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The Berserkers of Uran - a thread from the past


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I meant to do this waaaay back, but I've been a combination of forgetful and very down lately, so I've done nothing much productive with anything. BUT NO MORE. Time to get this ship back on course. And so, the second Berserkers of Uran thread - containing all the current versions of rules and fluff to tidy things up from the original. This one is purely for the Brotherhood of the Lost, so the original stories are all replaced by Bluntblade's excellent reimagining and old characters, rules and units shifted to match the new themes of blood disease and internal strife.

Let's get down to business, then.

++ Legio VII: The Berserkers of Uran ++

Numeration: The VIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Raktra Akarro
Congnomen (Prior): Shepherds of Eden
Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita



Even prior to the onset of the Insurrection, the Berserkers were a divisive and hateful assembly. The battle-axe of the Crusade, the Berserkers' combination of massed assaults at near-legion strength and absolute disdain of the concept of "collateral damage" made even members of their own Legion hate them. Members of the Legion's pre-reunification forces, named Shepherds of Eden, split from Raktra's rule many years prior to the Berserker's betrayal of the Imperium. This in itself put the Berserkers on the very edge of Imperial tolerance, but the public execution of their appointed Chaplains and participation in Icarion's assaults against Imperial worlds forced the Warmaster himself to demand their destruction. Few foes are more dangerous than the Legions, and fewer still more than a Legion that can see every last weakness you possess.


Legion special rules

  • Legiones Astartes
  • Cutter’s Sight: All close combat attacks made by models with the Legiones Astartes (Berserkers of Uran) special rule have the Preferred Enemy (Everything) special rule.
    Horrors of The Pit: Models with Legiones Astartes (Berserkers of Uran) special rule are Immune to Fear.
  • Angels Will Destroy the Skies: No model with the Legiones Astartes (Berserkers of Uran) rule may have the Jump Infantry or Jetbike unit types. Note that this may preclude certain Rites of War.
  • Cult of Strength: A Berserkers of Uran Detachment must also include at least one HQ choice per 1,000 points or part thereof in the army regardless of the Force Organisation chart being used and the maximum available number of HQ choices. These additional HQ requirements may be fulfilled by any HQ choice available to the army. For example, when using the standard Crusade Force Organisation chart, in detachments of 1,001-1,999 points at least two HQ choices must be included. In detachments of 2,001-2,999 points however, at least three HQ choices must be included, and in detachments of 3,001-3,999 points at least four HQ choices must be included, and so on, exceeding the maximum of three HQ choices available. In all such cases where there is a limit to the number of HQ choices available, an additional HQ choice is made available that must be filled by a Berserkers of Uran Detachment, per 1,000 points."
  • Lack of Censure: Chaplain Consuls may not be taken in a Berserkers of Uran army.

Rite of War - The Ashen Cult
Few are those that have survived the prison-cities of Uran prior to reunification and ascend to the ranks of the Legions. Those that have are terrifyingly dangerous examples of mankind's capacity for slaughter, and they are ever-willing to demonstrate their particular talents to those they judge as beneath them.

  • Might Makes Right: Characters in this Detachment gain the Murderous Strike special rule on their melee attacks.
  • Take No Prisoners: When rolling for Sweeping Advances, units in this detachment may roll two d6 and take the highest.
  • Trample and Crush: If the number of Berserkers of Uran infantry models* in a particular close combat is greater than that of the enemy during Initiative step 1 of the Fight sub-phase, then each model with the Legiones Astartes (Berserkers of Uran) special rule that has already fought may make a single attack.


  • Must take an additional compulsory HQ choice.
  • Units in this Detachment cannot Go to Ground or voluntarily fail a Morale check.
  • May not take an Allied or Fortification Detachment.

We Go Further
Reviled by the more humanitarian of Legions, it is no surprise then that the Berserkers of Uran took to the use of Destroyers like a swine to slop. Raising them upon a pedestal, these Uran "Blood Boilers" were one of the Crusade's final sanctions against a foe who refused to yield.

  • Scorched Earth tactics - Units of Destroyers become Troops choices in this Rite of War. Models with the Independent Character type and possessing the LA: BoU special rule may take up to three phosphex bombs at +10pts each. Any model with the LA: BoU special rule with access to a heavy flamer may exchange it for a rad cleanser at +5pts. Quad mortar batteries may take phosphex shells at the cost listed in their unit entry, without the need to include a Siege Breaker Consul.
  • The Boilers Unleashed - Moritats and Destroyers gain the Fearless special rule. No Consul choices other than Moritats permitted with this Rite, and the army must take at least one Moritat and one unit of Destroyers.
  • No allies permitted, no fortifications permitted.

Rite of War - Daemons, We Are

  • Help
  • I am stuck
  • Help me
  • Aaaagh

Unique Legion Wargear
Hell's Teeth
- any character may replace their combat blade/chainsword for a set of Hell's Teeth for +10pts per model.
RNG: - S: User AP: 5 Two-handed, +1 attack, shred, rending
Hailing back to the prison gangs on Uran, Hell's Teeth were the nickname for the popular improvised weapons consisting two thick metal shanks at the same time, one in each fist. Old habits dying hard, after becoming Astartes the Berserkers improved upon their makeshift designs by setting them with proper handles and forging them from scraps of adamantium as opposed to old steel. Combined with their brutal fighting style, those who wielded these weapons became known for their unnerving skill at severing tendons and spinal cords, leaving the victims prone and useless as they bled out.

Impact Thrusters - Any model that is eligible to take a jump pack instead replaces the option for a set of impact thrusters instead for the same price (note that models/units that come with a jump pack as standard, for example Assault Squads, are exempt from this and still restricted by the Angels Will Destroy The Skies rule). Models equipped with impact thrusters move an additional 3" each time they move, whether it be standard movement, running, charging, fleeing or consolidating, and have the Hammer of Wrath special rule. The model's unit type does not change, but a unit that has chosen this option may not take a dedicated transport.

With the banning of the use of jump packs, Techmarines of the Berserkers of Uran began research into an alternative methods of increasing the speed of on-foot assault units so as to prevent displaying weakness to the other Legions. Working with the genius of the teachings of Mars and the simple-but-effective methods of the Berserkers, the devices known as "impact thrusters" were developed. Consisting of three high-powered pistons attached to each calf, they operated by firing hard into the ground as the Marine runs, allowing for short bounds between each step. While not as swift as traditional jump packs, there was no risk of overheating from extended use, and could be continuously fired without a worry over fuel.

Milewalkers - 160pts

While most of the primarchs fight accompanied by a retinue of Terminators, Raktra's sheer speed on the battlefield necessitated a much faster group of bodyguards. Indeed this was something the White Devil himself had realised long before being found by the Emperor.
On Uran, he had recruited prisoners condemned to execution or conversion into a servitor, forming them into a shock-attack force of terrifying speed and aggression for his battles against the “angels” and the civilian rulers of Uran. Over time, he came to appreciate their devotion towards their saviour even as he began to understand that he was not invincible, and refashioned them into a unit which could guard his flanks in battle.
As a private joke, he named them the Milewalkers. They had once been fated to walk a mile-long corridor to their execution or conversion. Now, he noted with bleak humour, they walked a bloody path to their eventual doom, just as every Berserker would die to pay his “debt” to the White Devil. However, the Milewalkers seemed not to care or even heed the irony.
To allow them to keep up with him, he outfitted them with jet-thrusters akin to his own. For weapons, each carried a pair of shivs which became known as Hell's Teeth. These armaments exist in a more refined form in the modern Milewalkers, along with the best power armour given to the VIIth Legion. Individual Milewalkers round out their arsenal with bolt-pistols and larger melee weapons.
The leader of the Milewalkers is the infamous Dominator Dorran Kldier, who has served Raktra since his days on Uran and earned a macabre reputation of his own as the "Black Hood". Under his command, they are reckoned among the most deadly assault marines in the Legiones Astartes.

Judged Ones WS:5 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:2 LD:8 Sv:3+
Condemned WS:5 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:3 LD:9 Sv:3+

Unit Composition

  • 4 Judged Ones
  • 1 Condemned

​Unit Type

  • Infantry
  • Infantry, character (Condemned)


  • Power armour
  • Shotgun
  • Frag and krak grenades
  • Hell's Teeth
  • Impact Thrusters

​Special Rules

  • LA: BoU
  • Furious Charge
  • Down and Out

Down and Out - If a unit consisting of at least three models that all share this special rule performs a Hammer of Wrath attack, it gains +1 Initiative for that turn.
The Squad may take:
* Up to 10 additional men - 25pts each

Any model may:
* Replace Hell's Teeth with a heavy chainblade - free

One in every three models may exchange its Hell's Teeth for a:
* Power weapon - 5pts each
* Power fist or lightning claw - 10pts each

The Condemned may take any of the following:
* Artificer armour - 10pts
* Eviscerator (replaces Hell's Teeth) - 15pts
* Melta bombs - 5pts


The Wretched - 110pts
Wretched WS:4 BS:0 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:2 LD:8 Sv:4+
Alpha WS:4 BS:0 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:5 A:3 LD:10 Sv:4+

Unit Composition

  • 10 Wretched

​Unit Type

  • Beasts
  • Beasts, character (Alpha only)


  • Armour remnants
  • Gnarled talons (counts as Hell's Teeth, bonus attacks included above)

Special rules

  • Undone by the Blood
  • Sins of the Father
  • Echoes of Pain
  • Fear
  • Bulky


  • May add up to ten additional Wretched - 9pts each
  • May upgrade on model to an Alpha - +10pts

Armour remnants: 4+ armour save
None care for the Wretched, and with so little left of their rational mind, the Wretched care not for themselves. Subsequently, what scant armour was still attached to their bodies at the time of their Old Blood infusion is all they are permitted to bear into battle, though remnants of the armour of an Astartes is still impressive protection against most conventional weaponry.

Undone by the Blood: When a model with this special rule is removed as a casualty in close combat, the attacking unit immediately suffers a S:3 AP:5 hit with the rending special rule, allocated as per normal close combat attacks. This does not affect models with the Legiones Astartes: Berserkers of Uran special rule from the Traitor faction.
Victims of the damned blood that began the corruption of the VIIth, the Wretched's bodies are volatile vessels that threaten to erupt when struck, dissolving the flesh of those it comes into contact with.

Sins of the Father: Wretched may never be a scoring unit. They do not benefit from special rules granted by friendly characters, wargear, or psychic powers. They may not be joined by Independent Characters, may never embark upon a transport vehicle and do not receive nor benefit from any aspect of the Legion Astartes: Berserkers of Uran rule. The Primarch Raktra's Sire rule does not effect them.

Echoes of Pain: Close combat attacks from models with this special rule ignore Feel No Pain rolls.
Whilst shunned by their former brothers and dismissed by their gene-father, those Berserkers who have deformed into Wretched still bear the gifted sight of their comrades, and use it with more fervour than ever in their bestial states.

Riktus Innorvak - 225pts
Hand of the Devil, the Barren One, Dominator of the Blood Boilers
WS:7 BS:5 S:5 T:4 W:3 I:5 A:4 LD:10 Sv:2+

Unit Composition

  • 1 (Unique)

​Unit Type

  • Infantry (Character)


  • Boiler-pattern terminator armour
  • Atrocity
  • Rad cleanser

Special Rules

  • LA: BoU
  • Independent Character
  • The Barren
  • Master of the Legion
  • Bulky
  • Fearless

Warlord Trait

  • Let the Monster Rise

Atrocity: An unnecessarily brutal weapon befitting its owner, this heavily modified power fist replaces its usual disruption field generators for a series of motorised adamantium teeth lining the fingers and palm, each sawing at great speeds as Riktus closes his fist on the target. Armour, flesh, and bone alike are all reduced to a ruinous paste.
S+1, AP2, melee, armourbane

Boiler-pattern terminator armour: The custom armour of the head of the Blood Boilers, a modified suit of Cataphractii armour incoporating Riktus' chosen chemical armaments and a boost to his already formidable physical power.
2+/4++, however this model cannot make Sweeping Advance moves.

Special Rules
The Barren:
Each time this model suffers the negative effects of rad grenades/furnaces, roll a D6. On a roll of a 4+, the effect is ignored until the beginning of the next turn. However it may only join units of Destroyers, Terminators, or the Architects, unless the We Go Further Rite of War is taken.

Let the Monster Rise: This model and its unit receive the Hatred special rule. This model must be the warlord unless the Primarch Raktra is present.

The Primarch Raktra Akarro
The White Devil, Berserkerkin, Skyhunter, The Ashen King

Raktra approached all things with a mindset which held ruthlessness and strength sacrosanct. While many in the Imperium abhorred his cruelty and savage ideology, his prowess was undeniable, and among those who did choose to follow him, he received fanatical loyalty. On hundreds of worlds Raktra plied his bloody trade, his gift of the “Cutter’s Sight” laying bare the weaknesses of his foes.
Rising to power on a world where only the writ of the strong was heeded, Raktra had been the apex predator, slayer of monsters. He ruled his Legion as he had Uran, excising any trace of compassion from his warriors. Having bowed only to his father’s power, Raktra chafed at the restraints placed upon him and embraced Icarion’s offer to upend the existing order.

WS:8 BS:5 S:7 T:6 W:6 I:6 A:5 LD:10 Sv:2+

Cost: 475(?)

Unit Composition

  • 1 (unique)

​Unit Type

  • Infantry (Character)


  • The Behemoth Cuirass
  • The Grinder
  • Heartworm
  • Frag grenades
  • Impact Thrusters

​Special Rules

  • Primarch
  • Sire of the Berserkers of Uran
  • Skyhunter
  • Very Bulky
  • Preferred Enemy

The Stygian Cuirass: Raktra’s armour drew little from standard patterns; instead his artificers rendered the brute functionality of Uran in adamantium and ceramite. Its systems were continually overhauled due to the damage inflicted through exposure to rad-weaponry, the Primarch’s physiology proving more resilient than his own wargear against such baleful energies. Against physical threats, however, its strength was undeniable.

Provides a 2+ armour save and a 4+ invulnerable save. Raktra's Hammer of Wrath attacks are made at AP2.

Shatter: A monstrously unsubtle weapon, Shatter is best classified as a hand-cannon. Lacking the elegance inherent to many Primarchs’ firearms, was instead steeped in the raw, primal violence of a culture that never bothered to conceal it.

Range: 12” S:6 AP:3 Pistol 2

The Grinder: Of the many fearsome weapons wielded by the Ashen King, this monstrous chainblade was the most infamous and lethal. Capable of rending stone, most of its victims were reduced to offal, robbed of any shape by the shrieking teeth.

S:+1, AP:2, Melee, Severing Cut, Specialist Weapon. Raktra may choose to wield his weapon in both hands, gaining the following special rules (in addition to those already present) - Two-Handed, Reaping Blow, Armourbane

Sire of the Berserkers of Uran: Raktra's attacks that do not possess the "template" or "blast" type ignore enemy Feel No Pain rolls. In addition, friendly models with the Legion Astartes: Berserkers of Uran special rule in this detachment gain the Preferred Enemy special rule in close combat only.

Skyhunter: Raktra possesses the Vector Strike special rule, in spite of not being a Flying Monstrous/Gargantuan Creature. Raktra's Vector Strike attacks are performed upon one enemy unit that he has moved within 3" of in the movement phase, but are otherwise carried out as normal.

Edited by Raktra
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I litterly just saw the pic of you in a fishnet suit.. My eyes... XD but take a rest man, insomnia can be defeated.. ask sigismund about it

Insomnia is also great for getting loads of writing qnd inventing of stuff done. About 90% of my writing is done between 00:00 and 2:00 in the morning.

Inner voice: Hey man. I have a cool idea. Wingef Hussar marines.

Like right now(starts typing)

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I hadn't seen the rules for the Impact thrusters before: pretty cool, though would they be worth a tad more then jump packs? Not sure...




I litterly just saw the pic of you in a fishnet suit.. My eyes... XD but take a rest man, insomnia can be defeated.. ask sigismund about it

Insomnia is also great for getting loads of writing qnd inventing of stuff done. About 90% of my writing is done between 00:00 and 2:00 in the morning.
Inner voice: Hey man. I have a cool idea. Wingef Hussar marines.
Like right now(starts typing)


Didn't Skalpynock want to do something like that for the Warbringers?

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I hadn't seen the rules for the Impact thrusters before: pretty cool, though would they be worth a tad more then jump packs? Not sure...




I thought they'd be about equal as the thrusters don't ignore terrain, give deep strike or hop over stuff. What makes you think they'd be more?

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I hadn't seen the rules for the Impact thrusters before: pretty cool, though would they be worth a tad more then jump packs? Not sure...




I thought they'd be about equal as the thrusters don't ignore terrain, give deep strike or hop over stuff. What makes you think they'd be more?


I just thought they allowed for a more reliable faster movement, but I'm obviously mistaken :P

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With Riktus, Kehl Dorak and Kldier, are the Berserkers at their limit for characters at the moment?


Slynnat will be best served appearing at the end in all his Khornate Knight (still not as heretical as Matt Ward's, mind) glory. I'm wavering between a barbed sword or simply having a spiky crossguard and base to the hilt.

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I'll ask about the characters, because technically Vyrn is a Shepherd, and I'm down two Consul choices next to other Legions most of the time, so maybe some wiggle room.

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So, question for you guys - the previous version of the 'serkers' relic was a fulgurite mattock, but now with their new fluff and daemon blood abundant, I don't think them wielding a chunk of fulgurite is gonna make a lick of sense, so I'm looking for new ideas. Aaaany suggestions?

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I'm not too sure of how the ritual for the Old Blood works, but perhaps you could have some kind of "Old Blood Injector" that turns killed marines of the bearer's unit into "possessed" or "wretched" (not too sure of the terminology either) - this wouldn't allow FNP saves to be taken, you only have a small chance of it actually working, and it can also harm the bearer (the created wretched immediately turns on its creator) - barebones idea to be tweaked massively should you like it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

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