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[HH1.0] Militia and Cults tactica


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Yeah, be wary of abusing the loophole too much, else you may become "that guy"


As for the AP3 flamers, they are excellent with the right provenances. I ran them plenty of times in ZM to great effect. Militia, however, struggle with massed AP2 firepower so AP2 plasma servitors with an aug scanner are a better rounded choice (though they die very fast). I actually ran both heavy flamers and plasma servitors in my ZM list and upgraded whichever unit made sense depending on who I was going up against.

Yeah, that's my fear exactly! xD

I mean, the thought comes up... but until now, i can resist...

I always imagine the face of our "that guy" in the group, when i would field such a squad of myrmidons. TSons player...


I have yet to find suitable models for servitors. I generally dislike the officiel GW ones.

Maybe i just use a squad of Skitarii? Will be hell to aquire enough Plasma Calivers for 8 though...


If you're looking for non-GW servitors with heavy weapons, check these out:




They're are the best ones I have found, the cast is very clean and tidy (above FW quality level). I got the kromlech missile launchers for them to runt them as rad-missile launching servitors together with an iron father.


Yeah, i've already seen them, thanks thou! =]


But i think, that they are:


- To big for 1 wound T5 5+ models

- You only got 1 pose with plasmaweapon

- 8 guys with Plasma would cost me 115€...

The female ones are smaller and more fitted/believable for their profile stats, but they would also be 8 monopose plasmaweapons for 102€... =/


otherwise they look really good! =]

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