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Inquisitorial Acolytes - Autogun or Galvanic Rifle as...?

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So, I was looking through the options for Acolytes, and... discovered that the Autogun and Lasgun are not available options. This is a problem; I was planning on taking the hooded Chaos Cultist, snipping off his Mark of Chaos necklace and replacing it with an Inquisition insignia. I'll be fielding a lightly modified Poxwalker for a Daemonhost, and a single Skitarii to round out the retinue. The Inquisitor himself will be Ordo Malleus, with Digital Weapons and Psychic Mastery as Inquisitorial Mandate upgrades; both Acolytes will also be Ordo Malleus. The Skitarii will be painted to match the colors of Forge World Deimos - the Grey Knights' personal Forge World - with the explanation that the Inquisitor demanded a non-Servitor servant to accompany him. I'm just wondering what I should field for the Acolytes' weapons, seeing as they do not have access to the Galvanic Rifle (for the Skitarii) or the Autogun (for the regular Acolyte).


To clarify: I did the models, and now I have to come up with counts-as for them, not the other way around.

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HSLG became free in the last chapter approved not sure if =][= got that too...


But that would be thematic being slightly up gunned

Just clip the power cables they look really good without them



We pay 4 points a piece for them...


...because reasons.

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