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Your BA Pile of Shame


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Simple concept folks, what's in your backlog? What models have you yet to complete? Feel free to post them below (and even strike them off as you complete them!)

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*** *** *** ***

Bike squad

Attack Bike

Land Speeder

Land Raider Phobos

Assault Terminators

Tactical Terminators


Tactical Squad (new vanilla box)

Three Tarantulas

Air Defense Command Platform

Legion Praetor

Betrayal at Calth Chaplain

Betrayal at Calth Praetor

Three Mk IV Tactical squads



Librarian on jetbike


Two Razorbacks

Two Drop Pod internals

... various half paint jobs

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I need to hire an intern -- just to make this list!


From the top of my head here are some things on my pile of shame...


primed only:

3 drop pods

3 vindicators

2 baal predators

3 5-man units of terminators

3 dreadnoughts

2 tactical squads

1 sternguard squad


unprimed or unbuilt:

1 landraider

1 baal predator

2 storm ravens

LOTS more terminators

LOTS more DC models

4 various 3rd party "Sanguinius" models

several finecast and metal BA characters

4 chaplains

6 librarians

2 boxes sternguard

2 boxes vanguard

2 boxes assault marines

LOTS of scouts

10 more Sanguinary Guard

Dante and Mephiston conversions


Half painted pile:

Storm raven

1 unit Assault terminators (well they're pretty much "done")

30 assault marines

maybe 30 tactical marines


There's more ...much more, I do feel shame.

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I did a quick count up of what I have left to paint. It's disgusting:


20 Death Company

10 Scouts

20 Assault Marines

50 (yes 50) Devastators

20 Tactical

20 Terminator

1 Baal

1 Whirlwind

1 Rhino

10 Land Speeders

8 Space Marine Bikes

1 Assault Bike

2 Drop Pods

4 Chaplains

3 Apothecaries

2 Captains

1 Deredeo

2 Dreadnoughts


All from Ebay orders in the cupboard!

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Darn near the entire 2nd battle company after the great stripping and rebuild event.


Unbuilt or unbought but planned to buy...sometime:

15 ASM

10 tacticals

20 tacticals

5 new assault terminators


Soaking in stripper:

10 assault terminators



5 land speeders

2 dreadnoughts

1 death company dreadnought

1 furioso


Primed grey:

2 tacticals

7 vanguard

2 attack bikes

1 vindicator

1 rhino

10 devastators

captain karlaen


Some paint other than primer on them:

2 tacticals

5 SG


3 chaplains

1 TDA librarian

10 shooty termies

1 speeder

1 dreadnought

1 librarian dreadnought

8 death company


captain aphael


Mothballed units in my old BA scheme that escaped the great cleansing for now:

1 baal

1 predator destructor

1 predator annihilator

2 land raiders

2 tactical squads

1 chaplain

1 librarian

~6 terminators in various states

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Need finishing/ touch ups:


Space Hulk Terms


Chaplain on Bike



Needs Redoing:

10 Old Metal DC


Various sub stages of completion:

6 Drop Pods


2 TDA Librarian

Tycho count as

2 Grav Bike Squads

2 Melta Attack Bikes

3 Melta/ Assault Cannon Speeders

2 Predators

1 Vindicator


5 Vanguard Vets with Hand Flamers

5 RAS (loadout undecided)

1 Siege Dread

1 Sternguard Squad

3 Rapiers

1 Sanguinary Priest

X bits compiled to make characters (Librarians, Chaplains, Priests, Captains)

1 Leviathan

2nd Ed Rhinos in various states that may or may not be used for BA

1 Undetermined Super Heavy

10 RT Metal Beakies squad I may use for BA...


Soon to be added from the Heresy Train (it has no breaks):


1 Preator

1 Siege Breaker

1 Moritat

5 Destroyers

X Apothecaries

30 Assault Marines

5 Cataphracti

10 Tartaros

1 Jump Command Squad

Previan with Castellax


Bonus: Imperial Allies!


20 Skitarii

2 Kastellan Robots & Datasmith

6 Kataphron

3 Tech Priest Dominus

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Captain Tycho
Tactical Squad 2e
Command Squad 2e
Scout Squad 3e
Death Company 3e
Tactical Squad 5e

Death Company (Vanguard Veterans)
Dante kitbash
Chaplain kitbash
Sanguinary Priest kitbash
Techmarine kitbash
Space Hulk Terminators
Dreadnought AOBR
Chaplain Dreadnought (DCFurioso Dreadnought)
Ravenwing bike squad DV
Land Speeder
Drop Pod
Baal Predator
Land Raider Redeemer

Kill Team Cassius
Deathwatch Veteran Squad kitbash
Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Deathwing Terminator Squad, Ravenwing Bike Squad (Dark Vengeance marine contents)

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I don't count stuff in boxes. Or stuff I haven't decided what colour to paint. It helps me sleep at night.


I thankfully just have the devs and Cassor built but not painted.


I'm not going to go into the unbuilt list.

My eldar and skaven unbuilt actually outnumber my power armour unbuilt I think...

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Not enough bandwidth to list in full but here go the highlights -


2 drop pods

1 vindicator

2 landraiders

15 terminators

40 tactical marines

30 death company

3 dreadnoughts

20 vanguard veterans

15 sternguard

5 2nd ed devastators

Kill team cassius

Deathwatch force from death masque

2 knight titans

3 techmarines

3 honour guard squads

5 old metal terminator librarians

3 captains

BaC set (30 tacs, 5 cataphractii, contemptor, term capt)

5 fw legion officers

3 limited ed models (ba captain from 2nd ed box cover, 25th aniversary marine and wd exclusive sternguard)


Strangely enough i just dropped £80 on paints for that lot

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Partially painted (i.e. more than primed):

  • Stormraven
  • Land Raider Redeemer
  • Baal Predator
  • 3 Razorbacks
  • Rhino
  • Sanguinary Priest
  • Karlaen
  • Astorath
  • 5 or 10 Scouts
  • 10 Assault Terminators
  • Contemptor Dreadnought
  • DC Dreadnought
  • DC Chaplain
  • Librarian
  • TDA Librarian
  • Captain
  • Command Squad
  • Bikes


  • 15 Death Company
  • Tactical Terminators
  • 0-5 scouts
  • Techmarine
  • Drop Pod
  • Rhino?
  • 5 tactical marines


  • 30 Tactical marines
  • 2-3 Captains
  • Librarian
  • Chaplain
  • Sanguinary Priest
  • Sternguard


  • Assault marines (really just need to scrounge for meltas for them, I think everything else is done)

Then I have a Stormtalon and a few C:SM characters from before I decided on BAs that I might convert.  The Stormtalon I'll probably just paint to match my army because it'll look good, and I can use it if I ever field them as vanilla marines, I guess.  I should see if I can by Khorne Red by the gallon...


EDIT: I also want to build and paint up some better objective markers.  A number painted on a base works, but I think I'll take the banners from B@C and the BoP box once I get it and paint numbers on them, plant them in a base and use those.  

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Basecoat/in process:

Tycho, Mephiston, New Lemartes, Corbs

2 captains, 2 jump chaplains, 1 termie chaplain, 2 jump librarians, 4 termie librarians, 2 sang priests, bike techie, foot techie

Chaplain dreadnought

DC dreadnought

2 standard dreadnoughts

2 contemptor dreadnoughts

7 sternguard

10 sanguinary guard

25 death company

25 tac termies

16 cc termies

30 tacticals

20 CC scouts

10 sniper scouts

18 assault marines

drop pod

2 rhinos/razorbacks

attack bike

20 devastators (4 plas, 4 las, 4 HB)

3 storm ravens

2 baal predators

1 predator annihilator

3 redeemers


To be built or awaiting basecoat:

foot techie & servitors

3 whirlwinds

5 sang guard

20 tacticals

10 devastators (bolters)

10 death company





I have a problem.

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Oh boy. I'm just going to list stuff that's built off the top of my head and update once I actually take a look:


2 contemptors

Rifleman dread

Librarian dread


Death company dread

Raphen's Death company


5 chaplains with different weapons and jump packs



Leviathan dread

Assault squad

Deathwatch (count as sternguard)

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I'm gonna do the same:


In progress:






Libby Dread

~15 Tactical marines

5 Death Company

5 Sanguinary Guard

12 Terminators

5 Scouts

Skyshield landing pad



5 Deathwatch


To be started:

5 Sternguard

5 Vanguard

5 Devastators

At least 5 scouts

Scout bikers


~20 Tactical marines

8 Terminators

Captain Aphael

Another jump Chaplain

Contemptor Dread

3x Scimitar jet bikes

30k land speeder


Baal Predator


Deimos Rhino



5 Deathwatch

10 Skitarii


To be continued...

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2 Baal Preds

Sanguinary Priest



drop pod


Not primed or assembled:

15 DC

DC Chap

DC Dread

Venerable Dread (Furioso)

Furioso Dread

Librarian Dread

Contemptor Dread (Librarian)

20 VVs

10 Tactical Terminators

10 Sanguinary Guard 

10 Sternguard vets

3 bikes

Tech Marine

Land Raider

Storm Raven

5 B@C marines

Terminator Capt.


Mephiston (kitbashed)

2 LIbrarians (kitbashed) 

2 Sanguinary Priests (kitbashed)

4.5 DW marine bits to use for something

2 Imperial Knights if they count...

Soon to be 30 mk3 marines...

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5 Vanguard Vets (though I may build them as DC instead)

3 Drop Pods

20 Tactical Marines

10 Close Combat Scouts.

About half of the Terminators from Space Hulk

4 Bikes


5 Sternguard

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Seriously, I have never fielded BA tactical marines and I still don't regret buying B@C because those models were such a joy to build and they look so great.  I just cannot freaking wait to do it all again with some mk.III!!

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I honestly feel like nothing of mine is DONE except 5 Devastators (Lascannons) and 5 Assault Terminators (Claws).


If I had access to a big old ultrasonic cleaner then ~50% would go in there and be repainting from scratch.


The other ~45% percent just have details missing.

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Ok I'll post my shame to try and motivate me to paint more.


Almost finished painting:

5x Scouts


Ready for undercoating:



Awaiting assembly:

2x Quad Mortars


Still in box:

2x Sanguinary Guard

2x Drop Pods

1x Archangels Orbital Intervention Force

1x Sanguinary Priest (the old metal one)


...huh? What? I'm missing some things here surely? My memory is awful and I must have forgotten a load of stuff. I also have a boat load of old BA models I need to update to match my more modern painting (better bases and washes and whatnot) but they are too numerous to count.

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Oh, let's see:

20x Tactical marines

10x Devastators

5x Sanguinary guard

5x Command Squad (flopping between Melta squad w/ Storm Shields or Jump Plasma squad).

10x Sternguard vets

5x assault marines

10x Assault termies

5x Normal Termies

4x Grav bikes w/ MM attack bike

1x Vindicare Assassin

1x Cassor

1x Jump Libby

1x DC Chaplain

1x Jump Priest

1x Corbulo

1x Storm Raven

1x Storm Hawk/Storm Talon (Going to magnetize).

1x Drop Pod

1x Vindicator

1x Land Raider

1x Predator (Magnetized for all options, including Baal (4th ed kit))

1x Aegis defense lines

1x thunder hammer death company marine


I am also working on possibly a 5 man squad of Gunslinger Van Vets. Only have weapons picked out at the moment.


I also have bits and bobs that can probably put together another squad of marines. No plans for them at the moment.

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