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Duz's Imperial Navy


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(And target practice bouys :tu: )

Since specialist games launched I've generally been able to avoid getting sucked into any of the new games. Including the various expansions of 40k (BSF being the only exception).

Even with the announcement of AI I felt indifferent, as I'm patiently waiting for BFG ;)

However when they started showing the models for AI it was impossible to say no. I'm a sucker for the Thunderbolt and Marauder.

So here I am I'm slowly making a start on my starter set, I haven't had a game yet. I will see how the game play is if I'm going to invest further into it or just collect the awesome planes :D

Snooping around seems like my colour schemes aren't too different from others ideas of a heavy WW2 theme. The Thunderbolts in particular will draw heavily from the P51 and the Marauders from B17s.

Anyhow now the important stuff



Vallejo metallics are literally perfect for my scheme :D


Had a blue green grey from a USAF vallejo paint set figured I could use it on my Marauders


Had a bit more time yesterday to use the airbrush. Shaded the Marauders and hit it with a slightly different shade of grey. Happy with the result next up will be recess shading and details.

Target bouys are red so the pilots can easily distinguish between friendly planes during live fire drills. Apparently the xenos think the colour goes faster... <_<


I haven't done the additional weapons yet.

I've decided I will probably go with RoC because WYSIWYG on such small models seems needless

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Hey Duz!, welcome to the forum of Grown ups making Zooming & Dakka noises :happy.:


your off to a great start...i'm painting for weeks and your technically past me at 2 days in.... :ermm: 

the joys of an airbrush too i see on those beautiful marauders :thumbsup: ..they're going to look awesome!!

can't wait to see more from you ! 


Cheers, Mithril


p.s. red ones do go Fasta... :tongue.:    

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Hey Duz!, welcome to the forum of Grown ups making Zooming & Dakka noises :happy.:





Were you spying on me? That's literally what I did to my wife this morning when she was sitting in the backyard and I wanted so see how my Marauder scheme looked like in natural light :lol:


These models definitely bring out the inner kid in me though :sweat:

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These models definitely bring out the inner kid in me though :sweat:



Agree with that statement 100% :biggrin.:

and no i wasn't spying... Your marauder radio'd in saying there was a huge anomoly off their port side making strange noises... :tongue.:


and how does the scheme look in natural light ?!...



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As promised finished my warsuit so started working on my first Marauder

Not 100% sure where I'm going with the scheme but I'll figure it out

These seem easy enough to do both in quick succession. Which is just as well because Mithrils quadrant seems to be overrun with green skins and needs some support...



C&C welcome :D

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Slow progress spot washing these buggers takes time!

More or less finish that now touch ups and figuring out what edge highlighting colour to use

Since it's not GW might be trickier although hoping a Space Wolf colour will do the job (not russ grey through tried that and you couldn't see)


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Picked up some Ferisian will see how it goes


Turns out the colour I used was pretty close the Thunderhawk already


well that's good then cause fenrisian grey is a great highlight for thunderhawk blue :wink:  well, according to Darren Latham it is...




cheers, Mithril

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Do the Marauder they said it'll be less highlighting than the warsuits they said... <_<

Well spent most the weekend highlighting this one sucker! Almost got him done... A little more on the undercarriage and that's done just a few final details

I don't think I'll be doing his wingman next though. These guys have so much detail!!! And it's tiny too

Fortunately I don't plan on edge highlighting any of the other aircrafts. Dry brushing for them! :lol:



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Ton of edge highlights indeed! Beaky week we'll see I'll probably painting a thunderbolt next and plan to dry brush that

In the meanwhile I'm calling this guy done! (I'll get to the bombs at a later date)


All those lines makes me want to go back to some Primaris Marines, or a Repulsor Executioner... ;)

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I was actually admiring it from a distance last night


And although you can't pick out the exact details and lines of the highlighting you can still notice to pop it provides. So not a complete waste of time! :D

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