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The B&C Orks Showcase


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Da Ork Showcase


Welcome one and all, from snotling to warboss, grots to nobs, and all boyz from all clans, to the Bolter and Chainsword Ork Showcase Gallery. We invite you to upload photos of your completed models in this thread.


Completed is a subjective term, and the only requirements are that YOU think your model is complete. Whether it's for display pieces or your kid cousin's first miniature, all completed models are welcome. They can be posted on display or tabletop; we will not turn anyone away.

Please don't use this thread for WiP projects; any such posts will get split off to their own topics.

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This post is too light I went out and brought Orks simply to add to this.


Here is my finished Deffkilla Wartrike

Wartrike   Side

Wartrike Rear

Wartrike   Front

Some of the detail on the front

Wartrike   Detail

I enjoyed this so much I brought a whole force


And started talking about this on my blog! https://paintinginthedark.blog/2019/07/31/start-of-a-speed-waaagh/
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I think its official, I've taken over the Ork Showcase for my own thread.


Been working hard on Orks again over the last week, i'm just loving the speed-freek models!


I've got a couple more on order now and will end up with all of them bar the race car looking one as i'm not its biggest fan currently.


Really enjoyed working on this model, the silver was different to do which was great, I'm working on a Nob Squad and Trukk currently which is not a good model to put together, although the kit is awesome and I can imagine lots of cool things done with it.


Megatrakk Scrapjet Front

Megatrakk Scrapjet Drill

Megatrakk Scrapjet FlyBoy

Megatrakk Scrapjet Rear Side

Megatrakk Scrapjet Read

Megatrakk Scrapjet Missiles

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And leading the Bad Moon contingent allied to Waaargh Grimsnaga, I give you Mek Dufflug (and his gunner, Pukey) and their Blitza-bommer, Da Bad Moon








Mek Dufflug himself. He likes to feel the wind. And doesn’t care a lot about barrel alignment.






Pukey by name...


I highly doubt that sight has much effect on the accuracy of those wonky-mounted bombs!



Sometime in the future I plan to get some Moonclan fanatics and, cutting the ball off one’s chain, have one hanging out of the hatch, like guys hanging off hot air balloons in old movies. I like to think Dufflug yanked out a lot of the ‘unnecessary’ innards of the flyer so there is some grot crawl space.


Fuel stolen from the Imperium



And now leaking...


And the base. Necron bit care of GreenStuffWorld’s Necron roller.


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And ten Bad Moon gretchin who form part of Dufflug’s ‘ground krew’:


Gretchin don’t have a squad leader, but if they did, this would be him



This grot mob are charged with picking up the pieces of the blitza-bomma when it.....’lands’. This grot has torches to signal to the flyboy. The torch-bearer of the mob is renowned for being a short-lived position...






I like this guy’s expression



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Liking the Stompa, Warbringer. I think the checked markings and the dags make it stand out from a lot of Stompas. The vibrant blue helps with that as well to be fair. :biggrin.:

cheers I’m really happy with how it has turned out. 

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