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Kill Team ideas

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By now we all know Kill Team comes out this weekend. And we know that there's no representation for Inquisition, Assassins, or Custodes. Completely understandable given the nature of the game. No heroes, no T5 guys or 2+ armor, etc. Again, understandable.


But I had an idea. What about using these guys for Kill Team campaigns? Use them as 'boss' fights for the other players? Do you guys think that could work?

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I've been thinking about it. I'm pretty sure it could work in a narrative campaign (as you said, as a "boss fight"), but I think they'd need a little bit of playtesting to get down exactly what would be fair and what rules they should have. Custodes would likely have the ignore first flesh wound rule like Marines, but I'm not sure if having only 2-3 models would counteract the effect of the 2+ save. On the other hand, Custodes shooting is lacking, so playing keep away from them could be very effective. Maybe a Custodian plus a few Sisters of Silence would balance it...


In summary I think there's a lot of merit to the idea, but I think it'd need to be tested a good bit.

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SoS wouldn’t have much of a role until/unless there were more Psykers in Kill Team. (Same is true of the Culexus.) The difficultly with Psykers is that many are stronger characters than we’ve seen in KT so far.

Astra Militarum Wyrdvanes would fit in quite easily, I think. For other factions, I had an idea of creating low level Psykers as an optional specialism, reflecting e.g. very junior Librarians or Chaos Marines who’re just starting to manifest sorcerous Powers.

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I think in an "Imperial Agents" setting having some acolytes, Arbites (I used Scion rules), SoS, a crusader etc, 1 custodian guard in there would be fine, I played about with points and I think 42 points with a spear and 5++ should just about do it. Ignores first flesh wound and can never be shaken.
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