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For those who aren't aware, my main army is Blood Angels in 40k and I have a blog located over in the BA sub-forum.
As my collection has grown over the years, I've started to incorporate more and more Forge World into my collection and rather than clutter up my main blog, I've decided to move some of them out to here.
I should point out that this blog will be on a slow burn: I'm not the fastest painter at the best of times and the stuff to be added here is done on an as-and-when basis. Whilst 40k BA remain my primary focus, my group is moving more and more towards 30k so it's likely that I'll be adding more and more as time goes on. I also promise to keep all the 40k stuff out of the blog (especially the Mk VII stuff) where appropriate, but will likely be asking for help with conversions. I'll also be posting battle reports here too.
Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy the blog and I look forward to your comments :smile.:

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Without further a do, here's my pride and joy:

Obligatory box pic with icons and Tank Crew


Dryfit stage. Opted to magentise the barrel so it can pivot and so I can one day swap it around and use her as a Typhon - would require something like Puppetswar's Big Momma Cannon and lots of magnets...


WIP stage. Currently she at my group's "Battle Ready" standard (three base colours and based)


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BaC Contemptor

Last update for today is the BaC Contemptor I painted for last year's ETL:

What I want is a lot more options than what BaC gave me, so I've picked up a lascannon and chainfist arm:


Magnetisation and dryfit shot. Also added some etched brass:


One somewhat rushed completion:


I've still got a fair bit to do here, which includes finished off the paint job (highlights, some shading, changing that bright silver to gold, etc)

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Sicaran Battle Tank

What follows is the paper trial for my Sicaran, which I (re)built for the Blood & Zeal event (Feb-March) and subsequently painted to "battle ready" standard for my group's Apocalypse:

Hidden Content

I Reclusiarch Jolemai, first of his name rise to the Elites challenge of Blood & Zeal and vow to build one Relic Sicaran Battle Tank for a combined total of 14 PL on or before 2359 UTC March 12th, 2018. Success will bring honour to the Blood Angels Faction, whilst failure is not an option...


Yes I really did break apart my Sicaran so I could build it properly and without blue-tack for this event...

Order of the day is a full weapon select, so that's magentised sponsons for lascannon/heavy bolter/none (which I have a lovely solution for) and maybe the pintle weapons if I can find them. Also got lots of cutting, smoothing, a bit of warping to sort out, pinning, and the obligatory addition of green stuff to do.

Sicaran update

Something I've had in mind for ages, here is my solution to a sponsonless Sicaran:


28 mm base and a Stormraven icon

Vow complete


and extras


Opted against rivets as I have none. Went for the larger look as I like the change in size; it seems to fit the model well. I used the following video for the build and magnetising the sponsons onto the body:

(get your tin strips from the bottom of Pringles tubs!)

and I used this one (well, parts 1/2/3/4) for the weapon change:


Sicaran Sponson

Quick shot of how the sponsons and panel is attached. For the latter the tin is attached to sprue "pegs" which conveniently was the right size!


Sicaran WIP


From here it's the second coat of red, washes (metal and red) + tidy ups, highlights, detail.

However, I think it needs something else to mark it as Blood Angels when it has sponsons, so I might stick on some brass etch.

She's not perfect but I enjoyed getting her to this stage. She just needs washing, tidying, highlighting, and details before she's complete.

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Ohhhhh a Cerberus! Not very often you see one of those bad boys! How’d she go together? I’m considering getting one for my 1k sons!


Also. Welcome to the heresy brother!


She's a few years old now so her tracks have to added separately (no idea if FW "upgraded" the design on this like the did the Spartan), and this meant there was some hefty chucks of resin to remove, but other than that it went together fine and she's held by superglue. Of course, it's FW so anything you get is pot luck...


So far she's only been used once in 30k (trading shot with a Typhon of all things) and a few times in 40k 7th edition. Whilst I still think of her as the pride and joy of my army, she flatters to deceive these days as she gets focused early on (her debut saw her neuter a Reaver with two lasblasters and a dual turbo-laser, so folk don't let her do much now) :(

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  • 5 months later...

Put together the following for an event in the BA forum, but I feel he'd make a good Consul of sorts. What vibe do you get from him? the arms are magnetised so I can tweak as I see fit.











He's almost bordering on Iron Hands territory there Jolemai, i'm guessing he saw service on Signus Prime or Murder. :wink:

I can see him as a straight-up veteran Centurion or Praevian if you like running robots. With a different backpack, a Master of Signal.


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Cheers. I normally don't care much for bionics (BA would do the aesthetics better imo) but in 30k I can see them being in use.


One thing I really want is Vorax (no idea why, just really like the classic feel of them) so a Praevian would be a good shout :tu:

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Consul (Librarian) on Jetbike

Whilst not 100% complete (needs touch ups and highlights), here is my Librarian on Jetbike model. The pictures below are taken from the ETL and it displays the model in it's 40k loadout (I use it as a Librarian on bike) - the heavy bolter hasn't been finished yet.


I have the rider elsewhere and the other heavy weapons, so I can run this as a "normal" Jetbike once I acquire enough to run a squad. After that it's tactics and working out if it will mesh with my 30k plans (RoW: Armoured Breakthrough).

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A wild update appears:

Hyperios Command Platform

Had a window to do something small and this was knocking around:


It also doubles up quite nicely as a Damocles Command Rhino proxy.


Was hoping to update this thread before now but things haven't panned out that way. My Cerberus is due to be finished by the end of the year but hopefully I can squeeze in something else before then :)

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Cerberus WIP

Work continues on the Cerberus. Main gun hinge fixed and I've magnetised the sponsons. Pintle gunner is complete bar assembly. Need to tweak some other bits too but otherwise, it's (kinda) on course to be done by the end of the month.


I, Reclusiarch Jolemai , embark on the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge, and for the month of December pledge to complete 1x Cerberus Heavy-tank Destroyer to the defence of the Imperial Faction by month's end.


To do:
  • Subsequent coats of red, recess wash, highlight
  • Detail
  • Magnetisation (just weapon mounts left, weapons complete)
  • Assemble and touch up
  • Bonus - if I have time I might go for muzzle burn, but this remains in the maybe category.

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  • 1 month later...

Dreadnought and Compemptor Dreadnought WIP

Been working on getting these up to speed for the 12M Challenge:


I, Reclusiarch Jolemai , embark on the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge, and for the month of March pledge to complete 1x Contemptor Dreandought, 1x Dreadnought, 5x Scouts, 1x Tactical Marine by month's end.


To do:

  • Contemptor: Finish magnetisation on wargear options, paint to completion, paint base
  • Dreadnought: Finish magnetisation on wargear options, paint to completion

  • Infantry: Paint base, any touch ups.

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Dreadnought/Mortis Dreadnought

Removed the assault cannon photo as it's not relevant. I tend to use this more often than not as a Mortis in 40k but like to have the options - As such, it can be a Dreadnought or Mortis Dreadnought for 30k games.

To be honest, I eventually would like a second or third list that makes use of troops and Dreadnoughts and so on. That's a long way off, however.

March Update 1/3

Dreadnought (and options) complete:



So, why did I give this model a facelift when I tend not to do that to older models? The first reason was that I was never happy with it; the base was streaky and despite being mostly complete, the red armour only had one coat and was also streaky. The second was that the Rifleman arms were painted to a different standard and everything needed to be consistent. The third was that it was still using blu-tack and had no bling.

It now has magnstised hips (similar to my Imperial Knight and Contemptor arms) which allows full motion around the ball joint and magnetised underslung secondary weapons (the arms are fine with the pegs). The detail was completed and the base was moved up to my current level (which is, imo, a big improvement). The one thing I liked about the older paintjob was the drybrushed edge highlights, so I put these back on the model afterwards. I may stick to the drybrush on vehicles and just paint them onto troops, haven't decided yet.

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