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Inquisitors (and their Retinues) Showcase

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Just a fun little topic for inspiration really...!


Show me your warbands, so any models that fall under:

  • Inquisitors
  • Acolytes
  • Crusaders
  • Death Cults
  • Jokaero
  • Deamonhosts
  • Servitors
....And pretty much anything else that once appeared in an Inq book, or henchman squad!
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Well I tried to post mine but Photobucket is being a butt for some reason. Basically it's a bunch of minis I didn't have other uses for who get to play inquisitor. All your guys' stuff is great though :) Edited by Kinstryfe
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Inquisitor Gerrit Jansen (not- Coteaz):

So far his warband is comprised of just former Donian Justice of the Peace (an Arbite-esque role), Pieter van Zyl and Kapitan Geerhardt de Vries, last surviving member of the 12th Donian Fusiliers:

His colleague Inquisitor Jacobin Constantjin has a fuller warband:

Host of the demon Yr'katha:

Acolyte brothers Christoph and Jan Koeppe, formerly of the Viruvian 28th:

Acolyte Mason Robespierre, former regiment redacted in records, and Tech-Initiate Arlyx Gren (Jokaero):

Acolyte Karl Stigler, former grenadier of the 134th Krieg Heavy Infantry:


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Since we should be seeing a resurgence of Inquisitors gracing the halls of the B&C soon, I figured I'd create a showcase topic. Prudently, I performed a search and found that such a topic already exists, so I'm bumping it up to the front page for visibility (and it will be added to the Inquisitor Resources listing).
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Still working on the retinues in between doing my DW stuff so here are the stuff I have painted, that's Inquisition related!
Gideon Lorr

Gideon Lorr

Daemonhost  still WIP as I need to finish the base

IMG 3465 (2)

Eisenhorn & his personal Redeemer

Eisenhorn 2

Redeemer (side2)

Redeemer (side1)

Redeemer (front)

Going out of town next week so when I get back from vacation I'll start working on my acolytes and others for the retinues.



Edited by Kolgrim DeathHowl
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I forgot about this topic, I have two Inquisitors painted up currently:


Inquisitor Yuji, also from the Ioria Campaign

Hidden Content
Once a humble Guardsman from a primitive planet - its best export being the clan soldiers - he was plucked from his regiment to serve in a fledgling acolyte cell. His skills as a scout and marksman matched with his strong albeit simple faith made him an ideal warrior for the Inquisition's cause. Through many investigations and battles against myriad and sometimes terrible foes he emerged triumphant, constantly learning and developing himself. Learning to read and taking an interest in more he was soon marked out as an acolyte who could go somewhere and indeed so he proved.

Though his inquisitive mind (but not dangerously so...) made him an able investigator he only truly felt at home on the battlefield. Blasting xenos to smithereens with sanctified weapons, hacking traitors apart with skilled blade or ambushing heretics with merciless efficiency - these were the duties in which he excelled. So as Yuji become an Inquisitor in his own right did he take to the battlefield more readily where his experience and talents are best put in service to the God-Emperor.

Currently working for the infamous Inquisitor Lord [REDACTED], Yuji has found a comfortable home with the 144th Arukan. Overseeing the regiment as the Inquisitor Lord's representative has given him a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie he sometimes missed as an agent of the Throne. In turn the Arukani admire and respect their "Soldier Inquisitor" and more than a few stories are told of his timely arrival to unleash death and destruction on witches and their ilk. He is particularly proud of the beret he was gifted - marking him as an adopted Arukani - he feels it helps ground him and remember his origins.


Inquisitor Helena "the golden flame", heroine of the Imperium!
Hidden Content
Inquisitor Helena was once a humble member of the Emperor's Imperial Guard, like so many others enlisted and trained to fight in the many wars to protect His domain. Eventually they came up against a fight they couldn't win; an isolated position that had to be held at all costs against a huge alien assault. The warriors of Prushcan resolved to hold and die in the Emperor's name and so they did. Helena was the last survivor against all odds, as ammo was exhausted there was nothing left to give but her life and in one last show of defiance her suicidal counter charge unleashed the power of the warp - her latent psychic powers awakened.

Pushed to the limit with nothing more than the survival instincts learned on the harsh planet of her birth she reaped a bloody toll on the xenos. The offensive stalled as Firewarriors and even Crisis suits sent in were struck immobile by an unnatural terror and made easy pickings. The swift arrival of the infamous Inquisitor Lord [REDACTED] and his elite Stormtroopers made light work of the crippled enemy and the aliens suffered a catastrophic defeat that began the end of their expansion plans into the system.

Drawn by a brilliant psychic vision of fire and gold when Helena awoke, the Inquisitor Lord had rushed to the source convinced that such a vivid experience could only be the God-Emperor's work. He immediately recognised her talent and took her into his service, where the story of the "the golden flame" would truly begin. Wherever defeat leers at His forces, Helena turns the tide. Where hope is dying Helena reignites it. Stories abound of the golden flame's heroism, a legendary servant of the Emperor straight from the stories. Never giving up, always fighting onwards to victory and selflessly putting herself in harm's way to save even the lowliest of Guardsmen.

Privately haunted by the death of her platoon, she strives for victory no matter the odds. Time and time again the Inquisitor Lord puts her into the very fires of hell only for her to be forged anew, stronger and more resolute than before, and the stories of her heroics spreading to yet more eager ears. Whatever the Emperor has in plan for her it must greater still, and the Inquisitor Lord is very interested in finding out...

I offer you this chance but once, alien; return to whatever filthy place you came from. Leave now and stay on that world. If you do not I will bleed you on this planet. Your numbers count for nothing, I will slay your warriors and take your head. I will crush your fleet. I will follow the blighted path you took into His domain and I will burn your cities. I will exterminate your people, I will leave nothing but fire and ash.

I might look at add a new Inquisitor once I've read through the new White Dwarf :smile.:

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Now I've read through the WD updated rules I'm adding a bit more - some retainers:


Plus the ancient relic, Malus [REDACTED], personal transport of the Inquisitor Lord [REDACTED] himself long thought lost (under piles of dust):




This is truly a relic of a bygone age, back with the Witch Hunters codex. Before the days of washes :P I tried to get pictures of the interior as I put extra effort in there (added purity seals and script transfers) but it didn't work out :confused:

Might be a good time to return to it to spruce it up a little and finish the last details :smile.: Shame that it can't be a proper Inquisitorial transport but perhaps such halcyon days can return again...

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There's plenty of Inquisition and Sisterhood transfers, the lightning wings on the rear are from the Space Marine sheet (maybe not any more?). Freehand is something I can't do now, never mind all those years ago :lol: Transfers are easy enough to use it's the placement that decides how much harder it gets - fortunately the smooth, flat surfaces of vehicles are the easiest of places :)

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