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=][= Liber Event: Heralds of the Liber

Doctor Perils

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Some really good stuff being shown, I really approve. It's enough to make me decide to show off my second ever model painted.


Consul-Commander Ardghal of the Emerald Tigers


The Primaris reinforcements came to the Emerald Tigers at the most opportune time in their darkest hour. As the Highborn and Eyes of Tivan warbands rampaged across their Chapter's home world, the few remaining battle-brothers had made the fateful decision to hold the fortress-monastery alone. Chapter Master Cormac had fallen by some Chaos malady, and was on some distant outpost with a large contingent of the Chapter's Apothecarion. First Captain Cairbre, acting commander, had been embroiled elsewhere in a terrible battle. No news came from beyond the system since the traitors took orbital control, and the survivors were still reeling from the blow to their morale when the mighty War Ender's dreadnought frame was cast broken from the mountaintops. So it was an unexpected surprise when the night sky began to burn from the incandescent fury of an orbital battle, when drop pods slammed into the twisted, corrupt masses swarming their gates. Though these newcomers bore the Chapter colors and sigil, they were unfamiliar. Their speech did not have the Taran lilt, their war cries did not match the Chapter's own history. But they were a welcome relief nonetheless, and with their aid did a last stand end in a pyrrhic victory.


Morale was truly restored however, when Chapter Master Cormac himself stepped down a Thunderhawk ramp. Standing larger, bulkier than he had before, in modified plate, these Primaris apothecaries and the Gene-magos that had accompanied them had came across this Chapter outpost, and used their arcane sciences to bring their dying lord back from the brink to lead them once more. Standing alongside him was Berach Ardghal, consul-commander of the Primaris contingent. With the enemy pushed from the home world, their commander back in the lead and powerful reinforcements filling the ranks, the Emerald Tigers set the task of retaking the sector.

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Charger S. Dravestanys, 2nd Warhost, 4th Armoured Assault Regiment Northern Way (The Varyags), pictured ca. 001.M31


The model is well done; her backstory is well-written, but worrying. Did she remain loyal to the Emperor during the Heresy, or did she turn to Khorne (as suggested when you described how "she revelled in the bloodshed") or Slaanesh (as suggested when you described how she'd "fondle statues representing the local goddesses")?



The Northern Varyags joined the traitors and Svana was definitely following the Blood God, with a sprinkling of debauchery on the side.

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+Doom Slayers+

There is only war.

Doom Slayers Chapter Badge.

Ceryx 'The Herald'
Doom Slayers Assault Marine
Ceryx 'The Herald' is a devout follower of the Doom Slayers Mysteries Cult. The Chapter Reclusiarchs have gifted Ceryx with the Sacred Chains of Zeal and assigned him to an assault squad that befits his holy rage on the battlefield. His constant bellowing of the Catechisms of Hate can be heard on the field of war over the roar of chainsword and blast of bolt pistol. When not on the battlefield Ceryx maintains a constant state of prayer at one of the Chapter's many shrines, draped in black hooded robes with weapons at his side, his hands covered in the iron gloves of his power armor, the mumur of his prayers and the rattle of his Sacred Chains. While Ceryx maintains these long vigils a slight and putrid smell emanates from his words, the odor of corrosive acid and burning flesh as Ceryx suffers from an overactive Betcher's Gland that causes an abundance of acidic spital to run over his lips and down his chin creating a festering wound and scarring much of his lower face and neck. Because of all this he is considered a zealot by many of his Doom Slayers Battle-Brothers of lesser faith.


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Battle Brother Joric

[/basicheaderhalf; padding: 12px 8px 12px 8px; border: 1px solid #DDD; margin-left: 0 auto; text-align: left; color: #fff; text-indent:10px; font-size:130%; width:50%;">


Iron Heralds Fifth Company - Tactical Squad Secondus

The Iron Heralds are a Chapter equally as dedicated off the battlefield as on. Many take up pursuits outside of the duties ascribed them. They dedicate themselves to these tasks with a single minded devotion, as to steel their minds outside of war as to further protect against the malific influences of the Malaise. For Joric his pursuit has been the transcription of ancient manuscripts, particularly those of a tactical or militant nature. Indeed he even bears a passage of the Codex Astartes in flowing script around the markings on his armour that show him as a member of Tactical Squad Secundus. He is a consumate perfectionist when it comes to this pass time, knowing that a single misplaced word or mark can alter the meaning of a sentence entirely and thus the purity of the authors original purpose is lost. It is a dedication to perfection he takes to the battle field, making every round count and no shot is wasted, no move not considered or calculated.

He is a dedicated and loyal follower of the Chapter Creed, although some say this fanatical devotion to things being exactly as they should hides a far darker side, perhaps masking his own insecurities and demons through scripted perfection.

The White Talons are consumate warriors, dedicated to excess in all things martial as well as more… hedonistic pursuits. Serivio served with the original White Talons Chapter before the events that led to their subsequent excommunication and the war of attrition they have slowly fought against the Imperium of Man. Indeed Serivio was in command of one of the Tactical Squads that joined the assault of the Warborne’s homeworld of Alarum, his power sword taking a hefty toll on the loyalist astartes. And when the Chapter faced its judgement he was one to help the Chapter’s leadership escape. He was also one of the first to embrace the Prince of Pleasure’s embrace, like many of his brothers seeing the potential to be even greater warriors under the Dark Prince’s service.

It perhaps speaks to the Aspiring Champion’s talents as a leader that he, in the subsequent millennia, still hasn’t risen above command of a renegades. Admittedly though he claims to prefer to stay where he is, all the greater opportunity for blood shed and to prove his own martial superiority.

Serivio has recently been engaged alongside much of his renegade chapter on the world of Incipios, fighting against the forces of the Imperium, including the hated Iron Heralds Astartes whom were part of the triumvirate of Chapter’s that drove them from the Imperium to begin with.

[basicheaderhalf=; padding: 12px 8px 12px 8px; border: 1px solid #DDD; margin-left: 0 auto; text-align: left; color: #fff; text-indent:10px; font-size:130%; width:50%;">

Beleborous the Plague Whisperer


The Angels of Ultramar were never a Chapter to put much stock in the sorceries of the Warp, and as such their Librarium was small in number. The Chapter, founded soon after the Heresy, was still dedicated, at least in part, to the Edict of Nicea. So when they were betrayed on Laurettum by the Inquisitor none whom fought on the surface were psychically gifted and as such their were no sorcerers in the early Angels of Decay. It wasn't long before several on those whom longed for greater power sought out even greater blessings from their pestilent patron. Beleborous was one of those desiring greater powers. Before the fall he was Sargeant Belicius of one of the Angels Tactical Squads. Now he stands as a bloated and festering testament to the terrible and mighty powers of Grand Father Nurgle. His breath has brought plague and pestilence to thousands of worlds, in his wake a billion plague ridden husks and worlds embroiled in bubonic pustulence.

Edited by Brother Argent
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Guardsmen Donnan


13th New Eden Rifles

124th Infantry Division

211th Platoon


A native born New Eden Tribesman Donnan was one of the tribes that still nomadically wander between the vast continent spanning farmlands and pastures. When the orks attacked, as they often do, he and his fellow tribesmen happen to be in the right area at the right time, helping the planetary PDF drive the orks back. Impressed by the tribesmen valiant actions thje PDF forces invited them to a celebration of the victory in the local farm estate. It just so happened that this was at the time of the Emperor's Calling and, as the Imperial Transports arrived in the farm to collect those whose birth date had been drawn Donnan decided to go along with them. What other chance would he have to venture beyond New Eden and go wander the rest of the Imperium.

Of course life in the New Eden Rifles hasn't exactly lived up to the dream he thought it would but the unflappable Guardsmen has simply gone along wit the flow, as he has done all his life. If that flow has seen him pitted against horrors he could have only ever dreamed on in his darkest nightmare, no matter. As long as he continues to see new things, he is happy with his lot. Probably doesn't hurt that he cant understand what the rest of his squad are saying, having never bothered to learn the low gothic his comrades speak.


Sister Agnacia


Order of the Martyr's Shroud


An orphan left on the door steps of the Cathederal of the Risen Martyr Agnacia, as she was named, was assumed to be the child of one of the many pilgrims whom frequented the planet from all over the Imperium. A woman of few words she was given over to order to be raised into their ranks. She has since served with dedication, both in the hospice wards of the Order as well as on the front line, blessed bolter in hand, as she delivers the Emperor's judgement on the heretics. She is one of the few in the lower ranks of the order to have been able to see the blood stained shroud for which their order is named.

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Seukonnen: Thanks Brother! Your Bright Lords Sergeant looks awesome. I do not have an IA article yet. All I have so far besides this Liber post is my Doom Slayers WIP thread linked in my signature. There is a bit of fluff discussion in there after Olis got me to write a bit about them. I will try to keep on working on them. I created the story for Cyrex 'The Herald' specifically for this challenge because I wanted the Herald of the Liber badge for myself. I do plan to have an article here one day, but first I need to paint a small strike force, so I have something tangible to write about. 

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Illuminator of Avannel has served Craftworld Aduamar for the better part of two Millenion (two thousand long cycles of craftworld time, approximately three thousand standard Terran years). The Falcon design has been honed over the Craftworld’s existence to such a degree that Illuminator could hold strong in many a campaign for the craftworld’s kings, including the destruction of the Drukhari cult of Avannel, who had been attempting to subvert the local exodite populace to return to the old ways of debauchery and excess which had long ago caused the destruction of the greater Eldar Empire.
As most Aeldari wars, this was a rapid affair, with five hundred grav-tanks of the Craftworld leaving the webway simultaneously across the surface of Avannel - these unleashed destruction upon the Dark Eldar cultists’ transports and fleshcrafted creatures, while the troops they carried made short work of the Kabalite Warriors that protected the Haemonculi at the head of the cult.
The battle of Avannel came to a climax when Laudanius, Heir of Aduan, came into single combat against the head Haemonculus : as he was thrown down by the deranged physicians combat claws, all seemed lost for the Craftworlders, until this Falcon placed a well-aimed shot of its Bright Lance in the Drukhari leader’s head, obliterating the Haemonculus on the spot.

Edited by Lord Thørn
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The main event for Liber Day 2018 is now live: the Liber Cluster is revived and rearing to go - all it needs now is new blood, so head on over to take part :tu:


You may carry on posting your awesome entries for the Heralds of the Liber event till the end of the day (in whichever timezone you are). Whether you're a beginner painter, writer, or experienced at both, don't hesitate to post what you have to show - we aren't here to judge, we're here to see the myriad colours of factions in the 41st Millenium and read the stories of the poor souls that live there.

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Yay, I absolutely wanted to have a banner for my profile, so I quickly put some thing togheter^^.

...The orders were clear. Wait until the heaven burnes and then strike. Strike hard, Strike fast and show no mercy. Even as it goes against our very own.

The destroyer Isen Grim was from born on terra and was a veteran of the great crusade when his primarch was finallly found and they changed the grey of war against the gold of light. Not satisfied with the new direction Gwalchavad led the Wardens of Light, it was easy for Guaire Amalasan to sway Isen Grim and his Comrades and unite them unter the banner of brother murder. When the time came to strike agains their brothers, his squad showed no mercy. With forbidden weaponry they struck their brothers from behind, silencing any resistance without remorse. Lending a bloody hand to the efforts of the Space Wolves in purging the Wardens of Light, the Destroyer Squads of the XIth Legions sowed death and terror. The Wolves were disgusted by the bannermen of Guaire Amalasan and would the great wolf had ordered it, they would have slain them. But the Order never came as those Wardens were under protection from Roboute Guilliman and Malcador the Siglite. No harm should happen to them. And after the purge the rebellious elements should find a new home amoung the XIIIth. However, instead of new glories they got another reward: They were forgotten and any memories of the Apostles of War and Wardens of Light were lost forever.


Edited by MikhalLeNoir
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*cracks knuckles* Alright, here we go with some of the Chapters I am made over the years with the armies I use and some standalone miniatures that represent them:

gallery_26154_2055_1193.png gallery_26154_2055_130709.png

Having been recruited from the Silur clan on the Sons of Doom's homeworld of Auton, Veteran Brother Morten has risen through the ranks from Neophyte to earning the bronze helm of a Veteran over his centuries of service within the chapter. Proudly carrying the colours of the Sons of Doom, where the bronze represents the armour the inhabitants of Auton wore in ritual combat and the blue the warpaint they wore. The black and gold stripe representing his heritage to the Silur clan is also present upon his right greave, as the Sons of Doom value and honour the heritage and past of each battle brother's origins, serving to remind them of whom they fight for in the name of the Emperor and Rogal Dorn.

Morten joined the 1st Company, after his exemplary actions in leading his sub-squad of Tactical Marines in blunting and stopping a tide of attack vehicles of the Orks during the defence of Penella VII. His leadership and skills both with bolter and blade ensured his promotion to the 1st Company and to Squad Sedoro, after Veteran Axon was placed within the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought in the same campaign. Morten has collected a number of accolades alongside his promotion to the First, including numerous marksmanship honours and laurels, his greatest personal victory being the killing of Warsmith Orhuo of the Iron Warriors whilst retaking the Orbital Station of Arcturus Ultima.

med_gallery_26154_6860_958463.jpg med_gallery_26154_6860_696108.jpg

"Your presence on this world is an affront to the Emperor and to Rogal Dorn. We will remove your abhorrent taint from its surface, as is our duty as Vanquishers." - Brother Captain Elias Draeg to Lord Eradicator Varek Taros during the Battle for Transcendence

Leading his brothers from the front whenever possible, Captain Draeg displays all the tenets of the Vanquishers, enduring beneath the attacks of the enemy and ending their existence when the opportunity presents itself with righteous fury and firepower in the bright and proud colours of the chapter.

Having served for over two and a half centuries within the ranks of the Vanquishers, Brother Captain Elias Draeg, Master of the Fleet and commander of the Fourth 'Resilient' Company has become a leader renowned for his tactical genius in void warfare and surgical assaults utilising the spacecraft at his disposal. His first mark of honour was earned during his service in the 9th 'Perennial' Company, when his sudden leadership at the death of his commanding Sergeant to a sniper led to the sustained bombardment of an approaching rapid Aeldari assault. From that time onwards, Brother Draeg was marked for future leadership as he ascended through the reserve companies and into the Battle Companies. After the loss of Captain Astandor during the breaching of the captured Luna Class Cruiser "Saint Maxis' Blade", during the Brazen Gulf Crusade, the then Veteran Sergeant Draeg was chosen to uptake the mantle of Brother Captain and supervise and command the ships of the line within the Vanquishers' fleet. Since that time, the stubborn and near-maverick commander of the Fourth has earned numerous battle-honours and the slaying of many enemies of the Vanquishers and Imperium at large.


Well there's two for now, my camera's been misbehaving so the other photos and chapters will have to wait.


Edited by Brother Cambrius
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Veteran Sgt. Hayashi Stone - Elevated to the rank of Veteran Sergeant after leading his team in an assault upon an Ork Xenos form wreck-titan, Stompa class. While locking the vehicle in combat, his team allowed additional teams of a teleport assault attack to join the assault and bring the vehicle down. Continuing to relieve the pressure brought upon his tactical brethren who had entered the battle in drop pods, Stone lead those additional forces which included Brothers Justus and Atras, clothed in Ironclad dreadnought armor and three terminator teams to bring down a second of the Ork Stompas. (true story).

Stone continued to perform exemplary service and was eventually forwarded to the Deathwatch.

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And here we are again, and I must say thank you to everyone for your participation - we've seen some pretty great models, some original colour schemes, and some imaginative fluff pieces, so congratulations to all. It's also great to see both new faces and old down here in the Liber Section, I hope to see you all whenever you can drop by :smile.:

As this is the first such mini-event we've held for the Liber, we'd welcome any feedback you may have - whether you have criticisms of how it was run, or if you have ideas to make it better, or even if you'd like to see other kinds of mini-events be implemented, we're open to everything :smile.:

However, you first deserve your Herald badges :tongue.:


Each of you is elligible to display this first one in your signatures - it marks the completion of a model's fluff.

Congratulations Ace Debonair, Apologist, Aqui, Barabbas Sogalon, Brother Argent, Brother Cambrius, Conn Eremon, Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch, Honda, Kierdale, MikhalLeNoir, Mileposter, NovemberIX, Race Bannon, Radiation, Seukonnen, The Saint Ragnar, Wargamer and (alphabetically last but not least) WG101. You are inspirations to all hobbyists and true Heralds of the Liber!

Edited by Lord Thørn
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I'd affix if i could figure out how...another honor I can't yet display. Glad to have done this, though! Fun little diversion, and forced me to be thinking again on a time limit (which was a good thing). I am also considering a repaint of Tsuoko, as he kind of deserves it. A matter for another day, though.


Anyone willing to lend a hand with how to get images into sigs?

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Sorry, that was silly of me I should have directly included the bbcode:




To put that in, go to 'My Settings > Signature' and then paste that line into the 'edit' section

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