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Almagor's Dark Angels


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Hello everyone. I am new to Warhammer 40K and wargaming in general. I have been collecting and painting Dark Angels models for the past year or so, ever since I got the Dark Vengeance starter kit as a gift from an uncle for my wedding (no, he is not the weird uncle everyone seems to have in their family, I asked for the kit myself… the idea was to start a hobby that does not involve me staring at a monitor for all day, every day).  My actual gaming experience is a grand total of two games: 500pt vs Skitarii and 1850pt vs Harlequins, both of which I enjoyed immensely and lost badly. So, baby steps… In this thread I will post from time to time pictures of models I have painted. Hope you like them, and I am always open to criticism and suggestions. I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the pictures. When I started this hobby I did not realize that photography is going to be such an essential skill. So I am learning that along with painting and playing the game.


IMG 20170312 113019

IMG 20170312 113055

IMG 20170312 113258

IMG 20170312 114714

IMG 20170312 114731

IMG 20170312 114746

IMG 20170312 115011

IMG 20170312 115023

IMG 20170312 115044

IMG 20170312 115337

IMG 20170312 115358

IMG 20170312 115451


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Fresh from the dungeons of the Rock (i.e. my dark and dreary hobby room), newest addition to my growing Dark Angels army: It’s Asmodai! Master of Repentance, Chief of the Fun Police and public relations officer of the Dark Angels.

It’s the first resin model I have painted. Not sure I managed to repair all the casting defects but overall I’m happy with the end result. Also my edge highlighting seems to be improving. Still a bit dark… maybe just forgo all those shades of grey and highlight with pure white?


IMG 20170325 220757

IMG 20170325 220733

IMG 20170325 220724

IMG 20170325 220710

IMG 20170325 220630

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He looks great! 


What are you referring to with the highlights? The smoke, cloak or the armour?




I'm referring to the black parts, the armour and backpack. I'm trying to get the hang of painting black armour, GW style, with double edge highlight: dark grey and light grey. It seems to me that the highlight is too subtle and does not define the armor plates well enough.

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Every army needs a commander in chief. Trouble is, ours is a rather old metal model, so I decided to make a conversion made entirely out of plastic parts but with maximal resemblance to the original. The biggest difference is of course the banner. The current one is a detachable placeholder, I’ll keep it till my freehand skill (which is close to an absolute zero at the moment) improves sufficiently to try a remake of the original.


IMG 20170408 184412

IMG 20170408 184602

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You started a year ago :0 but your conversion and painting skills are top notch man! Whats the secret? You went to art school?


Thank you!


Nope, I'm an engineer. No formal education in arts. I took up this hobby exactly because i felt my "artsy" side is underdeveloped, so I do try to take this hobby seriously. Usually I just look up stuff on the net for inspiration, then look up all sorts of tutorials. The rest is experience through "trial and error", I do it slightly better with every new model.


Here for example are my first tactical sergeant (and first character model) and my fourth tactical sergeant side by side:


IMG 20170406 084515

The two models were painted less than a year apart.
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Here is my version of Ezekiel. The idea was to make a plastic model in the spirit of the original metal one.

The torso of Company Master Balthasar from the Dark Vengeance kit was ideal because the stance and the two-hand grip of the sword are nearly identical. It took a bit of effort to carefully remove the combi-plasma and the wing ornament from the shoulder, and cover the damage with greenstuff and epoxy putty.

Codicier Turmiel, also from the Dark Vengeance kit, donated his sword blade, backpack and book.

The head was the real challenge. It’s made from the hooded head from the Dark Angels Ravenwing upgrade sprue, the mask from a bareheaded and masked head and the optical piece from a generic space marine helmet (from the command squad sprue). The rest is greenstuff. It took 4 failed attempts till I got one right.

The dagger and keys are from the Dark Angels infantry upgrade sprue. The banner is detachable and will probably be replaced with an original one made with freehand art (once I learn how to do freehand).


IMG 20170417 170305

IMG 20170417 170332

IMG 20170417 170350

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Just finished another addition to my army: Belial, Grand Master of the Deathwing!


This finecast model of was in a rather bad shape when i got it. Besides the blade that was bent at about 45' (which is mandatory for all resin models i guess...) it was also full of tiny holes, indentations instead of rivets, miscasts that looked like weird crooked mold lines and various other small defects. So it spent over a year in its blister till i finally got the courage to tackle it. By the time i was half finished repairing it, the model looked pockmarked with greenstuff and smeared with epoxy putty. At some point i just gave up and said: well, i'll just leave the rest and hope it will look like realistic damage after painting.


Hope I did this model justice:


IMG 20170425 204926

IMG 20170425 204915

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