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Primaris Ultramarines - painting along with WH Conquest


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Hey folks,


as some might know, WH Conquest has finally been released in Germany. So I decided to try my hand at some Primaris Space Marines. I'm sort of painting along with issues, though I'm not superfast and might get sidetracked from time to time. To be honest, I already sorta am, I'm painting a warhound for the "Titans of the Heresy" event here.


Anyways - the Primaris will be standard 2nd company, although I plan to use them as sort of the personal guard of Tetrarch Felix, so the gold is more of a general Ultramarines signifier than standard 2nd company markings. 


Well then, let's see how far I get with these, shall we? :smile.:


Here's the first one:

Primaris1 Front

Primaris1 Back


2nd one is already work in progress. 


Got any comments, critique or a question? 



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That's some great painting. Reminds me of the sketch style... Kind of like what trovarion does for example...

It's pretty similar, yeah. It's a way of highlighting that's pretty popular with a lot of the bigger names in painting currently. I learned that from Cult of Paint at one of their workshops last year. It's pretty neat and not overly hard to do. It just takes time... :/

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought I might add some rather bad WIP pics - bad, because these are snapshots, I didn't bother adjusting the lighting. :)


My second Intercessor is coming along nicely and will be finished soon. I'm still trying to find shortcuts to get standard troops out faster while having a similar look to characters and sergeants, which get a bit more love. 


Primaris2 Wip1

Primaris2 Wip2

Primaris2 Wip3


I've also kitbashed and did some super-minor conversion on two more of those snapfit Intercessors, so that together with Calsius they form a nice little squad of 5 Intercessors and one Lieutenant.

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I finished another Intercessor about two weeks ago and forgot to post him here - he's a kitbash of a snapfit Primaris with hand swaps and some classic marine bitz added. :smile.:



I'll post another one probably tomorrow.
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Currently working on the 3 snapfit Reivers - their heads are almost done. Wow, those recessed eyes are incredibly tiny. :sweat:


Anyways, I feel like this should do:



Got the aforementioned Intercessor almost done, too, but it might take till next week for me to finish it.

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Ha, I knew I had forgotten something - there's one more Intercessor already done. My 4th of a small squad of 5 now:



The 5 man squad will basically consist of the 3 snapfit intercessors, two of them with minor conversions. One of them was the Astartes with the knife I posted above, and the one coming up next week has a head swap and a bit of added bling. I wasn't able to convert them all that much, there's too much gear sculpted on and tbh, I suck at sculpting. :)
Still, for using the content of 2 Conquest issues, I'm quite happy with what I got. 
As you can see with the head posted above, I'm also working on those 3 snapfit Reivers. They have some weird poses, I think. But I discovered, that I acutally like painting Phobos armour more than mark X Tacticus. Good thing then, that I got the Shadowspear box sitting save and sound in my closet of shame. :D
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@Ranulf Actually it's nothing fancy. Just some thinned down Mournfang Brown that I also use on the bases. Thin it down to a glaze and do 2-3 layers of it and you're golden. :)

Ah thanks, so thinning is the name of the game then

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@Badgers: Thanks, man. :)


@Ranulf: It's almost always about thinning, that's what I learned over the years. The consistency of your paint is the key to effects and good results.


It's true that the somewhat lighter Phobos armour doesn't seem to have any ingame effects. But paintingwise, it's fun. The maybe weirdest takeaway I have from painting my first Primaris is, that I enjoy painting Phobos, but dislike Tacticus a bit. I like painting Mk 3, 4, 7 and 8 way more than X (Tac). The larger marines feel awkward in my hands - I don't know, I can't really put a finger on it. Every time I go back to heresy marines or Deathwatch veterans, they feel ... right in a way, that at least Tacticus doesn't. can't be the size of the mini alone - I have no trouble painting Custodes, for example.


I'm curious how Gravis armour will be. The Conquest issue with the 3 ETB agressors will be out next week and I'm keen to paint them.

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Very nice... I especially like the subtle battle damage remnants in the larger pics. Intercessor #4 in particular. Keep the pics coming.

Thank you. There's some weathering and battle damage on all of them - they might be newbie marines, but I want them to look like they've already seen plenty of action.


Also thanks @Bjorn. :)

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Smooth stuff - really nice clean work with sharp details, number 4 would be my pick too - sign of continual improvement? Really nice work on the reiver head too

Thanks, I also feel like my linework is getting sharper, clearer. That's good, it was the reason for doing a bunch of Primaris after all. :)


I decided to also include some larger pictures of the first couple of marines straight in the posts, too. So here's the first 2 marines again:



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The last member of my squad of 5 is done - all of them are the easy to build variant you get with the first WH Conquest magazine or in the ETB-Intercessor box.



I'll try to take a squad pic some time this week.
There's also several 360-degree vids of the minis on my instagram (see signature), if you are interested in those - along with quite a few other minis which are not Ultramarines, of course. :D
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