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The Lord Inquisitor's WIP/PLOG

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Glad you like it brothers :)


The fluff actually comes from a campaign that I did with Akrim back in the day. We actually wrote the campaign up as a series of battle reports for the now-defunct batreps.com


This was way back in 3rd edition. I was using Sisters of Battle with the Codex: Chapter Approved and Inquisitor Soulis was taken from the back of the BRB, the "Heroes of the Imperium" section. Akrim was running the Catachan Jungle Fighters list -- I forget if it was its own codex or a White Dwarf list, but they had all kind of funky ambush stuff they could do and so we did a jungle campaign to suit. It was a very fun campaign and the 1-shotting of Inquisitor Soulis with a demo charge was somewhat of the climax. But the pen/paintbrush is mightier than the sword so now I've had my revenge! ;)

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Finished two more (very different) models for the force. First, a commissar to inspire and keep those Ld 7 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers from running away in the face of the horrors that such troops must face:

med_gallery_66537_9465_222807.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_71815.jpg

And then, a second Arco-flagellant:

med_gallery_66537_9465_69604.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_302042.jpgmed_gallery_66537_9465_257351.jpg

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Good day, fellow inquisitors.


It's been over three years, but I am finally returning. As mentioned in the first post, I was already suffering hobby burnout in January of 2020 and for a variety of reasons this got worse and I confess I ended up ghosting the forum. Many thanks to @Dusktiger for picking up the slack and stepping in.


My interest in 40K has finally been reinvigorated by my two sons, especially my younger 12 y.o., pushing for some oldhammer. So we're doing up small-ish 3rd edition armies and a story-driven campaign. I'm not sure that I'll be posting =][= specific updates in this thread anymore, but I will be following our progress in this PLOG (which will be updated in my signature regularly - also NB that the first post of the thread features some base paint on Lord Inquisitor Soulis' Throne of Redemption):


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