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Prot does the Scars


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I guess it’s about time I make this thread.

Obviously I’ve been around. I reluctantly sold my third Ultramarines army, and I don’t think I could do a fourth one.

I’ve tested and toiled with a lot of ideas and Wolves (perhaps not surprisingly) was another big consideration, but a few things swayed me to the White Scars.

I will edit this first post to point to the newest efforts, or battle reports!


- The Khan (Primaris) Completed. LINK

- Completed a first squad of Incursors and a Phobos Lt: LINK

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I think this is a splendid opportunity for you to dip into 30k!


Scars have some rather cool special units and characters, their Primarch will most likely be out for sale by the time you have completed rest of the army, check out their special speeders and terminator infantry.


Books wise all you need is the red rule book and Battlescribe (assuming you're not interested in their background fluff, in that case read the horus heresy novels Scars and The path of heaven and perhaps buy FW black book eight - Malevolence). Battlescribe have all the unit specific rules and it is updated quite often.

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WS are definitely my favourite vanilla Chapter and if I didn't start Blood Angels I would have started them (because SW were already taken by a friend who started together with me too :P ). Lot's of potential for great conversions similar to Space Wolves considering they have a somewhat similar savage background and with the rumours/leak of Primaris Bikes soon-ish a mainly Primaris force is more realistic than ever for them.

Even though those Bikes will be most likely more shooty than choppy once again because for some reason Marine Bikes have to be shooty despite THE Bike chapter has a thing for melee. I'll never fully understand GW's logic. :sweat:


Looking forward to this!

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Thanks very much guys! I wasn't sure what the welcome would be like as it's a bit quieter here than I thought it would be. 


I did weigh out a few chapters. I'll be honest some of the Genghis Khan visuals aren't my favourite but I really enjoy all other aspects of the chapter. This includes background, the chapter colours, and what really sold me was the playstyle. 


As mentioned I did consider Wolves, but I did them in 4th edition, and to be 100% honest I feel like the 'Codex Astartes' is a bit more fun, and then the White Scars Assault (super) Doctrine is looking like a lot of fun. 


As far as 30K no one really plays it here, but as far as those sculpts, I really like the Contemptor and Leviathan sculpts so I can see getting those one day for sure... one thing at a time though. For now I'm just trying to hammer out the first couple of lists with a combination of what I have, and what I need to get going. I do own the Codex/Supplement, and just really need to get it up and running in some test games.


Thanks again for the welcome!

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Any thoughts on Incursors charging out of Impulsors? I believe there might be a way to charge after disembarking for Scars. I saw Nick Nanavati do it in a batrep. Also if you can stack the Genome strat with their Knife Fighter rule that could be quite savage.

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Thanks for the inspiring words!


im a bit stuck for how to launch this project. I am being coaxed into trying bikes even though that wasn’t my original intent. I wanted to try rear infiltrating a Repulsor full of goodies. 


Wait for the announcements from GW this weekend and later this spring.  Very good chance that primaris bikers will be coming this year as per previous tasty rumors.  Look for Valrak on youtube.  He has an excellent rumor track record (minus the primarch obsession of course) and recently noted that one of his sources more or less confirmed the pixelated biker+speeder screenshot leak to be legit.  Anyways... don't take anything I'm passing along here as the gospel but just be aware that the most reliable rumor source we have in warhammer atm is bullish on primaris bikers.  


That being said... just get intercessors.  They are good in any space marine army.  Cant go wrong with 15 or 20 of them.  After that, have at least 1 smash captain, a jump pack chaplain, a primaris libby, and something nasty like an executioner or leviathan.  


Im currently working on some White Scars atm and went the old school biker route with intercessors and impulsors.  I like the idea of intercessors in pickup trucks with 12-18 bikers in 6 man units as an escort.  Beyond that I want to have tartos terminators coming out of deep strike and 3d6 charging with +2 from psychic powers and +1 from relics.  Should be fun!

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Any thoughts on Incursors charging out of Impulsors? I believe there might be a way to charge after disembarking for Scars. I saw Nick Nanavati do it in a batrep. Also if you can stack the Genome strat with their Knife Fighter rule that could be quite savage.

That would only be possible if the Impulsor had not moved that turn. Both the Impulsor's native rule and the Lightning Debarkation strat prohibit charging afterwards.

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Any thoughts on Incursors charging out of Impulsors? I believe there might be a way to charge after disembarking for Scars. I saw Nick Nanavati do it in a batrep. Also if you can stack the Genome strat with their Knife Fighter rule that could be quite savage.

That would only be possible if the Impulsor had not moved that turn. Both the Impulsor's native rule and the Lightning Debarkation strat prohibit charging afterwards.



Oh darn, didn't realize this. lol


Thanks a lot to everyone for the ideas, and the inspiration. 


I bought a lot of stuff. I just  started loving how the lists are looking and the model painting recipe I've come up with is very, very different from my normal, bright, neat contrast. I'm going with a more realistic look. More damage.


I've done some high damage experimenting with some oils, sponging, etc with some army painter washes, and air brushing. 


The final recipe is allowing me to paint at a very decent pace, and I like the look. 


The list is allowing me to be a bit more engaged with my opponent than my past Ultra lists. (I miss this... back in previous editions I used to play very aggressive Drop Pod armies (remember inertia guidance allowing you to bump up against an enemy model?).




So bikes for now are not in my list. I went back and forth on this and I do have a LOT of bikes but two reasons:

1. I love the potential for Incursors (start mid field, getting more aggressive by T3). Plus the idea of shooting 'normal' at Possessed bombs, is so enticing. 


2. As mentioned, we've seen sneak peaks at new speeders, etc, and new bikes are just around the corner. :)


I bought a bunch of stuff. Only some of it is local. Ever since local GW temporarily closed, and announced they weren't shipping anymore, local stores have completely sold out of anything 40K remotely popular. I'm sure this is happening around you guys too.


I spent too much money, but did a few bulk orders out of province. What this did is create a large expense for me at one time, but I got a decent discount, and have most of what I need.


For now it's looking mostly Primaris related. I am still experimenting with some lists, and have started painting some Aggressors with my final recipe. 


The army is a project I want to do that gets me playing a full 2K relatively soon so I won't be spending a ton of time per model. I want this to look a little war torn anyway, and the white is new to me, and is actually quite fun to work with since you can do so much to it and it becomes very visible if you put damage on the model.


I have another game scheduled tonight with a friend. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks again for feedback and encouragement. I never thought I'd end up trying this to be honest.

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Alright a quick update.


Originally I actually planned the first dual battalion list around the Gene Forged Might Strat and Incursors infiltrating. So the idea being for 1 CP, an Incursor on a roll of every 6 gets 2 bonus hits (3 hits total) that all auto wound. It may not sound that great, but in turn 3, that's at -1 AP and doing 2 Damage a piece, if I charge.


I also planned around the idea of "Encircling" my Repulsor with Kahn, 3 Aggressors, and my Primaris Chief Apothecary and then using "Debarkation" to get them out after they "Encircled". 


Guess what? In both cases I completely forgot to play either strat! (I did infiltrate the Repulsor but neglected to get out until T3. Not too bright and I forgot Gene Forged Might all game.)


The reality is I did realize about 1/3 into the game I had botched my deployment badly, and that this would be a very complicated army to learn to play properly, especially since I am relying on massed infantry to do heavy lifting. The army, as I made it, requires careful planning with overlapping fields of support aura's and careful stratagem planning with proper support Psychic Powers.... really important stuff.


Since my list was a bit of a dog's breakfast, and I'm still working on my favourite 'white/damaged' recipe, I don't have a single pic to show you but hopefully I'll have something... anything finished shortly!


Long story short I thought after 1 turn the game was over. I went first, deployed poorly in some areas, screwed up my character support and faced a Necron army full of Invulns. Now with only one Phobos Librarian and being forced to stick to the WHite Scars powers (they area all or nothing) that meant it would displace my over all list strategy by trying to take a base power to remove the invluns off of Wraiths, and/or his big Lychguard squad. 


I made some bad moves as I said, and the firs turns were so bad I have to admit for a minute I thought this was a huge mistake. I mean moving THIS far away from primarily shooty marines to an assault based, largely infantry base list seemed like insanity.


I took a lot of hits, and could only score 1 point in each of my first two turns! My opponent was up to 8 already (we played Maelstom). It wasn't the cards... it's never the cards since CA19... I just screwed up.


Again I admit my learning curve wasn't up to the task against a super resilient army as Necrons, and they had really decent Assault elements on top of all that exploding shooting and reanimation! 


At turn 3 it started to turn. I was in big trouble. As insane as this is going to seem by turn 5 I had somehow taken the lead, and my opponent conceded. We talked out Turn 6 and with only a squad of Destroyers left, he had been in danger of a complete tabling.


I'll just summarize High/Low points:

+ The Captain on Bike with hammer and Master of Snares was good. Not great, but good. 


+ The Chaplain with Jump Pack and Master of Litanies (took the White Scars Litany and Hate or whatever it's called for re rolls in CC.) WITH the Biker Hammer Captain was amazing.


+ At one point I rolled my captain deep into his lines, the Chaplain followed. Being able to advance/assault was huge. But I had a damaged Redemptor with me and some Intercessors. The stupid Immortals actually killed my first assaulting Scout squad in overwatch! I took 18 hits in overwatch from exploding 6's at -1 AP!!!! Still the Chappy, Captain on Bike and Redemptor all made it. The Bike Captain killed 4 Wraiths Flat out with his hammer thanks to all the rerolls! 


+ Here's me screwing myself: I then told my opponent to interrupt. He wasn't going to at all... I told him if he didn't then my damaged Redemptor would probably kill the rest of his Wraiths or the Chaplain would. But I told him if he interrupted with his last two Wraiths and poured ALL of his attacks into the Chaplain, he would effectively handicap my assault abilities in the game for those characters severely. So he does just that, kills the chappy, now my Redemptor (damaged) can't hit the side of a barn, and fails to wound at all and is taken out. WOW... why do I do this to myself?


+ I  got to use Master of Snares two times. Once I failed, even with a CP re roll. That sucked. But I kept the Wraiths in with the Biker Captain, which was killed anyway... in such a demoralizing way: Somehow my Captain with two wound left, saved all attacks on his storm shield from his C"tan empowered.. or whatever it's called. Then I kill the C'tan with a hammer to the face! Then the C'tan explodes, doing 2 mortal wounds to my Captain killing him! lol


+ Incursors... kind of a mixed bag. You desperately want them to make close combat against this type of enemy... but advancing them robs them of all their shooting. Ouch. But in CC... Wow did I clean house on basic infantry targets. 


+ Phobos Libby was huge. Charging those bare Incursors into massed infantry with exploding 6's while canceling overwatch kept me in the game as far as I"m concerned!


+ Khan.... KHAAAAAAAAAN! What a screw up I had. I Encircle the Repulsor, finally I have some firepower here... next turn (turn 3 because I forget my Debarkation Strat!) the whole crew of Chief Apothecary, 3 Aggressors and Khan get out..... I notice he has this uber Necron Destroyer Lord with a relic pointy stick.... I have some fun here... Khan tells the bird to go peck the eye out of the Destroyer lord and the bird does just that for one mortal wound! I laughed... it seemed comical... until.... Fast forward next turn, Destroyer Lord (with fly) hops over my Aggressors, assaults the Khan, uses his Relic stick (always wounds on a 2+ and the first wound GOES through any saves you have!). Here I think I'm clever so I play Transhuman Physiology! Still the Destroyer Lord wounds on every strike, I fail 3 Halo saves, and die right there. Worst use of a special character ever? Maybe. That was my fault. I forgot what that relic Desto Lord could do.


Overall the game was fun. Those super shooty floaty tanks the Necrons have were scary, and I could not hurt them with my paltry shooting but the ability to assault them down with Incursors shocked me. This may have also won me the game.


I ended up winning by 2-3 points and we were both very surprised at the outcome of that game.

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Well I figure most moved to Raven Guard or iron Hands as soon as tournament results started rolling in. I wanted to do an army where I could use Primaris but have much more close combat, and make something like Incursors work. I think this army can do it. Might not be the most competitive but it’s certainly fun. 

I’m sure GW will give Centurions a wack but I already own several so no issue there. I’m good with Aggressors in my initial lists and we’ll see it ends up!

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Oh my list was just a mixed bag of stuff I want to play with cool models and stuff I can paint while it's much tougher right now to get my hands on stuff.


I'll probably be using it for a while until I get a better feel for the army. It plays quite different from anything I've played in quite a while. 

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Sorry for the slightly potato pics, but here's Khan after figuring out my recipe:



As mentioned, I went for a dirtier look. I found the actual Wriathbone primer is fantastic for using my wash combination, then I come back in with a top-down/zenithal white Airbrush pass before doing all the rest of the weathering/detail work.

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