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How Are Your Salamanders Holding Up with the New CA?


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I’m a little surprised by the lack of activity in here since the new Chapter Approved dropped. Anybody get some good or interesting games in? Any thoughts or comments on how we benefited from the points changes? Did we fare better or worse than other armies in your opinion? Edited by AnImA8
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Sad the lack of input here. I have a small force of Salamanders, but haven't got them on the table yet. I'd think with CA price drops and the new Bolter Discipline beta rule the Sallies would be crushing foes again.

Agreed. I saved about 200 pts with the reduction in costs and was able to fit in a full other squad, so I am pleased. But other races also got their own reduction in costs, so I’m not sure if we gained or lost here. I’m in your boat as well: I’ve got a nascent army that’s not board ready yet.

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I've gotten a few games in with the updated costs, and while my meta is not super-competitive, I think (obviously) that CA did us a big service.

In my case, I love dreadnoughts, and Salamander-dreads, especially those with few-shot weapons like Twin-Las, Multimelta and even Plasma Cannons, benefit greatly from our chapter tactic - and all the dreads received a big point reduction. My first Salamander-list with CA2018 was a actually a Brigade that contained one of each dread. Something that was previously impossible at 2000 pts.
Of course, at the same time I also realized that a brigade is kinda pointless for Space Marines in general since our stratagems are so meh, but that's for a different topic.

Another change that struck me as extra Salamander-friendly in CA is the big point reduction on Land Speeders (and on Flamers/Heavy Flamers in general).
A Twin-Heavy Flamer Land Speeder went from 114 pts to 78 pts, so a full unit of 3 went from 342 to 234 pts, a massive 108 point cost reduction. Add Flamecraft and you have super fast unit that can fry almost anything. On average they'll do 17,5 wounds to GEQ's and 8,75 wounds to MEQ's. Then charge something to tie it up, then in your next turn (if your opponent didn't disengage), fly away and repeat the process.

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Im painting up 3 Sally landspeeders w hvy flamers. Fluffy or not, i dont care, but i think the sons of vulkan aint stupid and use whatever the Tactical situation demands.


My white scars have Dreadnoughts, would they rather have a great warrior perish? No they would with a saddened heart put him in a Dreadnought-Shell.


Same reasoning :)

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Land Speeders arent Salamander-y at all actually. In their original lore they hardly ever used land Speeders or jump packs.


They still use them though, just not nearly in the same numbers as some other chapters.

While filling two outrider detachments with Land Speeders could be considered "unfluffy", using a single unit in a list isn't, especially if you arm them with Heavy Flamers and/or Multi-meltas. :)



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