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The Lord Inquisitor's WIP/PLOG

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Cross ref. Ordo Hereticus/Lord Inquisitor Soulis: Imperium Files 322-189

026.228.17 ref. 450.1, cross Xeno-Folders, ex. 137


Greetings fellow Inquisitors! It is only fit and proper for the Lord Inquisitor (read: mod) of this forum to have a proper PLOG and I've been suffering from hobby burnout for so long that my previous "Road to Astronomi-con" PLOG has suffered exterminatus. Well, it's time to "get back in the saddle" and the leaked pict captures of new Adeptus Ministorum stuff (alongside the SoB releases) has done much to help revive some enthusiasm for the hobby in me. As well as painting to completion old models that languished for far too long, I will also be adding new ones as I seek to complete the Witchunter army that I have always deeply regretting not doing during the golden years of Codex: Witchhunters. Therefore, I am building an army that would have been possible with that Codex, to the best of my ability given new rules (alas I can't make a HTH beast custom inquisitor like the good old days with the sweet warband rules).

So for the moment you can look here for the "working list" I am operating off of for my purchases, construction, and painting: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/360811-1500-pts-militarum-tempestusministorum/

First on my priority list is Lord Inquisitor Soulis himself in his newest incarnation, trudging into battle atop is very own Throne of Redemption (I will use Inquisitor Karamazov rules to represent him):


I'll post bits of fluff and some Batreps as well as WIP pics as I go. Those who have been with the B&C for a while will know that Lord Inquisitor Soulis has been a central figure in my armies for decades. He first appeared back circa. 2000 in 3rd edition as an inquisitor in terminator armour from the BRB of that time. He met an untimely "demise" at the hands of a Catachan demo pack (back then only Catachans had those) and a failed invulnerable role. According to my fluff he actually survived the blast (barely) and re-emerged years later, bringing the errant Catachans to justice although he is now greatly weakened and although I previously had him wearing power armour that allowed him to walk, I think riding around on this throne is more fitting!

Here is the Lord Inquisitor Soulis of recent years before I acquired the Karamazov model:


And his warband:


The Crusaders have been expanded into a 6-strong unit. I currently hath not a group shot, but here are some individual pics:

med_gallery_66537_9465_91559.jpeg med_gallery_66537_9465_343900.jpg

med_gallery_66537_9465_11582.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_44835.jpeg

Of course, the core of my force is Inquisitorial Storm Troopers.





The above is the deep-striking element of the force. Then there are two more squads who will be tucked inside Taurox Primes, and Soulis' "Honour Guard" who will accompany him on foot.



The Troopers are among those who I need to complete. I am thinking that I will have another Kasrkin Squad, and then an old-school "Astronaut" squad (model wise) for the two mechanized units, then make the 8 Scions with 2x flamers for the honour guard (just because Scions are fancy). Or maybe the "astronauts" as honour guard since they're old school. What do my fellow inquisitors think?

Last but not least, my lovingly converted =][= Chimera that sadly has no place in my working list:



So, stuff that needs to be bought/built/painted to complete the list at this juncture:

Lord Inquisitor Soulis

8 "Astronaut" Storm Troopers

8 Kasrkin

And then when it is released:

2 Penitent Engines

3-9 Arco Flagellants


Looking at that list, that actually isn't all that bad. Let's do this!

My goal is to have the Lord Inquisitor and his remaining =][= Storm Troopers finished before the new PE, Arcos, and Exorcist are released. Then I can buy those models absolutely guilt free.

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Thanks WarriorFish!

I realized I forgot to post pics of one of the centrepiece units of my army:


My Inquistiorial Valkyrie! Ok, it's the one unit that was not available in Codex: Witchhunters, but its just so cool that I make the exception. Plus the suicide Acolyte squad that jumps out of it has been a ton of fun for a couple of editions now:


Although their configuration will chance since Crusaders and Mystics can no longer be included in war bands; they'll now be 3x plasma and 1x Bolter.

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Good call Fajita Fan ... the old-school Storm Troopers don't have the "bling" that Scions do, but they're old school, so they can represent the experienced, hardened veterans who have been following Lord Inquisitor Soulis around for a good long while.

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Good stuff!


I especially like the stormtroopers and their rides. I think it's tough to get the right balance of red and gold with the black without it looking tacky but you nailed it. I think I tend towards too much gold myself if I'm being honest...


Also I like the weathering on the valk. Such cool models. I'm glad to hear that you're getting use out of it too!

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Continuing with some very slow progress, as is my wont, I finally completed the 10-man "honour guard" of Scions/Inquisitorial Storm Troopers for Lord Inquisitor Soulis:


Closer view of the troops finished since my last post:


And next, on to some Arco-Flagellants! Starting with a converted Endurant:



I will post the fluff surrounding this creature when I post the fully painted model. Until then, you can speculate on why an Arco-Flagellant has a chunk of terminator armour on his back!

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Great job on the Tempestus Scions!


As for the Endurant, my guess is the Inquisitor encountered and defeated a Terminator from a Renegade or outright Chaos Space Marine warband. A Techpriest in the Inquisitor's service didn't want to let the now dead Terminator's still intact backpack power plant to go to waste, so he reused it for this arco-flagellant.

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Very creative and interesting speculations, Bjorn!

I haven't had time this weekend to write up the fluff, but I did have time to do a quick 535 point battle with my son, who used my Angels Sorrowful. The battle depicted a joint training exercise between the Angels Sorrowful 2nd Company and elements of the Vth Inquisitorial Storm Trooper Cohort. Bear with me, as this was my first 8th edition battle in years AND my first time every using MyMiniReport:

First, the forces:

Angels Sorrowful, 2nd Company Detachment:

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Blood Angels) [42 PL, 525pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +
**CHAPTER**: Blood Angels
+ HQ [12 PL, 178pts] +
Chaplain [6 PL, 90pts]: 5. Recitation of Focus, Bolt pistol, Invocation of Destruction, Jump Pack [1 PL, 18pts], Litanies of Hate
Librarian [6 PL, 88pts]: Bolt pistol, Force stave [8pts]
+ Troops [22 PL, 235pts] +
Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. Scout [11pts]: Boltgun
. Scout [11pts]: Boltgun
. Scout [11pts]: Boltgun
. Scout [11pts]: Boltgun
. Scout Sergeant [11pts]: Bolt pistol, Boltgun
Tactical Squad [9 PL, 94pts]
. 4x Space Marine [48pts]
. Space Marine (Special weapon) [23pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
. Space Marine Sergeant [23pts]: Bolt pistol, Combi-plasma [11pts]
Tactical Squad [9 PL, 86pts]
. 4x Space Marine [48pts]
. Space Marine (Special weapon) [26pts]: Meltagun [14pts]
. Space Marine Sergeant [12pts]
. . Bolt pistol and boltgun
+ Elites [8 PL, 112pts] +
Sanguinary Guard [8 PL, 112pts]
. Sanguinary Guard [28pts]: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword [8pts]
. Sanguinary Guard [28pts]: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword [8pts]
. Sanguinary Guard [28pts]: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword [8pts]
. Sanguinary Guard [28pts]: Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword [8pts]
++ Total: [42 PL, 525pts] ++
Inquisitorial Storm Troopers of the Vth Cohort
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [31 PL, 525pts] ++
+ No Force Org Slot +
Regimental Doctrine: Regiment: Millitarum Tempestus
+ HQ [7 PL, 75pts] +
Lord Commissar [4 PL, 35pts]: Bolt pistol [1pts], Power sword [4pts]
Tempestor Prime [3 PL, 40pts]: Display Astra Militarum Orders, Tempestus Command Rod [5pts], Warlord
+ Troops [18 PL, 336pts] +
Militarum Tempestus Scions [5 PL, 61pts]
. 4x Scion [28pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [13pts]: Flamer [6pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [13pts]: Flamer [6pts]
. Tempestor [7pts]: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol
Militarum Tempestus Scions [5 PL, 120pts]
. 5x Scion [35pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [18pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [18pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [21pts]: Meltagun [14pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [21pts]: Meltagun [14pts]
. Tempestor [7pts]: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol
Militarum Tempestus Scions [5 PL, 106pts]
. 6x Scion [42pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [18pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [18pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [21pts]: Meltagun [14pts]
. Tempestor [7pts]: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol
Militarum Tempestus Scions [3 PL, 49pts]
. 3x Scion [21pts]
. Scion w/ Special Weapon [21pts]: Meltagun [14pts]
. Tempestor [7pts]: Chainsword, Hot-shot Laspistol
+ Dedicated Transport [6 PL, 114pts] +
Taurox Prime [6 PL, 114pts]: Taurox Gatling Cannon [20pts], Two Hot-shot Volley Guns [14pts]
++ Total: [31 PL, 525pts] ++
INITIAL DEPLOYMENT: Both tactical squads and the scouts for the Angels Sorrowful deployed as seen below, with the scouts in the ruins to the left. The Librarian is with the scouts and the Chaplain (Chaplain Pontius) is "deep striking" with the Sanguinary Guard. The Vth Cohort Stormtroopers deployed one squad with 2x plasma and 2x melta behind the fortifications in the centre, with the dual flamer squad plus Lord Commissar in the Taurox Prime behind some rubble in the top-right corner. The remainder are in Valkyries ready for grav-chute insertion. The Angels Sorrowful had first turn.
We probably screwed up a lot of rules, and we kept forgetting about CP/stratagems. I made good use of First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire. Overall everything Storm Trooper-ish did something good. The Taurox gatling cannon wiped out that 5-man tactical squad (and the speed was nice for getting around for a clear shot without cover). The two flamers cooked the second Tactical squad (I rolled a 6 and a 3 for hits then proceeding to roll 8 wounds and my son failed 5 saves -- so there was some luck involved both ways). The plasma guns did damage.
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Glad you enjoyed the batrep, brothers. There will be more where this came from. I'm using the MyMiniReport app and with it making these reports is actually faster and easier than the traditional taking pics and hen uploading them and writing up what happened. Edited by Nicodemus Doloroso
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med_gallery_66537_9465_193306.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_296054.jpg

JOB 1427


<PURGED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS> was once a trooper in the Cathachan XVIII "Green Devil" who infamously fell to the wiles of Chaos while on Sorgrece V, during the long years that world was cut-off from the Imperium due to the World Eaters incursion. When the Imperial Crusade retook the system, Inquisitor Soulis (as he then was) undertook the purge of these heretical guardsmen. Aided by battle sisters of the Order of Our Martyred Lady and local elements of the Frateris Militia, he chased the Catachans deep into the sweltering equatorial Xenthali jungles.

The heretical Catachans had not lost their skill in jungle fighting as they had lost their faith in the Emperor, and the campaign to suppress their schism was brutal. Canoness Ekaterina was severely wounded and the Inquisitorial forces found themselves surrounded. Inquisitor Soulis, clad in his ornate Terminator Armour, took personal command of the forces attempting to break out. Though the breakout was successful, during the battle, while Soulis was guarding the rear to ensure the Sisters escaped <PURGED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS> launched an ambush and hurled a demo charge. The demo pack landed right at Inquisitor Soulis' feet and erupted with huge force. The ancient gold power armour was destroyed. Inquisitor Soulis survived, if barely, and was able to escape the jungle -- though he would never be the same, requiring servo harnesses to walk and often confined to the golden Throne of Truth and Penitence (which was gifted to him when he was elected Lord Inquisitor at the conclusion of the Sorgrece V crusades).

The schism was ultimately put down and in the purge, Inquisitor Soulis sought out and found the perpetrators of his grievous injury. After a thorough trial, <PURGED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS> was sentenced to Arco-flagellation and was added to Soulis' retinue. He carries the remnants of the inquisitor's terminator armour and carries a demo charge around his neck as testimony to his crimes. He has survived for several decades now, defying the odds, and has been named an Endurant.

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