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Marius' Mules (Jud's Death Korps)

Jud Cottrell

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I recently joined this forum and thought I'd fire on some pictures of my DKoK force.

I've been working on these for years, I'm not made of money so I've had to be patient!

This project is still live so there will be additions in the not too distant future.

These are a selection of pictures I've taken recently.


Marius Konstantin (Army General)




This is the most recent pic of the whole force.

Thanks for having a look!

Next up some more field artillery and a Grenadier Centaur.

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Many thanks to everyone who has commented.

Here's the back story to Arrow company


They are led by the pertanacious Marius Konstantin. Konstantin was honoured with a name after he personally
put a champion of the ruinous powers to the sword. Even by Krieg standards he is cold and laconic.
Konstantin took command on the world of Phosphous, after his predecessor colonel 12 was bludgeoned by a
chaos cultist.
Fighting along side the Krieg were a number of Catachan regiments. The Catachans looked on in disbelief as
rank after rank of Kriegsmen marched shoulder to shoulder towards the enemy. It was seen as near
suicidal by the light infantry of Catachan. As the campaign progressed the Catachan soldiers began to
respect, if not understand the Krieg mentality. The Krieg had been given a new nickname by thier allies,
they were referred to as "mules". This was so because they marched to war with all the equipment they would
need for the entire campaign on their backs. Also it was said that the lasguns used by the Krieg were said
to "kick like a mule." Even after the hostilities the nickname had stuck and arrow company would forever be
"Marius' Mules."
After the offensive on Phosphous, the remnants of the Krieg forces were combined into a reformed 317th and
Marius' Mules had an influx of reinforcements. The new regiment was charged with attacking a hill top
stronghold garrisoned by Iron Warriors Chaos Spacemarines. After six abandoned assaults it was arrow
company's turn. A creaping barrage was called in with the lead grenadiers voxing co-ordinates to artillery
HQ. The company advanced into the smoke, after three hours the call came in, the attack had succeeded and the
enemy force had been destroyed. The slaughter had been horrific, pieces of infantry men scattered everywhere.
It looked as though it was a pyrrhic victory at best.
Though this was the way they were trained to fight. These were men of the Death Korps of Krieg and there would
always be more bodies, more men ready to lay down thier lives, in the sevice of the Emperor.


I'll try to add some more close up pics, when I get a minute.

Hope you enjoyed the fluff, thanks again for your comments

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Fantastic! I love the tank and troopers, very good colours on them - which paints did you use? Can you give us some bigger pictures especially of the Death Rider?

For the clothe on the guardsmen, I used a base of catachan green, mixed with black, then increasing the amount of catachan green, the start adding

rotten flesh to the mix up to neat rotting flesh, then the whole area was washed with agrax earthshade.

For the armour (including helmets) I started with eshin grey with increasing amounts of rotten flesh then that too was washed with agrax earthshade.

Simple as that!

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Back with another batch of pics.

That's pretty much all the pics I currently have.

If there's anything you want to see more of let me know and I'll whack them on.












Thanks for making it through that wall of pics!

There will be more to come!

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Man I really love the gritty and realistic look you are getting here. 

That quarter master really looks intimating. 

The only critique I have is the horses seem a bit clean in comparison to the rest of the army. 

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Thanks to all! I do put a lot of effort into my Krieg models, glad you like them!


Excellent stuff. Im just starting my krops brigade and hope they come out half as good as yours.


Be patient and take them a unit/model at a time and you'll soon have an army to be proud of.

Man I really love the gritty and realistic look you are getting here. 

That quarter master really looks intimating. 

The only critique I have is the horses seem a bit clean in comparison to the rest of the army. 

I think you could be right, I'll drybrush some more mud on the legs and underside of the mount to tie them in with

the rest of the force!

Getting some bits for Christmas, so will post then.

Would anyone be interested in WIP pics or shall I just upload the finished items?

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