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  1. - It is the 35th Millennium - The Imperium is in turmoil. Faith wars with rationality as the Ecclesiarchy and Administratum tussle for power. In disgust, the Ur-council of Nova Terra has led a fifth part of the Imperium into secession, striking out to forge a new destiny of their own. Seers speak hauntingly of the half-remembered terrors of Old Night, as warpstorm activity increases across the galaxy. The veil grows thin. Against a galaxy in flames, as mankind falls on itself, the Blood Angels stand as bulwark in the east. Even as the eyes of man turns inwards, the Angels strike out at the gathering horrors of the galaxy. - The Alien Wars begin - +++ + What are the Alien Wars? + + The Alien Wars Setting + The Alien Wars is a project that invites you to make a model (or more) that fits into the Nova Terra Interregnum of M35, a period of instability in the Imperium that saw the resurgence of Xenos threats against a divided Imperium. What is the Nova Terra Interregnum? Find out more by jumping to this post. The broad groupings are: Xenos – major and minor; the Xenos are in the ascendant across the galaxy. OrksThe orks of the Charadon Empire Eldar Saharduin Ymgarli Fomn Secessionists – Imperium Minor; those loyal to Constantium/Nova TerraThe Nova Terran Imperium Principal worlds of the Nova Terran Imperium The Frateris Constantium Old Imperials – The Greater Imperium; loyal to Ancient TerraThe Mechanicus sub-cults The Inquisition: the Chiron Cabal Astartes – Studiously neutral – mostly... This is a broad brief; intentionally so, because there's very little written about this period of 40k history. There are a few hints here and there, but it's very open for your ideas. I encourage you to think in the Rogue Trader spirit – the galaxy of the period is full of mystery and potential; and you're more free than ever to come up with something new and exciting, with every opportunity to do something that you've always wanted to do. +++ + How do I get involved? + Build your model (or models) and share it: Here in the thread – I'd love this to become a repository of people's ideas. On the + Death of a Rubricist + Facebook group On Instagram, using the #alienwars hashtag. Painted models, with a short piece of colour text (~500 words) explaining how they fit in the setting, are the gold standard. +++ [+Original first post+] +++ + Squad Raphael, Third Company + (Or, in the mannered language of Baal circa 191.M35: 'The Wards of Furiel under Lord Dahavauron, Prince of the Erelim; 3rd Strateia of the Host of the Angels of the Blood.') Sinistro a Dexter: Brother Donato (Duhael 4:12) Brother Malatesta (Durbael 2:17) Sergeant Raphael (Furiel 8:04) Brother Farnese (Shemhamphorae 1:20) Brother Barbarigo (Durbael 4:11) Sinistro a Dexter: Brother Lucian (Abacyel 3:12) Brother El-Aster (Ambriel 1:01) Brother Mephisto (Rashin Rast 2:05) Brother Thaddeus (Saditel 4:04, called the lost) Brother Engel (Narieal 4:10) +++ Wait, what? A lot of the above likely sounds like gibberish! The naming scheme above is a development of one I made up for my May You Live Forever project, the details of which can be seen here. The plan The army I'm building is a modern take on the Blood Angels Third Company army from WD139, one of the first issues I read, back when I was a nipper. This is a bit of a love letter to 40k, then and now; and combining what I think is the best of both. The originals: My interpretation so far: +++ [Original first post]
  2. Ho, ho, ho, it's that time of year again, apparently.
  3. From the album: Kill Team

  4. It's been a long time away, but I have been lurking for years. I semi-officially "retired" from the hobby back in 2015, deciding to put my free time into video games as they were simpler and I could stay in touch with friends scattered across the US. The bug never left though, even through the myriad of sell-offs I undertook. I couldn't part with the massive SM collection I had amassed or my beloved Orks. I did part with my entire CSM Bits collection (a whopping 10 pounds worth) which I still regret. Ah well, the new CSM sculpts are light years better than the previous ones. I've been reacquainting myself with my hobby tools, paints, brushes etc. Tossing out old paints that are no good, etc. My kids bought me an airbrush package a couple of Christmases ago, so I've broken that out and started that (steep) learning curve as well. As an exercise, I pulled out a 3 man set of Primaris Intercessors and spent a couple of weeks with them. The first one I painted to "completion", not worrying about clean blends and niggling details, just the joy of painting again. It's always been my zen place. The place where I have lost thousands of hours over the last three decades. Also the first steps towards cementing a scheme for my massive army that I've never painted. The airbrush gives me hope. Pics are all from my iPhone. My light booth and camera setup are all still stuffed away, so it might be some time before I can get better images. This is all brush work, using P3 paints exclusively as I know exactly what they can and cannot do. It felt good to not only paint a model for the first time in 4 years, but actually allow myself to call it good enough. No worries about smooth blends and clean lines, just exploring the sculpt with the brush. I'm my own worst critic (as are many hobbyists) and I'm trying to put that aside in favor of enjoyment. Painting & converting at the professional levels sucked all of the joy away from the hobby which led in large part to my retirement. With the first model wrapped up I mulled it over for a few days and went on to the second. I went for a lighter gray base color, wanting more of a "cool" white. A bit neater this time, playing more with the hard edges and recesses. The first one used green on the lenses, so I went with blue on this one to see the difference. I didn't bother finishing the base as these are not the bases the army will be standing on. A bit closer now, much smoother. Muscle memory starting to come back to me. The third I focused entirely on the white, ignoring pretty much everything else. I'm not going to have any bare heads in the army, so no point in working on the head. Still working out whether or not to add a dark red to the helmets for sergeants. I've added a skull to the backpack of the sergeant to indicate rank and to make them easier to ID on sight. (Not that I play or anything.) The lighting in the pic almost makes it look unpainted, but the white is indeed painted and the smoothest white I've done in years. Trouble is, it was with the brush and if I want to finish the army some time in the next decade I will need to focus on the airbrush for the majority of the work. Fortunately power armor lends itself very well to that.
  5. Hi All, After a long time bobbing around on the forum I've decided to start a WIP thread here. It will mostly feature my Black Templars and in the future maybe a restart of my Steel Legion and the occational Ork painted by my daughter. I'm a terrible SLOW painter with limited time, so updates will be irregular and not often. So to kick off the WIP thread is Terminator Chaplain Tarentus. When he came out I just had to have him, even though my grey pile of shame had reached epic proportions, a new firstborn model, only by a purchase could approval of this event be voiced Today I started with painting and gotten pretty dang far for my standards (worked for about 3 hours straight). Pictures: Flashing legs: This is the first time I've used flying stands for sub assemblies. It gives greater freedom of acces and I'll certainly be using it more often. Especially on heads (right upper corner the blurry white speck). I also started on a Sternguard resque that I've relieved from it's blueish colours A few months ago I started vet sgt Jovan and a newly built sternguard sword brother. The sternguard might take a dip into the IPA because I'm not to sold on the painting on his legs. I got it way too thick. Yuck. Feedback is always appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Follow this link to fine the most current list. >>> where the fun really begins.
  7. Hey there you gitz as I will take part in the upcoming ETL on the side of Chaos, I might only be able to post something OoC for the Orks during the ETL. But I really need some motivation to paint some of my Orks. So I thought an own Painting Event for Orks would be the best oportunity to give my Orks the look they deserve. I opened this thread to discuss how we could organize such an event. First of all we need to decide on a time frame. I would suggest something after ETL VII. Maybe with one month pause between? We also need some Event-Medals for the signature of our fellow Warbosses. Will this event also consists only of painting or also of building? ... There are a lot of things to discuss, and as I never started such an event, I have no clue what we will need. But I would really like to hear your thoughts about this. Let us show the other Xenos who the real Boss is.
  8. Hey everyone, two weeks ago I played an Apocalypse game themed around the events of Vigilus Ablaze. Note that this was played before the new Apocalypse rules were released, so please bear that in mind. The report can be found here. Enjoy!
  9. Sorry for the cheesy title. For Father's Day, my 16-month-old son got me a Gorka/Morkanaut (my wife swears she had nothing to do with it). I'm very excited, as I think the model is hella cool, and just the thing I need to help get my average ETL vow up this summer. But the question is, which one should I build it as? From first read, I'm thinking the Morkanaut. 3d3 KMK shots are mean, plus the KFF on that large base is going to cover a massive area. On the other hand, the Gorkanaut has been seeing some high-level play, such as Ben Jurek's Freebooterz, and I've just heard anecdotally that the Gorka is the way to go. I'm considering a list with 3 Battlewagons/Bonebreakas and 2 'nauts, presenting 80+ toughness 8 wounds, and greatly reducing how many models I have to move every game. I was originally going to go double Morka, but maybe one of each? The Dread WAAAGH! specialist detachment provides a stratagem to double fire, so having one of each 'naut would give me the flexibility to double fire the Gorka when facing hordes and the Morka when up against knights/heavy armor. And what clan? My initial thought was Deffskullz, which for Morkanauts is excellent, but the Gorkanaut would benefit more from Bad Moonz. Alternatively, Blood Axes would make the 'nauts more survivable, though against most things that would be targeting them, it probably wouldn't matter vs. the KFF. Freebooterz is the single strongest for shooting, but it requires an activator, and that can be hard against some armies.
  10. Hey! I started an Ork Killteam when Killteam in 7th came out, and converted my Orks into Apes, becuase I thought it would be fun to have a Planet of The Apes and/or hotrod themed army, and decided I should post what I have for my current Killteam. It's Commander is Warboss Big Tommy, who is wearing the pirate hat and weilding the dreaded Power Barrel (Bug Choppa). The leader is Chimp Guevera, a Grot leader, who has killed a Plague Marine with a single shot. The Apes dressed in Batman costumes are my kommandos, and WAAAAAAAGHluigi is a nob with a big Choppa and kombi flamer. I am looking into contrast paints to make painting them go faster, since the conversion work takes quite a while haha so if anyone has any good experience or suggestions on that, I'd much appreciate it!
  11. I know I'm not the only person that thought of "what if Orks decided to imitate Techpriests, what with all their new vehicles", because I saw the Regimental Standard (finest source of news in the history of ever) publish this: Personal story time - we were introducing a friend to 40k during 7th ed and I played him using a small but typical Ork force, a Boyz in Trukks list. Since Trukks blew up so easily, he pointed out that the most important person in the Ork army isn't the Warboss, but whoever it is that fixes the Trukks between games. I thoroughly agreed. And so I painted up my own Mekpriest, here with his own ServitORK: I'll be running him as Blood Axe (personal preference, it's my Ork Clan going all the way back to 1st ed) in a Blitz Brigade Specialist Detachment from Vigilis. Here's 500 points that I'll be experimenting with, mostly from old Black Reach models and a converted Land Raider. UPDATE - I tried this Blood Axe Blitz Brigade setup, gameplay-wise it's not very good and, more importantly, actually doesn't feel that close to the theme. At least for my part, I'll really be evolving my list to be more tech-centric. And on that note, just to be clear I'm not sitting on this idea, I'm just starting a thread on a concept many have had before so everyone can join in. Mine was just my take, a personal proof-of-concept! All are welcome!
  12. This thread is like the Today in the hobby I... over in the Amicus Aedes, but for us greenskins. Please post about whatever project your working on today. Feel free to include stuff from your personal threads. And don't feel obligated to post everyday. This is meant to be a thread where we can, at a glance, see what the Fraters are working on, when it comes to da proppa killy faction.
  13. Hello! I’m hoping to get a whole load more games in with the Orks this coming year, and with that in mind, the first two games I’ve played with the new codex are up on my blog (plus an Admech game as well...) https://redtoof.blogspot.com/2018/12/mini-battle-reports-element-games.html Like I said, hopefully I’ll be adding more soon, but if you’ve got any battle reports, feel free to add them to the thread :)
  14. Hello I have tried to find some Killteam info. on Orks but without any luck. My plan is to build an ork Killteam and then hopefully still be motivated to paint a 40K ork army. Should I just use boyz or are any of the other units viable ? Thanks. Kind regards Kim
  15. Hey everyone, as the ETL VII is starting soon, I plan to restart my hobby life. I have a whole bunch of unpainted miniatures. The reason is that I suffer from Hobby ADHD. I have always great conversion ideas (at least I think so) but I cannot keep my focus long enough to paint an army. After some friends assured me of their support (e.g. painting nights) and a purchase ban from my girlfriend* I plan to paint some models for ETL VII. Also I will use this thread to post my other projects. The question is which faction should I choose for ETL? Below you will find the factions in question. I hope you can help me to decide for one army. 3rd Company of the Ultramarines (to boost my old force with some new Primaris and BobbyG) Chaos Space Marines (a mix of new Word Bearers, Death Guard and my Iron Warriors) Orks (because green is mean ) or a completely new army with the Primaris content of Shadowspear Should I pledge for the Imperium and add the already primed Primaris Marines and BobbyG to my old Ultramarines force? But the Space Marines have already a big base of participants. The Chaos Space Marines are already set and I can pledge quite some points for the ETL to paint and this faction could give the loyalists a run for their money. Also the different colour schemes might keep my focus/motivation on painting. Orks are always a fun army and although their 8ed rules are not as much fun as the old ones but I still like this army. I can also provide some points for them, especially through some conversions. Unfortunately I am not so sure how much conversion is really allowed for ETL and scratch building (what every Ork player loves) is banned. Also it would involve to paint a lot of green skin. The last option would be to start with a complete new army. It would consist mainly from the contents of the Vanguard force. The new army would represent my new start into the painting part of the hobby and I need to build the models till the 1st June to start painting them. I hope you can help me to decide for an army. Below are some models for the armies in question: Here are the models I built for Tempus Beli and some Death Guard: Now for my Orks a Squiggoth, some "Bikers" and a Morkanaut: *the ban already faild, sorry honey
  16. For those of us who have given thought to the Freebooterz Kulture (Competitive Streak), what are some units that we believe would be a reliable "trigger" to get those +1s going in both shooting and CC? There's been much debate, across various mediums, about Mek Guns triggering but not benefiting the kulture but let's leave that aside for the moment and focus on Ork units. 10 + 15 Lootas mobbing up? Dakkajets? Double-choppa Nob units? Lend me your Orky know-wotz!
  17. Hello all! Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste OI! -clears throat- Okay, now that the silliness is done, you've probably seen the beginnings of my Waaaagh in my general WIP thread. Well, this is the start of the PROPPA Orky WIP thread. Orcs have always been one of my favorite fantasy races, and the ones in 40k take what I find awesome about orcs and adds a healthy dose of Mad Max. That's going to be very important, because this is the start of Speed Freeks army first and foremost. However, it's not solely Evil Sunz. This army will be lead by three Big Bosses, Zapwazza Grimdakka 'da Skorchmasta' (Evil Sunz, overall boss), Anzagg Nazgrim 'Manyteef' (Bad Moons, not named after the WoW character . Brings the teef and Dakka. And you'll see why he has hos sobriquet when the model I needed for him comes in tomorrow....) and Wirgoz Studskragga (Deathskulls Mekboss, the brains of the operation). All three of these bosses will be heavily converted. And big. Very, very big :lol: Now, I suppose I should show some of the models then yes? Some Nobs: Flash Gits (likely going to be Bad Moons, possibly not Freebooters): Burnas and a Spanner: The start of Mekboss Studskragga's recovery vehicle (a Battlewagon of some sort, based on the War Rig from Fury Road): And finally, the newest vehicle being added to the Orks stable of Trukks: Yes, that's Christine (1958 Plymouth Fury) being looted. That model kit is a PAIN because of how it goes together. The hardest part will be the final assembly once she's all painted. That and finding a way to get a driver in it
  18. I'm going to start an army of Orks (the models new and old are just too damned good!) I'm going to start this force around a highly mobile core (Kult of Speed) then flesh it out as I expand my army. For Klan I've gone with Death Skullz because I love blue and think it'll look cool. The following pics are of my first Ork, he's a Stormboyz Nob. Death Skull Stormboy Death Skull Stormboy Death Skull Stormboy Death Skull Stormboy Death Skull Stormboy I'll finish off the first 5 Stormboyz then I'm looking forward to Orktober!
  19. Hey guys, Thought it might be useful to create a list for other races for those that want to do Titanicus but don't want the standard Titan look. So this thread throws 30k setting out in place of 40k so no your race wasn't around then talk, and we are going for rough size equivalents. I know there are 3rd party rules floating around for the other races but I'm going with just proxies for this thread. If you have an idea of a model for conversion use or even 3rd party links please share those too. So categories are: Imperator Titan: Warlord Titan: Eldar Phantom/Warlock Titan (Wraithknight) Ork Mega Gargant (Gorkanaut) Chaos Banelord/Plaguelord/Painlord/Warplord Reaver Titan: Ork Gargant Tyranid Hydraphant Warhound Titan: Eldar Revenant Titan (Wraithknight) Chaos Subjugator Scout/Questor Titan Tau Ta'unar Supremacy Armour Ork Stompa Tyranid Dominatrix As of yet named Necron Titan (Kitbash Triarch Stalker?) Imperial Knights: Eldar Wraitknight (Wraithguard/wraithblade) Necron Monolith Necron Obelisk Ork Gorka or Morkanaut Khorne Kytan Daemon Engine (Blood Warriors/AT Imperial Knights) Khorne Lord Of Skulls Slaanesh Hell-Strider Knight Tau Stormsurge/Riptide Battlesuit Tyranid Hierophant -Noctem Cultor
  20. Forgeworld have released the rules for the missing data sheets: Kill Krusha Grot Bomm Launcher Deathrolla battle fortress Here’s the link: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/imperial_armour_index_xenos-2.pdf Good news for any Ork players who have these or have converted these or are planning to convert them. The more data sheets the merrier as far as I’m concerned. If you’ve got a big Ork vehicle you’ve made you’ve got some more rules to use for counts as. Mega Dread still appears to be missing though, someone please correct me. Buzzgob is now listed as a Goff. As a Deathskulls player myself I was always hoping he was a Deathskull (he has blue war paint in the artwork). So the only Deathskull character with rules now is Mad Doc grotsnik who as Ghazghulls Doc is clearly rolling with the Goffs.
  21. So there seems to be a large Imperial presence at my local GW and with the new Vigilus campaign coming up I was asked by the manager to play an evil army. To this end I decided to bring out my orks. In a few weeks we're doing a mega battle and orks players (there is supposed to be 4 of us) are to bring 50PL of Waaaugh! To this I have the following Kultur - Deathskulls 1 Warboss (combi-scorcha and Da Killa Klaw) - WL - Oppertunist 1 Big Mek in Mega-armour - kustom blasta, powerklaw, kustom force-field 2x Painboy 20 boyz - slugga/choppa, 2x rokkits, nob w/ powerklaw, tankbusta bombs 20 boyz - slugga/choppa, 2x rokkits, nob w/ powerklaw, tankbusta bombs 20 boyz - shootas, 2x big shootas, nob w/ powerklaw, tankbusta bombs Deff dread - 2x dread klaw, 2x big shoota Wazbom Blastajet - smash-gun, 2x tellapota guns, 2x supa-shootas, kustom-force field. I'm not sure on the list of my fellow tribes, but I'll see about getting those later. The humies have blood angels, dark angels (SM are 20PL each) and two admech players (30 PL each, one mars and the other just using the Forgebane force so a dominus, skitraii squad and two Warglaives). Given the humies are at a 50% disavantage, this is a narrivative game with an additional request to bring in additional fortifications/terrain. So here's the reason for the post. Does this force look like a good start and when I increase the force, what should I add? I have a more orks in my collection so pretty much everything less a Gork/Morkanaunt or Stompa is on the table.
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