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  1. THE FATE OF GILGAMESH An ETL V-linked campaign http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y50/Masteravoghai/Gilgamesh/image.jpeg What is Gilgamesh? Gilgamesh is a long term painting event, themed around a Chaos attack on an Imperial hive city. We are currently playing the 3rd episode. Episode 1 : The hive city suffered a vicious assault by the Ruinous Powers. As so often happens in this situation, the invaders quickly began to fight amongst themselves to decide whose Patron would rule this newly conquered world. Episode 2 : The Dark Angels manage to deploy to the devastated surface, attracted by rumours of their Fallen brothers present on this planet. The fight was intense, as the Unforgiven found that many of the surviving PDF regiments had also been corrupted by Chaos. Nevertheless, they managed to secure many sectors allowing reinforcements to arrive. Episode 3 : Unexpectedly, the first reinforcements to arrive were the mysterious Eldar. A gathering of Craftworlds and Dark Eldar emerge through a webway portal once buried deep beneath the planet's surface, but now revealed as a result of the brutal surface bombardment. This portal and numerous others, each one long hidden in the haunted depths of the hive city, appears to be of such strategic importance that it has brought both the Eldar and their dark kin together to fight for their common goals. Whilst the forces of Chaos continue to expand like an plague across the various sectors, the Dark Angels managed to secure a foothold in the lower levels of the hive. The Eldar, however, have managed to assume control of the upper Spires. The call for support was finally heard and the Ninth Legion have answered, reforming the ancient alliance of the Angels of Death. The discovery of ancient xenos technology has also drawn the interest of the adepts of Mars... But the deviant tech priests of the Dark Mechanicus are also desperate to obtain these precious artifacts. And this is where we currently are... The ultimate act of episode 3! After a skirmish-sized opposition, we run apocalypse by calling our allies from the B&C forum.... Do you want to take part in this story and help decide of the fate of Gilgamesh? How does it works? Gilgamesh is a painting event that works mostly like the ETL. You have to paint models during a period of time, and if you succeed, you add the value of the models to your team's pool of points. The difference are as follow : - your initial pic must be taken either with the session password, either with the clock of the forum to proove that you play with unpainted models - your base must be done. Wether it's simple painted sand or resin work, it has to be ready for battle. - the most important : you pledge your models on sectors which represent the different sectors of the hive city. Those sectors have limitation that allow/prevent some type of models to be pledge on them. Of course some models can be allowed on several sectors hence giving strategical options to the different factions. On june 1st, the session's password will be revealed Make a post indicating Faction Unit Wargear Must be clearly represented Point value Sector of your choice Pic of the unpainted/undercoated models with the password INVICTUS Example : The post will be implented by your servitor and his chaotic collegue in the battle zone (provided it is a valid pledge). You can follow the battle here : http://gilgamesh3.forumactif.org/f111-zone-de-guerre-episode-3 You can also register here : http://gilgamesh3.forumactif.org and participate to gilgamesh' fate by posting your pledges yourself. This latest solution can also be a possibility for those willing to participate to Gilgamesh with a different faction (for example : you paint Chaos for ETL but you also have eldar waiting to be painted : go register on Gilgamesh)
  2. It's been a long time since I spent any time in these halls. My hobbyfoo and love for the SW's went out of the window when the last codex hit (mainly due to the wolfy wolfy wolf shenanigans). In an effort to get myself going again I've bought the new Wulfen supplement. Initial thoughts are the production values have dropped. How hard is it to drill out the barrels and ... Lol ... But that's enough of that, this isn't meant to turn into a rant. So hopefully this will be the start of a new army (well a recycled old one repainted) and if all else fails a practice in painting grey ready for HH wolves to hit. So where to start? Well currently I keep trying to get back into painting models but keep burning out. I have been enjoying scenery building and that seems to be working. So rather than pulling all my SW bits out I plan on doing the odd SW as a break model while concentrating on the scenery. The hope is over time I'll start doing more and more models. First up is a decision on which great company to go for?
  3. I want to give my Horus Heresy Magus Dominus a calibanite background. Just for my records now, perhaps for a story later. Ephary grew up as child of a noble family of Caliban. The attack of a raptor destroyed much of her face. Scarred and disfigured she rarely spoke and was shunned by fellow children of her age. Preferring the company of blacksmith and armorer of the fortress, she had an intuitive understanding of machines. When the Terrans arrived on Caliban, her family petitioned that her face to be restored. Close examination from the Mechanicum showed her potential. They shipped her to Mars to learn and serve. She returned years later as a Magos Dominus to Caliban to assist in the building of the aegis wall of the fortress of Aldurukh. The power of her family had dwindled. Her parents long dead. Her brothers gone to earn glories in the Emperors Great Crusade. She sized leadership of her family lands and people and transformed the old fortress into forge for the First Legion. She is bearing tools made of trophies from a great beast that Knights of her Family had slain. A scythe and instruments made of bone claws. Used as weapons they will cut through every armor with ease. She has the trust of the master of Caliban and is loyal to the first Legion. (...maybe not complete trust) Next on my list is my First Legion Support Squad. They act as part of a force to keep her forge save. I had the idea to create a symbol of her forge and add it to the armor of this squad. They would act as honor guard/ bodyguard. Any flaws that speak against these ideas?
  4. Hello all. I’ve tried a few themed plogs in the past, but they tended to run out of momentum fairly quickly as my attention span and amount of free time invariably plummeted. To that end I’ve decided to have one big modelling and (Emperor forbid) painting log. Expect sporadic updates and long silences. But enough words. You want to see models. I’ve recently invested in a small SA army, which I’m hoping to get painted over the ETL. Unfortunately that means that I have to wait until May until I can get any meaningful painting done on them. However my bitsbox provided a solution. This is my WIP test model for my SA scheme, and the model will potentially be used in a Dark Heresy campaign I’m planning if it ever gets off the ground. Name and background pending. Feel free to make suggestions. For now, she is simply known as Goggles. http://i.imgur.com/WEnINJzl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZNXvLsTl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mYbK3W4l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CBSSDTIl.jpg For those who are interested, the body is from the valkyrie kit, and the head came from a job-lot of heads I bought from EdT. It had a lot of interesting heads, including a good number of unique female heads, so expect to see a few more cropping up in the coming days and weeks. I'm not sure who makes the heads originally, but they're nice sculpts. As this will be a test model and won’t be part of a larger army, I thought I’d try making a custom base for her. I finally got to use some of the brass etch I’ve had kicking about for years. It’s still WIP, but coming together nicely. http://i.imgur.com/pvf9Cz6l.jpg C&C welcome. Dallo
  5. Last year, Chaos was victorious. Again. This is the 30th Anniversary of Space Marines. Good, old fashioned Space Marines. Not the time of the Horus Heresy, the beginning of our Grim Dark Future of Only War. We are of the 41st Millennium. WARHAMMER 40,000! The END GAME. No Legions. No Emperor at our side. No Primarchs to lead us. And Chaos is closing in. Again. Let us gather as never before. Let us take up our bolters and brushes. We can make a difference. Each of us. Let us provide models and units from EVERY Chapter. Let us stand united in these dark times. Let us march forward together. Every one of us counts. What say you?
  6. Hello, everyone. Welcome to my new WIP thread, in which I will chronicle the construction, and hopefully completion, of my take on the Ultramarines Third Company. My aim for this army is to build a full Battle Company in the colours of the Third. Along the way, I hope to improve my painting abilities, including speed and precision. I've been collecting Warhammer, both Fantasy and 40k, for over eight years. I've had many armies along the way. The latest that I've shared was this, also Ultramarines Third Company. Like every project before it, it didn't work out for a variety of reasons. But now I think, I hope, I've found something that I can stick with (knock on wood). I don't want to go on a long rant about what my models will be like, but I'd like to share the basic stuff. Colour scheme is typical Ultramarines, red trims for the Third Company, and all lenses and Plasma weapon coils will be orange-red, to both limit my palette a bit, and to provide a complimentary spot colour to the blue. So far, I like it. Each model will be an individual, with a unique combination of parts and pose. I've bought, and will buy, lots of Forge World sets, which helps greatly with variations. I also use parts from the other Power Armour armies, such as helmetless heads from the Blood Angels range. And for the first time in years, I might use waterslide transfers. The results weren't pretty last time I used them, mostly because I'm terrible at applying them. But I think my abilities have progressed enough that I can make it work. I tried out a few from the standard GW Space Marine sheet on some spare bits. Went well, compared to the last time around, and I've got Micro Set and Micro Sol on the way. If I can make it work, I'll buy some transfer sheets from Forge World. At any rate, they'll probably be smoother and cleaner than my freehanding... Additionally, each model will be named, and I will create a small description/back story. Don't expect literary wonders, I'm really just doing it for fun. That's enough boring text for now. Moving on, here's what I'm working on right now. The first squad of this army is squad Aurelius, the first Tactical Squad in the company. Led by Veteran Sergeant Arcadius, an honoured veteran of the company, Aurelius is widely thought of as a solid, dependable squad. Most of the members have served Third Company for a long time, and are amongst the company's best. The first Astartes I'm working on is Battle-Brother Marius, Aurelius' Plasma Gunner. Though taciturn, he shares a strong bond of friendship with Arcadius. His armour is a combination of the newer Mk. VII, and Mk. III armour originating in the days of the Great Crusade. He has earned the right to wear such ancient armour in the fires of countless wars, never faltering in the service of Guilliman and The Emperor. http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu321/Ramell_of_Cadia/Ultramarines/Work%20In%20Progress/MariusLearchusPIP.jpg (The picture is no particularly good; the colours are a bit off. That's another thing to work on.) Obviously, Marius is the one on the right with the Plasma. He is not quite finished, but it won't be long. The blue on the backpack still needs some work, but aside from that, it's mostly just touch-ups, weathering, transfers, and flocking the base that I need to do. The torso and shoulder pads are Forge World Mk. III armour, the Aquila is FW brass etch, and the helmet is from the Tank bits sprue. Rest is just standard parts from a Tactical Squad box. The Marine on the left is Learchus, a regular Battle-Brother. He has a Mk. IV helmet, and a Mk. V-variant torso (from a Chaos Marine set, actually), but other than that, is just made up of regular plastic parts. The missing parts will be attached sooner or later, as I make progress in my painting. I've also done some Blu-tacked mockups of six other marines of squad Aurelius, including Veteran Sergeant Arcadius. He's the one in the middle, with the Power Sword. http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu321/Ramell_of_Cadia/Ultramarines/Work%20In%20Progress/SquadAureliusBlutacMockup.jpg I've pledged Squad Aurelius for the Dark Angels Painting Challenge. This should hopefully help motivate me to finish the squad in a somewhat-timely manner. I think that's it for now. I will keep this thread updated, at least once a week, on Sunday evenings. Beyond that, I will post whenever I feel like it, and I will try to reply to your comments within twenty-four hours. I would very much like your comments, in particular constructive criticism, so that I can improve my painting. Thank you for reading. Courage and Honour!
  7. From the album: Tygwyn's ETL V WIP

    Final view of the R/side of my jump CM. My first crack at OSL glow
  8. Tygwyn

    CM Below

    From the album: Tygwyn's ETL V WIP

    About 85% complete on my first Jump CM First Airbrushed mini!
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