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  1. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/12/13/mix-and-match-aspect-warriors-to-create-the-deadliest-blades-of-khaine-kill-team/ This is one of the Asuryani kill teams that I've been waiting for. Short description (for those that haven't read the Warhammer Community article - link above) - you can mix and match Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees, and Striking Scorpions, with one Exarch from one of those shrines, into a single kill team. This is the Craftworlders' "veteran" kill team (I don't count the Anhrathe/Corsairs as "Craftworlders"). All I need now is a Black Guardians kill team and I'll have my Aeldari trifecta.
  2. until
    Weekday Warhammer: Into the Gallowdark II Part of the Warhammer World: Weekday Warhammer Events collection Compete in a thrilling Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team tournament with three matched play games, a painting competition, and awards to be won. Eventbrite link
  3. After 9 months the KT-21 compatible version of the Age of Darkness mod is available at https://ossifiedsite.wordpress.com Initially this is Astartes only but future updates will cover all factions in 30K 156 page Pdf, 29 mb. Reworked from the ground up to be compatible with the new edition of Kill Team. 16 pages of lore covering the end of the Great Crusade to the aftermath of Isstvan V 8 pages of additional rules including Destructible Terrain, Suppress and Challenge actions, and the core 5 Psychic Disciplines Legiones Astartes Kill Teams (34 pages): build your Age of Darkness kill team with unparalleled customisation of fire teams together with the Elite suits from the Legiones Astartes Shattered Legion Kill Teams are here too allowing you to mix legions and abilities within a single team.. 80 Pages covering all of the Legions. Each includes lore, abilities and equipment for your operatives together with Legion specific operatives, ploys, and a fifth fire team for the Wolves, The Grey Slayers Warband rules for the Blackshields including a dedicated fire team, Marauders, four detailed sub-factions, and new ploys. Kill Team - Honour and Blood (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness - Isstvan III Campaign (KT-18)
  4. Hello I have tried to find some Killteam info. on Orks but without any luck. My plan is to build an ork Killteam and then hopefully still be motivated to paint a 40K ork army. Should I just use boyz or are any of the other units viable ? Thanks. Kind regards Kim
  5. File Name: Adeptus Arbites in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (KT 2018) File Submitter: Brother Tyler File Submitted: 11 Apr 2019 File Category: Kill Team Complete rules for collecting and using the Adeptus Arbites in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Click here to download this file
  6. While many players have official tokens from the Kill Team boxed set or from one of the expansions (the Rogue Trader expansion had tokens for both the Gellerpox Infected and the Elucidian Starstriders; and the various faction boxes have themed tokens), some players don't have official tokens. For those that intend to participate in competitions that use the Arena expansion rules, tokens are mandatory. If you perform a search for "Kill Team tokens" on the Internet, you'll find a number of third party solutions for those that don't have official tokens (and many of these are very nice). For those that don't want to spend any money, though, there's always the option to create your own. Most of the tokens are on 1" discs, so 25mm bases would work as a substitute. The objective tokens are on 1.25" hexagons, so 32mm bases work for them. And the shaken tokens and wound markers (the latter from the Commanders expansion) are on .5" squares. I've seen a number of interesting innovations such as putting each of the main tokens (Move, Advance, Charge, Fall Back, Ready, and Shoot) on a 1" cube face (much easier to pick up than the discs). Objective markers invite lots of modeling creativity. I'm developing files for downloadable/printable tokens that players can get for free. While the plan is to have a variety of options available to cover various factions, I've started with tokens themed for the Bolter & Chainsword site's mascot Chapter, the Legio B&C. Yes, they are the correct sizes on the file. These are just 100 x 100 pixel images. Click here to download this file As an ongoing project, I have the basic template created, so creating tokens for other factions will mostly be a matter of getting the right background and icon. You can see that I've used the Legio skull for the Legio tokens, with a red text background. Imagine Imperial Fists tokens on some sort of yellow background, with the black fist replacing the skull (and the other tokens would probably have black images with a red border vice the white images with a black border that you see in the Legio tokens. I'll take requests, but progress will be slow. Requests for factions for which the requester has an actual painted kill team will have priority. I'd also like to see other players show their own homemade tokens for Kill Team, or even tokens purchased from third parties.
  7. View File Aeldari Corsairs in Kill Team (Homegrown Rules) (KT 2018) Homegrown rules for playing the anhrathe (aeldari/eldar corsairs) in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (includes commanders and elites) The file can be discussed here. Submitter Ioldanach Submitted 02/14/19 Category Kill Team  
  8. I'm trying to get my friend into wargaming, so rather then force him to spend a huge amount of money to buy an army only to discover he hates it. I decided I would build two kill teams and introduce it to him that way. I also thought it would be a fun little side project to do some Alpha Legionaries (one of my two favorite legions from the HH series). My initial idea was to do HH era Alpha Legion but I decided that limits me too much and he wants to play Tau, so I would do 40k. I also happen to have some Primaris Intercessors just sitting around I wasn't going to use, I can make them look like Alpha Legion with a bit of green stuff and some heavy use of a knife right? Chaos Primaris is going to happen eventually right? I am probably going to play with as Primaris counts as, though I will try not to deviate too much and leave the option there to play as pure chaos too as Id like to do some non astartes Alpha Legion agents. I was going for a not obviously chaosified warband, that could be loyalist or traitor side of the Alpha Legion coin as I like the fact they are kinda grey sometimes. I subscribe to the theory that the AL are playing both sides and some warbands fell to chaos while some are just playing the part. http://arran.design/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/IMG_20190202_223748-e1549147508124.jpg My Kill team rule book is on order, so I actually have no idea what is and isn't allowed rules wise. I was thinking about getting some Reivers as I think they suit the Alpha Legion mythos (Omegon in legion just plodding through that laser grid, badass!) but are they any worth taking in Kill team? Is the Tau starter set worth getting? Can Tau take a battle suit (this was the aspect that really sold the Tau to my mate) in kill team?
  9. Guess who's back?! Hello brothers and sisters! It's been a while but I'm back in the swing of things. This time with some kill team projects! Kill Team is absolutely fantastic for a hobby butterfly like me. Small teams with lots of conversion possibilities! I'm currently working on a Tau and Eldar kill team and already finished some Necrons. There are more ideas in the works, can't go without a Space Marine kill team and maybe some..... heretics?! No blog without pictures of course, so first off, the completed Necrons: The flayed ones were custom made with Warriors, green stuff and Skeleton warrior swords. The highlights on the black armour are much more subdued in real life though. On the working table Eldar and Tau: Stay tuned for more updates and let me know what you think!
  10. Greetings All, So I've got my DG KT up and and running, and all set to go with them. So next on the list is Death Watch. I love these guys and I'm looking at getting the Start Collecting box. Is this a good place to start with them, I've looked at the 10 man kill team and kill team cassius, but in cassius there's the termie, bike and raven guard with power claws and the jump pack guy, all of which you can't use. So I'm really looking at start collecting box, but with what's in it, what's next to that's good to get. I'm looking at some drivers which are just great for scouting and assassination runs. Thanks guys
  11. Greetings All, Well I thought I'd start this post as it isn't here yet and to learn about Tau, both as to fight them and maybe one day use them, as I do like the idea of a Tau KT with drones. I like the look of the breachers and pathfinder and of course the drones. So feel free to post your fights against them and what you use and/or your Tau team and how you ran them. Cheers.
  12. Greetings All, So have many people come across fighting Harlequins in KT yet, I myself haven't yet but we have a player that loves them and after reading them they seem so what hard to take down with 4++ save, no falling damage and a charge on 3D6 with choosing 18" enemy model instead of 12", 8" move Your looking at around 8-9 models per KT, they can get in your face pretty quick and make short work of your best models using the Harlequin's Embrace and Caress. What have you guys and girls come across Cheers
  13. Greetings All, Well I started this thread in the GSC forum and it seems that it all has to go here now. So I'll start one here. I've never played GSC army before and with KT, they peaked my interest alot, I love the models and the chance to mod the models and I totally love the model with the power saw, I can just imagine a team of marines hunting down the cult through the ruins and suddenly coming around the corner some xenos beast with a massive power saw wanting to cut you from head to toe. It's awesome. Anyway, I was wondering what people are using for their GSC teams and any handy hints and tips for them please, I'd love to hear your ideas and experiences in using the cult. Cheers and happy hunting
  14. Greetings Fetid Ones, Well this seems to be the place to chat about KT Tactica for all factions, so I thought I'd start the DG off here. So to start off. I'm loving KT and have my teams ready to to go. But what I'm liking is adding plague spewer, auto hits which seems to be one of the best ways to go in the game, blight launcher for demo specialist. One thing I'd love to see is a DG with sniper specialist, that would be fun. And I'm unsure as to how many poxwalkers to the list, I normally end up with about 3-4 and use them as meat shields to protect my heavies. So, what is everyone finding with running DG in KT
  15. Hi guys. So, kill team seems to be the latest hotness and appears to be getting people both back into the hobby and trying out armies they’ve maybe wanted to run before but haven’t yet taken the plunge into. I sort of fall into the first. Had dug out some GK that I’d planned on starting 5 odd years ago, but KT is giving me a good ‘in’ without being to expensive. GK seem to be in an interesting place that the options they have are fairly limited. But that’s maybe not always bad as it might allow people to get the most out of what they’ve got. I had a thought to start this thread to see what people’s opinions are on different load outs for each model, and then what specialisms you feel fit best. I know that’s quite dependant on what’s in the rest of your list, but thought we could have a discussion about what goes well with what and what rank you’d put them in. Happy to start the ball rolling. Just to say I’ve not played 40k this edition, and not had a chance to have a go at KT yet either. But used to play a fair bit of comp fantasy and 40k back in the day, so hopefully I’m not shooting 100% blind! Right. Here goes. Going to put each one in a separate post to make it a bit easier to read!
  16. Let’s get this started, shall we? Use this thread to discuss Adeptus Astartes-related tactical topics. I’ll get the ball rolling with this list: Matched Play! Leader: Scout Sergeant - Sniper rifle, boltpistol, frag & krak grenades, camo cloak Combat: Reiver Sergeant - Bolt carbine, combat blade, shock & frag & krak grenades, grapnel launcher Sniper: Tactical Gunner - Heavy bolter, boltpistol, frag & krak grenades Comms: Intercessor - Stalker boltrifle, boltpistol, frag & krak grenades Fire Team (Space Marine Scouts): Scout Gunner - Missile launcher, boltpistol, frag & krak grenades, camo cloak Fire Team (Space Marine Scouts): Scout Gunner - Missile launcher, boltpistol, frag & krak grenades, camo cloak Total 98 points. Things I’m considering and am looking for comments on: An Intercessor Sergeant with a power sword costs the same as the Reiver Sergeant above. I’ll have one on my Command Roster, and intend for them to be swappable depending on whether I’m facing power armour or not. Conventional wisdom has the stalker boltrifle being underwhelming, but I feel that the stalker’s Tactic is actually quite strong. I have enough points spare here that I can take a missile launcher on the Tactical Gunner instead of the heavy bolter, but I’d prefer the option of being able to use Hellfire Shells, as I know I will be seeing storm shield Veterans and Rubrics. Plus I don’t really think I need a third missile launcher… Alternatively, I’m also considering a Tactical Gunner with a meltagun instead of the heavy bolter, just so that this particular configuration has something else to harass at short range alongside the Reiver Sergeant. So what do you think? What are your thoughts on Astartes in Kill Team? Anything you want to try out in a campaign? Have you had a chance to use the exclusive Tactics?
  17. Hey all. I thought that, since Kill Team has finally hit the shelves, it might be worthwhile to throw together a tactica thread and discuss the new rules and kill team builds, as well as giving people an opportunity to show off some of their new teams. With that in mind, I've thrown together a fairly basic Heretic Astartes team to start off with whilst I get to grips with the system.
  18. Greetings All, Well Kill Team is out and we have devoured the book and come up with our teams, I thought I'd start the talk going here with what people think about Necrons in KT, the good and bad. My first thoughts were pretty low, but as I read further and talking with others about it at my LGS, they started to stand out a but more. Flayers to begin with, I didn't like but they can take the zealot specialist, which if you can get him in close by being sneaky your going to do some real damage to the enemy. I'm loving the tesla carbine as my heavy in the team and of course the death markmarks are a must, one being a sniper specialist. And one last thing, the leader, I'm interested in what people will build for their leader, use a Lord model or convert a warrior up. Cheers guys
  19. I'm a bit surprised we haven't seen too much on this in the forum, but I wanted to shed some light if anyone is interested... I got to see the rulebook and found Thousand Sons to be potentially a super fun option. The Tzaangor was a bit more expensive than I thought... if I recall he's 7 points and is dual wielding or carrying a BP and chainsword. The Rubric Marine comes in three flavours: Rubric - Marine Gunner - Asp. Sorcerer. The sorcerer (being the only 'normal' dude can move 6", the others are limited 5 as usual.) Inferno Boltguns still come standard. The Sorc is armed with the Stave and may swap in the Warpflame Pistol. The 'marine' may take a warpflamer, and the gunner can do up a Soulreaper Cannon. One marine can take the Icon of Flame. You still get Death to the false emperor, and All is Dust, and a 5++. The Icon is a 12" mortal wound dispenser on a roll of 6. The Aspiring Sorc has the ability to ignore the to hit roll negative modifier from receiving a flesh wound. And he knows "Psybolt". The army may be a bit limited but the ability is there to basically fill out the numbers with Tzaangors a bit, but a Poxwalker for example is a lot cheaper. Of course the Tzaangor is going to hit more often and has a pistol option (for free if I recall.)
  20. So, Kill Team is out, the game is great, and all is right with the world. Of course, I jumped into it with my usual marines, as I AM a Dark Angels player, but I do look forward to assembling the teams that came with the Start Set. Specially the Skitarii. Since I am not and have never been even close to an Ad Mech player, I would love to hear your considerations on my planned list. Here goes: Hidden Content Kill Team - Skitarii - 100pts Leader Vanguard Alpha (Leader), with Phosphor Blast Pistol and Power Sword Specialists Ranger Alpha (Zealot), with Phosphor Blast Pistol and Power Sword Ranger Gunner (Sniper), with a Transuranic Arquebus Vanguard Gunner (Scout), with a Plastma Caliver First Fire Team Ranger with Omnispex and Galvanic Rifle Ranger with Galvanic Rifle Ranger Gunner with Arc Rifle Second Fire Team Vanguard with Radium Carbine and Enhanced Data-Tether Vanguard with Radium Carbine The idea behind the team as listed is as follows: Hidden Content First, the Sniper Ranger with the Transuranic Arquebus is joined by the Omnispex Ranger from the First Fire Team, who acts as a spotter. This gives him a 4+ (3+ with Tactics) weapon, rerolling 1s, and ignoring obscured. They hang back and pick shots at prime targets. Second, you place the Vanguard Alpha with a Ranger and a Vanguard, and the Ranger Alpha with another Ranger and another Vanguard. This gives you 2 teams of 3 that have one melee focused warrior, one mid-range focused warrior, and one long range support warrior. The even split of teams (one taking the Enhanced Data-Tether, the other taking the Arc Rifle) means that they present equivalent threat to the enemy, dividing his focus. And, should a team get focus-fired upon, and taken out, the whole teams effectiveness is less dramatic than if I lost all my rangers or all my vanguards at once. Each team can push the mid field, press the offensive, and engage in some melee once things get tough, and hopefully handle themselves. Thirdly, you have the final Specialist. The Scout. I see this guy as a lone operative type of warrior, darting out of LOS across the field with its advance rerolls, to go and breach the enemy lines to take out heavies and snipers with his Caliver, or even hunt down more elite units and lone heroes. Although he is on his own, the Ehanced Data-Tether should give him a hand in resisting the nerve checks, for when he gets hurt along the way. I would welcome any criticism and suggestions on how to improve the list. Thank you!
  21. Greetings All, So after looking through the posts here I haven't come across a Tyranids Tactica post and thought I'd start one. I've never played them and to be honest was never interested in them in 40k, but after building my GSC team I've looked into a KT of Tyranids now. So I've built to see what others think, so believe it looks good and if it is I'll just hunt down the minis to build it. So critic away Cheers ++ Kill Team List (Tyranids) [100pts] ++ + Configuration + List Configuration: Matched Play: Kill Team + Leader + Tyranid Warrior [23pts]: Adrenal Glands, Deathspitter, Leader, Scything Talons + Specialists + Hormagaunt [5pts]: Adrenal Glands, Scout Lictor [25pts]: Comms Tyranid Warrior Gunner [24pts]: Heavy, Scything Talons, Venom Cannon + Non-specialists + Hormagaunt [6pts]: Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs Hormagaunt [6pts]: Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs Termagant [7pts]: Devourer Termagant [4pts]: Fleshborer ++ Total: [100pts] ++
  22. So I know our boys in silver have a fairly standard array of "5 bodies+upgrades" but what is everyone feeling is the star of the show? falchions on a zealot? hammers on the combat boi? double up on gunners or leave em all at home? lets hear what the brothers of titan have come up with!
  23. Geeetings All, Thought I'd add this here since it's not here yet, and I'm slowly building a kill team for them. Itll be a while til I've finished them but I'll get there. So have many of you used the guard for kill team yet? How did they go? What was I'm your team? What are the pros and cons for them? Cheers
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