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  1. The idea behind this thread is to highlight modeling and painting efforts put into producing a Kill Team. Not that extra effort is required, but if you put some thought into the story of your team, feel free to share those thoughts along with your painted models. +++ So to set the stage, I present The Scar Crusade, which is based on a small crusade (seven figures) accompanying a Mechanicus Explorator fleet, as depicted in the McNeill "Lords or Mars" trilogy. Two of the figures I did not model as one Kul Gilad, Reclusiarch is in Terminator armor and the other Auiden is an Apothecary. The five models I started out with represent the crusade after a specific point in the story line. Given that it would be a small number of figures, I also decided to true scale them using the Doghouse technique of adapting Cataphractii terminators and converting them to Mk. III armor equivalents. I am a big fan of the Mk. III set of armor. The Scar Crusade Brother Sergeant Tanna - He is described as having a beard and a widow's peak, which I thought interesting enough to model. He is the only member without a helmet on. Yael - Described as the newest member of the crusade, recently promoted to initiate, favored by the Marshal, seems to desire to prove his worth to his more experienced brethren. So I tried to give him a slightly different pose, be it impractical or not, as a way to convey his individuality and style. Also, when he sparred with Magos Dahan, he fought with his chainsword and a combat knife. Issur - If I am remembering him correctly, is a recognized bladesman, but did not receive the Emperor's vision and therefore did not get to become the Crusade's champion. There is a certain level of resentment in him about that. I opted to give him a fairly standard pose to represent his "I don't like what happened, but I am still a Templar" attitude. Bracha - I made Bracha the comms guy because I was running out of names and slots for story/game roles. Zion - Not in the story, it seems from battle reports I've seen, this additional firepower would be helpful. Aetius - Another non-story character added to potentially provide tactical options to the team. Besides, it's hard to burn witches if you don't have a lighter. Atticus Varda (Emperor's Champion) - Oddly, he is not the best bladesman in the crusade, Issur is. Yet he received the vision. He is described as wearing more ornate armor than his brethren and a laurel on his helm made out of ivory. He is the only member of the team without battle damage. It was observed by Tanna after a big fight, that although he was in the thick of huge battle they were leaving, he did not have a mark on him. I thought that comment interesting enough to want to model it. Cheers,
  2. View File Kill Team Faction Template (Homegrown Rules) (KT 2021) Zip file that includes: Microsoft Word document template for creating homegrown rules for factions in the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team game (2021 version). Microsoft Word document with information on colors and symbols. Graphics used on datasheets. Adobe Photoshop image for creating unit portraits (with fading blue background) for datasheets. Submitter Ioldanach Submitted 12/16/21 Category Kill Team  
  3. Topic title says it all, I made a shortcut to referencing the key rules for the new edition, in the downloads section, appreciate you checking it out, thanks. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/files/file/685-kill-team-cheat-sheet/
  4. Version 1.2


    This sheet is a rules summary for kill team 21 that collates order of pregame setup, turn sequencing, actions, terrain rules and USRs into an easily referencable summary handy to have in front of you during the game. This does not, and is not intended to, replace the official kill team core book from Games Workshop and may be inaccurate or have incorrect interpretations of rules.
  5. Version 1.2 2020/05/21


    Complete rules for collecting and using the Adeptus Arbites in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team
  6. Version v 2 (2019/09/29)


    Homegrown rules for playing the anhrathe (aeldari/eldar corsairs) in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (includes commanders and elites) The file can be discussed here.
  7. Version v 2 (2019/09/27)


    Microsoft Word document template for creating homegrown rules for factions in the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team game. Includes templates for commanders a sub-factions.
  8. I did not know this until recently. The new expansion boxes does not come with any cards for map hazard or mission. I found the printed cards useful when playing games against new people. The box comes only with the board and terrain. Is this correct? If so does anyone here know the mission or map hazard for the Munitorum set?
  9. Since most players don't get down into the Homegrown Rules forum, I figured I'd post these here. I've been developing rules for the eldar corsairs in the Kill Team game (and I've had lots of great help from a few members). I previously posted a version in the Downloads section, but have since reorganized and expanded those rules following the release of Elites. The rules now include commanders and elites choices, as well as sub-faction rules (following the Elites example). You can see the current version of the rules below: (click on the images for full size versions) I'm looking for feedback from players that have experience playing Kill Team. The limited playtesting I've done (it's difficult to playtest solo ) and the theorycrafting that has taken place in the Homegrown Rules discussion have led up to what you see above. My playtesting was limited to games against similar asuryani and drukhari lists, and all of my playtesting was pre-elites (i.e., before ghostwalkers and malevolents were added and before everyone could take corsair jet packs). We think it's ready for prime time, but it would be great to get more eyes on things to ensure that everything looks fair. Some issues for consideration: The most contentious issue is the availability of corsair jet packs for everybody. Their impact has been limited, following the pattern of t'au jet packs and granting only 2" of additional movement along with the FFLY and JET PACK keywords. Adeptus Astartes jump packs double movement (+6") and grant the FFLY and JUMP PACK keywords for only 6 points, so 4 points looks relatively safe (there are arguments that this might be too expensive). The tactics are drawn from other factions, mostly asuryani and drukhari. The coterie specializations (sub-faction rules) are drawn from other factions, mostly asuryani and drukhari. You can see more in-depth explanations and exchanges here. Thanks in advance!
  10. I am having trouble playing kill team arena. I have played a couple of games, but every game the point differential is greater than 6. I play mostly adeptus astrates and necrons KT teams. Does someone here can provide some helpful insight on what to aim for when playing arena against various opponents? i keep messing up on the doors as well and how they function.
  11. I would like to introduce you to my MathHammer App for Kill Team (& regular 40K). The other main feature is the ability to analyse all saved profiles against one another. E.g. add your whole Kill Team of models as Attack Profiles and then add your archenemy’s profiles as Defend Profiles. Then in one tap you can see which of your models is the most effective against every enemy model! There is also support for re-rolls to hit, wound, positive and negative modifiers, Mortal Wounds from Sniper type weapons, Disgustingly Resilient and a whole lot more! App Store https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/mathhammer-40k/id1480073816 Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mathhammer There is also a walkthrough here https://youtu.be/BvQI-q6yJgQ Any feedback and ideas welcome! MathHammer isn't for everyone and every type of game, but if you enjoy a bit of MathHammer then I hope this is a help to you! Enable Kill Team output in App Settings, this will enable the Out of Action Roll percentage shown in the below image. In 40K mode, the default mode, this shows "Dead Models". Future plans include; Extra weapons per profile, so you can see the full damage output - although this is more a 40K feature. Tagging of saved profiles so you can more easily find and analyse your profiles. New rules and abilities as they are requested and needed. This is how the app is currently looking on iOS...
  12. Is there any chance with the release of the new sister of battle that they would be included in kill team? the models look nice and i would like to add them in kill team thoughts?
  13. I'm trying to get my friend into wargaming, so rather then force him to spend a huge amount of money to buy an army only to discover he hates it. I decided I would build two kill teams and introduce it to him that way. I also thought it would be a fun little side project to do some Alpha Legionaries (one of my two favorite legions from the HH series). My initial idea was to do HH era Alpha Legion but I decided that limits me too much and he wants to play Tau, so I would do 40k. I also happen to have some Primaris Intercessors just sitting around I wasn't going to use, I can make them look like Alpha Legion with a bit of green stuff and some heavy use of a knife right? Chaos Primaris is going to happen eventually right? I am probably going to play with as Primaris counts as, though I will try not to deviate too much and leave the option there to play as pure chaos too as Id like to do some non astartes Alpha Legion agents. I was going for a not obviously chaosified warband, that could be loyalist or traitor side of the Alpha Legion coin as I like the fact they are kinda grey sometimes. I subscribe to the theory that the AL are playing both sides and some warbands fell to chaos while some are just playing the part. http://arran.design/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/IMG_20190202_223748-e1549147508124.jpg My Kill team rule book is on order, so I actually have no idea what is and isn't allowed rules wise. I was thinking about getting some Reivers as I think they suit the Alpha Legion mythos (Omegon in legion just plodding through that laser grid, badass!) but are they any worth taking in Kill team? Is the Tau starter set worth getting? Can Tau take a battle suit (this was the aspect that really sold the Tau to my mate) in kill team?
  14. (With thanks to @Ioldanach for the nifty template) Below are an initial draft of rules for using the Adeptus Arbites in your games of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team. I've drawn upon the 3rd (? - 1999) edition Warhammer 40,000 rules for the Adeptus Arbites that appeared in issue 29 of the Citadel Journal and the 2nd edition Necromunda rules for Enforcers, as well as both editions of Fantasy Flight Games Dark Heresy RPG (especially The Book of Judgment), the Inquisitor game, and online research at Lexicanum and the 40K Wikia. It should also be noted that later editions of Warhammer 40,000 have included rules for representing the Adeptus Arbites, usually through the rules for [inquisitorial] Stormtroopers and the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum (equipping models with shotguns and using certain doctrines). One principle I've drawn upon is the rules being limited to the options in the box. However, there were two ranges of models. The first were the 2nd edition Adeptus Arbites models and the second were the Necromunda Enforcers models. So there's a little wiggle room. Adeptus Arbites models: Hidden Content Enforcers models: Hidden Content Page 1 (introduction) Hidden Content (Pages 2-4 are a work in progress, and none affect actual rules, so I've omitted them for now.) Page 5 (Crowd Control Grenade rules, Adeptus Arbites faction tactics) Hidden Content Page 6 (Adeptus Arbites kill team options) Hidden Content Page 7 (Adeptus Arbites weapons, equipment, and costs) Hidden Content Page 8 (Adeptus Arbites commander option) Hidden Content I've used the Tempestor Scions rules as a baseline. Most of the weapons/wargear had rules in other factions (including Genestealer Cults), so the only ones that have had to be created are those in red text. As much as possible, I drew upon the Necromunda Enforcer rules. The Crowd Control Grenades rule is sort of an experiment, and I'm not certain about it. I didn't want to use Voice of Command as that would have just made the Adeptus Arbites into Astra Militarum. When working on the weapons/wargear rules, I found that using the different grenades took too much room, breaking the format example of the official rules. Also, the standard grenade rules in Kill Team are much too simple. Envisioning a riot control situation (which should be pretty common to the Adeptus Arbites), I could see a line of Arbitrators throwing grenades to disorient and disrupt a crowd of rioters (or heretics, or cultists, or whatever). So I decided to see if I could take the 2nd edition Necromunda rules, streamline them a bit (going with only 3 of the possible grenade types), and turn them into a rule unique to the Adeptus Arbites. The first draft was a bit too powerful in my opinion, so I adjusted it by limiting it to one Arbitrator per turn (not counting the Tactic, which came later) and incorporating the randomness of the scatter dice (which don't exist in Kill Team) by allowing the opponent to move the grenade marker a random distance away. Aside from that, the rules for the grenades are fairly faithful to the Necromunda rules (in fact, I think I still need to make some adjustments to get some terminology fixed). Two of the Tactics are copied from existing factions. I originally had four from Astra Militarum, Genestealer Cults (maybe - I know I looked at them), and T'au, but I removed two when I came up with the two Adeptus Arbites unique Tactics (Crowd Control enhances the Crowd Control Grenades rule and Lockshield represents the Adeptus Arbites locking their shields in a riot control situation). The commander tactic was stolen borrowed from the Astra Militarum. Since the Arbitrator stat line is essentially that of the Tempestor Scions, I originally used the same points value. I reduced that by 1, though, when I changed the starting pistol from a bolt pistol to a laspistol (and assigned the bolt pistol a cost of 1). It comes down to the difference between a laspistol, power maul, and crowd control grenades versus a hot-shot lasgun and frag grenades. If playtesting shows that the stock Arbitrator is equal to the stock Tempestor Scion, I'll probably re-adjust (un-adjust?) the costs. As far as the missing pages go, I'm working on an extensive set of tables for names. Since the Arbitrators are recruited from across the Imperium, members of the same Precinct House might evidence a variety of names. So I'm working on eight tables representing four additional regiments of the Astra Militarum and four "generic" other worlds (using real world names for different areas of our world to get more variety). The problem here is that my old computer crashes when I sit too long on certain websites (usually those with adds), and the various online lists of popular surnames tend to be on such sites. The recommendation for names will also suggest using the Adeptus Astartes name charts. Overall, it wouldn't be inappropriate to use take 1 or 2 names from each of the Imperium faction charts, giving your Adeptus Arbites team diverse names. And it should be noted that this set of rules is a means to an end. It's part of a larger effort to actually get my Hive of the Dead Project (Last Days of Demaras Tertius and Operation: Manala) moving somewhere in the direction of "complete." I've been adjusting from what you see in those linked topics. The Adeptus Arbites come in as a last stage of the Last Days of Demaras Tertius campaign and lead in to Operation: Manala. Imagine taking a lone Arbitrator, short on ammunition, through a gauntlet of zombies, the intel he has vital to the Imperium's effort against the zombie plague. My concept is to use that as a sort of demo game. But I need to get baseline Adeptus Arbites rules down first. This is where you come in, providing input to improve these rules.
  15. While many players have official tokens from the Kill Team boxed set or from one of the expansions (the Rogue Trader expansion had tokens for both the Gellerpox Infected and the Elucidian Starstriders; and the various faction boxes have themed tokens), some players don't have official tokens. For those that intend to participate in competitions that use the Arena expansion rules, tokens are mandatory. If you perform a search for "Kill Team tokens" on the Internet, you'll find a number of third party solutions for those that don't have official tokens (and many of these are very nice). For those that don't want to spend any money, though, there's always the option to create your own. Most of the tokens are on 1" discs, so 25mm bases would work as a substitute. The objective tokens are on 1.25" hexagons, so 32mm bases work for them. And the shaken tokens and wound markers (the latter from the Commanders expansion) are on .5" squares. I've seen a number of interesting innovations such as putting each of the main tokens (Move, Advance, Charge, Fall Back, Ready, and Shoot) on a 1" cube face (much easier to pick up than the discs). Objective markers invite lots of modeling creativity. I'm developing files for downloadable/printable tokens that players can get for free. While the plan is to have a variety of options available to cover various factions, I've started with tokens themed for the Bolter & Chainsword site's mascot Chapter, the Legio B&C. Yes, they are the correct sizes on the file. These are just 100 x 100 pixel images. Click here to download this file As an ongoing project, I have the basic template created, so creating tokens for other factions will mostly be a matter of getting the right background and icon. You can see that I've used the Legio skull for the Legio tokens, with a red text background. Imagine Imperial Fists tokens on some sort of yellow background, with the black fist replacing the skull (and the other tokens would probably have black images with a red border vice the white images with a black border that you see in the Legio tokens. I'll take requests, but progress will be slow. Requests for factions for which the requester has an actual painted kill team will have priority. I'd also like to see other players show their own homemade tokens for Kill Team, or even tokens purchased from third parties.
  16. Hello I have tried to find some Killteam info. on Orks but without any luck. My plan is to build an ork Killteam and then hopefully still be motivated to paint a 40K ork army. Should I just use boyz or are any of the other units viable ? Thanks. Kind regards Kim
  17. ok before Christmas i had some Killteam games and its awesome fun sooooo... as well as working on my new necron killteam team i started putting together some terrain for my mate's and i to play on. here is the basic layout below of what im building and as i paint it up i'll post pics of those too ... here is the basic layout of what i have- and seperate parts ... and work on the first piece is underway reactor sides (averland sunset and yriel yellow) and walkways/top colour chosen (thunderhawk blue) More definitely soon (i'm actually enjoying painting this stuff up) Cheers, Mithril
  18. Guess who's back?! Hello brothers and sisters! It's been a while but I'm back in the swing of things. This time with some kill team projects! Kill Team is absolutely fantastic for a hobby butterfly like me. Small teams with lots of conversion possibilities! I'm currently working on a Tau and Eldar kill team and already finished some Necrons. There are more ideas in the works, can't go without a Space Marine kill team and maybe some..... heretics?! No blog without pictures of course, so first off, the completed Necrons: The flayed ones were custom made with Warriors, green stuff and Skeleton warrior swords. The highlights on the black armour are much more subdued in real life though. On the working table Eldar and Tau: Stay tuned for more updates and let me know what you think!
  19. Greetings All, So I've got my DG KT up and and running, and all set to go with them. So next on the list is Death Watch. I love these guys and I'm looking at getting the Start Collecting box. Is this a good place to start with them, I've looked at the 10 man kill team and kill team cassius, but in cassius there's the termie, bike and raven guard with power claws and the jump pack guy, all of which you can't use. So I'm really looking at start collecting box, but with what's in it, what's next to that's good to get. I'm looking at some drivers which are just great for scouting and assassination runs. Thanks guys
  20. I have played a couple games with Space Marines and really enjoy the game. A friend/co-worker who is interested in table top wargaming is going to come over and try out Kill Team with me. He's generally interested in the hobby and has played a game of Mordheim with me previously. I usually play Space Marines (Raven Guard) but I do have decent amount of Grey Knight models lying around that a friend gave me. Rather than have it be SM on SM I put together a list of GK with what I have. Do these lists seem balanced? I actually wouldn't mind if one of them is stronger, I'll give that to my friend as I want him to have a strong list that will be fun to play. ++ Kill Team List (Grey Knights) [97pts] ++ +Leader+ Justicar: Leader, Nemesis Daemon Hammer+Specialists+ Grey Knight: Combat, Nemesis Force Halberd Grey Knight: Nemesis Force Sword, Zealot Grey Knight Gunner: Demolitions, Incinerator +Non-specialists+Grey Knight: Nemesis Force Halberd++ Total: [97pts] ++ ++ Kill Team List (Adeptus Astartes) [100pts] ++ +Leader+ Tactical Sergeant: Chainsword, Leader, Plasma pistol+Specialists+ Reiver Sergeant: Bolt carbine, Combat knife, Grapnel Launcher, Scout Scout Gunner: Heavy, Heavy bolter Tactical Marine Gunner: Demolitions, Heavy bolter +Non-specialists+ Scout: Boltgun Tactical Marine Tactical Marine Gunner: Plasma gun ++ Total: [100pts] ++
  21. Made up a fake list for Kill Team that Im using for home games. Black Templars [99pts] Leader Chaplain [16pts] Selections: Leader, Plasma pistol, Power Maul Specialists Crusader Marine Gunner [16pts] Selections: Heavy, Heavy bolter Crusader Marine Gunner [16pts] Selections: Plasma gun, Sniper Sword Brother [15pts] Selections: Bolt pistol, Power Sword, Zealot Non-specialists Crusader Marine [12pts] Selections: Boltgun, Chainsword Crusader Marine [12pts] Selections: Boltgun, Chainsword Tactical Sergeant [12pts] Selections: Bolt pistol, Chainsword Notes: - Chaplain/ Sword Brother has the same stats as a Tactical Sgt. - Chaplain access to Power Maul only. - Sword Brother has access to Power Sword or Power Axe (3pts) only. - Crusader Marines can take Chainsword and Boltgun or Bolt Pistol. - May swap out Plasma Gunner for an Apothecary with a Narthecium/Reductor (3pts), Bolt Pistol, Chainsword (Must take Medic Specialist.) Narthicium: Grants a 4+ Feel No Pain to a single model within 3" OR removes a Flesh Wound on a 4+ to a model within 3". Apothecary cannot do both during a turn) Reductor: If a model is taken out of action during the game and the Apothecary is within 3", if a 1 is rolled for casualty rolls, reroll.) I sent these in to the GW FAQ team.
  22. Greetings All fellow Kill Teamers, Well now that KT has been out for a little while and I thought it maybe time that we put together something like a handbook of info. Instead of going between the the different faction we could add general overall tactics, thoughts here in one big nice place. But we keep going with our faction tactics of course. Cheers
  23. Hi guys. So am getting back into things and fancy making a few kill teams of various factions. Not played nids prev. Anyone got any advice on what makes a good bug team?
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