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The Lord Inquisitor's WIP/PLOG

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Glad you like it brothers :)


The fluff actually comes from a campaign that I did with Akrim back in the day. We actually wrote the campaign up as a series of battle reports for the now-defunct batreps.com


This was way back in 3rd edition. I was using Sisters of Battle with the Codex: Chapter Approved and Inquisitor Soulis was taken from the back of the BRB, the "Heroes of the Imperium" section. Akrim was running the Catachan Jungle Fighters list -- I forget if it was its own codex or a White Dwarf list, but they had all kind of funky ambush stuff they could do and so we did a jungle campaign to suit. It was a very fun campaign and the 1-shotting of Inquisitor Soulis with a demo charge was somewhat of the climax. But the pen/paintbrush is mightier than the sword so now I've had my revenge! ;)

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Finished two more (very different) models for the force. First, a commissar to inspire and keep those Ld 7 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers from running away in the face of the horrors that such troops must face:

med_gallery_66537_9465_222807.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_71815.jpg

And then, a second Arco-flagellant:

med_gallery_66537_9465_69604.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_302042.jpgmed_gallery_66537_9465_257351.jpg

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