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The Great Baalite Bake Off 2019 - THE FINALISTS  

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sml_gallery_62972_10568_1098.jpg Voxscript Received from Sergeant Harriott

Sergeant Harriott

nd so it came to pass that the victor emerged. Having survived the initial trials, subsequently defeated seven other combatants, and in doing so, conquered the Black Rage inside, one has arisen to claim the title of Champion of The Great Baalite Bake Off 2019. With a winning score of nearly 34 % of the vote, this entry oozes the character and defiance of the IXth Legion. It is a jaw-dropping kitbash, one of which will be the utmost joy to paint and game with, let alone to merely have in ones collection.

May I present to you our winner and may he wear the winners badge with pride:

Entry 1 - Captain Tycho by Dont-Be-Haten









Congratulations indeed! For your efforts, please take the winners badge:


To everyone else, thank you for your participation, be it voting for our winner, participating, or simply supporting the event.

With that, the Great Baalite Bake Off of 2019 draws to a close. Even though the event is now over, the poll is still open should you wish to vote further to show you appreciation. As for future events, keep an eye on the BA sub-forum or the NR&BA over the coming months :wink:

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Outstanding job everyone! I am honored that my fellow frater have deemed my model the honorable winner. Though like it has been said before, our greatest reward lies in our models, with our own personalities and stories brought to life in our creations.


Thank you to Jole for another spectacular event.


Thank you fellow members for your votes.


But most importantly thank you to the other participants for helping us make this GBBO a fantastic event. Something I personally love about the B&C and ultimately our little sub-forum for the Blood Angels.




Edited by Dont-Be-Haten
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