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  1. From the album: Kill Team

  2. It's been a long time away, but I have been lurking for years. I semi-officially "retired" from the hobby back in 2015, deciding to put my free time into video games as they were simpler and I could stay in touch with friends scattered across the US. The bug never left though, even through the myriad of sell-offs I undertook. I couldn't part with the massive SM collection I had amassed or my beloved Orks. I did part with my entire CSM Bits collection (a whopping 10 pounds worth) which I still regret. Ah well, the new CSM sculpts are light years better than the previous ones. I've been reacquainting myself with my hobby tools, paints, brushes etc. Tossing out old paints that are no good, etc. My kids bought me an airbrush package a couple of Christmases ago, so I've broken that out and started that (steep) learning curve as well. As an exercise, I pulled out a 3 man set of Primaris Intercessors and spent a couple of weeks with them. The first one I painted to "completion", not worrying about clean blends and niggling details, just the joy of painting again. It's always been my zen place. The place where I have lost thousands of hours over the last three decades. Also the first steps towards cementing a scheme for my massive army that I've never painted. The airbrush gives me hope. Pics are all from my iPhone. My light booth and camera setup are all still stuffed away, so it might be some time before I can get better images. This is all brush work, using P3 paints exclusively as I know exactly what they can and cannot do. It felt good to not only paint a model for the first time in 4 years, but actually allow myself to call it good enough. No worries about smooth blends and clean lines, just exploring the sculpt with the brush. I'm my own worst critic (as are many hobbyists) and I'm trying to put that aside in favor of enjoyment. Painting & converting at the professional levels sucked all of the joy away from the hobby which led in large part to my retirement. With the first model wrapped up I mulled it over for a few days and went on to the second. I went for a lighter gray base color, wanting more of a "cool" white. A bit neater this time, playing more with the hard edges and recesses. The first one used green on the lenses, so I went with blue on this one to see the difference. I didn't bother finishing the base as these are not the bases the army will be standing on. A bit closer now, much smoother. Muscle memory starting to come back to me. The third I focused entirely on the white, ignoring pretty much everything else. I'm not going to have any bare heads in the army, so no point in working on the head. Still working out whether or not to add a dark red to the helmets for sergeants. I've added a skull to the backpack of the sergeant to indicate rank and to make them easier to ID on sight. (Not that I play or anything.) The lighting in the pic almost makes it look unpainted, but the white is indeed painted and the smoothest white I've done in years. Trouble is, it was with the brush and if I want to finish the army some time in the next decade I will need to focus on the airbrush for the majority of the work. Fortunately power armor lends itself very well to that.
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WAAAAGH!!! and hello! I'm toaae* and I've got an addiction to Orks! This thread has been a long time coming, and I'm excited to share my greenskins with this fine board. I use to have a blog here on the B&C when we had an actual blog system, and I found it hugely helpful in maintaining motivation and helping encourage my own creative thoughts. I hope to use this thread to serve the same purpose. I’ve been in 40k since 2003, and I’ve been collecting Orks since 2012. I’ve not managed to complete a lot in that time, as I was in and out of the hobby a lot, but with 8th being a smashing hit in my book, I’m all in for the first time since 5th edition. I’ve recently wrapped up my new Blood Angels project, and have even cut it short so I could get back to painting ORKS!! First off, some pictures of my orks. I’ve completed 51 models, I think, and I have more in various states of progress. From my display cabinet: That is 10 grots, 37 shoota boyz, 2 nobz, pictured here: 3 Big shoot boyz, here: and a rokkit boy, who will be the rookie of an upcoming tankbustas mob: Some pictures of random boyz and the grots: Orks are my magnum opus, and I plan to explore and grow in painting them to the best of my ability. So, what to expect? Well, I've got this new airbrush I've only just started using, so I'm going to be re-learning how to paint orks using that. I'm working on the fluff of my Warboss, which is turning out to also encapsulate future SoB, Mechanicus, IG, and Necron armies. And I cannot wait to start working on kitbashing hoards of vehicles. I wanna share my love for this hobby and this faction, and this thread will be the nexus of that. Without further adieu, the first post: ETL 6 is upon us, and this is my vow: Before I start that, I have 5 AoBR boyz to test the airbrush on. I hope to have those done tomorrow or Wednesday, to get a feel of what I can expect to accomplish with that tool for this vow. *=The Only Allies Are Enemies, a screen name I took from the back of the Starcraft CD case in 1998 for my battle.net username, and have used since.
  4. A bunch of FAQs have just been announced on Warcom - you can download them on the FAQ section. Included are; Deathwatch Adeptus Custodes Adeptus Mechanicus Drukhari Genestealer Cults Grey Knights Orks T'au Empire Imperial Armour Compendium Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tode Warhammer 40,000 Core Book
  5. tentagil


    From the album: Tentagil's Orks

  6. https://youtu.be/CVgkhji3fdg Cheers, Thoth
  7. Hello Guys! I have been a hobbyist for (records expugned from the Administratum by inquisitorial decree) and have been on this forum for almost the same amount of time.In all of these years i've had different threads in different parts of the forum, but trying to keep them attractive to new viewers and getting feedback has been quite difficult, all the more credit to each brother that has given me their thoughts whenever i posted something new of course. So i was thinking last night that it might be easier to merge my separate armies into one thread, tat way i can update it constantly when i paint something new, because i always work on different things at the time. So, i'd like to start this album with some of the minis i've already painted from different armies. I hope you like them I'll be uploading some of my Orlocks soon, though i still have to paint their bases
  8. From the album: Da ladz

    © Owen Fussell

  9. Graymane

    Big mech conversion 1

    From the album: Da ladz

    © Owen Fussell

  10. From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  11. From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  12. From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  13. Hey! I started an Ork Killteam when Killteam in 7th came out, and converted my Orks into Apes, becuase I thought it would be fun to have a Planet of The Apes and/or hotrod themed army, and decided I should post what I have for my current Killteam. It's Commander is Warboss Big Tommy, who is wearing the pirate hat and weilding the dreaded Power Barrel (Bug Choppa). The leader is Chimp Guevera, a Grot leader, who has killed a Plague Marine with a single shot. The Apes dressed in Batman costumes are my kommandos, and WAAAAAAAGHluigi is a nob with a big Choppa and kombi flamer. I am looking into contrast paints to make painting them go faster, since the conversion work takes quite a while haha so if anyone has any good experience or suggestions on that, I'd much appreciate it!
  14. toaae

    Squighog Boyz 1 Complete 7

    From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  15. toaae

    Squighog Boyz 1 Complete 6

    From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  16. toaae

    Squighog Boyz 1 Complete 5

    From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  17. toaae

    Squighog Boyz 1 Complete 4

    From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  18. toaae

    Squighog Boyz 1 Complete 3

    From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  19. toaae

    Squighog Boyz 1 Complete 1

    From the album: WAAAGH!!! Tortoof

  20. Hi All, After a long time bobbing around on the forum I've decided to start a WIP thread here. It will mostly feature my Black Templars and in the future maybe a restart of my Steel Legion and the occational Ork painted by my daughter. I'm a terrible SLOW painter with limited time, so updates will be irregular and not often. So to kick off the WIP thread is Terminator Chaplain Tarentus. When he came out I just had to have him, even though my grey pile of shame had reached epic proportions, a new firstborn model, only by a purchase could approval of this event be voiced Today I started with painting and gotten pretty dang far for my standards (worked for about 3 hours straight). Pictures: Flashing legs: This is the first time I've used flying stands for sub assemblies. It gives greater freedom of acces and I'll certainly be using it more often. Especially on heads (right upper corner the blurry white speck). I also started on a Sternguard resque that I've relieved from it's blueish colours A few months ago I started vet sgt Jovan and a newly built sternguard sword brother. The sternguard might take a dip into the IPA because I'm not to sold on the painting on his legs. I got it way too thick. Yuck. Feedback is always appreciated. Cheers.
  21. Follow this link to fine the most current list. >>> where the fun really begins.
  22. Da Ork Showcase Welcome one and all, from snotling to warboss, grots to nobs, and all boyz from all clans, to the Bolter and Chainsword Ork Showcase Gallery. We invite you to upload photos of your completed models in this thread. Completed is a subjective term, and the only requirements are that YOU think your model is complete. Whether it's for display pieces or your kid cousin's first miniature, all completed models are welcome. They can be posted on display or tabletop; we will not turn anyone away. Please don't use this thread for WiP projects; any such posts will get split off to their own topics.
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