on, my strong, my noble heart." The soldiers' visors could scarcely recognize it in their coarseness. And even if technology allowed them to do so, believing that the Inquisitor would shed a tear would be impossible and unbearable at the same time. A tear for a human being who, being stronger-willed, more mature, wiser, chose to accept the necessary yoke of damning one's own soul in order to enable her younger companion to fulfill the dream of the Trinity. To free the Emperor's soul from the agony of the Golden Throne. "Hold on... Proserpina." + "We who have bled shall be redeemed. We who have fallen shall be exulted. We who have sacrificed shall be rewarded. We who have died shall be avenged..." + No more words of sorrow. No more words of affection, of missing her loved one. Only the catechism of endurance, intoned in invisible pain from otherworldly lips, knowing full well that the self-chosen damnation could call no salvation its epilogue, only the horror of the heralds of the Empyrean, challenged and bound by human courage and occult instruments that only the most radical of the Ordo Malleus knew, could know, were allowed to know. The last hope that Proserpina Dellacosa, once a brilliant interrogator of the Holy Ordos, could cling to was that the moment, when she could no longer resist the corruption and its insinuations, was not in vain. That the Trinity would come, she herself might be dressed in never-ending darkness.e
  7. This is my Plog for my Deathwatch and Inquisition army, Watch Fortress Velheim. In this first post I will update it over time to include details about the force and background/lore as it’s a major driving force in my hobby to create a narrative and make my forces more unique through conversions, markings and the like. The overall purpose of my Plog is to track my progress, force myself to finish things in a reasonable time frame and to get feedback from my hobby peers about how things look, what could be done better and how, mistakes I may of missed and all round cool ideas, trust me, nothing is too outlandish. (I’m still giving heavy consideration to a converted inquisition landraiders with church mystic and a mini fogger to spill mist from its assault ramp) So as this project started out it was a overall army expansion combined with updating for the New Deathwatch Codex having started them pre codex as a way of combining my marine forces, at the time using Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Iron Hands, Black Templars and having to paint the same characters and troops again for every army I decided I would put all my time into my Deathwatch having finally finished painting my Metal Sisters army at the time, after painting roughly 100 models, mostly infantry due to the preference for drop pods (building them is soul destroying) and using them for a while as whatever chapter I wanted to run at the time the Deathwatch codex came out, I added a few of the new options (not going to lie, it was Frag cannon goodness), now years down the line like many of us I’m stuck in lockdown with allot of my old armies and bits so I thought I would paint up a few new units ready for some games and some things I never got around to like my leviathan, problems quickly came about though when I realised the large difference 8n styles meaning my old DW were in need of a serious update and rethink (no longer valid weapon options, centurions a edition too early), I did the entire army helmetless for character but loving the new mk8 power armour I now needed to update and adding a few extra flourishes here and there for decoration couldn’t hurt, that is until I realised my painting had improved in several key areas in which the army was at first painted and some colours are long oop so realising the scope of the issue and being thankful I use super glue rather than plastic for a reason a large rebuild is currently in progress, not to mention I got a little addicted to nam plates recently and it’s going to get expensive... Location: Sector: Ghoul Stars Watch Fortress: Planet System: Command Structure: Lore:
  8. Ordo Minoris, the lesser ordos of the Inquisition. There are no set number for them, giving us, the fans and the players, free reins to create over own. Or develop the minor ordos since most of them have only a sentence to their name (which sometime is "Unknown purpose"). When it comes to size have the Ordo Militarum been described as large by the standards of minor Inquisition factions, with over 500 Inquisitors currently active, while Ordo Necros only have 5 members. This thread here is for me to list, with links, others' fanmade ordos or discussions on established ones, togheter with my own, as a way to have them all (or rather gateways to them all) in one place. + Fanmade Ordo Minoris + Ordo Agricola - Oversees Agri worlds, overall food production, and the trade and shipping of food products. [by me, Gamiel] Ordo Arcanum - Monitor the Ordos Malleus and Hereticus, in order to keep the threat of corruption at bay. They are also responsible for studying and devising counters for the arcane powers of the warp. [by @Ulrik_Ironfist ] Ordo Explorator - Keep tabs on Mechanicus Explorator Fleets and Rogue Traders. Also monitor the Ordo Xenos, for xenophilic tendencies. [by @Ulrik_Ironfist ] Ordo Foramennigrum - Tries to uncover the different reason why Space Marines have fallen to Chaos or had to be declared Renegade, and what Chapters Chaos Warbands ones was or belonged to. [by me, Gamiel] Ordo Lucrum - Oversees the efficient usage of the imperium's resources. [by Rairaijin on Reddit] Ordo Mentalist - The monitoring of sanctioned research, studies and use of psy-tech, and discovering the illegal development and use of psy-tech. Also deal in xeno psy-tech. [by me, Gamiel] Ordo Opscuros - Monitoring the black ships, notorious for their incarnationist agenda. [by Johan Egerkrans a.k.a. Jeff Vader - have also appeared in White Dwarf 2017 February issue] Ordo Redactor - Goes around deleting files in the Imperium’s archives that are seen as not fitting with the offical line of what happened or is going on. [by Andy Hoare (possibly, see second post below)] Ordo Scorpius [you have to scrole down a bit to get to the info about them] - The ordo to kill all other ordos, in case of extreme danger and threat to the Imperiumme. [by Lukas Adolfsson] Ordo Thoth - Tries to uncover the mystery of the Horus Heresy. [by me, Gamiel] Ordo Trask - Oversees abhumans. [by me, Gamiel] + Fanon regarding established Ordo Minoris + Ordo Astartes - is developed and given a historical Militant Order by our own Brother @apologist here and here. Ordo Redactus - is developed by our own Brother @apologist here. Ordo Scriptorum - is developed by Migs of the IRON SLEET here
  9. Watch Fortress Bastard So! I've finally found a forum with likeminded Watchmasters where I can share my progress on my current project, namely the creation of a Deathwatch Watch Fortress which has one of each canon chapter represented with no duplicates (with a few exceptions such as the Space Wolves and Dark Angels...). This currently numbers at approximately 300 chapters or so I believe. I present to you Watch Fortress Bastard, now 3 years in and showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon! I have put together some lore for the Watch Fortress which I'll share with you as I go along, but for starters I just wanted to dump a variety of models I have kitbashed/converted/painted so far to give a flavour of how it's been going. The beauty of the Deathwatch is their diversity, and I'm trying to make most models as unique to their chapter as possible. Only thing left to add is that I'm an extremely slow painter due to a number of reasons, main one being my disability caused by brain surgery in 2016, so please bear with me as I plod along. So with all that out of the way here's what's being going on so far: Looking forward to sharing ideas with other Watch Masters!
  10. Hello Guys! I have been a hobbyist for (records expugned from the Administratum by inquisitorial decree) and have been on this forum for almost the same amount of time.In all of these years i've had different threads in different parts of the forum, but trying to keep them attractive to new viewers and getting feedback has been quite difficult, all the more credit to each brother that has given me their thoughts whenever i posted something new of course. So i was thinking last night that it might be easier to merge my separate armies into one thread, tat way i can update it constantly when i paint something new, because i always work on different things at the time. So, i'd like to start this album with some of the minis i've already painted from different armies. I hope you like them I'll be uploading some of my Orlocks soon, though i still have to paint their bases
  11. ///-----///CIPHER-LOCK-DETECTED///-----///AUTHORISATION-GRANTED///-----///Welcome Inquisitor... Greetings fellow Inquisitors! I decided it is time I got serious about my Inquisition forces once more, for they have languished too long. As well as updating old models that are in much need of deserved love I will also be adding new ones as I seek to exploit the variety the Inquisition affords as well as use this to experiment, convert and generally help push my hobby boundaries and skills I also haven't forgotten the Inquisitor I promised to honour the Inquisition's service during the ETL I've got my ideas for him floating around still, I want to do him justice but fear not he will be making an appearance here at some point. So for the moment here are my current plans for Inquisitor Lord [REDACTED]'s warbands. I was very generously given a collection of bits and bobs from @Grimm. which you will no doubt see put to use as this WIP progress but for the moment it's just this model: I have another too, really looking forward to them. For Inquisition purposes they'll just be bolter acolytes I imagine but as I've long dreamed of a small Skitarii force maybe one day they will be something more... I've decided on a colour scheme and such for him with the help of the AdMech section but as he's part of my Inquisition project (for now) he belongs here as well. I've also found some of the earliest Inquisition forces of [REDACTED]'s. His loyal body guards clad in his personal heraldic red they have earned much glory over the years from cutting down BT bikers to blasting various 'nids and more they are more than deserving of an update and being first in the queue at that! For more recent work some may remember my work for the Inquisition painting events, humble work that I plan to surpass here: Jahn Hidden Content Karnak "Shredder" Asoi Hidden Content I hope to have some more updates to show soon, but I do seem to be suffering from hobby butterfly at the moment.
  12. You might have seen some of my other threads on B&C, but to create some lore and backstory to draw them all together, here's the details of my Inquisitorial warband that I've started putting together. Right now, everything's been converted and mostly basecoated, and I'll expect to start painting them later this month. --- Inquisitor Lady Helena Darrock is an Amalathian in the service of the Ordo Hereticus. Whilst much of her investigative work is conducted under all manner of assumed identities (and wearing garb befitting them), she goes to battle in a suit of artificer power armour. A keen huntress, the right shoulder pad of Darrock's armour bears a trophy from one such expedition between investigations. The suit also incorporates a power fist and a sanctified brazier to ward away the darkness, both spiritual and literal. Darrock is accompanied by owl and wolf familiars, both psybernetically enhanced, amplifying her already potent psychic abilities. Darrock was dispatched to the Idris system to investigate rumours of an iconoclast cult. Initial contact with forces of the Archenemy were intermittent and minor, belying the vast conspiracy present in the subsector. In actuality, a number of planetary governors, PDF commanders, senior magi and the like had become tainted, consorting with the Ruinous Powers and working to achieve massive daemonic manifestations across the subsector - arguably a case better suited to colleagues in the Ordo Malleus. Realising the risk posed, and that her warband would only be able to delay but not prevent the incursions, Darrock summoned nearby Imperial forces. Her request for aid was first answered by the nearby Cantabrigian Preceptory of the Order of the Iron Veil, a mere week's warp jump away. Whilst fanatical in their devotion to Him On Terra, the Adepta Sororitas forces were overwhelmed by the sheer number of chaos cultists and (as the initial phases of the campaign wore on) minor daemons of Khorne. Pleas for assistance were sent out again and again, many astropaths burning themselves out in the desperate effort to penetrate the roiling currents of the warp, they having been swept into a great tumult by cultist activity. The full might of the Imperium arrived in the form of the Black Templars, and the awesome God-Machines of the Legio Defensor. INQUISITOR Lady Helena Darrock "Ignis Judicum" Power fist Psyber owl Psyber wolf ACOLYTES Explicator Nathaniel Horne Flamer Chainsword Explicator Silas Deacon Flamer Chainsword Explicator Giles Dalton-Platt Heavy flamer Heirophant Barzano Brazier of holy flame Auto pistol Interrogator Anna Ignatius Condemnor crossbow Power sword Auto pistol High Interrogator Godrik van Denst Brazier of holy flame Power sword Auto pistol CRUSADER Ser Hektur von Glisson Power sword Storm shield SQUAT ENGINEERS Petr Thengisson Mining laser Auto pistol Todd Holdenstock Harpoon gun Auto pistol
  13. Luther - the fallen

    INQ ST F 2

    From the album: Ordo Xenos

  14. Luther - the fallen

    INQ ST F 1

    From the album: Ordo Xenos

  15. Luther - the fallen

    INQ F

    From the album: Ordo Xenos

  16. Luther - the fallen


    From the album: Ordo Xenos

  17. Luther - the fallen


    From the album: Ordo Xenos

  18. The list originally had a Ministorum Priest to hand out the old +1A aura. I also really wanted Benefice, but Guilliman's requirement of being your warlord prohibits the ability to get any non-Inquisitor, non-Guard warlord traits or relics beyond A Sacred Oath. ++ Battalion Detachment -3CP (Imperium - Adepta Sororitas) [58 PL, -4CP, 1,223pts] ++ + Configuration + Detachment Command Cost [-3CP] Order Convictions: Order: Bloody Rose + HQ + Canoness [3 PL, 65pts]: Blessed Blade, Inferno pistol Celestine and Geminae Superia [10 PL, 200pts] . 2x Geminae Superia: 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Power sword + Troops + Battle Sister Squad [3 PL, 60pts] . 3x Battle Sister: 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Boltgun, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Artificier-crafted storm bolter . Sister Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun Battle Sister Squad [3 PL, 60pts] . 3x Battle Sister: 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Boltgun, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Artificier-crafted storm bolter . Sister Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun Battle Sister Squad [3 PL, 60pts] . 3x Battle Sister: 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Boltgun, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Artificier-crafted storm bolter . Sister Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun + Elites + Celestian Sacresants [6 PL, -1CP, 103pts] . 6x Celestian Sacresants (Anointed Halberd): 6x Anointed Halberd, 6x Bolt pistol, 6x Frag & Krak grenades . Sacresant Superior: Bolt pistol, Relic: Blessings of Sebastian Thor, Spear of the Faithful, Stratagem: A Sacred Burden Celestian Sacresants [3 PL, 70pts] . 4x Celestian Sacresants (Hallowed Mace): 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Hallowed Mace . Sacresant Superior: Bolt pistol, Hallowed Mace Celestian Sacresants [3 PL, 70pts] . 4x Celestian Sacresants (Hallowed Mace): 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Hallowed Mace . Sacresant Superior: Bolt pistol, Hallowed Mace Dogmata [4 PL, 65pts]: 1. Refrain of Blazing Piety + Fast Attack + Zephyrim Squad [4 PL, 95pts] . 4x Zephyrim: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Power sword . Zephyrim Superior: Plasma pistol, Zephyrim Pennant Zephyrim Squad [4 PL, 95pts] . 4x Zephyrim: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Power sword . Zephyrim Superior: Plasma pistol, Zephyrim Pennant + Heavy Support + Retributor Squad [6 PL, 140pts] . Retributor Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta Retributor Squad [6 PL, 140pts] . Retributor Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta ++ Supreme Command Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines) [19 PL, 18CP, 380pts] ++ + Configuration + **Chapter Selector**: Ultramarines Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) Detachment Command Cost [3CP] + Primarch | Daemon Primarch | Supreme Commander + Roboute Guilliman [19 PL, 3CP, 380pts]: Nobility Made Manifest, Warlord ++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [20 PL, -4CP, 395pts] ++ + Configuration + Detachment Command Cost [-2CP] Regimental Doctrine: 9th Iotan Gorgonnes + Agents of the Imperium + Inquisitor [4 PL, -2CP, 65pts]: 1) Terrify, 4) Mental Interrogation, Alpha-Class Psyker, Blackshroud, Boltgun, Ordo Xenos, Power sword, Psyker, Stratagem: Arbiter of the Emperor's Will, Xenos - Esoteric Lore + HQ + Gaunt's Ghosts [7 PL, 135pts] + Troops + Militarum Tempestus Scions [3 PL, 65pts] . 2x Scion: 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Hot-shot Lasgun . Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . Tempestor: Chainsword, Plasma pistol Militarum Tempestus Scions [3 PL, 65pts] . 2x Scion: 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Hot-shot Lasgun . Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . Tempestor: Chainsword, Plasma pistol Militarum Tempestus Scions [3 PL, 65pts] . 2x Scion: 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Hot-shot Lasgun . Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . Tempestor: Plasma pistol ++ Total: [97 PL, 10CP, 1,998pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  19. From the album: Nicodemus' Astronomi-con WIP

    WIP shot of Lord Inquisitor Soulis partially painted -- as of April 10, 2014.
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