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Solar Auxillia Models as =][= Troops?

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Not sure where to post this since this discussion will be a mix of Adepta Sororitas, Astra Militarum, and Inquisition. Figured I'd go Inquisition since that will be the theme of the army regardless of what rules I use.


I can't get those Solar Auxillia troops out of my head ... I really love those models, and each new release I see (most recently the sneak-peak at THIS GUY) makes me want them more, an regret my DKoK a bit -- especially since it seems like everyone and their dog is building a DKoK army these days to the point that I might has well have saved $$ and gone Cadian if I wanted to have the most common guard army at every tournament I attend.


That said, I'm not making the mistake I've made in the past of getting rid of an army I've spend hundreds of hours working on. I also don't want to have two Astra Militarum armies, or at least, if I'm going to have two they've got to function totally differently from one another.


Then it struck me that Solar Auxillia might be my chance to play Adepta Sororitas rules without the ancient pewter AS models. Especially since being a father who is introducing his son to the game, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the sexualized Sisters models and am a bit scared about what the next generation of Sisters models may look like as Dark Eldar models and Chaos have tended more and more towards R-rating stuff versus the pretty mild PG models of the 1990s when I first picked the hobby up.


Anyway, their armour is heavy enough that it's borderline carapace/power armour and I think it could represent either. So hence my idea of AS. They'd represent some sort of elite shock troops for the inquisition to explain the acts of faith and Adamantium Will. Really, in my view Scions should have been this hard.


BUT ... do you guys think people would be upset over having a bunch of men who are not Ecclesiarchy types using AS rules? I could see Adepta Sororitas players possibly being miffed, or opponents complaining that it's not WYSIWYG enough.


The Alternative is to try making them AM in the style of sisters of battle (I don't think trying to make =][= henchman warbands is feasible since their armour is way overpriced). The two loadouts are the same # of points roughly:


Veterans w/ grenadiers doctrine, krak grenades, vox, heavy flamer, 2x flamer, Munitorum Priest, Chimera


Sisters x10 w/ simulacrum imperialis, heavy flamer, flamer, combi-flamer rhino


Then a Canoness with blade of admonition, rosarius, and a melta-toting Celestian Squad w/ banner and hospitaller in a multimelta Immolator is roughly equivalent in price to a Company Command Squad with Blade of Conquest, Death Mask of Oilianus, Officer of the Fleet, Astropath, carapace, melta, regimental standard, vox, medic, priest, chimera.


I'd then fill-out the list with multimelta immolators on the one hand or Devil Dogs on the other to get up to around 1000 points.


Unfortunately my local area does not allow Forgeworld, so if I want anti-air, depending on points levels, maybe allying-in the detachment with a Storm Raven and two Storm Talons would be the ticket (although I prefer the Nephilim/Dark Talon models, maybe I could use a Nephilim as counts-as Storm Talon since they have same weapons?). Lord Inquisitor Soulis assaulting out of a Storm Raven would be fun indeed.


That CCS is very inefficient, maybe the veterans are too, but as I said even if I go AM I want to do it in the style of AS so it doesn't feel like I have two similar armies, and this seems the way to accomplish that. This list would be more for kicks and giggles and looking awesome on the tabletop anyway.


Either way I'm thinking gold armour with red uniforms underneath would look Dead 'Ard as some elite troops running alongside Lord Inquisitor Soulis.

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I wouldn't baulk at the idea of a Frateris Militia army. Well, maybe. I'm a bit torn on this one.

You have the Sisters as the upholders of the Ecclesiarchy. They get all the best stuff: armour, boltguns, Rhino-based tanks, etc. Then you have the Frateris Militia that are usually just a group of people- common people off the streets with no training- that get into a religious fervour and grab anything they can to use as weapons. Sometimes they are given lasguns and pushed into the direction a Cardinal (at least a Pontifex but I think Preachers and Priests could do it in a pinch) wants them to go. Whatever earned the holy man's ire is going to die but so is his army because they don't know what they're doing, really. Religious fervor only lasts so long.

Having a group of Ecclesiarchy bodyguards could be neat and would match up to fluff for the most part. Maybe option B is the better in this case. Only you can decide that smile.png.

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