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The Ordos and their Chambers Militant

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I noticed that too. One thing that I find intriguing: now that dexes contain Crusade content, I think that puts another tool in the toolbox for demonstrating Chamber / Ordo relations. While a faction may have an alliance with an Ordo, the way that likely manifests is that forces within the faction form Crusades to achieve their objectives. A handful of a Chamber Militants Crusades would be dedicated to the service of the Ordo while other Crusades would pursue the faction's other objectives.


As for some of the previous posts in the thread: it may seem odd at first that Sisters would police the Ecclesiarchy. But consider: Alicia Dominica proved to the realm that being the Military Arm of the Ecclesiarchy does not prevent a force from holding their masters to account for Heresy.

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Fair enough. I guess my headcanon of the Mechanicus is a bit too jealous in their guardianship of knowledge.


and that is one of the reasons for why Ordo Machinum exist, to prevent the Mechanicus from jealousy hoarding knowledge that would be of good for the Imperium if it was used
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