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+++E Tenebrae Lux V - Inquisition Strategium+++

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That was a blast, but it's not over yet! I will go through all the Strategiums to make a LAST UPDATE later on and then I need to compile the results and present them in a meaningful manner in the Final Report. This will come in a couple of days along with the relevant badges.
What I need is, after the LAST UPDATE, for each participant to check his/her status in the first page of his/her Strategium and notify me if there is something amiss so I can correct it. Do that publicly in the Strategiums as my inbox is filled and I have no time to clean it up.
Once you check your status lay back and wait for the final report. If you have any questions feel free to raise them. You can freely discuss the event in your Strategium, post pics of your vows and generally have a great and relaxed time until the Final Report.
Congratulations to all!
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Well that was a poor effort. I don't think I even touched a brush in the last two months. Hand me that badge of shame and name my penance.


Hyperion, your squad looks great. Do you have any other models painted in the same style?


I did kill a lot of xenos in X-COM 2, does that count for anything?

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Thank you Hyperion!


I really liked how you went from retro to the latest release in a single squad! This show imagination, innovation and... courage! Especially with the crazy helmet stripe!


Congratulations, this is highly inspirational work!

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