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Your grey pile of biomass/shame


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On my list:



1x Tervigon
2x Hive Tyrant/Swarm Lord
2x 1x Deathstorm Brood Lords
1x SH Brood Lord
1x Genestealer Patriarch


Metal Lictor (3rd ed model)
3 Zoan/Venomthropes

1x Haruspex/Exocrine
Finecast Lictor (4th Ed model)
6x 3x Hive Guard
3x Metal Tyrant Guard
1x Maleceptor
6x 3x Venomthropes


32x 28x Termagants
31x 86x 74x Hormagaunts
20x Space Hulk 2nd Ed Stealers
22x Space Hulk 3rd ed Stealers
24x 16x Deathstorm Stealers
12x Warriors


Fast Attack
15x 12x 20x Spore Mines
6x Raveners

1x Parasite
33x 23x Gargoyles
1x Mucolid Spore


Heavy Support
3x Biovores
1x Mawloc
2x 1x Tyrannofex/Tervigon
3x 4x Carnifex (Deathstorm)


1x Tyrannocyte


1x Harpy/Hive Crone


Painted but Need repainting to my new scheme:



Hive Tyrant Conversion



Lictor Conversion



12 Gants

8 Gaunts

3 Warriors

6 Ripper Bases


Fast Attack

1 Ravener

3 Spore Mines


Heavy Support

1 Biovore




"Pile of Potential" Link. 


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I suppose mine is a black pile of shame, as I got as far as undercoating it, but they've been sat like that in a box since Deathstorm came out. Which was what, six years ago? Ugh. Anyway, it seems pretty modest by comparison, but posting it here might jog me to actually do something about it



3 Tyranid Warriors

8 Hormagaunts

8 Genestealers


Hive Crone

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Good work Clearing your backlog is an enviable goal. Contrast is definitely going to speed up my painting, going to swing by my storgae unit later and do a quick tentacle count on my nids to get that sprue pile accurate....and pick up my indomitus set...

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Something must be wrong if only having a few models left is embarrassing Jud... or maybe the rest of us should be promoting this mindset? :laugh.: As a rough number of what I have:


~60 Hormagaunts

~60 Termagaunts

~22 Warriors

2 Biovores*

Hive Tyrant*

~5 Gargoyles*

~16 Genestealers

2 Carnifexes*

1 Carnifex

2 Lictors*

2 Zoanthropes**

2 Raveners***


* metal

** metals, one from each previous age

*** I think, these are old metals


There's some spore mines too and some other bits so I still need to collate exact numbers and models, as noted there is a little bit of research still needed :tongue.: There's some old school Space Hulk genestealers too. Do I get a technical exemption because a fair few aren't grey, or that I didn't build the pile? :sweat: The models should give an indicator as to the age of the collection, so there has been a fair few new models since but I can expand into these when I earn them by painting models :wink:


As if this wasn't all lucky enough, I always wanted to have plenty of gribbles on the table with Warrior support and I am not short of either :biggrin.:

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Most of these l got second hand, and have some sort of paint that I have yet to do-over.


~40 gargoyles


~40 gaunts


3 raveners


30 genestealers


a tyrannofex


a trygon


3 warriors


a neurothrope


a tyrannocyte spore pod


I generally tend to play smaller games and have not needed my cheap, disposable troops. I painted about a dozen genestealers and ripper bases early and have been using them alongside half a dozen carnifex and some exocrines.


I doubt I will ever have much cause to use the flying rats known as gargoyles, but a man can dream.

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I've got a large back log of painting to get done. Been having some luck finding cheap second hand models. Currently have a toxicrene, 5 warriors, 6 hive guard, 3 biovores, 1 prime, 10 genestealers, 4 zoanthropes, 6 venomthropes, 1 neurothrope, 2 walking hive tyrants, 3 converted Pyrovores, 5 shrikes, ton of spores and 1 hormagaunt to paint.
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Oh boy here we go..:


1x broodlord( think it might be two)

2x hive Tyrant / flyrant

1x tervigon

1x neuronthrope

3x warriors (but it could be six)

8x genestealers but I’m sure I got some more lurking around

1x toxicrene ( it used to be painted but I stripped it)

12x termagants

12x hormagainst

2x ripper swarms ( but I’m sure I have more in a box)

6x zoant

3x venom

10x gargoyles

1x red terror

1x malanthrope

3x fexes

1x trygon

1x harpy


And I still feel like I forgot stuff

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Fairly massive edit here:


One Brood Lord

One Neurothrope

Eight Tyranid Warriors

Five Zoanthropes

Three Six Venomthropes

33 Hormagaunts

24 more Hormagaunts

24 Termagaunts

24 more Termagaunts

19 Ripper Swarms

10 Gargoyles

Three Genestealers

One Spore Mine

One Trygon

One Biovore

Three Hive Guard

Five Raveners

Three Tyrant Guard

Six Carnifexes

One Exocrine

Two Tervigons

One Tyrannofex

One Maleceptor

One Toxicrene

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Friday morning I had no Pile of Shame for 'Nids. Friday evening I'd traded the Indomitus Necrons for the following:


10 Gargoyles

10 Termagaunts

3 Warriors

7 Genestealers

1 Pyrovore

8 Spore Mines

2 Hormagaunts

with another 6 Hormagaunts, another Pyrovore, three Raveners, and a Hive Tyrant set aside as payment for the next few commission painting jobs.


And picked up a box each of new Termagaunts and Hormagaunts to flesh things out a bit. No one can accuse me of doing things by halves.


That's a great haul and worthy of the swarm - a good trade also!


I managed to finish my broodlord - crossed off the list. 

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That guy is trying to clear out his own pile of shame a bit and I'm by far the best commission painter he works with on turn-around times, so he's giving me a pretty good exchange rate. Not wanting to play against Marines and/or my Daemonette horde all the time might also be a factor.


...I think there's a Lictor in the pile of future-payment material as well.

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Bad news in that my list is wrong (again): I only have one Biovore and I don't know what the other model with it was. I'll need to find out, might be an old Hive Guard type thing maybe? The other is I missed the Battle for Macragge sprues, which is 10 more Termagaunts and 6 stealers. The good news is that I've done the spore mines from these sprues and have been working diligently on painting models so for once the pile of shame is moving quickly in the right direction :tongue.:


Once I sort the stoney bits I want for my bases I'll be able to complete more too - I'll have eight Warriors done then :smile.: Along with the gaunts building their numbers up I'm getting a solid core of Troops which is essential for any army all the more so nids.


The unfortunate bit here is that this, along with proceeding well overall, means I start getting increasingly drawn to looking at other units and models I don't have... it gets more dangerous each batch of nids I complete and the justifications build up. "I don't have any of the newer or larger kits", "I will need them to provide holes in my list", "I think they're cool and want to build and paint them"... I will try and resist :laugh.:

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Bad news in that my list is wrong (again): I only have one Biovore and I don't know what the other model with it was. I'll need to find out, might be an old Hive Guard type thing maybe?

The only thing I can think of that would be easily mistaken for a Biovore is the Pyrovore model, it's roughly the same size and pose and has the same 'gun-sticking-out-of-it's-spine' body layout.

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