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Entry 12 - Squads and Characters of the War Wolves

Squad Karlon

Among the first of the War Wolves to pledge allegiance to Rhedgar, their armour bears the cruel twistings of chaos more than most of their ilk.
Karlon bears the marks of his fight against a ravening Lictor, from which he barely escaped with his life.

Squad Grond

Long at the forefront of War Wolves' retaliation forces, starting to slaughter in the name of Khorne rather than the Emperor came naturally to Grond. Other like-minded Astartes soon flocked to his side, receiving the mark of his bloodied fist over their faces and helms before reaping skulls for the skull throne

Alfhehr the Black

Few could be considered as responsible for the corruption of the War Wolves as the chaplain come dark apostle. Trained in the ways of the Ecclesiarchy by the Prince Cardinal of Sarment, Alfhehr led his men from the fore, revelling in the blood letting of renegades and rebels. Where a chaplain would usually restrain their Astartes from casual violence, Alfhehr was the worst of the chapter. Had he already found manuscripts of the Empyrean or discovered the nature of the Dark Gods through his own means, or did his own fall occur alongside that of his chapter's, no one may know.


Centuries before the butchery of Sarment prime, Weylundr had already defected from the Imperium and cast his lot with the forces of Chaos in the Eye of Terror. Learning the artifice of the Dark Mechanicum, Weylundr found a talent for trapping particularly ferocious and blood thirsty daemons within the Engines he crafted - a skill valued by the Iron Warriors of the XCIIIrd Grand Battalion who allowed Weylundr to fight alongside them for several decades. When news of the War Wolves' fall reached the Eye of Terror, Weylundr took to the stars to rejoin the renegade chapter, probably hoping to take leadership of the newly formed warband.
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