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Mars Pattern Warlord Psi-Titan: The Red Comet Walks


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Aeria Gloris: The Red Comet Walks


This is a broken world.


The ground heaves with sickening movement, sentient shadows prowl the dissolving landscape, cries of madness shriek out and are silenced by the laughter of thirsting Gods.



Madness has been unleashed, unreality reigns here and a nightmare the size of a mountain pulls itself through a crack in the world; sickening curtains of gibbering light part to allow the things passage. A horrific grin the size of forbidden temples greats a world already strained and breaking.


Nothing human can face a neverborn mountain. The colossal horror of it breaks the mind, it's very existence dissolves the fraying souls of those who see it.


Nothing human faces it now.


A glowing figure on the horizon strides weary and proud into it's sight.


Like some ancient Atlas, the paladin seems to bear the weight of the fracturing world on its shoulders. 

And as if sensing the challenge, the nightmare mountains grin falters, fanged maw clenching with the sound of a thousand trees smashing.


Aeria Gloris; The red Comet Walks.




I Arrived home today to find several large boxes on my steps:



Proud #67:





This is my project log where in I will attempt to build a Psi-Warlord Titan using the Mars Pattern Warlord as the basis. The plan is relatively simple, build a fully magnetized Warlord which can be used a a base for parts converting it into a Psi-Warlord inspire and converted in the image of the Adeptus Mechanicus/Epic 40k miniature.


This is only the beginning.

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*Raises hand slowly.*


"Uh, sir? What are the differences between and psi-warlord and a standard Mars-pattern Warlord?"

There are two answers to that question from the old Adeptus Titanicus fluff.


The first is that there is none, that a Psi-Warlord is just a Warlord Titan with a psyker crew.


The more fun version (which is what I will be attempting to model) is that a Psi-Warlord not only has a psyker crew, but also replaces it's carapace weapon hard points with a massive psychic Templum which mounts a single giant Psycannon. Here are some images I'm using as starting points:




And the individual bits:




The plan is to make the carapace weapons magnetized so that they can be removed and a psychic Templum can be placed on top fitting around the Void shield generators. The other addition will be modeling is a weapons collar that can be placed behind/around the head to mimic the head weapons of the classic model. I'm toying with other subtle conversion options but those two points are what I view as the "must haves"

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"The Red Comet" Walks, eh?


By any chance, is this the pilot?





Seriously though, I look forward to your interpretation of the massive psy-cannon battery on top of this thing.  It should be a real treat! 

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I've made some killer Progress on The Red Comet.



My First Step was to sort the parts and check for defect/missing components.


Nothing was missing but there were a few really badly misaligned pieces. Not to worry, none of them were structural for the build so I emailed Forgeworld and replacements are on the way. This is a super expensive kit for casting mistakes but, I understand how they must have stressed their mold to produce enough of these to meet their unexpected demand.


Honestly, the worst were all eight toe pistons, and even that mold slip is pretty damn near invisible when assmbled. I'm still getting the replacement parts because there is no reason not to, but give credit to forgeworld too.



The parts laid out after cleaning.


For this project, the goal was to pin, superglue and JB Weld all major joints, and since JB Weld has a cure time of about 24 hours, it allowed me to switch from Section of the build to section. Jumping back and forth from Leg components to Torso. First up was the legs...


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/A097DFF5-0114-4546-919F-EC3A01A35C97.jpgThe Warlord is such a heavy model, I decided early to have it standing flat on all 4 toes, so with that in mind, I Pinned each toe section. I used a Tamiya Handy Drill for this and most other pinning. The 2mm drill bit works well for 1.57mm Brass Rod. 


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/06E2449E-A5A9-4B94-B098-1C99629CA86F.jpgNext was pinning and welding the waist/hips.


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/86B12E24-09EE-46FE-99E5-EC137A5A13B8.jpgI went on to weld and Pin the Knee and ankle sections. When I Use JB Weld, I always used the weld in the center and then circle it with super glue. The glue bonds quickly which keeps the model together for the 24 cure period for the Weld.

http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/777964DE-A3B0-4741-B1AC-9C9DEF45E073.jpg Moving onto the torso, blue tacked and clamped all the plates together to get an idea of how it fit, and where to pin. Honestly, I'm not sure pinning is even necessary for these parts but decided I might as well to really build it right. I pinned the 4 corners of the base plate to the first walls of the torso seen above.

http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/BF971E3A-FE7B-4186-BBE3-FF9E0FE37511.jpgI went on to pin the side walls, to where they connect with the Torso back door plate.


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/1CF96299-5B0B-41A2-8769-67F9A4F5BCB3.jpgI then pinned and glued/welded the upper rear plate together, this is the part that hangs above the smoking deck outback, and so I wanted to make sure it was very stable since it supports the weight of the back torso and Void shield generators. If you don't want to do all the pinning I did, I can certainly say that pining this section is the key.


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/6248A0BE-DBB4-496C-AC5A-318459B1B935.jpgWith that hanging section built and pinned, I welded and pinned the three rear walls and to the overhead section together. This is the foundation for the whole torso, so it is important makes sure each part is even and pinned correctly. Even being off by a millimeter can through the rest of the torso build into havoc. That why I kept dry-fitting after I added each and every component. Once they were all in place I used clamps to keep the deals tight for the Weld to take hold.

http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/994FD071-7557-4185-A09A-04C341D039DE.jpgI moved on to pin and Weld the Knee/ankle to the upper thigh and waist section. For this part I used Blue Tack, clamps and a spirit level to make sure that the pose of the legs worked out well. I ended up drilling clean through the hips into the groin area and running a rod through which will help to strengthen the hips and wait latter. For now, the rod is just sitting there lose so that I can use it as a guide for for when I attatch the Legs to the waist.


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/A14A2621-F773-475A-A4F6-3EF5E45B574A_1.jpgHere you can see the Legs being clamped together to weld after dry-fitting. 


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/BECDE1BF-46AA-4C64-AB9D-6ACD06404C83.jpgI used this opportunity to  drill out the waist and torso plate to insert the magnets. I figured it would be harder to drill out the waist if i waited until after the torso and legs had been completed. I used a 1 inch Wood Drill, and 25mm x3mm Neodynium rare earth magnets here.


http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i327/nickfayette1/57E3B431-B891-42EB-BE69-DB292C7D1432.jpg Here is where the build stands (literally). The upper torso in the back has been drilled out and pinned, but not glued yet. I'll walk you through that section in my post tomorrow. 




Please let me know if you have questions and if this walkthrough is helpful.

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I'll have a more thorough walkthrough of my build of the leg and torso superstructure when I get home from work tonight.


For the time being though, here is a glamor shot of The Red Comet along side the Lightning Bearers:




@Olis: Yeah Chuffy has been helping me with a few suggestions over facebook.

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Yes, it was the family library. Luckily the fires didn't effect this part of the house. The library is where I moved my hobby workspace since my original hobby room was torched.


It's an appropriate place to build a Titan.


~Knowlege is power, guard it well.

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The build is almost complete.


Here are a few mock ups of the finished model with the armor blu-tac'd in place so that I can work on them individually. 



This might be my favorite picture I have ever taken of a model I have built...







Here is how I ended up dealing with making the arm weapons swappable. 




I drilled out the arm joints so that I could install a removable locking rod to hold the weapons in place. The first step was the drill out the arm and volcanno cannon at the elbow. I then insterted a brass tube to protect the resin from wear of moving and replacing the locking rod. After that, I cut a piece of brass rod to size to fit the arms width with just a little bit of extra play (length) so that I could insert and glue it into a decorative cover I could use as a grip when screwing and unscrewing it in place.






Now begins the project of detailing the model. First step: adding prayer Scrits and a Diviso-Telepathic Titanicus symbol on the upper carapace.  






Since I have been planning on converting this into a Psi Titan, I decided to use the old Titanicus symbol as a way to tie this project into the classic game.




The next step is to continue adding ropes and prayer scrits, and then to sculpt the heraldry and few odds and ends. 


As always, let me know what you think.

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