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Sly strategies for snakes in 9th

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I've been perusing the new rules, trying to make heads & tails of the changes and it's not getting me very far.  I'm kind of a hands-on learner and I haven't even bothered to go look at the rumored/leaked points changes that are out there in the aether.


So, fellow Harrowmasters, what are your initial impressions on how the Alpha Legion will operate in 9th Edition?  Any nifty combos with our F&F stuff that you've come up that have altered how they worked in 8th?


The only stratagem change that has jumped out at me is that since Command Reroll can no longer be used on vehicle explosion rolls, our sabotage strat got more reliable.

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True. I am thinking of keeping my own sniperlord on foot now. With a jumppack he is more mobile, but with the new points and chance to be out of position I don't know if it is worth it anymore.


Other thing: I do think that our strat "Renascent Infiltration"is even more valuable in 9th. Objectives are key and popping up on one on the other side of the board late game can be a true game changer.

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I'm going to see how it shakes out with the RCs and point costs, but I'd like to keep trying to combine Renascent Infiltration, Forward Operatives, Tide of Traitors, Faceless Commander, and More Where They Came From (RC Tide of Traitors for CSMs) along with some Deep Strikers and Jump Packs to get a hyper mobile army with good board control.

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U can block shooting with an HQ to create dead zones of enemy activity. With some good zoning you can basically funnel your enemy into a dogpile in a place of your choosing (and by proxy potentially units of your choosing ) and you can do this as long as you are willing to burn cp on the stratagem.


The alternative to your opponent is that he basically doesn't get to play the model game in an area of your choosing. This is best employed against shooty units / opponents who want to avoid melee such as tau or guardsmen but can work on strong shooting units in other armies as well such as hellblasters, or admech line infantry.


This isn't a wise idea to blend with a melee opponent he just won't care especially if he knows he will win the dog pile to protect the bubble like custodes, orks, nidzillas or ynnari or other csm. Probably a bad idea against some strains of other marines too or daemons.


Don't know what necrons or grey knights are doing these days I haven't seen one since the time of the rapture it feels like.

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if your playing with a terrain setup phase you can basically engineer this scenarios setup from the get go and unless your opponent can steamroller you in melee anyway then you can just lock up whole chunks of the board potentially even long enough that your opponents only option is surrender because their so mfar behind in cp or vp


video explains better then i can but basically you just force your opponent to stop playing the model game for a while

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