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+++Call of Chaos VII+++

Captain Semper

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Update for Warpsmith

Chaos area



WIP area



Just have a Obliterator, Lord (still struggle for idea) & Dark Apostle left to build.  The rest - Rhino, Warpsmith & Chosen Champion will be undercaoted tomorrow.

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I posted my before picture in the wrong thread and in the wrong subforumblush.png

Before picture:


Warning pic heavy. Please excuse the terrible pictures, I used my iPhone combined without any real daylight(hard to come by this season).

Hellbrute after, front and back.



Cultist(in 3:s) after, front and back







Champion after, front and back



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Phew! Ploughed through: inked/washed and finished basing near enough. Tidied up anything that that didn't cover. What's left? Eyes! Sinister glow to come tomorrow. I did a few extra (three) for good luck (okay, I miscounted...) as well as a Nurgle Lord and good progress on Kranon too. Productive!



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Happy holiday season everyone!


So Christmas has come and gone and hopefully new toys have arrived to bolster the ranks of the lost and the damned! :D


The event goes from strength to strength with Carrack being the latest addition - Welcome to the Eye brother!


Now I'd like to congratulate those who completed already - they can now sit back and enjoy the finale! For the rest, give it your best for the Gods are not known for the mercy or benevolence... except Father Nurgle maybe... ;)


As always please check the first page to make sure your progress status is correct and let me know if it's not!




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Ladies and gentlemen...


All complete! Took a bit longer than I'd hoped - but I wanted them to be done well and right! Excuse the tone of the photos, lighting in the room was bad so increased the contrast - hope it shows them off better? I've posted the same as below in my thread, so that the front page can be updated as necessary.


Anyway, here's one of everything:




A nice side view:




The 'big guns':




The right side:




The left side:




Phew! Quite an effort - really pleased generally as the vast majority of the Plague Marines were salvage jobs, hence why there is some discolouration in places. Overall, a new lease of life - so I'm pretty delighted I've rescued them for the army. Very proud of the GuOs too - they are really, really neat. Cheers for all the comments and criticism - really appreciate it and it has definitely helped and driven me on as ever to do these justice - I just hope that I have...


Massive thanks to Semper for running this, as ever, hero. You can never get enough praise for the sterling job you do! Well done everyone who has contributed, either in support, vows or pledges, and that just leaves but one more thing to say...






...bring on the ETL.

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I must confess to a weakness, these past months. Other games called to me, life itself turned against my efforts to answer the Call. But today, on the eve of the Emperor's Imprisonment, I felt the whispers of the Gods once more.


To glory I ride, or may I be forever damned.



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@Xin Ceithan (whose name I can never remember in one go): That's a great, gritty, downtoned Mauler man. Love it. :tu:


@Dragonlover: Bring it on, baby! Damnation awaits all slackers, after all ;) (I'm feeling the deadline too, so let's check up on each other in the coming two weeks)

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I've got 50 cultists to paint. This is gonna be tight. I got spurred into action this morning by the errant urge to build a loyalist army, and promptly decided I had to take action before the rot set in.


I'll finish these basecoats and go check out your stuff.



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Good luck dragonlover! I myself have most of my (tiny) vow left, as I have been distracted by my imperial fists, school, tf2, any my local upcoming dark heresey campagin (so excited!) I have only done a few marines and most of Cadaras Grendel, who will be the aspiring champoin of the squad. All Ive done for Honsou and the Noob is order the characters I convert into them... Yeah. Lots to do, but still noting the the wake of Dragon Lovers promise and Chaerons stunning completetion! Im currently overseas but when I return I will post what picks I have. Good luck to all and to all a happy new year!


Ps: do I realy need a whole thread for my petty 12 model vow? I dont currently have one but will open one immedietly if that is the case.

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Hiya guys! The entirety of my vow for Call of Chaos this year stands en rosea habitu.



"Look at me, you shall see what the Shorn has done to me,

I'm a child of the brightest of light.

Come to me, I'll see you free from the trouble life can be,

Into his arms, I shall cast your lost soul."


~Belucifariel, The Angeline Holocaust,

Upon his descent to the soiled realms of man and beast. 




Belucifariel, The Halcyon Fallen



Razored Orchid, Storm Terminators




Jagged Violet, Fire Support



Barbed Hyacinth, Combat Support



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These are great!

15 days to go,,,and 5 Models to go,,,,cutting it close here ph34r.png

(oh and @Augustus: I am infamous in my parts for creating an RPG player character name that (a) I first couldn`t remember and then (b) , after looking it up, couldn`t pronounce myself msn-wink.gif )

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Forgive me brothers but I have bolstered the ranks of the damned and by doing so have soiled my soul before the blessed God-Emperor. As penance I will vow to paint a crusader squad of BT's to atone.

Any way vow completed








Thanks for running this it's actually been a nice break to try different models from my usual army, best of luck to everybody else keep he completions coming.

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Well then. First bit of painting for 2015 and I've finished the first two of my Noise Marine squad. Not as bright as I originally had in mind but there's still four more to go.


Decided to try out the Nuln Oil by slapping it over the Chaos Spawn to give it a base for other wash colours. Though I have to say, I'm not impressed by it and still prefer the old Badab Black. Oh well, here it is.


So that's as far as I've got on my vow. Which sucks as it looks like I'll miss deadline at this rate.

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