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  1. Alright folks, time for me to throw my hat in the ring in full. Here is the Sisterhood I've been holding onto now for about . . . four years, apparently. Wow, I've been at this for a while. As always with my DIYs, I have a tendency to do some very bare-bones creations, names, colors, and a very short snippet, create a whole host of them (at some point last year I counted just over a couple hundred, with about 2/3s B&C appropriate), and then with aching slowness go about developing them to the point of being worthy of being posted. Often, a huge amount of their character and history are completely unknown to me until I take the time and just try to increase the word count. I always like to think about how the ideas first originated, as it goes to show just how far I've come in this whole business. The Order of the Perpetual Sorrows originated as a Sisterhood based off of an old Facebook group I was a part of, the Green Randoms. I would jokingly create an in-universe clan around it (this was a D&D group), called the Verdant Variables. For some reason that I no longer recall, I took that as the base for a Sisterhood, which was originally called the Viridian Valkyries, had a convent on Fenris itself, and yes, it was that bad, shut up. Their color scheme has been unchanged since then, but as you'll be able to see from here on out, they really don't have anything else left from that time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I'll continue working on it, but C&C on what I have so far would be appreciated. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OHAehTs9PrQ/UmP3bTH-hvI/AAAAAAAAaP0/Fgf4zLo3r3w/s400/city-saint.jpg “Defilement comes through the sons of Man Born Divine, through Cain refleshed. She will lift the silver veil from her face, and from her eyes shall flow the tears of the silenced into perpetuity, to wash the corrupt in a flood of condemnation.” Order Name The Order of the Perpetual Sorrows Home Planet Bathkol, a temperate shrineworld of Sector Aexynder, Subsector Raphestus Founder Viridiana Serif, Our Weeping Lady. Born 248.M38, Martyred 412.M38 Notable Sisters Yohanna Candidus, Palatine-Commander of the Serifi, Purifier of the Sunderers It is no surprise that the Order of the Perpetual Sorrows would endear themselves to their founder and her ways. As the first Canoness named herself of the Seraphim, and favored their use alongside armour contingents, so too did those who followed her. There is a strong leaning in the Sisterhood towards the Seraphim squads, leading towards an imbalanced organization. It became necessary to subdivide the Seraphim, to single out the exceptional and the experienced. These veteran Seraphim congregate in the Chapel of the Serifi, for which they view Viridiana Serif as its patron saint and from whom they are named. These women can often be seen at the forefront of every major battle of the Sisterhood, their skills and fervor lending them an unrivaled edge. Though the Serifi are considered a Commandery according to the Order's organizational structure, they exist far higher in their hierarchy. The Palatine-Commander often holds a position of honor in the Sisterhood, her voice as heeded and respected as any preceptory mistress. Only when the entire Order is mobilized for war do the Serifi stand united outside of their Chapel, as their Commandery are most often spread across the Order and its various conflicts. History Communion with the God-Emperor, a most sacred practice, has guided the devoted for millennia. Though often difficult to interpret, the lives of millions are turned to the task of extrapolation. One such interpretation called for the founding of one of the Lesser Orders Militant. Viridiana Serif, a Canoness Preceptor of the Order of the Argent Shroud, was granted the honor of separating her convent from the Order. Taking with her the relic tome Luctus Aeternia, and naming the Order after the prophetic glimpse that saw to its creation, Lady Serif, now Canoness Superior of the Order of the Perpetual Sorrows, retained the convent upon the shrineworld Bathkol where the Preceptory was based, expanding it to accommodate the increased potential of a full Order. Within a century, the Sisterhood had gained incredible renown in the local Sector as a fast-acting militant order, striking with overwhelming force at the earliest signs of heresy. The zeal with which they met the secretive cults of Sector Aexynder caught the attention of Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus, and quickly they would take advantage of the fiery Sisters in their own investigations. In time, they were seen by the Inquisition as a powerful tool in this Sector and its surrounding regions, with many Inquisitors even petitioning the Sisterhood for permanent detachments to follow them across the Imperium's greater expanse. With their harsh intolerance for even minor deviations of the Imperial Creed, the Sisters of the Order of the Perpetual Sorrows can be seen participating in wars of faith in every corner of the Imperium. Beliefs The Sisters of Perpetual Sorrow record with careful precision the heretical crimes committed against Him on Earth within the tactical log Luctus Aeternia. To the Sisters, these crimes should never be forgotten, lest they be repeated, and are often invoked during sermons. It is, however, of note that what this Sisterhood condemns as heretical is, perhaps, more conservative than the greater Ecclesiarchy's general approach to the differing faiths in the God-Emperor. To the Sisters of Bathkol, the God-Emperor is the All, born whole from the holiness of Terra's children. To these Sisters, worship of the God-Emperor in any other aspect is condemnable. They see totemic representations of the God-Emperor as debasement before false idols. While they are willing to curb their indignation and bile for otherwise loyal Imperial domains, these beliefs made them willing participants in retributive campaigns based upon ideological conflicts, particularly when involving the contrary beliefs of a Space Marine Chapter. These beliefs have spread beyond the Sisterhood, in no small part because of their charismatic prominence on Bathkol and beyond. On a few worlds, their particular outlook on Space Marines have taken rather well. On Hathmose it is most understandable, the planet's denizens having long memories into their past, when renegade Space Marines would raid their stores with clockwork precision and brutality before being run off by a detachment of Loyalist Space Marines of the Flesh Tearers Chapter. For the embittered Hathmosians, they could not distinguish between savior and ravager. The Sisterhood, however, has not taken kindly to a particular sentiment among those they have so influenced. With the focus the Order has on the Seraphim squads, especially the often more ornate Serifi, there are those among the masses who look up to these women that see them as the God-Emperor's true angels. Indeed, the Order has become increasingly frustrated with what they see as false idolatry, loudly and at times even violently denouncing it. Significant Battle Dragon's Fall – M39: Like many Space Marine Chapters based out of feral death worlds, the Sunderers had a unique, contradictory view of the Emperor. While ostensibly holding to the improper belief system of the Adeptus Astartes, that of the God-Emperor as “just a man,” the further uncivilized beliefs of their own recruitment stock pervaded and corrupted the Chapter. This has occurred among those who would call Him on Earth their grandsire since time immemorial, when the God-Emperor, in an unfathomable act of wisdom and compassion, allowed for the continued existence of the Space Wolves Chapter. The Sunderers, inheritors of the White Scars Chapter, another barbaric lineage not unlike those of the Wolves or the Salamanders, had for several thousand years looked to the feathered, saurian mega-fauna of their home world as symbolically representative of the God-Emperor's power and ferocity. Even before their corruption by the powers beyond, the Sisters of Perpetual Sorrow would have proclaimed them damned in moments. With the Imperium fully seeking to unleash judgment upon the Sunderers, the Order gladly lent the taskforce its entire strength. This proved fortuitous to the forces of the God-Emperor, as it was one of the Order's Commanderies that successfully disrupted a ritual centered upon the Chapter's former High Reclusiarch, a ritual that surely would have turned the tide of battle and necessitated the call for other, more terrible allies. http://i.imgur.com/q9lV8YL.jpg
  2. Good day to you all, sons of Sanguinius. As part of the Liberalia Martiale, I come bringing a thought experiment, mainly to jig some of those old creativity cells in your noggin. Now, as we all know, Blood Angels successor chapters exhibit certain traits, as codified by the various codices dedicated to the Blood Angels. However, in the wide, wide galaxy that is the Imperium, anything can happen. What if these traits exhibited themselves differently? What if you had to represent the Death Company in a totally different way? Perhaps through the lens of a different codex. But which one? Dark Angels? Space Wolves? Vanilla? That choice is up to you. The point to the exercise, as suggested in the title, is to think outside of the box. For example: The Red Sentinels A later founding of Blood Angel stock, the Red Sentinels operate on the border between the Segmentum Solar and the Segmentum Tempestus. The Chapter, known and respected for their monastic ways, have often not only revered Sanguinius as their gene-father, but also as the son of a deity - the God-Emperor. Sanguinala marks the holiest day for the Red Sentinels, held in higher esteem than even the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension. For the Red Sentinels, the Death Company are fielded on bikes and land speeders, to bring swift death to the foes of the Imperium. Sent on long ranging sorties and penetrating strikes alike, it is surprising that those afflicted have enough control to ride the vehicles long enough to make contact - even if many dismount upon contact with the enemy. As you can see, we have a Blood Angels chapter treated like a Dark Angels chapter on the tabletop, and yet they are still nominally Sanguinius' progeny. Now, this is nothing too serious, it doesn't have to be a work of art or a nominee for the Booker prize, just a little mental jiggery pokery that lasts about two paragraphs. Let's see what you got. Have fun.
  3. Greetings to you, Sororitas and Fraters! As you may know, March 17th is a special date for us: Liber Day! For the occasion, the Liber Mods are preparing a little celebration for all the DIYers out there. In the run-up, you can participate in the festivities by showing us the heraldry of your factions in the 40k and 30k settings, along with some of their character. To do so, all you need to do is to present the photo of a model painted in the colours of your DIY army, along with a short text presenting that model's great deeds performed in your name. Whether you paint a new model or use one that has been in your army for decades is up to you: what's important is that their faction should have their own visual identity (ie, it is your own personal colour scheme). The accompanying text should be between 100 and 200 words long: this could recount any battles it may have participated in on the tabletop or could be an exploration of the character's life in the grim darkness of the far future; if you need, take a look at the colour plates in the Forge World books to find inspiration.To provide some pointers, I shall also post some of these up myself over the course of the challenge. Should you complete this challenge on time for March 17th, all you need to do is post your work up in the Liber Day thread, and you will earn the title of Herald of the Liber, along with an identifying signature badge to wear proudly when going out and around the Bolter and Chainsword. Good luck, the Emperor Protects, Death to the False Emperor, and most importantly: have fun!
  4. As many of you may be aware, the Legio is the mascot of the Bolter & Chainsword website. The Legio is a unique Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, comprised of members from the other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes in much the same way that the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch is. My contribution to the Liberalia Martiale 2016 will be a complete article providing the official redux of the Legio. One of the essential elements of the Legio Redux will be an extensive insignium showing the markings and heraldry of battle-brothers that have served within the Legio; and this is where you come in. Upon the closure of the Liberalia Martiale 2016, the mod staff will select some of the Adeptus Astartes Chapters submitted/updated for the event and battle-brothers from those Chapters will be included in the insignium. Here's a teaser (these are incomplete images, showing only the Legio and parent Chapter livery - the insignium will have complete images): When a battle-brother is seconded for service with the Legio, he will apply a badge of the Legio upon his armour. The most common practice is to add the basic badge of the Legio to the right pauldron, replacing the battle-brother's squad badge, as seen on the battle-brother from the Emperor's Shields 6th Company at left. Battle-brothers are given significant flexibility and freedom in determining how they display affiliation with the Legio, however, and it is not uncommon for battle-brothers to retain their normal squad badges while adding the basic Legio badge in miniature elsewhere upon their armour. The battle-brother at right is from the Knights of Gryphonne Chapter and has added the basic Legio badge to the front corner of his right pauldron while retaining his Tactical squad badge. Many battle-brothers choose to use variant badges in place of the basic Legio badge, as this battle-brother from the Celestial Guard 4th Company. Another practice is to display one of the badges of the Great Compay with which one is affiliated. In the case of the Liberators battle-brother at right, the white skull upon his left kneepad indicates that he serves with the Light of the Emperor Great Compay. When the Legio marches to war, the artificers apply the basic Legio livery of black armour, red helmet and left pauldron, and white aquila to each battle-brother's armour. The battle-brothers will then display the badge of their parent Chapter upon their right pauldron and a badge of the Legio upon their left pauldron, reversing the normal livery. Often, detachments will display a badge of their Great Company on their right kneepad, usually through either the color of the kneepad or a skull in the color of the Great Company (though some variations exist). In the case of the squad below, the squad of 5 battle-brothers is led by a sergeant, with each member coming from a different Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. This squad serves with the Blood of the Emperor Great Company, as indicated by the decoration upon the right kneepad (either a red skull or the entire kneepad in red). (From left to right, Legio battle-brothers from the Dark Crusaders, Skull Bearers, Griffon Lords, Death Knights, and Angels Redeemed Chapters) And below you can see some basic heraldry work (hidden because the images are pretty big): Hidden Content
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