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Beluga 61, a INQ28 campaign

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Cheers :) and I'm cool with that. I've realized that the path my hobby has taken me isn't necessarily a style of modelling or painting that would win prizes for example. But I'm enjoying the hobby more than ever so I can live with that (I do have a few painting prizes under my belt but it's not what motivates me anymore) :)
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Got a big (like massive) bits haul from a good friend. So instead of buying the Betrayal at Calth box I made my version of a Grey knight.



Fanaticism and wards against evil was key elements in my interpretation.


More pics https://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/chapter-666-1/

How big is this dude? Terminator legs, yeah? I actually think this is spot on for an original grey knight just after the end of the Heresy. Can't wait to see this painted.

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@Katya: Thank you :) I agree and I wanted to explore the more unhinged end of them. I guess this makes them more human. They struggle with the knowledge of what's out there but still fight on.


@Nicodemus: Thank you, high praise indeed being connected with the great one :)

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Render unto the rubbish bin what is bad fluff, and to your background what is good fluff...


Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I'm looking forward to seeing some paint on those GK.

Are you going to go with classic/typical silver armour? I'm expecting much battle damage and grime even so.

Finally, could we trouble you for a pic of one of those GK next to a human-sized model to see how they compare with your true-scaling?

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Here's how my truescale Grey Knights look beside a HHH. I threw in a stock Space Marine as well.



More on how I truescale and on the subject in general https://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/2015/11/25/chapter-666-7-what-is-truescale/


As for paint it'll be in my grimy, heavily weathered style but I think the base palette will be quite standard GK to create the connection to the Chapter.


Haven't read Emperors Gift, is it any good? :)



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Praise the Emperor for his sacrifice,

as He endures so shall we.

We who are Hunters of Daemons,

shall strive in his name eternally.



More on Brother-sergeant Godfrey https://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/chapter-666-8-hunter-of-daemons/

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