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[ORKS] Ilgoth's Blue Waaaaghh!


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Hello reader,

welcome to my hopefully long and entertaining ork thread, where I represent you my unorthodox take on orks. My waaagh is lead by me, Warboss Ilgoth, because my internet alias just fits. I am by no means a proficient with the official lore, but short story is:

(back then wasnt a warboss) Ilgoth was part of Ghazghkull's Waaaghh in Armageddon, and just like Ghaz, disappeared at the later half of the final battle. On Ilgoth's case, he got into the warp and soon found himself slightly wounded on Imperial World Cardrim, where Space Marine Chapter White Scars has fought against Ork infestation since 925.M41. Whole conflict has turned into a three-way fight, as da loot of necrons can be found. Disappointed, bent and broken, Ilgoth was saddened as he was denied the ending of the ultimate waaaghh. Very unlikely for an ork to swell in these thoughts, after all it meant there would be a new one.

Walking towards a distant mountain range, he rejoined a small ork mob and was immediately challenged by another nob. Ilgoth was victorious, and took control of the mob. From there, he has grown to be one of the big names and it would be him, who would make the 'oomies of Cardrim fall.

I will steadily post models, I launch the thread with an unit of Stormboyz, which is my favourite ork box.






And squad as a whole:


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They look great - though, I'm curious about their purple jaws.  Ork stubble?  Orky ritual?  Xenos infection? :smile.:


.... It's Ork camo paint right ?! :wink: ...


Awesome work here Iilgoth :thumbsup:  but those dang mold lines are making me edgy...:pinch:  sorry i'm OCD on mold lines...carry on ,,,:laugh.:


Cheers, Mithril

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They look great - though, I'm curious about their purple jaws.  Ork stubble?  Orky ritual?  Xenos infection? :smile.:

Thank you. :) That is an idea is stole from Quarterpaint on Instagram. He paints his orks skin light green, and then does khaki on jaws for visual interest. So I thought I would do the same with my blueish orks, but purple. If model as a clear big scar or some damage on his skin, those details also get the purple treat. Basically just one or two glazes on top of previous skin work.


Although I like suggestions you had. :happy.:


@mithrilforge - yeah I did miss some mold lines, especially in the legs. I did removing after assembling + clueing on a modelled base. Bad idea. Was no good to rush the process.

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Thanks for mentioning Quarterpaint :thumbsup:  Tabletop titans mentions him as well but I couldn't understand the wording and they had no subtitles... the guy just didn't say the word "Quarter" properly :tongue.: . so a big thanks for listing him.


your models are great though so don't let my comment sway anything, I know sometimes it takes me longer to remove mold lines than to do all the base coats on a model ...:blush.:


Cheers, Mithril

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Time for the next unit! Shoota boyz, 10 models. 8x shootas, big shoot and then boss nob with kombi-rokkit. Lets take a look at the boss!


His gun is pretty customised, but you can still tell how in-box kombi-rokkit shows through. Extended barrel, extra bits. Used some magazine + cross-hair bits to create DYI looking front sight for the gun.

Loads of armor plating on the shoulder for extensive shoulder bashing. Or hiding deformed body? Who knows, he looks sickly... Head is from Kromlech, but I customised it with some detail bits like the horn.

And for the group shot:


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