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I ran all four in last month's tournament at the FLGS.


Game one was against Nurgle Daemons. The Culexus made the opponent nervous, as I'd deployed her near all of his Daemon Princes. Then she became the ONLY victim of the Warp Storm table on Turn One and died to a boatload of Flashbane hits. I was unamused. Eversor died to Instant Death from a Prince. Callidus died from the same. Vindicare took potshots at various things and did all of nothing, though he did squat on an objective and rack up Maelstrom points.


Game two was against Marines. Callidus killed a Thunderfire Cannon, and then was lascannoned to death. Vindicare put shots into the enemy HQ's Razorback, and then charged into melee with him and his accompanying Tactical Combat Squad. Held up for a few turns in melee. Interestingly enough, he took more shot with his pistol in that game than his rifle. A Turbo-Penetrator pistol shot is hilarious. Eversor shuffled around doing not much all game, as did the Culexus.


Game three was against CSM. Vindicare took shots of opportunity at various models all game, taking out things like meltagunners and standards. Callidus nuked the only backfield unit in the opponent's deployment zone (Cultists) and then got nuked by Oblits. Eversor was charged by a Maulerfiend and held it for a while, eventually immobilizing it before being killed by Instant Death, the Vindicare later finished off the Fiend. If not for ol' Eversor, that thing would have ripped through my whole line. Culexus went after a Sorcerer and his entourage of Possessed. She held up for a while, eventually going down to massed attacks. WS1 still hits WS8 on 5s, and if you have enough attacks, you'll kill her eventually.


The big, fat, glaring problem with Assassins is the 4++ save. Opponents will just throw spare S8 shots or a fistful of S4 shots at the Assassins and figure you'll fail the 4++ and evaporate. All of the Assassins need LOS to operate, making them vulnerable. If you play on a board without a ton of LOS blockers, you might as well pack it in.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences SR, was wondering, what was the rest of your list made up of? Were the assassins up front without support or did you have other infiltrating/drop podding elements?

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Went to a casual 1k tournamnet yesterday and decided to go full wacky and take an execution force. Here is their kill count:



1 Scout Marine

2 Centurions

1 Librarian

2 Necron Warriors

5 Tactical Marines

Rough Points - 359



8 Necron Warriors

2 Death Company

Rough Points - 165



5 Scout Marines

2 Centurions

2 Necron Warriors

4 Sanguinary Guard

Rough Points - 354



2 Scout Marines (sergeants though)

1 Annihilation Barge

1 Tactical Marine (sergeant again)

1 Raphen of the Death Company

1 Astroth the Grim

Rough Points - 378


As much as that might seem impressive, it was 57% of my army and did not earn its own points back. Where it was useful was keeping flak off of my IG that was there to hold objectives, so I can give them a good amount of credit for that at least. They also convinced more than one HQ to be cowards, effectively denying the enemy a unit or two as they kept them away from the front lines.



A tournament report (no pics)


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Had a local pimp slapping nubs in an escalation with Bel'lakor, Kairos, 2 lvl 3 DP's, 2x horror units. Soooo, for my 1500 i decided my lovley lady Culexus decided to join the sisters......


Tally: Kairos, 2x DP's and a horror squad. Basicaly she ran around debuffing the blessings before the sisters shot and then finished off the downed flyers. I think for the cost of a predator i have removed that BS from our meta.  

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