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The Remnant- Zeon Crusade

Smoke Frog

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Greetings Battle Brothers.


Aside from my two WFB armies and my fledgling Ork force, I also have a small force of Black Templar marines. They were the first warhammer army I ever completed (as in, painted and based) back in 2013 before I started getting back into my Lizardmen and my Bretonnians. 




My collection of space marines began as the boxed set for the Battle of Maccrage (tyrannids vs. Ultramarines). Being a fan of the color green, and not wanting to paint blue, I came up with a dark green color scheme with a gold maltese cross as the chapter symbol.Later I discovered this was very close to the scheme used for the heretically-secretive Dark Angels, as well as using the chaper-symbol of the mighty Black Templars. 


The collection expanded to include more marines, a box of old 13th company storm claws for the combat weapons (leaving most of the wolfy bits out), some epic metal heroes, and some neophytes who look suspiciously like Cadian shock troops. I also constructed my own scratch-built tanks, because back then I didn't want to spend $40 bucks for a single tank. 




Crusade Heroes: Emperor's Champion Gaul, Marshal Einred, and Chaplain Omer.


The Lore for the crusade has changed a few times since its inception. Originally it was along the lines of a slapdash DIY chapter known as the "Sons of Zeon," fighting tyrannids on the Eastern fringe of the galaxy, having been a successor chapter to the Black Templars.


As my knowledge of 40K grew where I learned  that the Black Templars don't actually have successors, and learning about the crusades in college I retooled my "chapter" of marines into a crusade of doomed Black Templars seeking redemption for their failures. Now known as "The Remnant," (as they call themselves), the lore of the Zeon Crusade is based on the real-world loss of the Holy Land during the Medieval crusades-era, specifically the Order of St. Lazarus, the Leper Knights. 


Here is the quick fluff snapshot:




And here is an inspirational picture of the Order of St. Lazarus (found a nice historical video in case you are interested, though the veterans of the forum probably already have heard of this august body of crusaders!). 






To round off this post, here is the model list and a picture of the entire force (complete with some foam tanks):





1x Crusade Marshal (Hellbrecht model)

1x Emperior's Champion

1x Chaplain (PF and crozius)

1x Chapter Serf (Maccrage model)


28x Combat Marines (CCW and BP, split into four units of seven)

12x Ranged Marines (Bolters/ranged weapons, two units of six)

20x Neophytes (CCW, split into four groups of 5 in the combat marine squads)


2x Dreadnoughts

7x "Tanks" (scratch built rhino chassis with numerous options, can be up to 6x razorbacks, x3 vindicators, x3 predator annihilators/destructors)



I hope you enjoy my humble contributions, more pictures to follow! :whistling:

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Crusader Squads


In total I have six crusader squads, filled up with templar marines and neophytes, split between four close-combat oriented squads and two ranged squads. As per the fluff, each of my crusader squads and my personally dedicated squad leader takes their name from an ancient Terran crusader. 



#1) Squad Bouillon


Squad Bouillon takes its name from Godfrey of Bouillon, first King of Jerusalem (who actually refused to use the title "king" during his lifetime, because there is no greater king than Je- THE EMPRAH!!). 




The squad packs a meltagun and a (rather wolfy) powersword, wielded by Brother Godfrey (the chap with the Templar cross on his helmet). The Squad was a great deal of fun to paint. 




Of course the squad also travels with a trusty contingent of imperial guard-equipped neophytes, ready to die for their masters!




#2) Squad Domesday


The second power-weapon wielding combat squad takes its name from a Medieval Era book (cool sounding name :sleep: ) while the squad leader is inspired by Tancred de Haueville, the crusader who became the Prince of Galilee and regent of the Principality of Antioch. 




Brother Tancred happily sports a power-axe into battle and wields a bolter-counts-as-bolt-pistol due to lack of extra bolt pistols in the time. The squad also sports another meltagun in case they run into tanks or other large beasties. 




As you can see, most of my heraldry didn't keep pace with the fluff, so the shoulder pads need to be repainted if and when I ever decide to go back to this army. 

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#3) Squad Curthor



Carrying with them the legacy of Robert Curthose, the crusader-duke of Normandy and at the time a claimant for the throne of England when he went off to crusade, Squad Curthor is one of the two shooty-templar squads.




Brother Robert is my designated squad leader, mostly because the missile-launcher mini from the Maccrage set was my first favorite marine mini.




#4) Squad Capetian


Squad Capetian and its leader Brother Hugo take inspiration from Hugh of Vermandois, the crusader who I believe was related to the Capetians of France. They are the second shooty Templar squad in the army, ready to rain down bolters on the enemy at range while the rest of their brothers charge in.




Brother Hugo is my attempt to use the extra plasma pistols from the old space marine box. Also I didn't have a second plasmagun at the time, so in my mind back then two plasma pistols = one plasmagun. And he looks so COOL!



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last two close-combat squads...


#5) Squad Toulon


Heavy hitters, thanks to their power-fisted Brother Raymond, Squad Toulon takes its name from Raymond IV of Toulouse, the Count of Tripoli.




Brother Raymond sports another boltgun-counts-as-bolt-pistol due to lack of funds, but considering he is missing half his head noone has taken the time to point this out to him yet.




#6) Squad Ardent


The last combat-oriented squad is lead by Brother Baldwin, named for Baldwin I of Jerusalem, the Second King of the crusader states. Like Squad Toulon the squad sports a power-fist and a flamer. 




Brother Baldwin has plenty of extra crusader-seals as well as his Templar-chained powerfist. I really loved the old Cadian Imperial Guard sergeant head, so I had to use it for at least one of my templars. At the time this mini was probably one of my best paint-jobs I have done on a mini's face. 




The flamer was also one of my earliest attempts at "conversions" via a pose swap, classic THE FLAMES ARE TOO BRIGHT pose. 




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Last round of photos for today...




The stand-ins for neophytes in my Black Templars crusade are a bunch of trainees equipped in cadian-style armor, and wielding an assortment of knives, chainswords, and pistols. I have a total of 20 of these templars-in-training for use in the combat-oriented squads. I don't really care for the space marine scout models: for one they were super expensive at the time compared to a box of twenty Imperial Guard, and they looked very blocky (those chins!)




Some of my more unfortunate neophytes have been modeled with spare las-pistols due to budget constraints. In the event of a night battle they double as squad flashlights.




Modelling wise these neos were fun for me to make and put together, and helpful for my budget!









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Firstly, welcome to the Crusade and forum! Yours is a very interesting take on Templars. The painted infantry have a nice, classic vibe and the original colour scheme is most definitely adds variety to the usual dreary venerable blacks. It's also nice to see another person committed to managing his own forgeworld (or manufactorum) and designing, as well as executing his own vehicles. I'm sort of a scratchbuilder myself. The only thing I'm not a fan of are the helmets for the Neos, straight from the Cadian kit; however, I understand this was dictated by economic reasons.

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Thank you for your kind words.


Considering the name and color scheme, will you include Zakus from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' and count them as Imperial Knights?


I did consider getting a knight or two at some point, glad you caught where the name came from :biggrin.: , I watched lots of reruns of the original series as a kid. 



More pictures! This time of some heroes and dreads. 


Heroes of the Crusade




Champion Gaul

Known as the High Champion and Herald of Zeon, Champion Gualdemar personally roused the survivors in their darkest hour, and was at the forefront of the evacuation of the planet. In battle he wields the crusade's relic Black Sword of Faith. He is also one of the few Templars who remains immune to the curse...





Chaplain Omer


During the evacuation of the Zeon Sector, Omer was one of the few who survived the crushing defeat at the Fortress of Odessar. He was rumored to be the last survivor to leave the planets surface, only being teleported only a passing Thunderhawk Gunship. Omer is known as the Fiery Zealot for his rousing oratory, and leads his dying brothers in prayer and in their brutal fight for survival as the right-hand of the Marshal.


I loved this chaplain model, from the pose to the skull face. Just an epic pose, glad he is a member of the crusade.




Marshal Einred of the Remnant.


Einred had been the commander of the Sword Brethren and Castellan of the 1st Crusade Company, prior to the previous marshal's death. Refusing to allow his brother Templars to die a meaningless death and be forgotten to history, Einred ordered the evacuation of all of the crusades remaining assets from Zeon. He now leads his survivors on a quest to regain their strength and one day reclaim their honor by returning to their lost chapter keep and crusade homeworld. Only Marshal Einred is truly aware of just how far the corruption has affected the crusade, and understands that the Templars are well and truly doomed to extinction. Nevertheless, he is determined to make the end of his brother crusaders the stuff of legends. 




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First one of these was a gift, the second was a $5 bitz buy from the old Black Reach set.


Dreadnought Rikard Sephulcres




A legendary figure in the crusade's past, Rikard was one of the Templars who landed on Zeon during the original reconquest of the planet from orkish forces. He has the singular honor of being the first Templar to set foot within the walls of the Temple of the Emperor's Holy Sephulcher. His bodily remains were interred within a holy dreadnought upon his demise in battle so that his heroism can continue to live on and inspire his living battle-brothers.




In battle, Dreadnought Rikard sports an assault cannon and a heavy flamer, better to mow down the ork hordes with.



Dreadnought Bohemard Antokus




A famed former marshal of the crusade, Bohemard was known for executing the brutal siege of the planuet Antokus, liberating it from the dreaded ork warboss Yag Harrakus. Later as an immortal dreadnought, he participated in nearly all major campaigns of the crusade's history, and is the second of the two dreadnoughts that was rescued intact from the planet Zeon during the evacuation. 




In battle, Dreadnought Bohemard wields a multi-melta and a heavy flamer. This guy also does not have his arms glued for maximum posability, though I need to make them more options!


It was fun painting the purity seals and crusade heraldry on these guys, but they are really showing their age! (old blurry pics don't help much either :blush.:)





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