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+++Chaos Spawn Beauty Pageant - ETL VII+++

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I have two entries for the beauty pageant.

First up we have Kahareah. She likes strolls in the park and collecting skulls for the skull throne.



Here we have Vergash. She likes gardening and spreading the Geller pox with her friends.



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Had some pre owned Dire Wolves that always turn up in my bits boxes, as soon as I need a Doggo head for a Spawn I cant find any of them. Been looking all day and no luck, need to redesign the Spawn now before I can continue building it.  Grrrrr

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I seem to be late to the party! Amazing stuff here so far!


I as well have two entries for the beauty pageant.


Those where not converted, just repurposed. Those are two Neritic Horrors from Wrath of Kings. I fell In love with these sculpts once i saw them the first time and knew that those are going to be some amazing spawns for my Slaanesh Chaos Cultist gang. Now they dwell in the depth of the Underhive and spread nameless terror.





















I really love how they turned out it was a good practice on how to paint white skin areas.

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And now for the next contestant in the Chaos Spawn Beauty pageant! Introducing Demi Gorgon, a true stunner hailing from the Cadian Gate. Weighing in at a slim, svelte 616lbs, and standing at 13ft in heels, this is one truly glamorous example of the beauties of the spawn-form. The look is inspired by ravaged Guardsmen chic, with a stylish helmet shoulder pad to take us straight back to the 80s, and a collection of bones, rocks, and mishmashed flesh that’s so vogue now. They’ve gone a bit overboard on their chin highlighter, presumably to accentuate the strong jaw and perfect teeth. And the nails on that claw are done to perfection! Our correspondent asked a customary question as part of the pageant: ‘what would you do to prevent the galaxy warming?’, to which Demi promptly tore our reporter limb from limb in a display of power and poise. Truly a top contestant for the Chaos Spawn Beauty pageant 2019!





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I'll set up a poll once I finalise the Final Report - which is killing me... :rolleyes:

Ill do the final report for you! So Chaos were victorious again then yeah?? :lol



Annoyingly I found the bits I needed to do the Spawn I planned earlier, the one I entered was a quick build with bits I had on my desk. Ah well, such is life. 

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I cant wait for the poll. So many beautiful spawn. :wub:

Same here, I think this is a great advert for what Chaos is all about and what we as a forum can do. I can't think of many units in the game that are as random and diverse as what we have here.

That being said, I propose next year we do a similar thing, but with Daemon Princes, similar scope for customisation and randomness, but worth a lot more points towards our ETL score

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