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The Berserkers of Uran - a thread from the past


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Berserkers of Uran Rites of War: Might Makes Right
The Berserkers' way of war was ever defined by a virulent hatred of weakness, and the application of overwhelming force against any weakness they discovered in a foe. With the execution of their Chaplain corps, the chieftains and overlords of the Legion took up uncontested command of their warriors, and all restraint was lifted from the VIIth Legion. While their wars grew incalculably in scope from those of their homeworld, the gutter-savagery of Uran never left them, and it was never seen more clearly than when they bore down on an enemy with blades drawn.
  • Characters in this Detachment gain the Murderous Strike special rule on their melee attacks.
  • Infantry models in this Detachment gain the Crusader special rule.
  • If the number of Berserkers of Uran Infantry models* in a particular close combat is greater than that of the enemy during Initiative step 1 of the Fight sub-phase, then each model with the Legiones Astartes (Berserkers of Uran) special rule that has already fought may make a single attack.


  • Must take an additional compulsory HQ choice.
  • Units in this Detachment cannot Go to Ground or voluntarily fail a Morale check.
  • May not take an Allied or Fortification Detachment.
* Count Bulky models on both sides as two models each, and Very Bulky models as three models each for the purpose of working this out.
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Berserkers of Uran Rite of War: Daemons We Are

Late in the Insurrection, the daemonic inheritance of Uran and the influence of the Eagle Warriors began to work a frightening transformation upon the Berserkers of Uran. The warriors of the Legion began to desecrate their own flesh and even souls, taking into themselves that which would damn them, in the name of greater power and the hatred which consumed them. By the time of the Blood Crusade, whole companies and clades of the VIIth had become near-unrecognisable as Space Marines.





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