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A little something I've had in my mind for a while now...


Me must have the most successor's of any chapter in this awesome sub forum, so I think we should keep a small record and celebrate that.


I'm not asking for a full Index Astartes style write up, just a name, colour scheme & symbol is enough. A typical model is also encouraged :wink: Feel free to add anymore basic info like homeworld and such. If you have an existing IA article, feel free to post a link to it for sure :smile.:


What I'll do is as we get more added, i'll photoshop a suitably epic black and white image to include a brother of all of our chapters doing what they do best - purging some poor mutant/ xenos/ heretic or maybe mustered for a campaign.


- The Bloody Slate -



The Sanguine Vision

Blood Owls

Sanguinary Crusaders

Sanguine Gargoyles

Crimson Sons of Vengeance

Emperor's Harbingers

Angels Cerulean

Blood Revenants

Storm Bloods

The Reborn

Blood Suns

Grey Wardens

Scarlet Sons

Silver Sons

The Angels Sorrowful

The Redeemers






The Sanguine Vision


 "We are Sanguinius. The Angel. The end of all Evil. Indomitable. Unyielding. WE. ARE. HIS. VISION!" - Speech of the Reclusiam to the Death Company


Homeworld: Infernum Prime










=][= Full Inquisitorial File =][=

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Very cool successor chapter!

Just to clarify, are you asking for homebrew successor chapter or official ones as well?


Homebrew please!


Otherwise we're just listing off what GW have created :tongue.:


Makes sense. :D

To be honest that's what I expected but your intention could've been a different one as well...like listing all the successor chapters on this forum in a more detailed way than the poll or something like that. :P

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Here's my entry into the Brotherhood of The Angels 2016. I'll copy it over properly later, when I have a moment.


Edit: done!





▪ FOUNDING: 11th Founding

▪ CHAPTER MASTER: Commander David Tegg


▪ MAIN COLOURS: Silver and Scarlet

▪ BATTLE CRY: "Placidius!", "For Placidius, for Sangiunius, for the Lord of Mankind!"



▪ ALLEGIANCE: Battlegroup Voltamedes



A member of the 11th Founding, the Blood Owls Chapter was formed in M35, by order of the High Lords of Terra from gene seed of the line of Sanguinius, and assigned to the Placidius system, where they were tasked with the safe keeping of the Voltamedes Sector, a sector centered around the Voltamedes system, a nexus of safe warp lanes and home to the Shrineworld, a planet-wide shrine to a number of the Imperium's greatest saints. Due to both the Shrineworld and the confluence of warp lanes, the Voltamedes Sector has had a bloody history, filled with invasions of both Xenos warlords and Arch-traitors alike.



Steriges is the third, and only geologically stable, moon of the gas giant Placidius IX. It is here that the Fortress Monastery of the Blood Owls is to be found. A network of vast structures, half buried in the dark grey regolith of the airless and barren moon, the Monastery is unassuming from above, resembling more an overgrown mining outpost of the Adeptus Terra than a fortress. But looks are deceiving, and the Monastery is one of the most defensible structures within three Sectors, with banks of macrocannons capable of obliterating a small moon within moments and innumerable turbolance batteries. The structures themselves are hardened to withstand orbital bombardment, and it is said that nothing short of a Low-Orbit bombardment from a Victory Class Battleship could destroy the Monastery. No fleet of even remotely that power has ever succeeded in battling past the outer orbits of the Placidius system, so this remains conjecture.

The Blood Owls recruit from the two inhabited worlds of the Placidius system, Placidius V, a heavily populated agri-hive world, and Svalbaan, a frigid feudal world. Placidius V produces a significant portion of processed food goods to the sector economy, and is ruled by a planetary parliament, composed of representatives from each of the hives and the major agri-collectives. The local Ministorum, Administratum, Militarum and Mechanicus also have representatives in the parliament, which is headed by a Governor who serves a ten year term, and is elected from the local noble houses.

In contrast, Svalbaan is ruled nominally by an Administratum appointed Governor, but true local power lies in the hands of the various Noble houses of the planet. With a tech level just below blackpowder weaponry, and a culture of eternally feuding nobility, brutal grinding wars are a matter of life. Despite the frigid climate of the planet, thanks to food imports from Placidius V, most of the planet’s population are not occupied in subsistence farming, as is the norm for a feudal planet, but are instead engaged in a constant state of warfare for their feudal lords. The life of a warrior serf is typically brutal and short, with weapons training beginning almost before the child can stand, and ending more often than not with a gory death moments into their first battle, barely a week after conscription upon their 14th birthday. The rare few that survive their required ten years of service are usually granted leave to return to their families, where they will marry and produce the next generation of warrior serfs. The most talented of the survivors are on occasion granted a fiefdom of their own.



The Blood Owls are currently recovering from the severe loses taken as a result of their involvement in the 32nd Voltamedes Shrine War (M41:952), but are once more engaged in the defence of Voltamedes against the Tzeenchian Chaos Space Marine warband, the Verdant Hate, in the 33rd Voltamedes Shrine War. Chapter Master Tegg has been careful to limit their engagement to a taskforce, lest they be drawn once more into a potentially devastating war. Other Blood Owl task forces have been sent to the wars in the Ergotus Sector, the Dominarian Sector, and the Baal system, among others.



The Blood Owls are, by and large, a Codex-Adherent chapter, albeit one with the predilection for fast, close quarters fighting and airborne manoeuvres shared by their Gene-sires. As children of Sanguinius, the Blood Owls have a deep appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship, which manifests in a sort of tactical hyper focus. While the chapter itself maintains the Codex-Adherent generalist nature, a given task force will focus on the mission specific doctrinal requirements, practising the specific needs to perfection, at the exclusion of more generalist methods. This causes friction when a task force returns to the chapter, and must reintegrate into the whole. However, whether a quirk of chapter culture or of their geneseed itself, this hyperfocus has proved nearly impossible to avoid. Therefore, chapter specialities have varied wildly from decade to decade, as different task forces return to the fold, causing the whole to diverge to accommodate the new.



- The Liberation of Dielon Prime

A distress call telling of a Daemonic incursion on the Hive World of Dielon prime is detected by a passing Blood Owl strike-force, and forwarded to Steriges. Chapter Master Volan Rebek dispatches the Third Company, led by then-Captain David Tegg. The Third Company joins with a Dark Angels force, hunting in the sector for a Chaos Space Marine warband, and combine forces. The incursion is revealed to be linked to the very warband the Dark Angels were hunting. Once the warband is destroyed, the Dark Angels disappear, leaving the Blood Owls to finish the final extermination of cultists and the few lingering daemons, but later gift a relic bolt pistol to the Blood Owls by way of thanks and in recognition of the assistance given.

- The Purge of Makesport

-During the eradication of a tendril of Hive Fleet Jormundgr, the 2nd Company, led by Captain Maykos Tyrrn, stop in the deep space port station of Makesport. During the brief stop, Epistolary Karus Karn reports odd shadows and ripples in the warp. Compelled to investigate, Tyrrn discovers that the criminal syndicate that unofficially governs the station, tolerated by the Inquisition due to their efficacy at governing, has fallen to Chaos worship. Over the next two months, the 2nd Company wage a campaign of extermination. The surviving inhabitants of the station are sent to rehabilitation and rehoming on Placidius V, under the watch of agents of the Ordo Hereticus, and new colonists are sent to the station at the behest of the Adeptus Terra. Once the transition is completed, Tyrrn takes the 2nd Company, and returns to the hunt for the Tyranids.

- The Smolbor Twuh Waaagh

At the dawn of M39, a near unprecedented seven space hulks exited warpspace into the Golmerin System, igniting a vast, system-wide conflict among the native Ork clans. Due to the nature of the conflict, the Ordo Xenos mark this conflict as ‘low risk’, with the likelihood of any single Ork warband gaining control of even one of the space hulks long enough to launch a Waaagh being extremely low. In M40:341, this decision was proven dramatically wrong. The Warbos Smolbor Twuh, having gained control of the remaining three space hulks launched his Waaagh against the neighbouring systems. The Waaagh was stopped through a series of lightning strikes by a Blood Owl strikeforce led by 3rd Company Captain Rebek that crippled Twuh’s transportation, leaving the Waaagh’s remaining forces stranded and easy prey for the combined forces of the Blood Owls and the Verhoveran 1003rd.




-Prior to the 32nd Voltamedes Shrine War (M41:952), the Blood Owls were a Codex Adherent Chapter, aside from those differences embraced by all of Sanguinius’ sons; those of the Sanguinary Priesthood, the Sanguinary Guard, and the walking damned of the Death Company. Unlike many of their brother chapters, the Owls do not have those of their brothers that have fallen to Black Rage executed should they fail to find a glorious redemption in battle. Instead, members of the Death Company are fitted with stasis collars, which are triggered at battle’s end, and they are transferred to long-term stasis, until the next battle, where it is hoped they shall find their redemption. Because of this, the Blood Owls often field higher numbers of Death Company that would be expected for a chapter of their size and geneseed degradation.

-Subsequent to the 32nd Voltamedes Shrine War, the Chapter was reorganised by Chapter Master Tegg, into six battle companies, each responsible for the training of their of scout cadre. With recruitment from Placidius V and Svalbaan accelerated as high as the Sanguinary High Priest Nestor Xerus believes safe, and no Company below half strength, the Chapter is no longer on the edge of extinction.




Due to an unusual mineral composition in the Placidius system, gold is much more abundant than the galactic norm, and silver is significantly rarer. Because of this, the local cultures have swapped the two metals’ cultural significance, awarding silver the status commonly held by gold. As a result, silver is the colour of honour in the Blood Owls, rather than gold. Veterans are granted the right to silver helms as a mark of respect for their service, a respect extended to the brethren of the Death Company, in respect for the sacrifice which all scions of Sanguinius must one day face. The Sanguinary Guard are likewise clad wholly in silver, as is the armour of the Chapter Master. At times in the chapter’s history, this honour has been extended to a brother of particular valour and honour, though this is quite uncommon.



-The Blood Owls recruit from the two inhabited worlds of the Placidius system; Placidius V and Svalbaan. Every five years, a grand tournament is held by the noble houses of each world, with numerous games and events being held. The central events are known as the Aspirant’s Trials, a series of harsh and gruelling tasks that are completed by less than one in twenty participants. Those that complete the Trials are accepted into the Blood Owls, bringing great honour to the noble house who claim the fealty of the aspirants.

Upon recruitment, the aspirants undergo a set of tests and interviews, supervised by the chapter’s Sanguinary Priesthood and Reclusiam. Should the tests show no problems, the aspirants enter the Scholarium Sanguinius. The Scholarium is an intensive, year long course, training the aspirants in the core tenets of Blood Owl philosophy, coupled with a physical training regime designed to work the aspirants to the edges of their ability. For most aspirants, this is their first encounter with scholastic life, with many unable to read or write prior to entering the Scholarium. After graduating the Scholarium, the aspirants are ensanguinated with the blood of the chapter’s Priests, and entombed in the Golden Sarcophagus used by the scions of Sanguinius. Two years after the Trials, the aspirants are removed from the sarcophagi, and welcomed into the Blood Owls as brothers.

After being welcomed into the chapter, neophytes are entered into basic training, where they are taught the fundamentals of chapter warfare, and assigned to a scout squad. Training continues as the neophytes’ geneseed is monitored for irregularities, and as the neophytes learn to use their new implants and abilities. Once the scout squad is performing to the level expected by the Master of Recruits and their squad sergeant, they are dispatched to serve under the command of one of the Company captains, who will oversee the remainder of their training, and assign them to full marine status when they are ready.









-The geneseed of the Blood Owls is typical of those of the lineage of Sanguinius. There has been no loss of any of the 19 organs, no degradation, and implantation into neophytes has an acceptable ratio of success. In fact, were the Flaw of Sanguinius not a factor, it is of little doubt that the Blood Owls geneseed would have been used to sire several successor chapters. However, this is not the case. The Blood Owls are afflicted with the Flaw, and they possess no special resistance nor any unique knowledge that would allow their Priesthood to stave off its effects. It is to stave off the slow death that is the Flaw that the Blood Owls recruit as many neophytes as they do, but it is a spectre that will not disappear. In recent centuries, the Sanguinary Priesthood has become more and more active in their investigations into a cure, working closely with the Priesthoods of other Blood Angel successors, but it is to no avail. As such, the geneseed is not considered to be viable for consideration for the High Lords of Terra.

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Here is my Sanguinary Crusaders chapter. 


Homeworld: Damoria






Sanguinary Crusader Symbol

Models can be seen in my WiP link in my Sig.
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I'll add to this. I have an IA article, but it's very WIP.

Sanguine Gargoyles

Chapter Symbol


Chapter Approved Armor Scheme


I don't have any models painted up yet, but will try to get one done up soon.

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Crimson Sons of Vengeance
▪ FOUNDING: 9th founding(early M35)
▪ CHAPTER MASTER: Commanding Chaplain Alvoro(c.M35)
▪ CHAPTER WORLD: Kavillion Secondus
▪ MAIN COLOURS: Deep Red(Primary), Bone(Secondary), Black or Gold trim
▪ SPECIALITY: Alpha strikes that open up close combat opportunities
Force Leader/Chaplain: What are you to the Angel Above?
Response: His Sons!
FL/C: What are you to the enemy?

▪ CURRENT STRENGTH: 1200 strong counting Death Company, Sanguinary Guard, Neophytes and Chapter Serfs
▪ KNOWN DESCENDANTS: None as of M36.
▪ ALLEGIANCE: Inquisitorial mistrust but loyal to the Emperor and supremely loyal to the Blood Angels and Sanguinius

The chapter was created after the warp storm which developed in the Dolchiate Sector had grown to swallow an entire solar system into it. They are to be the guardians of the sector and principally reside within the Semyon System which befell a massive tragedy some millennia ago. There are rumours that some members were either involved or very closely linked with the tragedy due to the high detail often spoken of in the songs or poetry they write, however these have yet to be confirmed by a living soul or trustworthy source.

Kavillion Secondus was a lush rural world prior to the tragedy. It is about twice the size of Terra with a slightly augmented gravity level. It is now a world of much warfare and bloodshed having just recently been reconquered in the name of the Emperor.
The people of Kavillion Secondus no longer remember the societies that existed prior to the tragedy that has made it such a forlorn world but no matter how dark life was, the legend of the angels flying upon flame tipped wings remained strong and was passed down from generation to generation. As of M35, the men and women of Kavillion Secondus live in tribal villages that at most reach a population of 150. Infighting and treachery amongst families within the villages themselves is a common occurrence, creating a populace of extremely selfish, sceptical and violent human beings.
The homeworld of the Sons resides in the Symeon System and is the only inhabitable world of the system. It is neighboured by a death world and a ferro world. A shadow resides over the entire system with the husk of what remains of Kavillion Prime, a world which had an Exterminatus declared upon it some time very near to the tragedy that befell the entire sector, being torn apart by the gravities of each world of the system. Prime is now considered a sanctuary world by the Crimson Sons of Vengeance, it is rumoured that the Sanguinary Guard are the only Sons with free access to this corpse and that any other who wishes to even fly through it, must seek extremely special permissions only granted by the Commanding Chaplain, First Captain or the Sanguinary High Priest.

In M41, the Crimson Sons of Vengeance find themselves fighting on all fronts in the Dolchiate Sector. The first company is spread thin across hundreds of battlefields. The second company is attempting to push back tyranids as they devour humanity from within with genestealer cults spread across the sector’s worlds, the third and fourth companies have been scarcely heard from in over a millennia with the first rumoured to being engaged with various eldarkin in and out of the webway and the other having travelled deep into Warp Storm Rott. The fifth company doing all it can to quench riots and mass murders from erupting planet wide as the Tau, spreading their vile lies and confusion, overtake world after world. The Sanguinary Guard are seldomly seen as they have sworn to protect the sanctity of the corpse of Kavillion Prime. The reserves can barely be called that as they move from battlefield to battlefield without rest or respite.

The Crimson sons, much like any sons of the angel, favour close quarters fighting. They have however molded each company of the chapter to match the designated opponents on the battlefield. 
Therefore, each battle company operates much like a fleet based force, while the specialist companies bring their expertise to the field when called upon.

C.Early M35 - The Retaking Campaign
The entirety of the Crimson Sons of Vengeance Chapter completes its warp jump into the Dolchiate Sector and travels into the Semyon System aboard and accompanied by its massive fleet. They immediately assess the system as one ideal for a base of operations in the sector and deploy an elite vanguard force unto Kavillion Secondus, facing off against agents of Slaanesh and their traitorous Emperor’s Children allies. Many years are required to completely purge the world of Chaos’ taint but ultimately the Sons prevail and begin construction of the Templum Luctus. It is to be noted that the commander of the Chaos Warband escapes Kavillion Secondus with some kind of priceless artifact, something that Commanding Chaplain Alvoro is not soon to forget.

C.Early M.35 - The Assault on the Fortress of Lies.
During The Retaking Campaign the 6th and 7th Assault Specialist Companies are dismissed from the ongoing Campaign to deal with a Tau stronghold that has sprung up on a nearby world without Imperial defence or guidance. These two assault oriented companies use their own tactical specialties to distract and overwhelm superior Tau number and firepower during planetfall but also to push and break through the Tau’s defensive lines and positions to force the xenos to flee and secure a second planet in the Emperor and the Angel’s names. This marks the first and possibly only time these specialist companies would work in tandem to such an efficient and devastating end.

120.M35 - The Cleansing of Prime
With the Templum Luctus complete and total control on every world of the Semyon System, the First Captain and Sanguinary Guard focus their attention inexplicably to the corpse-planet, Kavillion Prime. An elite force of 50 Space Marines arrive and like a surgeon’s scalpel remove all of the cancer from the remains of the world in the form of Xenos, of which Eldar and Genestealers held a heavier presence, while efficiently preserving the relics found about the remains of the once living world. From henceforth Sanguinary Guard will often stand vigil upon what remains of Kavillion Prime.

The Crimson Sons utilise the Codex Astartes to organise themselves but do have the following divergences:

Much like the Blood Angels, they use the Baal Class variant of Predator as well as the Furioso, Death Company and Librarian variant Dreadnoughts. The Death Company is also present.

The Battle Companies(2, 3, 4 & 5) are composed of 5 assault squads, 3 tactical squads and 2 devastator squads. This provides the Sons with added mobility mobility on the battlefield, and reflects their desire for close quarter fighting.

As they prioritise, and often suffer greater casualties amongst, assault squads, the specialist companies reflect this in that the 6th and 7th company are entirely composed of assault marines. The former being the jump pack mobility specialists whereas the latter are deep strike focussed. The 8th company is composed of the devastator and heavy weapon specialists of the Chapter. 

The 9th and 10th company very much resemble the tactical reserve and scout companies described in the Codex Astartes. However the Sons diverge in how a scout becomes a fully fledged battle brother.

As per the Codex, scouts are evaluated on and off the field and can be assigned to the Sanguinary Priesthood, the Librarius or the Reclusiam, if they show the qualities required to succeed within these organisations. Any scout not destined for this sort of specialised duty is immediately upgraded to the 9th Tactical Reserve Company. Within this company these battle brothers are put through greater duress to test their resistance to the red thirst and the black rage, but they are also studied for career improvement and thus further allocation to one of the specialist companies or to a battle company should their mastery of the thirst and rage be acceptable.

Finally, the remaining divergence is in the command of the Chapter as well as of each Company. For reasons that elude even inquisitorial probing, the Sons are always led off the battlefield by a triumvirate of a Reclusiarch, Sanguinary Priest and a Captain. Of these three, the Reclusiarch seems to be the final decision maker however he can not directly oppose the Sanguinary Priest and Captain if they are united. This is reflected in the Chapter Head Quarters with the establishment of an old Blood Angel Legion rank known as the First Captain, and the participation of the Sanguinary High Priest who must counsel with the Commanding Chaplain who is considered the acting Chapter Master as far as Codex duties are concerned. For clarification, the High Chaplain rank is still in use and commands the Reclusiam without being overruled by the Commanding Chaplain.

Endovelicus - Battle Barge - Favored ship of the Commanding Chaplain.
Ataegina - Battle Barge - Favored ship of the First Captain and Sanguinary Guard or of the High Priest and Priesthood.
Neto - Strike Cruiser - Favored by the 2nd Battle Company
Borvo - Strike Cruiser - Favored by the 3rd Battle Company
Cariocecus - Strike Cruiser - Favored by the 4th Battle Company
Trebaruna - Strike Cruiser - Favored by the 5th Battle Company
Dercetius - Strike Cruiser - Favored by the 6th Specialist Company
Runesocesius - Strike Cruiser - Favored by the 7th Specialist Company

15 Rapid Strike Vessels
33 Thunderhawk Gunships

The Crimson Sons of Vengeance are affected by the death of Sanguinius much like other Sons of Sanguinius. However whereas the Blood Angels impossibly seek the Angel’s beauty in art and life or the Flesh Tearers seek to tap into His fury, the Sons focus on the melancholy of His death by seeking such tragedy in their lives or even in the events that encompass them. Through the contemplation of this and the performing or writing of various music, lyrics, poetry and prose, they hope to contemplate this black mark on their geneseed in a more secure fashion so as to abate the calling of the red thirst or of the black rage. This humbling process also permits them to stare fate in the eye as a demi-god amongst men should and face all trial and difficulty with the resolve that it won’t be the end, simply another chapter to their ever growing epic.
Other beliefs are shared amongst the organisations within the Chapter. For one, the reverence of the corpse of Kavillion Prime. Not much information is released to this effect but it is believed by many imperial scholars that the Guard will often reside upon the shards of the world in reserved contemplation and many of the Sons’ heroes and greats have been allowed to make the pilgrimage in the hopes of being enlightened to the consequences of failing the Angel.

Many Adeptus Astartes chose the men to join their ranks from backward or desolate worlds. Men who have nothing to lose and everything to gain from joining their ranks. Men who have been hardened to life and its atrocities. The Blood Angels are similar in this selection as a battle hardened youth can make the best soldier and although the Crimson Sons of Vengeance are no different, they emphasize the gift of this demi-godhood more so than the physical or mental capabilities of the elected. And so, the ultimate goal to becoming a Son is in fact to accept the Father as your own.
On worlds such as Kavillion Secondus, where men must often strive and fight day and night to survive, the Sons set up their recruitment method. Firstly, on a world which has been reclaimed in the name of the Imperium, the Crimson Sons of Vengeance aid the ecclesiarchy in establishing its main functions of returning the people to the Emperor of Man. They then begin establishing a voluntary sanction upon the world known as The Will of the Angel. This sanction allows any full grown man to submit himself to the trials of selection in determining whether he is fit to become a Son or die trying. Few undertake this sanction of their own unless faced with certain death to begin with which explains why so many who take on this process are men sentenced to their world’s specific death penalty.

Upon receiving a death sentence or upon a man’s own realisation of inability to achieve the Emperor’s Salvation, many men will submit themselves to The Will of the Angel. This is seen by many as the first step of the selection process. These men are clothed in unmarked or simple robes and placed within a highly servitor guarded monastery. Each monastery is equipped with a library containing the greatest literary and philosophical works of Sons of The Angel from every Chapter descending from the Blood Angels. These works often are collected around the person and essence of the Primarch Sanguinius and are made available so that these men may consider the decision they have made. These men are held in the monasteries of their respective worlds until a fair number of them can board a Crimson Sons of Vengeance ship and be brought to Kavillion Secondus. Upon reaching the homeworld of the Sons, those who have submitted themselves to The Angel’s Will are brought to a secluded location on Secondus. This location is known simply as the Bowed Terrace. The Terrace is an obsidian island of a hundred feet of polished cliff edge, followed by a cylindrical 4 foot wide plateau, leading to a 50 foot rise unto the terrace itself. With the seas constantly whipping around this island, the obsidian like surfaces of the terrace, rise and plateau are often difficult to manage and often lead to the first deaths upon the Bowed Terrace. The men are bound, gagged and thrown onto the lower plateau of the terrace from thunderhawks gunships. From that point on, no Space Marine or other interference is allowed until the Angel’s Elect remain. Many imperial and inquisitorial scholars have pondered on the nature of this selection process and the Crimson Sons have been quite secretive and reclused about it. What is known is that this is not a trial of willpower or strength, as the bones of survivors and warlords or mass murders alike have decayed to be blown away into the wind or swallowed by the sea. According to any Son willing to speak on this trial, only the Angel’s own are picked off the Bowed Terrace and move onto the next phase.

The second phase is often more rigorous than the first, but not in the physical sense. These elected individuals are brought to the Templum Luctus where they reside until death or are permitted to serve and ultimately receive Sanguinius’ gene-seed. The elect who reside in the Sons’ Fortess-Monastery have access to the Reclusiam and Sanguinary Priesthood as well as any work done by the hands of a Battle Brother, as these are the ressources depicting The Angel and the relationship he has with his sons. The selection performed here had also been masked to the eyes of Imperial and Inquisitorial agents alike. What is known is that no meeting or the hierachy or even of Battle Brothers exists to select the elect further, only that they are called forth in an individual basis to serve the Chapter as serfs or are never called upon and end their lives in this monasic state.

Achieving the status of serf, they are assigned a Battle Brother to serve as well as respinsibilties to Chapter and to the Templum Luctus. From henceforth it is remarked that over 90% of Chaptet Serfs do eventually become Battle Brothers, a remarkably high rate amognst even the greatest of Space Marine Chapters in current existance. Many Imperial Scholars concure that the way of life learned while serving as serfs is extremely conducive to this success rate.

Finally comes the originally unexpected but soon sought after day. These serfs have grown to not only have a reverance for Sanguinius but also a true and established love and complete desire to bring glory onto this father whom they claim found and cared for them even onto the life of warfare and hardship that awaits them. The serfs that are chosen for the operation of transforming a man into a Space Marine are accompanied by a Chaplain and Sanguinary Priest, all three men robed and hooded and always in deep contemplation of the task ahead. The serfs then are operated on and inserted into a sarcophogi which in turn is filled with Sanguinary Priest blood which is known to contain a diluted portion of Sanguinius’ blood. The transformation then begins. Most serfs are known to survive this process however there are those who inevitably perish. The Sons claim that these have received The Angel’s Mercy and await their brethren by His side having served the purpose He set out for them, unbeknowst to any living soul. The surviving men leave the sarcophogi and witness their second birth for the first time as their corpse like husks are replaced by healthy, powerful forms and like all their cousins of The Angel, they find their frightful or hard-featured appearences turned unmarked and lovely, in The Angel’s image.

These go onto serve as scouts of the 10th Company and should they grow and survive will complete the surgical aspects of the transformation, followed by a second stint in the sarcophogi before being assigned into a Battle, Specialist or Reserve Company.

The pilgrimages to Kavillion Prime is the most sought after ritual that any Crimson Son seeks to be permitted to do. Many of these pilgrimages have yielded some of the greatest works by the heroes who do spend time upon the corpse of the world. However there are some rumours of those same heroes never returning. It is believed that the Sons induct these men into the dreaded Death Company as they finally succumb to the visions of the Angel’s demise at the hands of the Archtraitor.
Aside for this great honour, the Sons do participate in sharing their artistic creations communally with their battle brothers. Critique is never offered and often considered an offense, as they believe that the contemplation of tragedy needs no form but simply must be felt by the creator and the audience.

The Chapter Symbol found of banners and standards is a single, stylised white feather upon a red background. The Sons have adapted this symbol as the one signifying the loss and inspiration that is The Angel Above, known to the imperium simply as Sanguinius. It also not only reflects their loyalty to their Blood Angel and successor Chapter “cousins” but also their own artistic reflective attitude towards the arts of literature and musical composition.
This symbol is reflected on each Battle Brother by a crude drawing of a black feather on the bone colored shoulder pads.

The Crimson Sons of Vengeance are still quite young in their history to have established honors beyond those of the Codex Astartes, however there are some that have begun being passed down from the respective Company and Chapter leadership groups.
One of the obvious ones is the chapter symbol found on each Sons’ shoulder pads. The symbol begins as a crude drawing of a feather but can then be added upon. Squad Sergeants have the authority of honoring combat squad leaders and weapons specialists with such a designation, so too do Captains onto the Sergeants and their personal honour guard or command squads. It is noted however that the Company Captains have been given free reign as to styilze the chapter symbol as a personal heraldary. Each of these modifications is never to be removed as it would be disrespectful to the battle brother responsible for bestowing the honor, and because of this one can trace a Crimson Son’s career.

Force Leader/Chaplain: What are you to the Angel Above?
Response: His Sons!
FL/C: What are you to the enemy?

The Crimson Sons of Vengeance share the Blood Angels gene-seed and in doing so they find themselves sharing in the same joys and pains. They are known for a very similar longevity as the original sons of Sanguinius, with some Sons only beginning to become pillars of the chapter well into their 300th year of service, while many of the revered martyrs amongst the battle brothers find themselves joining The Angel after a millennia of fighting in His name.
The Sons are also known to suffer from the Black Rage and the Red Thirst. Their view of handling these curses is particular for a Blood Angel Successor Chapter. Both are seen by this Chapter as the result of the human psyche being overpowered by a part of Sanguinius spiritual presence inhabiting a Space Marine. The legendary Death Company is therefore seen by the battle brothers of the Chapter as the group of brothers that have personally felt The Angel reach into their very souls, whereas the leadership of Company and Chapter keep a wary on these Sons and on the effect their presence has on the rest of the Chapter. The Red Thirst is shared amongst all Crimson Sons and the entire Chapter shares the same view of origins of this curse as they do for The Black Rage, however the act it encourages is considered more acceptable than the reverence battle brothers will have for the Death Company. Although it isnt known if the drinking of blood happens on or off the field of battle or under what kind of conditions.

(Currently updated until mid to late M35)

Commanding Chaplain Achilleus Alvoro
Although no information is readily available on the Commanding Chaplain’s activities prior to leading the Crimson Sons of Vengeance, which often attracts more than one inquisitor’s gaze, however since being defacto Chapter Master, he has been nothing but the ultimate weapon of the Emperor and Angel’s wrath. His most notable engagement has been to lead his Chapter in The Retaking Campaign and bringing not only the world of Kavillion Secondus back to the Imperium but also ensuring the protection of the Symeon System and giving a bright hope to the entire Sector.

First Captain Mencius Diogo
The first Captain is also amongst those whose past is shaded in mystery. However his brilliance in combat and near symbiotic control of the famed Sanguinary Guard of the Sons during The Retaking Campaign have made his name hallowed amongst even the captains of the Sons of Vengeance. His firstmost achievement during that campaign was being first on the ground to achieve first blood even before any of the Guard had drawn their weapons.

Sanguinary High Priest Osvaldus Benedito
Osvaldus Benedito was still very young in his Space Marine career as a Blood Angel when the Sons were created. The Blood Angels being notified of these new cousins imminent birth had planned to send a percentage of their scouts and neophytes to aid in the quick establishing of this Successor Chapter. Benedito volunteered. Becoming a Sanguinary Priest of the Crimson Sons, it wasnt long before his meekness and faith in Sanguinius were outshone by his wisdom and the Sanguine Miracles he performed through The Angel Above’s blessing. Benedito was thus made Sanguinary High Priest before The Retaking began and quickly became a force to be reconned with on the battle field. He is known for guarding a suicide styled sternguard squad against the gigantic explosion of a fellblade that they downed. An explosion that left nothing but Benedito and the sternguards standings for many kilometers around.

Chief Librarian Alaricus Galharde
The nicknamed prince and known Regent of Kavillion Secondus rose to his position very quickly following The Retaking Campaign. A part of the first batch of Kavilionite recruits, Alaricus’ psychic powers were quickly noticeable by the leadership of the Sons. His prowess was in fact so remarkable that he not only was blessed to reach the ranks of Battle Brothers but was quick to rise the ladder of the Librarius and compete for the position of Chief Librarian even before reaching his first half century of service.
It is told that a psychic attack was detected on Kavillon Secondus, inducing murderous rage amongst the people itself, and that the elect of the Librarius reunited within the Templum Lectus to defend against and repel the attack as best as they could. However, the victims only found there situation worsening as more and more of the people of Kavillion Secondus were falling to this psychic induced rage. As time passed, the attack began to take its toll even upon the elect, each day that passed was announced alonside the death of one of these powerful Space Marine Librarians. By the 7th day only Galharde remained and the leadership of the chapter was nowehere near to finding the source of the attack. On this day Commanding Chaplain Alvoro was ready to take matters into his own hands to preserve what was now his most powerful Librarian. He stormed into the room now filled with bleeding bodies and a lone Son sweating profusely, fighting with all his might. Alvoro stared into the eyes of Alaricus Galharde and saw a man determined not to fail. He attempted to reason with this proud Son but all Galharde would respond in a barely heard whisper was “I will not fail my people”. As time passed and the day began darkening, blood began trickling down his noes and yet still Galharde’s reply was “I will not fail my people”. Finally night fell and blod began trickling from his eyes, at the sight of this Alvoro charged at him in a hoped attempt to conserve his life. Upon making contact an explosion was felt instead of heard across the planet. When the dust cleared, Galharde carried Alvoro out of the room and as reports began coming in over the vox about how the rage left the populace and all recovering could only explain the cure as a pronounced feeling of love that washed the rage away, Alaricus Galharde was heard saying to a near out of conscience Achilleus Alvoro: “I will not fail my people.”
This display of power and love made the promotion of Galharde to Chief Librarian and Regent of Kavillion Secondus a formality.

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The Emperor's Harbingers


Basic Information

Founding Chapter...... Blood Angels

Genesire ................... Sanguinius

Founding ................... Nineteenth Founding

Chapter Master ......... Master Hector Vivianus

Homeworld ................ Ruarc #4

Main Colours ............. Bone and Purple

Chapter Specialities .. Counter-Insurgency

Strength .................... Total Numbers : Less than 250

More Information please see this Post!

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*cough*post a link to this thread on the Resource thread please*cough*


Oh, and if it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you be up for adding a link to each individual entry in the first post? Makes it easier to sift through the thread to find the entries. Thanks.

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*cough*post a link to this thread on the Resource thread please*cough*


Oh, and if it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you be up for adding a link to each individual entry in the first post? Makes it easier to sift through the thread to find the entries. Thanks.


1) Done!


2) Will do when I get a moment of free time to do it properly :D

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Angels Cerulean






▪ FOUNDING: 4th Founding
▪ CHAPTER MASTER: Castiglione
▪ CHAPTER WORLD: Chapter Fleet
▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY: Battle Barge Praenuntius
▪ MAIN COLOURS: Cerulean (Primary), Black (Secondary)
▪ SPECIALITY: Assault from orbit in cooperation with fleet forces.
▪ BATTLE CRY: "For the Emperor and Sanguinius!" "Death from the Void!"


...more to come...

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The Blood Revenants 

Skull 1


BA 4


▪ FOUNDING: Unknown
▪ CHAPTER WORLD: Fleet based
▪ FORTRESS MONASTERY: Space Hulk Something Cool (is having a Space Hulk ridiculous? I'm not sure what's appropriate...) 
▪ MAIN COLOURS: Red (Primary), Black (Secondary)
▪ SPECIALITY: Assualting stuff and hunting heretics

 ▪ BATTLE CRY: "What is dead may never die" :wink:

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Most of thus is WIP but I'll post what I've got.


The Stormbloods



Geneseed: Blood Angels

Founding: Unknown

Chapter Master: Working on it

Homeworld: Priosun

Battle cry: "We're working on it"

Descendants: None


History: The Stormbloods were founded at an unknown date as the Storm Blades, believing themselves to be Successors to the Crimson Fists. Their history is unknown until the Nova Terra Interregnum, which they played an unknown role in. Later, during the Age of Apostasy, they worked heavily with the Ecclesiarchy and cemented a long-standing alliance with them. For millennia afterwards, they were one of several chapters who served as unofficial enforcers for the Ecclesiarchy. However, they eventually discovered evidence of corruption among their liasons within the church. As they prepared to reveal the treachery they had found, the Ecclesiarchs in question caught wind of it and preemptively accused them of using illegal xenos technology, which discredited their own claims. As punishment, their armory was raided and their relics stolen, and then given away to others as rewards for favors to the Ecclesiarchy. The Storm Blades now hunt down their relics, eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their foes in secret rituals to uncover clues. Somewhere along the way they figured out they are Blood Angels and started referring to themselves as the Stormbloods, but their name is still officially Storm Blades.


Beliefs: They worship the Emperor as a god, and view the Primarchs as his angels. They think Sanguinius planned to die to create the Death Company, viewing them as brothers who have attained righteousness enough to earn empowerment from Sanguinius. They also believe he will be reborn eventually when enough brothers fall to the rage.

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Here is an edited (for grammar and clarity) version of my writeup of The Reborn as submitted to Brotherhood of the Angels 2016.



Reborn First Company Veteran Space Marine

White power armor with yellow insets, backpack and helmet, white phoenix chapter badge

Veteran of Osma III as indicated by the stripe on his helmet

GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Lamenters (modified)
FOUNDING: Unknown (Unofficial founding)
FORTRESS MONASTERY: Lux Aeterna (formerly the Battle Barge Martyr)
MAIN COLOURS: White, Yellow
SPECIALTY: Tyranid Huntes
BATTLE CRY: Death shall reclaim none today!
CURRENT STRENGTH: 327 Battle Brothers, 87 Initiaties

Osma III was a fairly recently established forge world of the Imperium located in the Ultima Segmentum. The planet came under intense attack from a splinter of the Hive Fleet Kraken invasion during 993.M41. The Lamenters’ eighth reserve company aboard the Battle Barge Martyr was tasked with the world’s defense, and the costly campaign resulted in mutual annihilation of the Tyranid splinter and the Lamenters task force. The Lamenters drove their battle barge into the heart of the hive fleet in a final attempt to cut off the remaining forces from the Hive Mind and succeeded in their endeavor at the cost of their lives. This attempt resulted in the battle barge as well as a good chunk of the Tyranid fleet in crashing into the planet surface, completely ruining the planet’s ecology. The remaining Imperial forces promptly dismantled and moved most of the forge facilities, abandoning the world to its fate. Today, the planet is an almost uninhabitably dangerous irradiated hybrid jungle of Tyranid and indigenous life, where cannibalistic Tyranid lifeforms and surviving indigenous deadly predators live off of each other, and the remaining post-apocalyptic tribal human settlements.

Unbeknownst to all but very few, there were Lamenter survivors. For their efforts, the company have been granted pardon by the Lords of Terra at the cost of severing ties with all Blood Angels successors and keeping their fate secret. Thus, a new Blood Angels successor was founded with close ties to Ordo Xenos, to be deployed against further Tyranid incursions. The new chapter, named the Reborn, operates from the remnants of their crashed Battle Barge, now a fortress monastery renamed to Lux Aeterna, and recruits from the remaining human settlements, and is slowly growing back to full chapter strength thanks to the Blood Angels geneseed’s advantages in creating new Space Marines.. Reborn are now one of Ordo Xenos’s most reliable Tyranid defense counter measures.

The chapter is deployed primarily to Xenos battle zones to take part in operations of limited scopes rather than full fledged campaigns, differentiating itself from the Deathwatch mainly through its expertise at crippling and capturing, rather than totally annihilating, the Xenos. The Reborn's affinity in Tyranid warfare has made them a particularly handy asset for the Inquisition as a means of acquiring live specimens for inspection and experimentation. The chapter is often deployed in surgical strikes against identified Tyranid synapse points for disruption, then extracted upon collection of required specimens. Lately, the chapter has also been successfully used in shock assaults against and live capture of Eldar targets.

The Reborn are well versed and deeply experienced in warfare against Xenos, particularly Tyranids. The chapter have forsaken their gene-seed's aggressive traits and instead embraced a balanced combat approach. Their combat doctrine is one of long range superiority and surgical assault. They never engage in battles of attrition and always opt for a clever strategic retreat when possible. Signs of The Flaw are rare among The Reborn and almost isolated to newly initiated Astartes. Whether this is a result of the Lamenters' supposedly cursed geneseed or whether it is the result of Ordo Xenos's meddling in the chapter's genetics is unclear. As a result, the chapter do not keep a regular Death Company. Instead, Initiates who succumb to the Black Rage are promptly handed of to Ordo Xenos for inspection and termination.

- Battle of Osma III
All records expunged from Librarium

The Reborn are strictly codex adherent. However, their low numbers mean they currently maintain one veteran company (1st Company), two battle companies (2nd and 3rd Companies), one reserve company (7th Company) and one scout company (10th Company).

The Chapter uses its former Battle Barge as its current Fortress Monastery on the surface of Osma III. The remnants of the Chapter's fairly limited fleet is composed primarily of Strike Cruisers that assist in Orbital Deployments and Nova Cruisers commissioned from the Ordo Xenos for protection against enemy Capital Ships.

Strike Cruiser: Revenant

Strike Cruiser: Banshee

Nova Frigate: Wraith

Nova Frigate: Wight

Nova Frigate: Spectre

The Reborn see themselves as the closest of the Blood Angels successors to the embodiment of Sanguinius himself.

The Reborn recruit from among the post apocalyptic human tribes that live in the remains of the former forge structures at the edge of the planet's irradiated jungles. These settlements provide ample and hardy warriors who have been hardened by the challenges of a predatory, mutated flora that has been further twisted by Tyranid genes.

The Reborn have reinterpreted the Blood Angels' traditional process of Space Marine creation whereby the Initiate is interred within a Sarcophagus as the Initial Death. The time spent in the Sarcophagus is the chapter's way of honoring the sacrifice of leaving their heritage behind, and emerging as Astartes Reborn, a marine who has already died once, and fears death no more.


Battle Standard of the 3rd Battle Company

The Reborn's contributions to Ordo Xenos's efforts go largely unregistered, uncredited and easily unaccountable. The chapter neither asks for nor receives awards or decorations from its current allegiance. The Reborn have recently begun experimenting with deploying Xenos technology salvaged from their live capture operations.

  • Death shall reclaim none today!
  • My armor is my shroud, my faith is my shield!
  • What is dead may never die!
The Reborn had only a handful of survivors following the battle of Osma III, and largely rely on the use of a modified Lamenter's gene-seed supplied by Ordo Xenos. This gene-seed for whatever reason does not allow the maturing of progenoids in full Astartes, the organ always fails to develop further gene-seed to initiate new recruits. This makes harvesting functional Lamenter gene-seeds from fallen founding veterans of the First Company a task that the chapter goes to great lengths to achieve in any circumstance, as they are the chapter's only way of obtaining gene-seed on their own. How the Ordo Xenos creates the modified gene-seed is not fully known, but the chapter's Sanguinary Priests have theorized that the gene-seeds delivered by the Ordo Xenos is grown within and harvested from the recruits that have succumbed to the Black Rage and henceforth delivered to Ordo Xenos for termination. The Priesthood has begun secretly experimenting on some fallen initiates, locked away in stasis vats, in the hopes of reproducing what few pure Lamenter gene-seed they have.

  • Chapter Master Oberon (Counts as Lysander)
  • Chief Librarian Atlas (Counts as Tigurius)
  • Chaplain Prometheus (Counts as Cassius)
  • Captain Io, Second Company (Counts as Sicarius)
  • Captain Metis, Third Company (Counts as Pedro Kantor)
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▪ FLAGSHIP: Galleria of Cruentum
▪ MAIN COLORS: Deep red, black, supernova white, copper for honorifics and awards.
▪ SPECIALTY: Fighting Xenos
For Sanguinius! For our Emperor! We Burn bright, and bring the long night upon our foes!
▪ CURRENT STRENGTH: Near 1,100 strong with the scouts, neophytes, and death company factored in.
▪ ALLEGIANCE: Loyalist to the Emperor's cause, but suspicious of the High Lords of Terra.

The Chapter was created by a Sanguinary Priest given visions that a figure, wreathed in red, copper, and fire would deliver of the Blood Angels from their curse, and that this figure would come at the end times of the Imperium. This figure explained that, just as a star would enlarge and become a supermassive red giant before exploding into a supernova of white hot fury, and then collapse into a black hole that took all things, even light, with it, -that the Blood Angels and the Imperium would have their brightest moments before their end, and then collapse into destructive nothingness that also took everything around them with it. Sanguinius's bravest and brightest moment was trying to redeem and then destroy his corrupted brother, and the Emperor's brightest and biggest accomplishment was the moments before the Horus Heresy, so too would the Chapter go if these self destructive tendencies were not quelled.


The Priest shared these visions with only a few, including a chaplain and a few of his company command, but his ideas took hold. A new Founding was being offered near this time, and the Priest saw this as an omen that he should take this opportunity to possibly preserve the Chapter for it's bright, fiery, greatest moment, and so founded the chapter of the Blood Suns. Both as sons of their Primarch, and wearing the red of beating, blood red, supergiant stars on the verge of a white-hot nova explosion.


The Chapter traveled far and wide, but mainly east through the galactic seas until arriving near the Eastern Peripherary, where they met Eldar, Tau, Necrons, rebellions from forgotten Imperial worlds, and many other Xenos undocumented by Imperial records. Amongst this strife and perpetual war, the Chapter found their homeworld.


Near the heart of the Mansfeldus Sector on the far Eastern Periphery, circling a binary star system, is Cruentum, a luxuriant ocean/island planet sitting in the circumstellar habitable zone. Most of the surface of the planet is underwater, but the ocean at it's deepest is only a mile down. The highest point of dry land is where the fortress-monastery of the Blood Suns sits. This crag raises out of the ocean over two miles into the sky. It is a dormant volcano who's seemingly limitless geothermal energy is vented to power the impregnable void shields and other defenses of the Blood Suns chapter home. It is a fitting fortress for such a chapter: A staunch, solemn redoubt holding in the red, hot fury of the fortress's potential destruction within itself, which channels that power to further the causes of the Emperor and Sanguinius, yet liable to burst forth in unexpected violence and consume everything around it. It has been named the Peak, and a burning, bright signal sits upon it, acting as a lighthouse for thousands of miles in all directions.


Cruentum's shallow ocean and lack of super-massive land masses means the ocean is relatively fresh and comparatively without salt compared to other worlds. The ocean and the smaller islands and archipelagos are full of teeming flora, fauna, and wildlife. The planet is also unique in that it does not rotate across a traditional axis and so does not have a traditional day and night in a predictable half of the planet's rotation. The seemingly erratic rotation means all portions of the planet see sunlight relatively evenly over any given period of time, meaning ice caps are unable to form but for short periods of weeks before being melted.


With the stars being unreliable guides to the local human populace, and no landmass large enough to provide the stability of civilization, the people are a fiercely self sufficient breed. Humans gather in tribes that never number more than hundreds in a single unit, creating small floating fleets that go between the islands. Maps are sacred treasures as the land moves less than the currents, the moons, and stars, meaning they only have themselves and their families to depend upon. The Peak's signal light is commonly believed by the locals to be the center of the known universe, but it is only those who pass the tests on the slopes of the fortress monastery that ever learn the greater truth behind their legends of an All-Father and His Son, who died to provide hope for all and placed the symbol of that sacrifice upon the Peak.



In the Mansfeldus sector, out on the Eastern Fringe, the light of the Imperial Astronomicon does not shine as brightly as it does elsewhere in the Imperium of Man. Xenos threats and the influence of Chaos are more widespread, and many systems in the sector still contain native space faring empires that never saw the fury of the Great Crusade 10,000 years ago. It is in this sector, ripe for both conflict and conquest, that the Blood Suns have made their home and many wars have been fought.


Recently, a terrible warp storm has drawn the attentions of many races, as was foretold, prophesied, and calculated by the different races, and have all pointed to the imminent appearance of a Space Hulk of terrible proportions. It is bigger than a floating continent, and has appeared in the sector. It was a remnant of the Dark Age of Technology, a time even before the collapse of the Eldar Empire, the creation of the Eye of Terror, and even the Emperor's Imperium of Man. Imperial, Chaos, and Xenos factions all desire the possible Archaeo-Tech that could be found on the hulk, known only as The Tomb of the Dragon.


Previous appearances of The Tomb of the Dragon had seen whole Imperial expeditionary fleets disappear as the space hulk warped from place to place, distorting and destroying those caught in it's warp-wake. But even the debris that has floated off the hulk was priceless enough to justify such losses, and found items have advanced both the technological levels and the rites of power for the forces who captured the Arcaeo-Tech. Any force that could claim The Tomb of the Dragon for itself and learn it's deeper secrets would be set to harness it’s destructive potential and could easily conquer whole swathes of the sector. The Blood Suns have taken it upon their duty to purge any opposing force's contest to the traveling hulk, even to see the space hulk denied to others by destroying it and the knowledge it contains. This replacement of idealism with such harsh pragmatism is further evidence of how dim the Emperor's Astronomicon shines in this sector.



The Sons of the Suns show their heritage as Blood Angels as the heat of battle warms their veins, and the war drums beat in tune with pulses. They are masters of invasion style warfare, a possible holdover from the intense beachhead invasions and naval guerrilla warfare that allows the future Blood Suns to strike as swiftly as the Cruentum currents. They descend upon the enemy as Angels of Death, in drop pods, diving aircraft, jump pack insertions, and fast mechanical deployments. There is no safe place when defending against an invasion from the Blood Suns, just some spots on the battlefield that are temporarily closer to a landing spot than another. While trained for zero gravity void combat, ship to ship boarding actions, systematic underground exterminations, and close quarters urban warfare, the Sons of the Sun prefer open horizons and a sky over their head. If the enemy desires to hide in their holes, then orbital lances, subterranean charges, and promethium floods will flush such cowards out. 


When a more traditional frontal attack or land assault must be called for, large scale mechanical and armored assaults on fast, Lucifer patterned engines are preferred. While few other Space Marines can equal the skill of Blood Suns with jump packs, speeders, or aircraft, the various drivers of the vehicles using Rhino chassis make up for the lack of maneuverability of ground vehicles with a penchant for death-defying maneuvers that are unheard of among other mechanized infantry forces. The current record holding driver for such stunts among the chapter launched a Rhino off a small bluff, over a dwelling, and landed upon five Orks caught underneath. It was reported that one neighboring Ork of the same squad started to speak his disbelief of such an amazing trick, but didn't get to his second word before tactical marines, flamers and bolters in hand, disembarked and cut down the entire Ork force.


The Trials of Scarthonyx

The Dark Eldar are constant raiders out on the Eastern Galactic Periphery as Imperial forces are sparse this far out. The Blood Suns, having met the Eldar's trickery countless times, have become one of the most adept Imperial forces to countering the quick Eldar speeders and skimmers. In the compliant colonist world of Scarthonyx, one squad of Assault troopers were awarded for their amazing artifice of war by either dropping themselves onto the open topped skimmers as they passed under, or timing their ascent to grab upon the dangling racks and blades underneath, causing some skimmers to crash and many times slaughtering the pilots to ensure such a fiery end. One marine, Brother Azmodus, was seen still fighting Eldar pirates as the skimmer disappeared into the Webway, and many believe the unprecedented two year halt to the raids afterwards might have something to do with Azmodus's actions on the other side of the portal.


The Kraken Released on Jumantium

The Blood Suns have much experience in the past decades that Hive Fleet Kraken has descended upon Imperial Worlds. As the Blood Suns have lost much of the compassion towards humans in their constant suppression of rebellious forces, the main tactic is to allow a hive fleet to invade a world and then either poison the planet with virus bombs or torch it ahead of the conquest, whichever will weaken the hive fleet by expending or wasting resources. But a local forgeworld, a rarity this far from Mars, had to be protected, and so four companies mobilized to defend it.  Initially, the chapter master at the time saw the futility of a prolonged ground campaign, so strike cruisers and smaller frigates deposited strike teams of marines in the outlying asteroid belt mining colonies. Using atomic blasts, these asteroids were pushed into the path of the largest of the command hive ships. Some were able to be dodged, but the movements pressed the enemy Tyranid ships into a closer cluster, allowing Imperial ships to focus fire and outmaneuver the encrouching xenos. As the last volley of the asteroids approached, atomic charges blasted many of the rocks apart, creating small, mineral missiles hurling at near the speed of light in the deep space void. These remnants were able to pierce and stop the ship containing the Norn queen of this splinter fleet, and with the head of the organism based fleet lost, the remaining marines were successful in wiping the system over the next two years of prolonged purge missions. During this time, the forge fires of Jumantium never stopped, but shells, rounds, and ammunition supplies were, at one point, being taken from the assembly lines directly to the front defense forts of those marines defending the Forges.


The chapter is no longer Codex adherent, as the circumstances of their deployment beyond many supply lines has lead each company to be more self sufficient. Therefore, each company is a self contained battle, scout, and veteran hierarchy, with reserves only existing in theory. Every company has a commander, librarian, and priest or chaplain, a few squads of veterans to lead the other squads or form lead strike elements, several squads of scouts and inductees to teach, and various tactical, assault, and devastator marine squads. The various armories of each company will have some bikes, speeders, dedicated transports, and supporting armor, but with the chapter prioritizing high impact, invasion strategies as battles must be won quickly and decisively before moving on to the next battlefield, drop pods, jump packs, and flyers are predominant in all companies.


1 Battle Barge - The Flow of Red Honor

5 Strike Cruisers

11 Rapid Strike Vessels

The Blood Suns believe that the High Lords of Terra are not to be trusted. This belief has led them to set their home so far from the light of the Astronomicon, and out of the prying eyes of the agents of the High Lords, like the Inquisition. They believe the Omnissiah beliefs practiced by the Mechanicum to be a heresy, as they more closely remember the teachings of the original Imperial Truth. They don't deny the amazing psyker power of the Emperor or Sanguinius, but don't place them in the realm of some omniscient, benevolent divine being either. Both had flaws, and those flaws live in the blood and minds of the Blood Suns, who wait for the future of redemption they will be lead to by their red and copper suited leader which was prophesied of by the original founding Sanguinary Priest. They venerate Sangiunius as a role model, and follow his teachings. These beliefs are closely held to only adherants of the chapter, and with their reclusive nature, there is little fear of prolonged questioning by the Inquisition.


Also, the Blood Suns believe that the end of the Imperium is nigh, and  that they have a duty to purge the galaxy of the enemies of Man as much as possible, hoping that the "Long Night" between the next Age of Darkness is shortened and more likely to allow a resurgence of human activity if the xenos threats are extinguished prior to the fragmentation of the Imperium.

New recruits for the Blood Suns are inducted regularly. Of the many inhabitants of Cruentum, those who are great athletes, warriors, or unusually brave will attempt to climb the Peak to speak to the supposed red spirits who live upon the mountain. These petitioners are either seen in broken husks that have tumbled down the mountain, or return in almost unrecognizable glory in bright colored armor several years later to speak of the glory of service in the Angels. The climb up the two mile peak, near the edge of the breathable atmosphere, is arduous and plagued by predatory avians who could eat men whole, just as they are used to fishing in the waters surrounding the Peak. Careful planning for the ascent, bravery and courage beyond those of most mortals, and skills perfected over a decade of survival on the harsh seas of Cruentum, are necessary to reach the copper gates of the Peak. Those who make it are welcomed by other serfs in the process of being inducted, and the physical process where a mortal man is turned into an Astartes of the Blood Suns is begun shortly thereafter. Unlike other Blood Angel successors, the physical transformation has a much higher success rate than many, but the Chaplains and Priests are in disagreement on why such a high rate exists. 

The first assignment after a decade in the Scout squads of the different companies is a refining of their aim and weapon prowess amongst the Devastators, with their second assignment being as Assault Marines. Those who can keep their blood lust in check during both ranged and close melee are then promoted to the Tactical squads where they fill any role needed on the battle field. 

Time is very rigidly structured for an Astartes not actively campaigning. The Blood Suns believe martial discipline comes from the combination of physical and mental discipline that is only achieved with ritual, practice, regimen, and effort that is maintained by the Chaplains and Priests of the chapter. Studies of philosophy, tactics, Imperial history, xeno physiology and weaknesses, art, math, mechanics, military theories, and many other areas are as important in holding back the Red Thirst or Black Rage as the physical discipline found in combat and weapons training, exercise, conditioning, and regular hypno-therapy. Time is allotted even when it comes to when and where they are permitted individual expression of the arts, and marines are given the subject matter to create about. This creates a unity in the chapter that is surprising to others who see it, as the frater are more united in expression, ideas, beliefs, and temperament than most other Chapters. This kind of cohesion is necessary when there is such a diverse amount of threats surrounding the chapter.

For Sanguinius! For our Emperor! We Burn bright, and bring the long night upon our foes!

Blood Angels based.


Chapter Master - Kreios - Called the lord or master. He is master of a thousand campaigns, having been responsible for the wars to cause the extinction of a dozen xenos species single handedly, Kreios's legend amongst the chapter is as bright as the double sun system the Blood Suns call home. He is a former Sanguinary Guard, and was promoted to the position of Chapter Master from the Sanguinary Priesthood. All Chapter Masters are promoted from the Sanguinary Guard, but not all Chapter Masters have to be priests. Many are. Like all previous chapter masters, he retains the same suit of Sanguinary armor that each chapter master has used. As it is so old, it has irreparably lost or damaged the single thruster that modern Sanguinary Guards have, and been replaced with a double thruster jump pack. 


Chief Epistolary Librarian - Saint Michael, the Arch Angel. A psyker of great power, he has permanent psychic wings which seem to emanate from his body. Once, on a combat assault mission while jumping out of a Stormraven, his jump pack failed. Availing himself of the broken machinery, he used his powers to guide himself safely to the ground. The Psychic impact of his fall killed hundreds of Orks upon landing. He wields the force axe that is common within the library of the chapter. Because of this incident, he will not don the Terminator armor some Librarians prefer, finding it too cumbersome, and is often found in the front of battle, his axe cracking with power and psyker might.


Master Techmarine - Orestes - Master artificer and a devoted technician. He loves fixing the land raiders and flies the Stormravens himself sometimes. Orestes has forsaken the Machine God, like all Techmarines in the Blood Suns, due to its heretical bent. The normal machine cog imagery was changed to a nova sun. They have abandoned many of the rituals, incense, and other decorations that typical Techmarines possess, and paint their armor in Chapter Colors except for a single bright, Blood Angel Red shoulder and knee pad for their squad markings. He forgoes the servo harness since he prefers the mobility of a single servo arm. 


2nd Company Captain Evander - "The Good Man" - He has been the 2nd Company commander for hundreds of years despite being a veteran of many campaigns. The 1st company commander has changed more often than Evander, who "hates the stench and enclosure of Terminator armour" and refuses to wear it. Evander has turned down promotions because they would sometimes take him into duty where his jump pack would not be useful. This restriction has placed him in a disfavored light to all the senior commands he's been under, but no one can deny the results from his miraculous precision when Deep Striking deep behind enemy lines.  He is famous for literally landing with his boots upon one great Ork Warboss who was upon the back of his personal transport, and then killing the driver of the Battlewagon so it collided with a Stompa, ending an Ork assault without even firing a bolt round.

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  • FOUNDING: Unknown, first mentioned in M34
  • CHAPTER MASTER: The First Warden
  • CHAPTER WORLD: Fleet based
  • FORTRESS MONASTERY: Ancient Battleship known as The Adamant
  • MAIN COLOURS: Steel and dark blue
  • SPECIALITY: Shock assault, decapitation strikes
  • BATTLE CRY: "Victory, Vigilance, Sacrifice!"
  • ALLEGIANCE: The Emperor and Humanity, mistrusted by the Inquisition and the Ministorum. Rumoured to have severed all ties to the other Sons of Sanguinius

Grey Warden (name unknown), ca. M40


Might add more later.

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Bearing in mind it's still very much WIP on the fluff front... 



Chapter Master Altergia


Captain Oriel - later in his career
My profile picture is their paint scheme - gallery seems to be down at the moment so I'll try and add it later

Notable Figures:

Chapter Master Altergia

Captain Oriel – ‘Arkangel’

Chaplain Renscatia

Sergeant Perasca

Librarian Venefix


Scions of Rot:

Librarian Odiare – Foul Heretic and Traitor to the Chapter

Proditor Klarx – Traitor Captain


The Scarlet Sons are a Space Marine chapter in the 41st Millenium. Severely depleted by constant warfare and costly battles the Chapter now numbers fewer than one hundred Space Marines. Of course, it goes without saying that these hardbitten, remaining few warriors are the toughest the Chapter has to offer. The Chapter still has fairly decent access to wargear but continuously resemble a traditional strike force from another chapter. Despite their low numbers The Scarlet Sons are still steadfastly dedicated to their mission: the protection of the Imperium’s citizens.

A relatively new chapter The Scarlet Sons were founded in M37 as a Blood Angel successor Chapter. Securing permission for the founding the Adeptus Mechanicus approached a number of first founding chapters for warriors that they felt were capable of moulding their own chapter.

Fresh from a campaign against the renegade Space Marines; The Purge, Sergeant Aurelius Skarlett of the Blood Angels was chosen to lead this new successor Chapter. Proud beyond belief, Skarlett had defeated the genocidally maniacal chaos Space Marines of The Purge following the death of his Captain in a brilliant trap wiping out a warband of the Renegades to the last man. Skarlett himself single-handedly slicing through the Lord’s terminator bodyguard with a power spear and sword. He was the perfect candidate to lead a brand new Chapter and mould them into the perfect warriors.

With the first batch of marines for the new Chapter named after their first Chapter master it was found many of the worst excesses of bloodlust and, indeed, the black rage had been bred out of them; replaced by an extreme pride in their tactical skill and martial prowess. However this was tempered by the almost uncaring attitude toward the citizens of worlds that they fought upon. Initial combat assignments for the limited numbers of marines created saw that they often recognized the value of refugees as bait to bloodthirsty enemies such as Chaos Renegades and Ork. In one case they lured an entire Ork Warband onto an unprotected refugee column before counterattacking from concealed positions with heavy use of armour and wiping out the Ork force. Needless to say casualties on the hapless refugees caught in the crossfire were heavy.

Priding themselves on the destruction of mankind’s foes wherever they might be found the Sons took a great deal of pride in the martial skills that they used to carry out their missions. This was coupled with a sense of irrelevance for the lives of the ordinary Imperial citizen and the Sons began to take part in missions far in isolation of allied Imperial Guard and local civilian populations. Those too weak to defend themselves, some in the chapter whispered, deserved to die.

The events that bought about the near destruction of The Scarlet Sons were, unsurprisingly bought about by the ends of their extreme pride. While on campaign defending the planet of the hive city of Cadonar from insurrectionist rebels demanding the end to the heavy tithes of the administratum two full battle companies; the fourth and sixth companies snapped. Resenting being stuck in the grinding attrition of a siege; forced to defend those they deemed too weak to defend themselves they were corrupted by the temptations every marine faces. Crushing the rebels in a titanic tank sortie utilizing many of their favoured tactics the Sons returned triumphant to the hive. Entering with a gigantic parade down the central boulevard from the main hive gates a horrifying massacre occurred as the full two companies disembarked from their rhinos and opened fire on the massed crowds of civilians. Declaring the weak unfit to live and a new reign of natural selection the newly renamed Scions of Rot recruited their own auxiliaries from amongst the hives human defenders and put to sword the remainder. The choice was simple – resist and die or, if deemed worthy, join the Scions.

Summoned by a loyalist member to the 6th company who managed to escape the massacre – Oriel, the leaders of the Sons realized the seriousness of the situation; and also realized the Imperium could absolutely not find out; the attention of the Inquisition and the tarnishing of their name was more than could be accepted by the prideful Chapter Master Secratia. The pride of the Sons would forever be tarnished and their honour in tatters. Mustering as many marines as he could Chapter Master Secratia led all available forces – near six hundred marines in wrathful vengeance upon Cadonar. However, there was near mutiny with almost half the first company refusing to join the attack: many of these marines having previously served in the fourth and sixth companies. Due to this most of the chapter armoury, normally reserved for first company use was distributed amongst the other companies and its marines never assembled into a full formation. Arriving in system in good time the Sons immediately undertook landings and assembled a huge armoured force to force its way into the hive and bring their brothers to justice, blasting huge breaches into the hives walls from orbit in preparation for the ground attack.

Having realized they stood little chance against a full Space Marine assault the Scions had broken down into smaller groups and fought a war of deception and delay ambushing numerically inferior sections of the Sons force while letting their human levies steadied by a few choice battle brothers delayed the clumsy armoured thrusts. The battle raged for weeks as both sides battled to gain the upper hand. Casualties were heavy on both sides and thousands of Cadonar levies and hundreds of Space Marines lost their lives in the grim and bitter struggle, however the Scions were forced further and further back week by week. Eventually following the committal of focussed armoured spearheads the Loyalists broke through into the upper levels of the hive and forced the Scions to commit all their remaining forces. The hive quite literally shook as four full battle companies of Sons and the former 6th company Scions, now about half the Scion force hurled themselves at each other. The Scions were outnumbered and outgunned by the superior numbers of Sons battle tanks. Nonetheless losses were horrific on both sides. At the height of the battle Chapter Master Secratia led a first company armoured assault led by Land Raider-mounted Terminators upon the centre of the traitor positions to “cut off the head of the snake” as he put it; Librarian Odiare, the Scion that it became apparent was in command. Twenty Terminator Armoured marines and another forty assorted veterans formed into a formation named ‘Scalpel Force’ rushed the ‘Square of the Emperor’s Justice’ and battled their way into the traitor positions in the Cathedral. It was here that the scale of their erstwhile brothers became apparent; Odiare had transformed Cadonar’s cathedral into a giant shrine to the purity of death. Rotting corpses of Cadonar’s nobility were suspended from the ceiling on chains and the reek of pestilence was in the air. With redoubled fury the First Company strode forwards into the teeth of the Scion defences. At the height of the battle Chapter Master Secratia led the charge at Odiare who met him in single-combat, striking him down after luring him into a prideful solo attack as he became isolated from his retinue. Ripping Secratia apart with his force spear Odiare offered up Secratia’s very soul to the dark gods as a sign of the Scions new path. Noxious toxins filled the air and even the Space Marines in their power armour were struck down by it, decaying even as they breathed their last. Making good their escape the remaining Scions made their escape as the Cathedral came crashing down. Hours after the cathedrals destruction the remaining Scions either surrendered or were killed. Only about thirty or forty Scions; those accompanying Odiare as he fled the Cathedral were able to make good their escape. The remainder were either killed or captured. Those captured were, of course, executed following interrogation.

Following Cadonar the Sons altered their tactics accordingly. The defection of a fifth of their strength was grievous enough if that weren’t to take into account the casualties taken neutralising them. Only about Five Hundred marines remained and much of the First Company had horrendous injuries from the foul sorceries of Odiare. It was down to new Chapter Master, and former First Company Captain Altergia to restructure and rebuild. Realizing a change was needed Altergia ordered extensive use of bionics to rebuild those members of First Company grievously injured in the chaotic plague attack. Hiding the extent of their injuries beneath long robes these marines were placed into positions of command; Altergia considered that these marines knew the lessons of pride best and would prove intelligent leaders as well as having the most experience out of most of the Chapter.

They will willingly hurl themselves into active warzones to protect the helpless. Travelling the Imperium in their ship-borne fortress monastery – The Ark, the Sons offer a new life to the down-trodden citizens of the Imperium that they save from certain death. Some of these new recruits have indeed started the journey to become space marines – rejuvenating the Sons Scout Company while many thousands more serve the Sons in an auxiliary role, cooking, cleaning and some secretly arming themselves and training. Although it would be heavily frowned upon to have such a deadly and completely independent force as a full Space Marine chapter complete with accompanying Auxillaries these new soldiers remain a secret on the Ark. Just one of many that the Chapter hides…

Sergeant Oriel – ‘Arkangel’

Playing a crucial role in the battle of Cadonar by leading the Eighth Company to the summit of the breach in the hives curtain walls at Cadonar would make Oriel an important figure alone. However, following the conclusion to the Cadonar fighting Oriel developed a fanatical devotion to destroying the remaining Scions still at large. Despite having not been present at Secratia’s death Oriel was still recognized by Altergia as being an astute tactical leader and one that could help guide the Chapter on its new course. He was thus promoted to the equivalent of the Captain of First Company in normal codex Astartes terms; in practice he commands the ‘First Cohort’ and by extension the first through to the third cohorts that operate from the Sons battle barge, ‘The Ark.’ Oriel is widely recognized as the greatest warrior of the Chapter as it stands and is respected by all his peers as such.


The Scarlet Sons have been hugely depleted in recent years; primarily against rogue elements of their own Chapter but also by constant attritional warfare. To this end the Chapter is organized into five cohorts of approximately a hundred Space Marines each, although losses will erode the strength of these formations overtime. These cohorts are largely independent of each other although individual marines and equipment will occasionally be transferred. Each cohort is designed to be able to carry out most missions assigned to it independently although, admittedly this will often revolve around the protection of local imperial citizens. The first through to the third Cohorts are all based upon The Ark, the Sons battle barge and thus often operate together as a combined force while the fourth and fifth are each based upon their own Strike Cruisers as mobile response forces deemed too small to visit on The Ark with the fourth and their strike cruiser doubling up as the Chapter Librarium.

The vast majority of the Sons have several centuries experience under their belts by now and, and although their armoury might have slowly eroded with time and the pressures of combat they are perfectly willing to scavenge and press into service older marks of armour and older equipment. Furthermore, following the tragic events on Cadonar the Chapter armoury was opened up to all Battle Brothers which has led to a greater preponderance of relics and older marks of armour amongst the Sons.


Being Space Marines the bolter remains the standard armament of the Chapter. However, there is a focus upon handheld and light infantry support weapons as opposed to Heavy Weapons following their adaptation after Cadonar.

Beyond this, since the earliest days of the Chapter the Sons have taken after their founder ‘Aurelius Skarlett’ and wield ‘Power Spears;’ a variation of power weapon that is seldom used. Glaive Encarmines are much more common amongst standard Veteran squads with the Sons choosing not to field a Sanguinary Guard instead distributing the equipment more widely. Short stabbing power swords are also popular and are often taken as a secondary weapon alongside a power spear or glaive encarmine. Veteran squads also have similar wrist-mounted bolters to those used by the Sanguinary Guard of other Blood Angel derived Chapters. Their armoury includes a few similar specimens although these are reserved for higher ranking marines.


A 'Sons' veteran squad


In a major difference to the Codex Astartes Sons display ornate Chapter heraldry on their right shoulder pad and the heraldry of their cohort on the left.



The idea is that they're basically the Dark Angels of the Blood Angels (if that makes any sense) being all secretive and vengeful etc.

I'm working on my own homebrew novel (very early stages) which I'm quite willing to share with people if they're interested

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